A Different Story

When the story I’m about to tell you happened, I was just twenty-one, engaged to be married, and desperately unhappy. Jeff and I had been engaged for six months and I knew that I’d made a major mistake but I didn’t have any idea of what to do about it. The wedding was planned for […]

Erin and Samantha

Erin dragged herself back to the dorm, exhausted. Every inch of her 5’2″ frame cried out in protest, and her wavy brown hair was matted to her forehead with sweat. She’d gotten lost on the way to nearly every class in maze-like campus. Erin was in good shape, with an athletic, slightly stocky build from […]

The first of my collection

It started at the barbecue. Leslie and Andy had invited a group of friends one Sunday afternoon to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Annette who was married to Jim had brought some sausages and a couple of bottles of wine. Leslie had taken them from her but had seemed to have let her fingers linger on her […]

This story is about friends being nice to friends

After eight and a half hours of dealing with her company’s intranet crashes and her own caffeine overload, Amanda was grateful to let herself collapse on her bed face first. She had raised her right foot above her and began to slowly caress the back of it with the big toe of her left foot […]

Tennis 30/Love

Kim and I had been friends for a couple of years. Not real close friends but we did play tennis 4 or 5 times a summer. We had always kept it real friendly. We had begun to make small bets before each game just to make it more interesting. We usually played for the cost […]

Hairy Mary and Trixie the College Girl

A mature, hirsute lesbian cleaning woman lusts after the young college girls that she sees every day at work. Then before she knows it, she’s experiencing a lustful love session with an 18-year-old freshman lesbian. Mary pulled her beat-up old car in front of her house and stepped out. It had been a long day […]