A woman’s stalker seduced

This is not a story about a normal Friday. I am a practical woman, world-wise, aware but not alarmed that I am single and approaching my mid-thirties. Marriage will probably happen for me one day. Children may or not. These aren’t concerns that drive my life. I’m sexually confident and secure with my own body, […]

Biker Slave

My eyes opened slowly opened to a new morning. I woke up, as usual, with my face lying comfortably on Sandy’s pussy. I moved around a little and she responded by moving one of her luscious legs to the side a little. This gave me an opportunity to stick my tongue into her lower lips […]

The Best Medicine

If, for some reason, you feel offended by sexual stories, then I don’t know why you have opened this one. Maybe to be offended, so you can complain about how awful it is that somebody writes stuff like this. If that’s the case, my advice is to seek professional help. You need it. The following […]

A Halloween Sex Story

Author Notes: “Aoife, the Queen Maker” is the story the pixies told me when I wanted to write something else. Sometimes I write a story with a theme and plot that I have created; sometimes I just tell a story as it unfolds in my mind. The story I originally intended to create was a […]