Sinful Cyndi my little stepsis fucked hard 2.
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I’d watched Cyndi take plenty of showers, but for some reason this one turned me on even more. I knew quite well that the bathroom we shared was easy to peek into. There was a very wide gap between the sliding door and the jamb, and that made it easy for me to spy on Cyndi as she rubbed herself down and got all soapy in the shower. The shower was just that-the bathtub of the house was in Mom and Dad’s bathroom. The shower stall didn’t have smoked glass like most of them but only vaguely misty stuff. It hid a fair amount, but I could always make out what Cyndi was doing to herself. And Cyndi’s nude form looked that much better when it looked foggy and mysterious.
This time, though, the doors were wide open. Both of them. I walked into the room as I heard the water go on. Cyndi was already in the shower. I felt my cock giving a little burst of lust as I thought that she was now naked. I walked slowly toward the bathroom. Could I do it?
Could I take my little sister up on her lustful desires?
I’d always played protective brother with Cyndi, but I didn’t doubt that she could take care of herself when it came to sex. As a matter, she’d shown me quite handily that she could already take care of herself in bed. Cyndi was an expert. There was no reason for me to back off if she was begging me to fuck her and of course that’s what she was doing! I was just like another guy, with lust for Cyndi that would fill a canyon. My cock began to throb with anticipation as I neared the bathroom.
I stood at the door and looked in. Cyndi’s nude body was visible through the glass door to the shower. She was staring up into the water-stream, and her gorgeous golden hair hung down over her shoulders. The pleasant slope of her ass was lifted high and enticing.
She took a step back, rubbing the hot water over her tits.
The bathroom was filled with steam, just like Cyndi. I smiled as I moved closer.
Cyndi turned quickly and saw me. She smiled through the door and lifted a finger, curving it toward her and beckoning me into the shower with her.
That did it. I couldn’t hold back. My sister was just asking me to fuck her in the shower and I knew quite well that she meant it.
I slipped out of my shirt, and then out of my shorts and underwear. I stood there stark naked and sweaty, with my hard-on jutting out of my body. If I went in there with Cyndi, she’d see my cock all erect and know how much I wanted to fuck her. I started to turn red with embarrassment, but, of course, she already knew.
I opened the door to the shower, and there was Cyndi-nude and covered in hot water. She smiled at me through the curtain of her wet hair. She licked her lips and I stepped into the shower.
The hot water splashed all over me as Cyndi put her arms around my shoulders. She pulled me against her naked body and soon I was soaked like her. I felt Cyndi’s firm tits pressing against my chest and felt her rubbing up and down so her hard nipples scraped my flesh. Then Cyndi thrust her mouth against mine and I felt my sister’s tongue throbbing into my mouth.
“Mmmmm…” sighed Cyndi. “I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now.” Cyndi’s hand slid down to my erect pole and curved around it. I grunted as Cyndi took hold of my cock, slowly bringing it around in big circles.
Cyndi ran her thumb sensuously over the head of my prick as she milked a drop or two of pre-cum out of it. She’d been turning me on all day and I was ready to cream for her. But Cyndi would no doubt tease me further before letting me cum. I didn’t know if she wanted to go all the way, maybe that kind of incest would have been too much for her.
But I was aching to put my cock in her mouth and cunt, and creaming now would be cheating me of my rightful fuck. I held back as Cyndi stroked me. Her tongue quickened, seething in and out of my mouth. She nibbled at my lower lip and closed her lips around my tongue, tugging at it suggestively.
She leaned against me, putting her head on my shoulder. Her luscious wet hair dangled over my chest. I put my arms around her, too, and cupped my fingers around her smooth ass-cheeks. I couldn’t believe I was finally pressed against my sister, naked and wet. And she was really going to take me to bed.
“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Ian,” she sighed, kissing my shoulder. “I just couldn’t tell you about it. Rod’s just a diversion to keep me from thinking about how much I want to fuck you. Your cock feels so good… will you go to bed with me, Ian?”
“I’ll do anything you want me to, Cyn.” My voice was hoarse and husky.
I called her “Cyn” when we were being chummy, which I felt sure was being right now. As a matter of fact, we were being more than chummy.
It was like “Sin,” which Cyn was indeed close to. As a matter of fact, we were committing one right now, and nothing had ever made my cock harder.
“I want it to be in Mom and Dad’s bed,” said Cyndi. “I want you to fuck me there. Please?”
“I’ll fuck you anyplace you’ll let me, Cyndi. I’m dying to put my cock inside you.”
“Good,” sighed Cyndi. “Dry off and go up there. I’ll be right in.”
I nodded and Cyndi kissed me one more time. Her tongue trailed along my lips. I got out of the shower and watched her gorgeous body as she rinsed herself off. I dried myself and walked naked up the hall into Mom and Dad’s room. They lived in the biggest room of the house. It was enormous and sumptuous, with velvety walls and a canopied bed. Part of the ceiling was mirrored. The window-seat overlooked the garden and the pool-it was the next best place for spying on Cyndi. I’d seen Ron and Cyndi fuck standing up on the balcony, with Cyndi bent over the railing and her ass lifted high on her spread legs so Rod could enter her from behind. The master bath had an enormous Jacuzzi instead of a bathtub-well, it was technically a bathtub, but the Jacuzzi outside was less suited to fucking. This one was made for it. And the shower had plenty of room for two. Mom and Dad were parents for excess. Cyndi had learned a lot from them.
I climbed into bed. Cyndi had put the satin sheets on-they felt sexy.
I knew they’d be great to fuck on. I’d seen her change the sheets just this morning. I wondered if she’d been planning to fuck me. Probably so-she was one horny chick.
I panted heavily as I lay there waiting for my sister to come in and go to bed with me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was really going to bone Cyndi! And not just bone her-I was going to fuck Cyndi for all I was worth. I was wild with lust and nervousness, but I felt sure Cyndi would show me the way.
Cyndi came into the room wrapped in a towel and nothing else. Her hair was a little wet-she’d toweled it off in the bathroom. But the skimpy towel wrapped around her middle didn’t do much to hide her wet body-the towel came just above the bottom fringes of her pubic hair, showing me Cyndi’s wispy curls. And the top just showed Cyndi’s nipples poking through. Her eyes were big and moist and her lips were parted in horny anticipation. Cyndi let the towel drop to the floor and stood there stark naked, letting me watch her.
As she moved toward the bed, Cyndi’s hands drifted across her breasts.
I caught my breath as she pinched the nipples gently. To see her do that across the yard was one thing-but to watch her do it as foreplay to fucking me-that was too much. My cock twitched in desire.
“I’ve… been… wanting… to fuck you, Ian,” panted Cyndi rhythmically as she knelt on the side of the bed. “Even though you’re my brother. You’ve been my best friend… and there’s only one thing we haven’t done together. Now I want to do it… and keep on doing it.
I want to feel your cock in my pussy.”
I kept thinking how sexy Cyndi looked with her body all wet like that.
Little drops of moisture kept running down her inner thighs, and I wondered how much of it was water. I guessed a fair amount was something else, and that made my cock seem to get bigger.
Cyndi climbed onto the bed, her legs slightly spread and her wet pubic hair hanging down between them. Drops formed and ran down onto the satin sheets. I pulled the sheets open and exposed my naked body. A visible shudder ran over Cyndi’s nude form. She began to breathe more heavily. Cyndi bent slowly down and lay on top of me.
Her bare body pressed against mine and sent an electric thrill through me. She eased one leg over me and straddled my hips. She lowered herself on top of me, and I felt her wet thatch of pubic hair rubbing against my cock. Cyndi pressed her lips to mine and settled firmly on top of me. Her breasts were firm and enticing against my hairy chest, and her hard nipples pressed against mine. I parted my lips and thrust my tongue out, french-kissing Cyndi as she rubbed her tits against me.
“This feels so good…” panted Cyndi. “I’ve wanted to hold you naked for so long… promise me you’ll sleep with me tonight, Ian. Will you?”
“I promise,” I grunted, dropping my hands to touch her ass. I cupped her ass in my hands and massaged it gently. All I could think about was how sexy it had looked when Rod had shoved his cock into her asshole.
But Cyndi’s cunt was much more enticing right now and Cyndi was rubbing it against my cock.
“Oh… yes… I want you inside of me,” breathed Cyndi slowly. She rubbed her swollen, wet cunt-lips up and down on the long shaft of my prick. I reached around and slid my finger gently inside her. Cyndi let out a loud moan of pleasure as she felt it penetrating her. My mind reeled-I was finger-fucking my own sister!
But it felt so good! I began to slide my finger quickly in and out of Cyndi’s snatch, moving my thumb down to toy with her clit. As I touched it, a shudder of ecstasy ran through Cyn’s body.
“Oh God, Ian… finger me…”
I began to work my finger in and out of Cyndi’s cunt. As I had suspected, she was very tight. No matter how many times she had fucked, Cyndi had still only lost her virginity a few months ago. I pressed two fingers in and Cyndi let out a loud groan.
“That feels so good… I want you to fuck me… but first, I want to taste you. Can I taste you, Ian?” Cyndi looked into my face with her big, gorgeous blue eyes pleading. “Can I give you head first, please?
You don’t mind, do you?”
At first I thought she was kidding. But Cyndi has always been a shy child, and she desperately wanted to please me. I smiled.
“Please,” I panted. “Please give me head.”
“Oh, yes,” sighed Cyndi as she kissed her way down my body. She paused at my nipples, taking those in between her lips and suckling at them.
Then she licked a long trail over my stomach, tugging at my hair with her teeth. I felt her cunt dribbling against my lower legs as she straddled me wider. Cyndi’s hot breath fluttered over my erect cock.
She parted her lips and eased her tongue over my lower stomach, lapping up the thick dollop of pre-cum that had formed there. I groaned as I felt my sister’s tongue straying over my cock-head and this was too much for her! She slurped at my cock-head hungrily, and then pressed it quickly between her full, young red lips. I held my breath as I felt Cyndi’s tongue traveling all over my upper cock-shaft. She sucked at my cock with her lips clamped tight around it. She tugged it almost straight up and then began to work the long shaft into her mouth.
It was incredibly sexy to watch my shaft sinking in between Cyndi’s lips. Cyndi had given head to so many guys and now she was finally giving me head, her mouth clamped over my cock. And I knew from watching her that she gave the best head imaginable. Girls with cockhunger like Cyndi’s always do.
“Oh yeah, baby… go for it, Sis… take it all… deep throat me …”
Cyndi pressed the thick head of my cock into the softness of her tight throat. Then, straightening her head, she pressed it firmly in.
“Oh God Sis-that’s so good… suck me!” I lifted my hips to meet Cyndi’s demanding mouth-thrust and with my help, Cyndi got my long cock all the way into her mouth. I heard her whimper in pleasure as it sank in. Cyndi’s tongue seethed against my flesh. She knew how to give good head all right. As a matter of fact, my cock was already throbbing to spurt inside her. I brought my hips up firmly into Cyndi’s face, then back again. I began to fuck her rhythmically, putting my cock into her mouth as she sucked at it.
“Oh yeah, Sis… eat it… you give the best head, Sis… I’m gonna cum in your mouth… just keep doing it like that…”
Cyndi’s head came down rhythmically over my erect cock, shoving it into her warm wetness with the perfect timing it took to bring me closer and closer.
Cyndi curved her fingers underneath me, cupping my buttocks as she gave me head. I spread my legs wider to give her a better shot at my cock.
She swallowed it again and again as I groaned. Cyndi clamped her lips tighter as she heard me moaning-she knew I was about to cum, and she didn’t want to miss a drop!
“Oh yeah, Sis-Cyn-I’m cumming in your mouth!” I couldn’t believe I was saying these things to my little sister! But here I was, and I was about to cum! I felt my cock jerking as a stream of jizz shot out into Cyndi’s mouth-she squealed in delight as she felt the hot fluid shooting down her throat. I fucked her face rhythmically as I came, working my cock into her faster as the jizz filled her mouth. When I was finished cumming, Cyndi swallowed it all and licked my cock sensuously.
She moved up my body and rested against me. “That was incredible, Ian.
Thank you for letting me do that to you. I love you.”
“That’s good, Sis.”
“I want you to fuck me. In my cunt. Please?”
I grunted as Cyndi wrapped her fingers around my soft cock. She stroked it with her thumb, teasing me into another erection. As she petted my cock, I felt it getting hard in her grasp.
“I’ve wanted you for so long,” she sighed into my ear. “Ever since I’ve lost my virginity, all I can think of is getting your cock in my pussy.
I want you to cum in my slit. And in my mouth-again. I want to keep fucking you forever. I want you to cum everywhere you can on me. Please promise me you’ll fuck me good… brother I need your cock”
Cyndi rubbed my cock slowly up and down. She licked my ear hungrily, tugging at it with her teeth. She breathed warmly over my neck and ran her cunt slowly over my long shaft. I could feel her wet hair dangling against my cock. And her longer hair dangling on my chest.
“I’ll fuck you,” I said. “I’m going to fuck you, Cyndi.”
“Oh please,” she panted, rolling slowly off of me. She got onto her back, staring up at me as I lifted myself on my elbow.
Cyndi spread her legs slowly, her hands lying limp at her sides. Her lips were parted and slick with my cum. She was ready for me to fuck her. But I was her big brother, so I should be on top.
I had other ideas. I’d watched her take it this way so many times that I wanted to do it myself the first time. I grinned at her.
“Roll over, Cyndi. I’m going to fuck you doggy-style.”
Cyndi looked surprised at first, but I could see a wave of lust roll over her body. She nodded, her breathing shallow and quick. I watched as she rolled onto her stomach and then got to her knees, spreading her legs and lifting her ass in the air. She propped herself up on both elbows, so that her tits dangled down nicely.
I got behind Cyndi, between her parted legs. I looked down at the shapely curve of her ass. Her cheeks were spread slightly with her thighs. Her asshole was exposed, and it looked pink and luscious. That would have to be next. I reached in between Cyndi’s legs and felt her slick, swollen cuntlips. I pressed two fingers into her, penetrating her cunt slowly.
Cyndi moaned loudly as she felt them going in.
“Oh God Ian… that feels so good.”
Hearing her turned on like that, I didn’t want to stop even to put my cock in. Instead, I worked the two fingers slowly into Cyndi, again and again as she pressed her ass back into my grasp. I put one hand on her buttocks, steadying her as I finger-fucked her from behind.
“Oh yeah… that’s good… keep doing that… oh Ian… I want you-”
Cyndi’s ass gyrated in time with my finger-fucking. She took my fingers doggy-style, picking up speed as she got more and more turned on. And watching Cyndi twist on my fingers was sexier than watching her twist on someone else’s! I thrust my fingers in and out of Cyndi’s tight cunt, amazed at how tightly her snatch gripped me. Cyndi turned her head, panting heavily. Her face was bright red with exertion and desire. I could see that her tits were flushed, too. And it wasn’t from the shower. She began to whimper.
“Put your… cock… in me, Ian! I want you to fuck me.”
I nodded, sliding my two fingers out of Cyndi. I climbed between her parted knees and lifted her hips ever so slightly to guide her pussy down to my cock-head. Cyndi groaned loudly as she felt her cunt nearing my shaft. She willingly let me ease her body down. She pressed her ass against me, though, as she felt my cock beginning to penetrate her. I pressed my cock up to Cyndi’s hole, barely entering her. Her cunt felt good against my cock, and I could feel the head seething as I entered her. I worked the head into Cyndi’s tight flesh and she let out a scream of ecstasy.
“OH GOD IAN!” she screamed. “I can’t believe it. It’s so good, brother, I love it.” She turned her head and stared right into my face with those big blue eyes. “Put it all in. Put your whole cock inside me.
Promise me you’ll put your whole shaft in there.”
I nodded. “I will, Sis. I will, baby.”
Cyndi groaned as I eased my cock into her. She felt the long shaft stretching her cunt, opening it up for the whole length. I held her hips tight, my thumbs pressing into her buttocks. I made sure Cyndi was steady as I entered her.
Cyndi let out a shriek as she felt my cock settling all the way into her. I know from all the women I’ve fucked that my cock is bigger than most guys-and my sister Cyndi’s cunt is tighter than most womens’.
That’s why it felt so good to have my cock shoved all the way up Cyndi’s tight cunt-hole. Her pussy lips gripped my long cock shaft with as much force as I could want. It seemed like her heartbeat massaged my cock as I slid it into her. Grunting with pleasure and exertion, I began to drag my cock back out of her-just far enough to shove it in again!
“OH, Oh YEAH!” moaned Cyndi as I rammed my cock into her tight cunt once more. Cyndi whimpered in ecstasy as I began boning her quickly, working my cock in and out of her cunt. She writhed and quivered with pleasure. Her whole body was flushed from the exertion of giving me head and taking my cock up her cunt as well as the desire to have me fuck her. Cyndi was amazing-she seemed to shudder with each thrust I gave her. She moaned and writhed and bit her lip as I shoved my cock into her. She was really turned on and hot for my shaft. Cyndi began to whimper every time my cock-head sank to its deepest point in her warm wetness. She groaned as I penetrated her again and again. I fucked her doggy-style, holding on to her hips and her ass-cheeks as I boned my cock into her. Her cunt felt so good around my cock that I couldn’t believe I’d waited this long to fuck my luscious sister. I watched Cyndi’s gorgeous ass bobbing up and down with the rhythm of my cock going into her. Her asshole looked tight and delicious. I knew before long Cyndi would ask me to enter that way and I’d gladly oblige, finally finding out what Cyndi’s asshole felt like from the inside. I groaned as I shoved my cock into Cyndi. She was going crazy, panting and shuddering with pleasure as I entered her. Cyndi looked back at me, her eyes wide and her lips parted, begging me to fuck her harder. I summoned up all my energy and started pounding my cock faster and faster into Cyndi’s snatch, but I knew that before long I was going to cum!
The thought struck me that I was boning my own sister doggy-style. I couldn’t believe how kinky this was. And I was about to cum in her snatch. I was very glad Cyndi was on the pill. I’d hate to explain this one to Mom. Of course, maybe Mom understand-after all, we were doing it in her bed…
“Oh God, Ian… Ian… oh God, that feels good!” Cyndi began working her snatch up and down in time with my cock, meeting every thrust of my hips with one of her own. “That’s so good… fuck me… hard… deep … It’s so good…. Keep doing it… I’m going-OOOOAAHHHHH…”
Cyndi groaned as she got ready to cum. I watched her face twisting in ecstasy. Cyndi was the most beautiful girl I knew, and here she was cumming while impaled on my long shaft. As a matter of fact, she was going to make me cum at about the same time she did. I was getting very close!
“Uh…” I groaned. “Cyndi… Sis… I’m gonna cum in your pussy.”
“Do it,” she whimpered. “Spurt into me. I want to feel it. Please, Ian.
I need your cock.”
“Oh God,” I panted. “You’re so good… your cunt…”
“Yes, baby, cum in my pussy. I want your cum. Spurt for me!”
I rammed by cock faster and faster into Cyndi’s pussy. Cyndi shoved her ass quickly up and down on my cock, impaling herself again and again on my long shaft. When she realized that I really was going to cum in her, she let out a moan and then began to quiver in delight. As I felt my cock throbbing and swelling with near-orgasm, Cyndi’s cunt contracted in rhythmic spasms of pleasure.
“Oh, God, Ian… you’re making me cum! I’m cumming… you’re making your baby sister cum. Make me cum. Fuck your baby sister,” she panted.
I felt her shuddering in ecstasy, orgasm flooding her body quickly as she lifted her ass and thrust it down hard so that her cunt swallowed up my cock every time. I watched Cyndi going wild with her climax-she was mad for my cock!
Cyndi slumped forward on the bed, letting her big brother fuck her rapidly and increase the intensity of her orgasm.
“I’m cumming… cumming… cumming… uh… uh… uh…” she panted rhythmically as she quivered in pleasure. Then, with hard thrusts into my little sister’s tight snatch, I began to cum.
“Oh God,” I panted. “I’m cumming inside your… your… pussy… it’s good… good… yeah… fuck me.”
Cyndi’s cunt felt so incredible around my cock. My prick jerked up and down in orgasm and I felt it spewing out a thick stream of jizz into my sister’s wet slit. She was whimpering and begging for more in pleasure as she felt me put it into her again and again. Cyndi was crazy with desire. Her whole body was quivering as I boned her. My cock seethed into Cyndi’s snatch rapidly as I spurted into her.
I could feel my cum dribbling out around my sister’s thick, lustswollen pussy-lips. As the cum formed in droplets and ran down onto our parent’s bed, Cyndi pressed her tits against the sheets and stretched her arms out, prostrating herself so that she lay there passive and just took the thick streams of cum from my prick-head. When I was finished cumming, I slumped forward on my sister’s nude body and pressed my lips against her sweaty neck.
“Oh God, Sis. Your cunt is so good. I can’t believe what a good fuck you are.”
Cyndi eased herself out from under me, tugging her cunt away from my cock so that I left her quickly. She put her arms around my shoulders, lying on her side and facing me.
“You’re going to fuck me a lot,” she sighed. “Now that I’ve got your cock inside me, I don’t ever want it out of there. I want you to fuck me all the time.”
“I’ll fuck you as much as I can, baby.”
Cyndi leaned heavily against me, her face against my chest. “I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time. brother. Now we can take a nap together… in this bed. We were conceived in this bed. We were conceived in this bed, honey isn’t that sexy?”
I chuckled. “You bet,” I said. “Mom and Dad fucked in this bed… and Dad came in Mom’s slit…”
“Mom’s slit,” sighed Cyndi longingly. “It’s so fucking sexy. And we just fucked in it. You just fucked me doggy-style in this bed. We just committed incest in this bed. Oh God.”
I nuzzled Cyndi’s ear. “That’s great. We’re going to fuck a lot more in this bed before Mom and Dad get back.”
“And maybe after,” sighed Cyndi. “I want you to… do things to me.”
“What kind of things?” I asked her, whispering into her ear as I licked it.
“What would you think…” she began to ask me, but got nervous and buried her face in my chest.
“What baby? I love you, Cyn. I’ll do anything for you.”
“No,” she said. “It’s too dirty.”
“What?” I stroked her back soothingly. “Tell me. Ask me. I’ll do it, baby.”
“What would you think if I asked you…” she paused, panting heavily into my ear. “Would you… would you put your cock in my asshole?
Would you fuck me up the ass?”
“OH God, baby,” I panted, “I’d love to. I’ve been dreaming of fucking you that way…”
“Tonight?” she begged. “I want to think about it all day… I want to know that you’re going to fuck me up the ass. Promise me you’ll fuck me up the ass tonight?”
“I’ll do it, baby. I’ll beg you to let me do it!”
“Oh, God, yes, Ian,” panted Cyndi. “I can hardly wait until tonight.
Let’s get drunk together. We’re going to spend all night together, nude in each other’s arms. It’s so sexy. We’ll sleep in the bed where Dad came in Mom’s pussy and conceived us. I can hardly stand it.”
“Yeah, baby. I’ll get some champagne – We’ll drink it and get drunk and then I’ll fuck you up the ass.”
“Oh, brother. I love you so much… I’m so glad we’re finally in bed together…”
“Me too, Cyn, me too.”

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