Carol’s small noises of pleasure mixed with Jeff’s deep groans
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Jeff said, “Thanks for coming over. I think I’m doing something
wrong. Can you help me?”

“Sure,” Carol replied, “What’s going on?”

“When I try to import a new document into the system, I’m getting
this weird error message. I’m not sure what it means.”

“Let’s take a look. Oh, I see what that is. You aren’t doing anything
wrong – it’s a bug in the system. I’ve reported it a hundred times,
but I know they’re never going to fix it. Here, take out the question
mark and it will save.”

He looked slightly taken aback, but only for a moment. “Ah, no false
promises for the newcomer! I like that. Developers are the same
everywhere, aren’t they? Can’t get them to fix anything once they’ve
handed off the system.”

“You got that right. Have a good day.”



As Carol stared out her office door, trying to think of the right
word to use in an email, she saw Jeff walk by. He said “hi” as they
made eye contact. An hour later, she went to get a cup of coffee and
found him in the break room. They chatted for a few minutes about the
weather. In the afternoon, she was helping another co-worker with a
computer problem and saw Jeff in someone’s office chatting and
laughing loudly. She stayed there and made small talk with the co-
worker she was helping until she saw Jeff leave, then followed him
back to his office.

“Oh, hi, Jeff. How’s it going? Learning the ropes yet?”

“Yea, things are falling into place. What I don’t know, I just ask

Carol smiled. “I figured you must have the hang of things already,
because I see you walking around a lot. Most new people spend every
minute in their office for a few weeks until they feel more
comfortable with the system and the procedures here.”

Jeff shrugged. “It’s just a job, you know? I figure why slave away
until you kill yourself? It all seems to work out without me busting
my butt.”

“I think so too. I used to be totally anal about things getting done
on time, until I noticed that I was the only one forcing the issue. I
mean, I would stay late getting a specs document cleaned up for a
deadline, and then when I submitted it no one even read it for two
weeks! When I think of the overtime I used to put in …. Let’s just
say we’re on the same page here. You figured it out a lot quicker
than I did.”

“Well, jobs are the same everywhere,” Jeff replied. “I’ve learned
this lesson over and over at other places I’ve worked and figured it
would be the same here. My first two weeks were enough time to show
me I was right.”



Carol arrived early and watched for Jeff to arrive and put his lunch
in the office fridge. She walked up to the fridge behind him, then
looked around in her bag and said “Oh! I forgot my lunch. Damn, I get
really foggy in the afternoon if I miss lunch. Guess I’ll have to go
out. Oh, hi, Jeff, didn’t see you standing there. Hey, would you
like to go to lunch today?”

“Well, I brought a lunch -”

“Oh, of course, I’m sorry -”

“- but it will keep. Sure, let’s go out.”

At noon, they went out to lunch. Since Jeff was new to the area,
Carol chose a cozy Italian place close to work. They ordered pastas
and conversed about work for a while, then Carol asked, “What made
you decide to move here, Jeff?”

“I’d have to say it was my marriage, really. As it went downhill, my
work performance suffered, until I could tell they were looking for
one last straw to justify letting me go. As it happens, my wife was
doing the same thing. We divorced and I quit my job on the same day,
and moved here to make a fresh start. That was two months ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. That must have been painful.”

“A couple of years ago it was painful – after that I was mainly numb.
I actually feel better and more alive now than I have in years.
Don’t worry, I’m fine,” Jeff replied.

“Yes, you are,” Carol murmured under her breath. “Hmm? Oh, I said
look – our food is here.”



Carol thought about inviting Jeff to lunch again, but didn’t want to
come on too strong. She was pleased when Jeff stopped by her office
and said, “I enjoyed lunch yesterday. We’ll have to do it again

“I’d like that.”

“Are you busy after work today?” he continued. “I thought maybe we
could go get some drinks at this little place I’ve found. It’s a real
gem, non-smoking and laid out well so that you don’t feel crowded,
even when the place is busy.”

“Sure, sounds good!” Carol replied.

At quitting time Carol followed Jeff to the little pub. It was indeed
a jewel, with dark wood paneling and tasteful decor, and some of the
best martinis she’d had in a while. Over their second round, Jeff
asked Carol, “What’s your life like outside of work hours?”

“I’m married,” she said, “but don’t get the wrong idea. We haven’t
really been a couple for years. We’re only staying together for the
children’s sake. Oh god, that sounds like such a cliche. I’m sorry.”

“No need to apologize. Cliches become cliches because they express a
universal truth. You can’t help it if your experience is similar to
so many others’ in the world.”

“Thanks for understanding. I guess we both know something about
unhappy relationships, don’t we?”

“We sure do. Carol, I hope I’m not being too forward – but my
apartment is just around the corner. Would you like to come over for
a while?”

Carol considered for a moment, then replied, “Yes, I really would.
Let’s get out of here.”

When they arrived at Jeff’s apartment, Carol looked around
admiringly. “Very tasteful and welcoming.”

“Thank you. Would you like a drink?”

“No, thanks. Two is my limit if I plan on staying awake.” She smiled.

Jeff sat on the couch and removed his tie. “Here, join me,” he said,
patting the seat beside him. Carol sat down and leaned against his
chest. Jeff put his arms around her and gently kissed her lips. “Is
that okay?”

“Mmm, better than okay.” She kissed him, more forcefully. He caressed
her shoulders and back. Their tongues danced as their kisses became
more intimate.

Carol sat back and rubbed her hands along Jeff’s chest. “I love these
dress shirts you wear. But let’s get this off now.” She unbuttoned
the shirt and he helped her remove it. “Oh, such nice muscles under
there. I knew there would be.”

“Your turn,” he replied, and unbuttoned her blouse. When it was open
he kissed her neck and breasts as she removed her shirt. “Yum.” He
kissed her lips again while fondling her breasts, then slowly moved
his hand down her body. He paused before opening her skirt. “I’m not
moving too fast for you, am I?”

“No,” she replied, “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since we first
met.” She unbuttoned her skirt and guided his hand inside her
panties. “I would love for you to touch me there.” He plunged a
finger inside her, cutting off her gasp with a deep kiss at the same
time. “Oh yes, finger fuck me,” she pleaded as she reached for his
belt. She unbuckled it and opened his pants, then reached in and
found his hard cock.

His finger motion barely faltered as he threw his head back in
delight. “Carol, oh god, that feels good.” He kissed her lips again
as they stroked each other.

Carol’s small noises of pleasure mixed with Jeff’s deep groans as
they each got closer to climax. Before the point of no return, Jeff
pulled away. Wordlessly he removed his pants and underwear, and
pulled Carol’s skirt and panties off. She watched him expectantly as
he put on a condom, then lowered himself over her and slowly entered
her. She welcomed him by wrapping her legs around his, and lifted her
hips to meet each thrust.

“Mmm”– “Oh” — “Mmm”– “Oh” — “Mmm”– “Oh” — “Mmm”– “Oh” – “Oh” –
“Oh, Jeff, ohhhhhhhhhhh”! “Mmmmmmmmm, yes, Carol!”

They remained on the couch for a while, recovering. “Jeff, you were
wonderful. That was even better than I hoped it would be.”

“I felt it too, Carol. It’s like there’s a connection between us. It
was better than any first time has a right to be.”

They snuggled a little longer, then Carol said “I need to be getting
home. See you at work tomorrow.” They exchanged a final kiss and then
got dressed.

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