College Threesome (and then some)

A casual friend of mine from one of my classes named Steve was quickly becoming her latest admirer, I thought. One night we all went out for drinks, and I happened to grab a kind of fedora hat that Kristin had and started joking around with wearing it in a Truman Capote-Quentin Crisp kind of […]


The night shook with fury and the rain thrashed against the roof. The storm windows sounded like they were going to fly off their hinges. It was dark and cold outside as she looked out the front windows, waiting… Paula had not come home yet and was several hours passed due. Tina passed again, in […]

Where Witches Walk

They stood on wet ground as the cool breeze of their darkest hour swept past. Most of their numbers were gone. The free lands in the north had all fallen, swallowed up by the black mass of the oppressive Kath’rahim army. Only York stood against them now, one final free people, stretched fabric-thin against a […]