Curiousity – Seduced first time
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As I lay in bed after my first orgasm ever, plus especially since it
was my friend next to me on the bed. I was speechless for one of the
few times in my life. I had no clue what to say. “Thanks for the
orgasm”, somehow that just didn’t seem fitting. As it turned out I
didn’t have to say anything at all. Grace fitted my body against hers
and as I felt her arm rest on the curve of my hip, it just felt right.
I fell asleep in her arms naked.

It took me a minute to realize what was happening but my body was
naked and I was aroused. As I gathered my wits together I became aware
that Grace was no longer next to me, but between my legs. My heart
raced and I could feel myself getting wet. I was embarrassed though
because I’m the type of person that when sleeping should have on at
least panties if not pants to bed. My legs start off closed when I go
to sleep, but they always end up apart, as was the case and Grace had
a view. I guess the sight of my exposed pussy was too much of a
temptation for her to resist. She was making slow lazy circles on my
inner thighs inching closer to my pussy. There was no way I could
rationalize this to myself like the night before as a momentary lapse
in judgment. Hell, I couldn’t even blame it on drugs or being drunk,
but here I was again with her face in my crotch and I could hardly

She took her time teasing me to a fully aroused state. I watched as
she dipped a finger into my hot slick pussy to see how wet I was.
Grace licked my juices clean off her finger, and I wondered what I
tasted like too. I slipped a finger much like what she did a moment
before and tasted my own wetness. I liked how it tasted, and asked
Grace if she tasted the same way. She was more than happy to oblige in
letting me taste her. She had on her pajama top but no bottoms or
panties. She lay down on the bed next to me and I got butterflies just
thinking that I was going to taste her pussy juice. Did that make me a
lesbian? The thought lingered in the back of my mind but I was so
turned on that the answer didn’t matter right then; I’d deal with it
after. I felt really nervous but sat up astride her and watched as she
lay there looking at me. I helped her out of her top and couldn’t stop
staring at her bared breasts. I wondered what they would feel like in
my mouth, on my tongue. Her breasts were rising up and down with each
intake of breath. The rosy pink pebbled nipples were smaller than my
brown larger nipples. I gently touched her left breast and took the
tightened nub into my mouth. Her gasp urged me on as I continued to
suckle and lap at her soft supple tits, so I grazed my teeth against
her sensitized flesh. I fondled her right breast with my hand rolling
her nipple between my fingers gently squeezing and she moaned and her
back arched. I could feel my own nipples go taut and the tingly
unrelenting pulsing go straight to the apex between my legs escalating
the need to have my breasts licked and suckled. I trailed my tongue
between the valley between her breasts then lower to her flat stomach.
I kissed each hip bone and the tops of her thighs. She had already
parted her legs so I tentatively put my index finger into her folds
and her pussy was warm and wet. I licked my finger and wanted more so
I parted her slightly engorged lips apart and stuck my tongue into her
for a better taste. It wasn’t so bad. Grace moaned, and I knew she had
to be feeling really good because I was and she wasn’t even touching
me. I took my time getting used to the feel of her pussy in my mouth.
I found her clit and flicked my tongue till her moans told me what she
liked better, then I moved my tongue in tune at first very lightly on
her clit then a little faster with more pressure as she started to
grind and gyrate on my face. I was really getting into it now and my
only thoughts were to not suffocate in her pussy. She was really
pressing herself against my face. Her juices were getting smeared on
my cheeks and her hands were on my head pressing me into her cunt. She
was half sitting half lying back moaning and telling me to tongue fuck
her and put my tongue in her hole. I slid my tongue in and out of her,
increasing the momentum until my mouth was full of the juices her
pussy released as she climaxed grinding hard on my mouth.

I was thrilled that I had made her cum, but I was still wound up. My
nipples ached, and I felt like I’d cry if I didn’t get to have my own
release. I had never masturbated before but now was as good as ever a
time to learn. Watching Grace ride out the waves of her orgasm, her
delicious breasts exposed, I squeezed my own nipples shivering as a
tremor passed through my body. Grace was watching me, and I guess it
made me feel even more bold and aroused. The outside of my pussy was
moist and as I slipped a finger in to touch my clit I relished the
feeling of my own slickness. Grace sat up beside me and played with
her own breasts while watching me. I asked her to play with and suck
my tits. As her warm mouth seized my nipple and she nipped it roughly,
the mixture of pleasure and pain made me cry out. My finger slipped in
very easily as I slid it in and out of my pussy. Grace kept up
tormenting me with her mouth now trailing kissed along my body. When
her wicked mouth finally reached just below my belly button, she moved
my hand and took my clit between her teeth and sucked hard. My entire
body shuddered with the heat of my orgasm. I could feel my muscles
clench and I could do nothing but endure the tremors that surged
through me in pure ecstasy.

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