The Baby-sitter’s Bonus
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The summer before I started my senior year of high school I took a job as a
baby-sitter for the Simmons Family. Mr. Simmons was my eighth grade history
teacher. All my girl friends were jealous. Most of the girls in his class had
a crush on him and dreamed of having sex with him, myself included. “Anna, you bitch! Why do you get all the lucky breaks?” a friend of
mine said. It was a lucky break. At 35 Mr. Simmons’ looked absolutely gorgeous. I often
wondered why he was a history teacher instead of a model or something. He six
feet tall and has nicely tanned skin. He keeps himself in good shape due to
all his practicing for the teacher’s basketball team. His short raven black
hair doesn’t a one single strand of gray in it. And his beautiful brown eyes
make you want to melt into a little puddle when he looks at you. I spent more
than a few nights dreaming about him while stroking my slit. Needless to say,
I didn’t need to think over the offer to work for him. My job was take care of his two children, Jill (7) and Michael (9) during the
week while the parents were at work. Mary (Mrs. Simmons) is a lawyer and had
to work most of the day and a lot of times came home after dark. Mark (Mr.
Simmons) on the other hand worked various hours during school break at the
book store that he and his family owned. Sometimes he worked all day.
Sometimes only half a day. The kids mostly went to friends’ houses or to the park or to the arcade but
they needed someone to be at home to keep track of where they were. I also
fixed them lunch and dinner. And I did the shopping and made sure the house
was pretty clean. I was by myself for a couple of hours each day to do
whatever I wanted. Not bad for eight dollars an hour. I noticed more than once that Mark would watch me, or I should say he watched
my body. He’d stare at my ass while I was washing the dishes or take a
lingering glance at my tits when I wore a V-neck. At first I thought it was
my imagination but I hoped it wasn’t. I liked the attention I was getting
from him so I work something a little revealing everyday. Nothing too
revealing though, he is a married man after all. He wasn’t the first guy who couldn’t get his eyes off me. I had gone out with
several guys in the past who wanted more from me than my mind. And why not?
I’ve got nicely tanned skin, cute brown eyes, wavy auburn hair, a firm ass and
nice tits. They’re not real big, but they’re not to small either. “Just the
right size” one guy said. About two weeks or so after I started work, Mark came home one day at about
one in the afternoon while I was tidying up the kitchen. That was much
earlier than usual. The children weren’t home so it was just me and him alone
in the house. “We are the kids today, Anna?” “Mike is playing softball over at Fisher Park and Jill went over to
Amy’s house to watch a video.” Mark seemed pleased that they weren’t home. I
was too. “When do you think they’ll be back?” he asked. “I dunno. Jill left just a little while ago so she won’t be back for an
hour or two. I made Mike promise he’d be home by three o’clock. So I guess the
place is ours for a while.” “Good, good,” he smiled. I got up on a stool to place an empty vase and other glassware back in the
cupboard. That day I had been wearing a light colored T-shirt and denim
cutoffs, which really showed off my round ass and firm tits. I could tell
that Mark got a good look at my ass while I was up there. He came over asked
if I need a hand. I asked him to keep me steady while I put the vase on top
of the cabinet. He put both of his hands on my hips and held my firmly. It
felt so good! When I finished my task he wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me
down to the floor. I thanked him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He smiled
and kissed me lightly on the forehead and said it was his pleasure. We stood
there for a long time looking in each other eyes. Then he leaned in a kissed
me full on the lips! It was such hot and passionate kiss. I didn’t want it to
end but it did. “Come with me to my den,” Mark said breathlessly I was a little shaky and dazed but I followed. We got to his and he closed
the door behind us. I thought that maybe he wanted to come in here and fuck
me. Was I willing to do this? Have sex with a married man nearly twice my
age? Hell yes! I threw my arms around him and started to kiss him. He warped his arms around
my waist and started squeezing my ass. I pelvis was pressed up against my
body. I could feel his cock through his clothes. After a moment or two he
pulled away and sat down on his chair behind the desk. He motioned for me to
come over and sit on his lap. I happily obliged. He squeezed my breast
through my shirt as he spoke to me. “Anna, I have to admit that I’ve been attracted to you for a very long
time. And I’d really like to fuck you. It’s hard for me to see you here
everyday without ripping off your clothes and having my way with you.” This sent me into orbit! This was the fantasy all my girlfriend’s had, and
here I was sitting on his lap listening to how much he wants me as he fondled
my tits. This was getting me real hot. “Then let’s do it!”, I cried. “I wish we could. But I’m married and you’re only 16.” “No one would have to know. It would be our little secret.” “I would really like that. But I can’t take that chance if one of the
kids were to come home any minute.” He had a point. We could get caught if we had sex right then in his office,
but I thought of something we could do instead. “I have an idea.” I slid off his lap and knelt down on the floor. I reached up and undid his
pants revealing a large bulge in his jockey shorts. “Wait, Anna, I don’t think you should,” he warned. “Why not? I’ve done it before. And I kinda liked it. And I haven’t
heard any complaints.” I think at that point it dawned on him that I had sex
with someone before. This made me smile. If only he knew the other things I’ve
done. “Just sit back and relax.” He sat and thought about it for a second before helping me remove his shorts.
His cock is so beautiful. Its about eight inches long or so and thick. The
boys I had been with weren’t nearly as big as this. It bobbed just inches
away from my face. This monster was only semi hard but I knew I could make it
harder. I started by flicking my tongue on the tip. Mark really enjoyed that. Then I
took it in to my mouth. Just the head at first. Sucking on it and popping it
in and out of my mouth. Then I licked the underside of his shaft. Long
strokes up and down. I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and he
started moaning for me to take it all in. I bought my mouth over the head
again, pausing just one agonizing moment, then bringing my mouth down as far
and as fast as I could. Mark groaned loudly. I started to move my head back
and fourth and swirled my tongue all over his stiff prick. He placed his
hands on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. I was getting very turned on by this. My cunt was on fire and I could feel my
panties soaking. I slowed my movements down long enough to undo my cutoffs so
I could stroke my pussy. This was wonderful! With my free hand I reached down
and rubbed Mark’s balls. I tickled them and massaged them gently. He told me
he was about to cum and I let him do it in my mouth. I swallowed all his
salty sperm without loosing one drop. A moment later I cummed myself. I sat
back on the floor, amazed and a little giddy at what just happened.

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