Shauna, Lisa’s mom is a blonde bombshell, looking as good as Lisa does for her 36 year age
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My name is Amie, and I’d like to say I’m your average all-American teen, but I’m not. At you might say I’m sexy as hell, with a body that will make anyone get wet. I have spectacular breasts, and I love to walk with my chest pushed out, like I’m clearing the way as I walk for everyone to stand by and watch me and lust after my tits.

So I’m on my usual stroll through the mall, with no bra, as my 38D tits sit up high and firm, and are crowned with the most beautiful bubble gum pink, perfectly pointed, nipples. I have my very typical extra thin fabric T on, with the spaghetti straps, and just barely covers the bottom flesh of my offerings. I like to buy the cheaper quality tops, because they are very thin and wear out much sooner that the better quality ones, this way you can see the outline of my areolas really well and my nipples are like bullets pointing straight ahead, and they shrink a lot, too.

So, as I’m entering the bathrooms at the mall, I hear two girls in one stall just barely speaking above a whisper. My tennis shoes make no sound so I slip into a stall one over from them. As I quietly close the door almost all the way, I realize they’re talking about my best friend Lisa, and her mom. It’s that dumb ass Anette and her best friend Chrissy. I was kind of mad they were gossiping about Lisa and her mom, but then my ears perked up and did I get an earful. Anette used to be Lisa’s best friend but for some reason they didn’t hang out any more and today I found out why. It’s the same reason I am going to make sure I stay Lisa’s best friend.

Shauna, Lisa’s mom is a blonde bombshell, looking as good as Lisa does for her 36 year age. Being divorced is nothing new in Los Angeles, and being successful goes with the territory. Shauna is a professional photographer for a high end porn magazine that caters to its public with the youngest looking most seductive girls they can find. They are of legal age, but most of them look very young.

So what Anette is telling Chrissy, is how Lisa’s mom tried to seduce her one weekend while Chrissy was on a sleepover weekend! That Shauna was a full blown lesbian!!! What?! I couldn’t believe it. Shauna is always so Hot looking, with her year-round tan, short tight skirts with lots of leg showing and tops that don’t cover much of her 36C breasts. I have had to go into the guest room or pool house many at time and masturbate to relieve myself when she’d be in her bikini and sometimes take off the top, and those beautiful tits unload themselves before my eyes. I think I masturbate more fantasizing about Shauna than I do Lisa. All I know is I don’t get hot or turned on by looking at or talking about boys. But I am obsessed with girls tits and pussy. Anyway, Anette was saying how Shauna tried to trick her into a fake photo shoot, and tie her up, and pretended that she had to oil up Anette’s tits, and she was on her way to slipping her hand down Anette’s little panties, when Anette’s dad showed up to drop off a key for her, since her parents were going away for the weekend, and Anette said she wanted to go home she didn’t feel well. Otherwise she would have been tied up and left at the mercy of Shauna.

Just hearing that made me get so wet. I have been dying to get my pussy licked by a girl, but I am so afraid to let anyone know. They might make fun of me, and not hang out with me and tell my mom too. My life would be ruined. So, how do I offer myself to Shauna, and let her think that it was her idea and her plan and that I am timid and just so naive and she’s really taking advantage of me? Lisa can’t be around. I’d never get 5 minutes to even “accidently” on purpose get seen by Shauna, with my tits proudly displaying themselves, making her mouth water so badly she would have to have them once she gets a glimpse. Those beautiful nipples are just too sexy to not want and have to have. It’s like if you see my nipples you have to try them. I wonder how many men and women have jerked off to the thought of my tits their mouthes just salivating for them. I wonder if my mom ever thinks that.

I devised my plan, and it would be this coming Friday night when Lisa goes to see her dad in San Luis Obispo for the whole weekend. I can’t wait. I’m picking out g-strings and bikinis to wear. On second thought, no bikinis or clothes so I’ll have to “borrow” and try on, if you get my drift. I wonder how long it will be after I get there that I’ll be spread wide open having her tongue licking me and sucking my clit. What if she didn’t try to seduce me? EAAaaagggh!!! That would be so humiliating, but no way.

Well here I am and it’s finally in action. As I came in on the pretense that I forgot Lisa was going to her dad’s and my mom’s away for the weekend, no one’s home and I didn’t bring a key. Well the wickedly friendly grin that came over Shauna’s face was enough to tell me that I am going to be her next victim. I can’t wait. She sent me up to the guest room and said to make myself at home. “There’s ice tea and soda in the fridge, and you can come into the photography studio downstairs. That’s where I’ll be working on a layout.”

“OK Shauna thanks,” I said. I didn’t want to go running down there right away and look too obvious. It was bad enough I was pushing my tits out almost obvious and she just couldn’t resist or control her eyes going back and forth between my tits and then my eyes. I just stood there with a sexy smile, kind of shy one, as I swayed left to right real slow, like little girlish. My pink nipples feel like they are going to burst if they don’t get licked and sucked soon. I really want to play it out like I’m innocent, and that she accidently sees me, bare-chested without me knowing. So my first plan was to lie down on the bed and pretend I fell asleep, like a little cat nap and have my tits exposed, and then I can see what she’s going to do, being I’m asleep and all. So there I am ready in position and I hear the basement door open as Shauna calls out my name.

“AAaamie……Amie…….Am….. she’s sleeping, …. oh my god, ……look at those tits… UUuugh! My pussy is jerking in pulsating spasms, oh my god, I have to step closer, I want them I have to have them, I will have them. I am going to lick and suck every part of this little, delicious pussy and she’s going to be mine. I am going to make her want women only, she will spread those legs for women and love it. No boys for you. I will train her. No boys, just a little fuck slut for me and any woman I want. She’s so hot. I’m going to make money off of her….in fact, I’ve been dying to lick my daughter too, and here’s my ticket into spreading Lisa wide and letting me lick her beautiful pussy, and her very own friend is the one that’s going to lead her to me. There’s a lot they are going to do for me. I’ll shoot all of it and bring in bank. If only they knew what they were going to be doing, from each other to me to the neighbor women, and I’m even going to do a shoot at the Kennel Club. Good girl. Remember good girls lick!”

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