Maureen’s Story – The Girls Show Me
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Maureen was helping to tell Sherry’s story when I ate her pussy, so I
figured that Maureen could keep on doing that, telling their shared
story, while she was getting her pussy eaten.

If she could tell Sherry’s story and hers, and Sherry had pretty much
told most of her own side, then …

“Sherry, how about you do it to Maureen for this part. I want to talk
with her, not just taste and play with her, at least for now. That
would be OK, wouldn’t it? You’ve pretty much told all of your story,

Sherry said, “Except for the parts where we were together after
summer. OK, that would work, because she was there for them. You can
practice playing with her pussy later I guess.”

I let Sherry move between Maureen’s legs, to kiss her thighs, as I
started kissing Maureen. Kiss first, talk later, that seemed like a
nice plan. But Sherry sped things up a little, moving right to
Maureen’s pussy and licking it fast, making her sigh and giggle into
my mouth.

That got my attention, and I broke our nice kiss to look at what
Maureen was experiencing. I’d seen them do it before, but never had a
chance to simply watch Sherry lick and play with Maureen’s pussy.
Maybe I could learn something from watching her do it?

Maureen started telling her story, and for a while I switched between
looking at her face and watching Sherry lick her pussy. My view
wasn’t ideal, because Maureen’s pubic hair blocked some of the view.
I stroked Maureen’s chest and belly, and she rubbed my chest. It was
very nice, but of course much of her story was simply the other side
of Sherry’s. It was still great to hear again, and I could tell she
was getting excited. Sherry was being even slower with her than she
was with me, licking, touching, playing, but not trying hard to get
Maureen to come.

I slipped down, bit by bit, trying to get a better view. Soon this
became obvious, so I said, “I want to watch, see how a girl licks
pussy. I want to see what Sherry does to you that makes you feel
really good.”

It was different than what I’d done with Sherry. Or even what they’d
done in front of me before. Sherry put her finger inside Maureen’s
vagina as she licked her, pushing it in and out. Fucking her, all the
way in to the knuckle. Then, she switched to two fingers, poking
right into the girl. She told me, “Maureen likes to feel stuff inside
her. She really likes it, you know? We play like this a lot, me
pushing into her. Even with toys.”

“Well,” Maureen said, “that was how I got it all the way in the first
time. I suppose I should tell you about that night.”

Maureen lay her head down and closed her eyes. She went on with her
story, saying, “I was alone, not with Sherry that night. It was my
period. I was pretty excited, and I was thinking about boys. This
was after last summer . . . No, probably closer to winter. I’d poked
things into me before. You know, you kind of have to do it sometimes,
though I wasn’t using big tampons yet. So I thought, `I’m all bloody,
just like if I was losing my virginity.’

“I have this big, smooth wooden block. It’s maybe even bigger than
you are, a little bit, just a little … One of those nice round, uh,
cylinders? About the right shape, too, for me to imagine it being,
well, you know … Your thing. I poked it in, and started fucking
myself with it. `Oh, Jeff, do it to me, sock it to me, baby.'” It was
funny, and sexy, how she described what she was doing.

Sherry said, “Maureen scared me when she told me what she did. She
wanted to poke that thing up my hole right away.”

“It didn’t hurt bad, not much, Sherry. I wouldn’t do it to you if you
didn’t want me to. I just thought, since I liked it, you might too.
I just pushed and it felt nice, so I pushed harder. I knew what would
happen. But I was thinking, soon I’ll do it for real with my
boyfriend, and I just let it go in. It really did hurt a bit, but not
afterward. I kept playing like that, and I showed Sherry how to do it
to me.”

Sherry said, “Maureen’s pussy grew up so nice. I like playing with
it. She has such pretty fur there, and in between, let’s see…”

Sherry licked all around the middle of Maureen’s pussy, making it all
wet. She pushed Maureen’s legs to encourage her to spread them more,
then moved up to let me see.

“Look, there are her labia. The pussy lips. The long ones on the
outside, with fur around them, and the pretty pink ones between them
below. I can pull on them and bend them, they are fun to play with.
Watch this,” Sherry said, and she pulled them out wide, exposing
Maureen’s open vagina.

“See, you can look right up into her, see right into her womb. Well,
almost.” Sherry pushed one finger inside, letting the labia go. She
did that for a while, just using her fingers to touch her friend’s
pussy. I stroked Maureen’s pussy fur, rubbing the mound above her

“This is kind of like show and tell,” I said, giggling. I wanted to
try to stay serious, but I was nervous too. I loved what they were
showing me. No question, I couldn’t have imagined a better pair of
teachers to learn about sex with girls.

Sherry said, “Yeah, it is, ain’t it. Isn’t it. Well, let’s see what
we can show today. Can you imagine doing this in class?”

Sherry moved down to lick her pussy again, slipping up and down
Maureen’s open slit. I could see the bump in the middle clearly. It
wasn’t the same as Sherry’s, but Maureen sure seemed to like having it

I lost the whole train of thought about doing this in class, or
anyplace else but right where we were, which I’d briefly envisioned.
I was fascinated by Sherry’s tongue, watching it taste and push at
Maureen’s pussy.

“This spot, I know you know it, Jeff. It is the clitoris. Her most
sensitive spot.” Sherry pulled on it, catching the pink hood and
pushing it up to reveal the jewel underneath.

Maureen reached down and grabbed my dick. I was laying facing almost
away from her, so that wasn’t hard to do. I was hard, that made it
easy as well. She stroked, rubbing it hard, especially around the
tip. Her own `tip’ was exposed, way more than usual. At least for
me. I’d known about that place, but never looked at it like this
before. Sherry wasn’t putting it away either.

“You have to be careful because it is so sensitive. But sometimes,”
Sherry said, “it is ready to play with. Soft kisses, soft licks…”
Sherry moved down and ran her tongue right over that hard bump of
flesh, with her fingers still in place holding it exposed. Softly,
then harder. Maureen squeezed my dick really hard, and I let her do

Conversation time was over, I’d guessed, and I did want to know more.
But I could feel Maureen’s reaction in her hand, crushing me. Sherry
was licking and sucking her friend’s clitoris, having let it go into
her mouth, as she pushed into her vagina with her other hand. I moved
down really close to watch, to see what a girl’s orgasm looked like up

But I didn’t see it, not as something like my orgasm. Her body shook
a little, and she really crunched my hard dick over and over, but that
was about all. Any ejaculation, and I don’t think that there was one,
was hidden inside Sherry’s mouth. What I did see, though, was my
girlfriend Sherry doing a thing which made my Maureen feel totally

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