Milf Fun

When I was in high school, I had a friend named John who I spent a lot of my time hanging out with. But more importantly to the story, John had a hot mom. Whoever came up with the term “MILF” had her in mind. She was an inch or so shorter than me and […]

Aunty Fuck

It was a wonderful sight as my eyes peered through he peephole. I wished I had drilled more as she swayed around the bathroom as I yanked out my erect dick. I started lowly wanking myself as she disappeared from the bathroom as swiftly as she came. I was disappointed yet I knew more was […]

Betty fills herself

Seven P. M. on a Thursday evening, a weary Betty sat on the bus heading back to her new flat. She didn’t hate it, but when she thought were she had come from it left her quite depressed. Betty was almost 62 and after a late marriage at 49, she’d been left divorced almost penniless […]

Sassy Granny

I don t know how long my 85 year old neighbor, Maddie, had gone without sex but it didn t matter to me. The light – skinned African – American woman was on a roll. After several glasses of wine the prior evening, I was banging the hell out of this mature woman that lasted […]