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Kinky squirting nurses
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“I think the patient in room 9 is waking up,” nurse
Karen said. “We probably ought to pay him a visit.”

“Hmm,” nurse Gina said. “Don’t think I’ve heard of

“Nothing much,” Karen said. “He was brought in
yesterday after a minor traffic accident. Suspected
concussion. But he seems to be okay now.”

Karen, the tall blonde, opened the …

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It was such a great pleasure to slowly sink my cock into Linda’s tight ass
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After repairing grammatical and lexical and logical faults in the text
and e-mailing the file path to the proofreader, I pushed back in my
chair, and surveyed the print above my desk, a modern rendering of the
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, done in what I thought, approvingly, as
a “Frank Frazetta” style.

Linda, our web developer, paused in the …

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She knew that it was time for some ass-fucking
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It was a Saturday night again, and time for Annette to babysit for the Longs. She carefully prepared herself for the wonderfully pleasurable night to come. She knew that it was time for some ass-fucking.
Hearing the horn, she went out the door to meet Mr. Long in his car. They exchanged warm greetings, each thinking of their last meeting.…

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