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She was sitting in the sand, looking out toward the end of the jetty. The
waves were huge, frothing up as they swept down the breakwater. The beach was
crowded with people, busy walking and running up and down the beach and it was
only five-thirty. She had just finished her three laps of the beach and was
perspiring freely. She liked to watch the waves when they were big. About
two thirds of the way down the jetty there was a single figure walking out
toward the end of the breakwater with a surfboard under his arm.

Madeline Brady was just shy of thirty-five…Short with sandy blonde hair.
She had a dynamite body for a thirty-five year old and was not shy about
showing it off. She liked their looks and would try to imagine what they were
thinking. It was almost time again…A movement on the horizon caught her
attention. The guy with the surfboard was just getting up on this huge wall
of water that was throwing up spray all over the breakwater.

He turned back and forth on the wave. She imagined that it was one of her
lovers and when he completed the ride they would rush to the house and shower
together. Madeline was getting sexually excited watching the surfer as he got
closer to the beach.

The wave now became a long wall of water and Madeline was worried her
lover would hurt himself. The surfer was poised on the nose of his board,
streaking across the wall of water. Froth was coming off the top of the wave.
The sun was lighting the water. The wall started to collapse. She couldn’t
watch and buried her face in her arms.

It seemed like forever but was probably less than ten seconds. She looked
up. The surfer was walking up the beach toward her. Shit ! He was an old
man with a scraggly looking, gray pony tail. He was smiling at her like he
knew her or knew something about her or maybe…Her secret…How could he know
that ?

“Hi !” She grunted something in response as he passed. She waited a full
five minutes before she started back to the house.

He was in the parking lot, putting the board into a van that appeared to
have everything but the kitchen sink strapped to the roof. She knew he was
watching her but when she looked over at the van, she couldn’t see him. Maybe
he wasn’t ? She laughed and broke into a trot on the way to the house.

Becky Francis was Madeline’s daughter. She was a freshman in high school
and got a ride from one of her friends every morning. Becky was late as usual
and begging her mom to drive her to the top of the bluff. Madeline and Becky
jumped into the car and motored up to where Becky got picked up.

Madeline was lonely when she arrived back home. She wondered if she could
set it up ? She spent most of the morning on the phone but came up empty.
Well, what did she expect ? School had started. She’d have to plan it a
little better. She was sure that any one of then would cut for a day to spend
it fucking her brains out. She giggled and rushed to the shower.

***** CHAPTER TWO *****

Becky rushed into the house Saturday afternoon. Several of her friends
were close on her heels. They were all talking loudly and giggling and
laughing. Madeline was home for a bit between appointments. Madeline Brady
was one of the most successful real estate agents in the area. It had taken
her a long, long time but it was worth every bit of the effort.

“What are you all so excited about ? You’re acting like a bunch of
grammar school kids instead of high school freshman.” She laughed. It was a
good natured jab.

After they quieted down, Becky started talking a mile a minute. “There’s
this old guy down at Big Corona who’s riding a boogie board off the breakwater
and riding the wave all the way in…Jeez…Mom you ought to see him. All the
way to the beach. He says he’ll teach anyone how to do it. None of us have
the guts to do it.”

“Well…You gotta do what you gotta do…” Madeline wondered if it was
the same guy ? When she left for her afternoon appointment she saw the van in
the parking lot. God ! It looked familiar. She knew she’d seen it before
but just couldn’t place it. She was now positive her daughter was talking
about the same guy she saw the other morning. She thought the van looked
familiar then, too.

Sunday was more of the same and Monday morning was a relief. She’d got a
hold of one of her “friends” and it was all set up for Wednesday. She could
hardly wait. That’s funny…Her beeper was usually silent on Monday unless,
of course, she got a nibble or two over the weekend. She hadn’t and called
the office to talk to Gretchen, her secretary. A man was there to see her.
Knew her by name and said she came highly recommended. Wouldn’t give his

Madeline was in the office in under a half hour. This kind of shit never
happened to her. I mean just about everything else did. She couldn’t count
the number of husbands who had come on to her…And the young men she’d come
on to…God ! Three of them had tasted her charms…He was standing in her
office. The long scraggly pony tail was now neatly combed and down the back
of his hawaiian shirt. He was wearing a jacket over the shirt and kind of
looked stupid…But the more she looked at him the better he looked…Classy
almost…And he was very good looking.

“Hi ! Madeline…I’m Willy Tamarack. A friend of mine told me to look
you up if I ever wanted anything down here…Wow ! Aren’t you the woman from
the beach the other morning ?”

“Yes…I am, Mister Tamarack…”

“Call me Willy…Was wondering if you could show me around. I’d really
like to live down by you. I’ve thought about that place for over forty
years.” So he was watching her.

The morning passed quickly and Madeline was pleased to be able to get him
to sign on the line at the first place they visited. He was excited about the
find and like he said, “…really stoked !” She came home to Becky and all
her friends hanging out in the front room. She told them that she met the old
man today.

None of them believed her even when she told them that he was going to
live right down the way. Becky kept kidding her all night about the old man.
Her own daughter didn’t even believe her. She laughed and had nasty dreams
about Wednesday.

The next morning, her daughter came running back to the house shortly
after she left for school. Madeline figured Becky had forgotten something and
would beg for a ride. “You’re right, mom…His van is down the way…Oh !
How cool. I just know he’s one of those old surfer guys…You know from way
back…When nobody surfed. You know like grandpa always talks about.”

Driving back from the bluff, Madeline saw him, pulling his board out of
the van. He saw her approach and wandered out to greet her. He was just
wearing trunks, was deeply tanned and if you were a distance away you couldn’t
tell how old he was.

He leaned over, the surfboard still under his arm. “You know…We ought
to have dinner some night. I bet we have a lot in common.” He had a twinkle
in his eye. She had to look away. “How about it, Madeline ?”

She mumbled something about being busy the next couple of days and he
returned with, “Well…When ever…I’m looking forward to it.” The car jerked
away when she let out the clutch. God ! There was something about that man.
Like he could see into her soul…Her mind…Like he could see her naked.
Would Wednesday ever come ?

***** CHAPTER THREE *****

Todd was seventeen. Madeline had been seeing him for almost two years.
She met him at a pool party. It was kind of like an open house and there were
lots of young people around. Todd was picking up plastic glasses and paper
plates. The realty had hired him to keep the place neat and clean. People
were pigs at these things.

Becky was twelve at the time and Madeline didn’t want to take the young
guy back to her place. Too much risk. It was the first time she got a motel
room. She laughed thinking about it. This time it was Carlsbad. There were
plenty of cheap motels down there. She hoped Todd beat her there. She
couldn’t stand waiting for them.

That first night rushed through her mind as she cruised South on the
405…..He asked her if she could get them some beer. She was amazed. Here
she was offering him her body for the night and he wanted her to pick up some

She stopped and when she got back in the car it was a flood of marijuana
smoke. He laughed as she backed away from the billowing smoke that escaped
when she opened the door. “I might get cotton mouth…That’s what the beer’s
for.” She wandered about Laguna until they found a small place with
bungalows. The “Vacancy” sign was lit. Madeline hoped the “No” hadn’t just
quit working.

It seemed like hours before she finally rushed outside and got back into
the car. Again, she was greeted by billowing smoke when she opened the door.
“You’re going to have to cut that shit out when we get in the room.” She
reached over and gave his thigh a squeeze. He laughed.

She sat on the bed. He was “taking a piss,” he said. She felt like
stripping out of her clothes and meeting him naked but decided against it.
She wasn’t real sure this was going to work out.

He came right out and sat on the bed. He took a swig of beer and then lay
back. His cock was visible in his pants. Madeline wondered if he’d played
with himself in the bathroom ? She kicked off her shoes and snuggled up with
him. When she put a hand on his chest, he pulled her head back and forced his
tongue into her mouth. Immediately she was in lust. Her hand traveled the
distance from his chest to his groin in record time.

He was hard and she was positive he played with it a little in the
bathroom. She was on her back and he was grinding his cock into her hip. His
hand was moving up her legs, under her skirt. She had taken her panty hose
off before they left the open house. Her cunt was sopping wet. His finger
was in her, pounding in and out of her. She brought up one of her legs and he
fingered her harder and faster. She started cuming. Her body was jerking up
off the bed. Her hips meeting every one of his thrusts into her cunt.

“Ohhh ! Fuck me…Todd. Come on give it to me…” He was up on his
knees pulling his jeans down. Madeline had her skirt up around her waist, her
legs spread. Todd was staring at her crotch. Her cunt lips were shaved but
she had a nice thick patch of curly, dark hair on her mons. He knee crawled
toward her and then took the wind out of her as he sprawled between her legs.

His cock was about half way in and before she caught her breath, Todd was
pumping his cock in and out of her like a machine. Her thighs cramped up and
her stomach had butter flies floating around inside. She couldn’t get over
the exuberance of youth, especially the first time. They weren’t even naked
yet and they were both going to cum. She felt him tense up and then the dam
burst. It leaked out of her and wet the bedspread.

She was sweaty and felt dirty. He was still inside of her, pumping. She
was going to cum again. He started pounding harder and she was there, arching
her back as he stabbed her between the legs. His cock felt hot and slippery.
She wiggled her hips around and he stabbed harder. She was biting his
shoulder and could taste blood. He was still fucking her and appeared to be
getting harder.

She was on her knees, still partially clothed. He was behind her fucking
her brains out. She was about to slide to her stomach and become limp. They
always wore her out and took advantage of her. Oh ! Fuck ! She was cuming

***** CHAPTER FOUR *****

It was great when they could drive themselves. She remembered the early
days, right after the divorce. Her friend urging her to get the boob job
done. She had after her divorce…Just what she needed. Men can’t take their
eyes off of them…The vision of her husband fucking that high school
girl…Her large breasts mashed into the papers on his desk. His cock
pounding in and out of her. She’d had much better since then…Much better.

There they were, sitting on his patio as she drove by. She didn’t want to
go down to talk to him. Her daughter would be home soon anyway. She must
have seen her drive by. She changed into a pair of shorts and a sweater. It
got cool in September but was almost Summer like during the day. Becky still
wasn’t home. The sun was low on the horizon.

She wandered down the road. They were still on the porch. She could hear
some real old rock and roll. I mean this shit was oldies but goodies when she
was a teenager. She smelled the incense as she climbed up the stairs to the
porch. Becky was laughing. The setting sun was reflecting off her golden
hair. It always got so blonde during the Summer. Her blonde came from the
bottle. She could no longer afford to stay out in the sun for the requisite
amount of time. She envied her daughter’s smooth skin…A blonde’s tan and
her skin so white where her two piece covered her.

She was wearing a sleeveless sweat shirt and wasn’t wearing her top.
Madeline could see Becky’s whole tit. Her areola bigger and darker than she
imagined. She wondered if the old man had been scoping out her daughter’s
body, trying to get a peek at her tits ? She laughed out loud, still stoned
from Todd’s grass. Poetic justice ?!

She laughed again and it broke the trance. Both of them became animated
at the same instant. Like she had caught them doing something they shouldn’t
be doing. They talked for a moment, neither of them making much sense. He
offered her a drink…Then dinner. Becky wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.
Later…She wasn’t surprised. She had a very pleasant time.

“Oh ! Shit ! Becky, it’s after nine…You’ve got home work and school
tomorrow.” Her daughter put up a valiant fight but the two of them finally
got up to leave. Becky was huddled with Willy over by the coffee table. He
had a big photo album spread open and Becky was turning the pages.

“Take as many as you want, Becky…But make sure you don’t lose them…”
He was across the room and holding her arm in seconds. Like a conspirator, he
lowered his voice and whispered, almost. “Why don’t you come back later,
Madeline ? I mean…If you want to.”

Becky was moving back across the room, looking at the pictures in her
hands. “Come on, mom…Let’s go.” Madeline said nothing but she had the
feeling he expected her to come back.

She could feel Willy watching them as they walked back down to their
place. She looked back but found his porch empty. Becky was going on and on
about the pictures Willy was letting her borrow. She was excited. Willy was
going to teach her to surf the breakwater. Who was this Willy ? One day he
shows up and in a couple of days they’re having dinner with him…Strange ?!

She had no intention of going back but Becky went right to bed, blowing
off her homework. Her daughter was just like her mother. Don’t do today what
you can put off ’till tomorrow. Ha ! Ha ! Well…That was long ago. She
went out on the porch and could smell the aroma. Marijuana. No doubt in her
mind. Several of her “friends” used the potent weed that seemed to always be
available down here. The feeling was very pleasant especially with a young
stud between her legs driving his cock in and out of her at “…light speed,
“Dr. Spock !”

He was sitting on his porch. She went up and leaned back against the
porch railing across from him. “Aren’t you afraid of the authorities…The
police, whoever ?” She was almost laughing. He held the pipe out to her.
She accepted and took a giant drag. It always made her horny with her young

She crossed over and sat next to him. They passed the pipe back and forth
several times. She was in deep space when he touched her. She jerked back to
the present. “Wana go inside ?” She wondered what for ? But followed him
anyway. He turned on the stereo but left the door open. The TV was on but
she was sure it was a tape. A guy was riding some huge wave.

He was gone and then back with another margarita. Jesus ! He mixed them
good. Probably the best she’d ever had. Maybe he was a professional bar
tender or something ? They watched the surfing…Smoked another bowl. He
changed the tape and by the television program she knew it was after eleven.
The news was on.

They stood at the door. “Had a wonderful time, Madeline. You’re a very
beautiful woman. I’m very attracted to you and would love to have you spend
the night but I don’t think Becky would understand.” He kissed her on the
forehead and she felt the sea breeze against her face as she walked home. She
would have stayed…Was intrigued. She hadn’t dated…Who was she kidding,
fucked is a better word, ’cause she sure as hell didn’t date any of her
“friends.” She just fucked them. She hadn’t fucked anyone over twenty, maybe
twenty-two in close to ten years.

***** CHAPTER FIVE *****

Right after the divorce Madeline dated a bit but every fucking guy she
dated expected to get fucked on the first date and since she wasn’t picking
any of these dates…Well, she didn’t want to fuck everyone she dated…She
stopped dating.

…..Becky was five or so. She really can’t remember. She’d ordered
pizza and then didn’t have any money to give the delivery boy a tip. She was
embarrassed, apologized profusely.

The kid was cool about it. Said, “…instead of a tip…How about doing
me a favor ?” Madeline promised him anything. He told her he’d be back about
eleven or so. That’s when he got off. Madeline was crazy with fear. What if
he wanted her to do some sexual thing, like fuck him for a tip ?

She was almost disappointed when he told her he wanted her to buy some
beer for a weekend party he was going to. He’d give her the money and stay
with Becky while she was out. After he left, she was disappointed.

The bust job was only three months old. They were gorgeous, if she did
say so herself and she admired herself in the mirror every morning. The kids
name was Tom and he was coming back on Friday afternoon. At the spur of the
moment she dropped Becky off at grandma and grandpa’s. When Tom arrived, she
told him to come along with her. They had a grand time but Tom still didn’t
pay much attention to her. She got depressed when he left.

She ordered pizza a number of times but never got Tom as the delivery boy.
She tried the same thing with another delivery boy but he just got pissed and
stalked off.

The call came the next day. “Madeline…It’s Tom.” Her heart started to
beat faster. “One of my buddies told me you stiffed him and I was wondering
if you’d make up for it and buy the beer again ?”

“Of course. I’d love to, Tom.” He again arrived on a Friday afternoon.
This time he brought along his friend. The boy’s name was Greg and he was
tall and blonde. He was better looking than Tom and couldn’t take his eyes
off of her. When she went to buy the beer, the two of them went to a bank of
pay phones outside the convenience store.

They were pissed as shit when she got back in the car. “…now…What the
fuck do we do ?”

“Beats the shit out of me, Tom ? We’re fucked ! The girls won’t drink in
the park. Too scared. We’re fucked, buddy !”

Madeline stayed silent for a long while. The two of them were making a
list of places they could go and then deleting them for some reason or other.

“How many you talking ?” Madeline butted into their conversation.

She’d only bought a case of beer and a half pint of tequila with some of
that margarita mix. The car was silent. Tom talked first. “There’s only six
of us. Maybe only five. One of the girls wasn’t sure she could get out. Her
parents are kind of strict.” Sure enough one of the girls couldn’t make it
but with Madeline they made six.

They started arriving about seven. She took Becky to grandma’s again.
The girls were cute little things. She wondered which boy was going to be
without a date ? The girls went bonkers when she mixed them a batch of
margaritas but they all were disappointed she didn’t have a stereo. The group
settled for MTV. Tom was busy with a little blonde and a pang of jealousy
rushed through her.

Greg was the one without a date. She wandered out to the kitchen to mix
some more margaritas. He followed. She was shaking she was so scared. She
apologized again for stiffing him. He laughed it off and told her she could
stiff him any time. He was standing close to her. She put her hand on his
arm. He had a lot of blonde hair on it.

Greg Livingston had the makings of a monster hardon in his jeans, growing
right down his pants leg. The way Tom described how she’d been acting, Greg
figured she’d been coming on to his friend. He was scared but confident. Tom
said he’d never seen a guy over here but as hot as she looked…Somebody had
to be taking care of her, right ?!

She was looking down at the hair on his arm. When she looked up, he
kissed her. Her mouth opened right away and her tongue was wild in his mouth.
He hadn’t had many give his tongue a work out like this. He wondered if she’d
suck his cock ? He pulled her closer and ground his hardon against her belly.

Madeline was in lust. Nothing was going to stop her from sampling this
young man. She was going to see if this young stud could quench her thirst.
Her husband sure hadn’t. She wondered if the bastard was still fucking the
young stuff ? He’d probably be fucking her daughter’s girl friends if he got
a chance. God ! She could feel the kid’s boner against her belly. His hands
were on her ass.

She pushed him away. She was panting. “Can you get rid of the others ?”

He smiled at her. “You sure…You want to do this ?” She was rubbing her
hands up and down his belly and chest. She brazenly reached down and cupped
his balls. His boner was clearly visible, a long bulge in his jeans.

“Yea…I’m sure…Now, get rid of your friends.” He kissed her hard on
the lips and gave her ass a big, hard squeeze. The five of them left. The
time dragged by. She had changed into a robe with a sexy baby doll under it.
It was a yellow color and really highlighted her hair. Made it almost gold.
She was at the door before he knocked.

She stood with her back to the door and watched him walk toward the back
of the house. “Come on, Madeline. I’ve got to be home by one.” She glanced
at the clock on the stove as she followed him to her bedroom. She’d have to
get a new bed. This one was a single. He looked at her for a long time
before he came toward her and removed the robe.

Greg was in heaven. He could see her dark nipples through the material
and her bush was full and dark. Much darker than the hair on her head. His
cock was growing in his pants when he pulled her into the room and began to
kiss her. She was on top of him on the bed. His hands were down the back of
her panties and he was mashing her ass cheeks together. It almost felt
squishy between them.

She was astride him and pulling her top off. Her tits were magnificent.
He just started at them. She brought them down to his mouth and he sucked her
nipples. She smothered him a couple of times because she was also working his
jeans down. When she got his dick out, she pulled her panties aside and
plunged herself down on his cock. They both screamed.

Madeline was wild, bucking on him like an animal. She could feel him
squirt into her but kept dancing on his dick. He was sliding out of her and
she was flooded with disappointment. She was hardly sweating. She leaned
down and licked on his hairless chest. He was massaging her ass. His cock
had fallen out of her and she felt empty…..

***** CHAPTER SEVEN *****

The kids were all on Willy’s porch when she got home on Saturday. The
surf had been flat for almost a week and there was no guarantee it would come
up again before the seasons changed. She wandered down after parking the car.
She could smell the incense…Shit ! Maybe it’s dope !?

There were just kids on the patio. She asked where her daughter was.
“She’s inside with Willy.” Madeline rushed through the door and into the
front room. They were siting on the couch. Again they appeared to have been
caught doing something wrong but…She wasn’t sure ?

Willy was slouched down at the far end and Becky was perched on the back
about half way down. It was a big couch and they weren’t touching but close
enough to touch if they wanted to.

A blonde headed kid rushed in from the kitchen. “Hey ! Willy, you gonna
make margaritas again ?” The two on the couch paid little attention to either
of them. Willy glanced at her for just a second…Probably not even that

“Yea ! Tony…Whip up a hot batch.”

“What is going on here, Mister Tamarack ?” She could feel herself flush
with color.

“Oh ! Mom…Cool yourself off. They’re for you and Willy. Hurry up,
Tony. We can go get the pizza.”

Madeline was confused. She heard the blender going and then the kid was
handing her a margarita. Willy never moved off the couch. Tony and her
daughter wandered out the door but were back quickly. Willy didn’t even
glance at the door.

“Money’s on the kitchen counter. Pizza…Ok, Madeline ?” She nodded and
sat on the end of the couch away from Willy. The kids weren’t gone for three,
four minutes…Max…And he had a bowl going. She sucked the smoke into her
lungs. God ! It felt good and Tony was a doll. About Becky’s age. She
wondered if her daughter was seeing him, hooking up with him ? God ! That
was nasty…Very, very nasty.

When the teenagers got back, she’d swear they were both loaded but by then
she was barely conscious of where she was. The four of them laughed and
giggled all through eating pizza. After dinner the kids wanted to go to the
island and get ice cream. Willy acquiesced and off the four of them went.
They wandered around the island and ended up at the amusement park. They rode
just about everything and then Willy said he’d beat them home.

They all laughed but off he went, throwing the van’s keys back to
Madeline. The three of them casually walked back to the ferry and crossed to
the island. They did a little window shopping and finally made it back to the
van in about half an hour. It was a lot neater inside than Madeline thought
it would be. The kids were getting antsy as she drove back to Corona del Mar.
Tony was in the passenger seat and Becky was in the back.

When she saw the lights on she knew they lost. She couldn’t believe that
old man had run down the beach and then swam the channel before they could
drive back. He was sitting in front of the TV. The room was a haze of
marijuana smoke. She looked at Becky but her daughter appeared not to notice.
Tony had to get home and Becky was going to walk him up to the bluff.

She was sitting on the couch with him. She turned and was about to say
something when he kissed her. His tongue, alive and very active in her mouth.
He didn’t stop until they heard Becky hop up on to the porch. God ! She
wanted more. Maybe, she’d come back ? Becky and Madeline left a few moments
later but when Madeline came back all the lights were out. She didn’t have
the what ? Gumption, guts, desire ? She wasn’t sure. She tossed and turned
all night.

***** CHAPTER NINE *****

She didn’t see him until the following weekend. From what she said, Becky
spent every afternoon with him. Madeline suspected her daughter was stoned a
couple of times when she came home from Willy’s. She asked about Tony. Becky
said he couldn’t make it down on weekdays. It was too far for him to bike.
He was fifteen and a sophomore at her high school. Really a good surfer and
“…well, Willy’s gonna teach him to ride from the breakwater.”

Madeline laughed. This must be a big thing. For the next two days none
of the kids were around. They were all out boogy boarding with Willy. He
said he could feel a swell coming. Yea ! Right !? He must be smoking too
much of that dope of his.

Saturday morning, when Madeline went to work, she could hear it. When she
got up on the bluff, she slowed and watched a monster set marching down the
breakwater. White spray like lace filling the air. Then it looked like it
was raining. If Madeline had paid more attention, she would have seen the
three of them out by the end of the breakwater. If she’d checked on her
daughter before she left, she would have known the young lady was already
gone. She forgot about the big waves and Becky.

The waves were bigger out here than they looked on the shore. Becky was
scared to death. She was clamping on to her boogie board for dear life and
following Willy. Tony was behind her. Shit ! None of her friends would
believe this ! “…now you gotta pull out before the shore break or you’ll
get killed…And don’t get near the rocks…That’ll really ruin your day.”

The three of them were just watching, squatting down on the rocks. She
was anxious. What were they waiting for ? Willy was moving down the rocks.
She followed and then jumped into the ocean after throwing her board in. Tony
was next and they waited. Tony was going first. Willy said something about
the cliffs in the distance but Becky paid little attention. She was
tense…Didn’t feel right…Was scared. Here they came and they looked even
larger than they did from the breakwater. She started to paddle out to the
end of the jetty but Willy held her board. He was giving final instructions
to Tony. Willy pushed away from him at the last moment, pulling her with him.

Tony disappeared behind a mountain of water heading toward the shore at a
very good clip.

“Ready, Becky ?” She couldn’t look at him. His arm came around her waist
and he pulled her toward him. She wrapped her legs around him and he held the
two of their heads above the water. His mouth was on her ear. She could feel
his breath in her ear. She held on to him tighter. “Besides sex this is
going to be the biggest thrill of your life…Well, maybe birthing a child,
too…I don’t know about that but here we go.

She had been facing the beach the whole time afraid to look out to sea.
They always came in pairs or three at a time…Sometimes five but that was
really rare. It seemed like Willy just kicked once and then he was pressed on
her back and they were rocketing down the slope of the wave. Her face was
just inches from the water. Willy was lying on top of her and guiding the
board. He maneuvered toward the rocks and then yelled. “No closer than

She was about to shout “ok” when they blasted out on to the shoulder and
Willy started carving these big “S” turns on the wave. Up and down. Up and
down. “Got the big picture ?”

She nodded her head and he was gone. The speed increased dramatically and
she wished Willy was back. She turned away from the breakwater a bit and
immediately started to slow down. “Turn toward the wall for speed.” It was
like he was in her head.

She turned and the rocks started getting bigger. When she could stand it
no longer she turned to follow the breakwater. Shit ! She almost forgot
about the shore break ! She was still a long way off. She looked off to the
right and saw a long wall of water start forming. It was frothing on top.
She inched forward on the board and her speed increased. When the wave
started to break she dug the right rail into the face. It was like a sling
shot and she was out on the shoulder and digging the left rail into the
shoulder. Back and forth she went until she realized she was in the shore
break and there was no way out. The wall was coming down and she was out of
speed and ideas. She bailed and was up on the beach when Willy pounded out of
the surf and ran toward her.

“Well…How was it ? Better than sex ?” Betsy jumped up and threw her
arms around him. She also anchored her legs around his waist and hips. Willy
staggered for a step or two and then finally put his arms around her hips.
She was sitting right on his open hands. It was exciting.

“I’m not sure about the sex thing, Willy…But that was the coolest thing
I’ve ever done.”

“How about we do it again when your friends arrive…You game ?” Betsy
hugged him harder and felt his lips on her neck and upper shoulder. She
tingled and didn’t want to get down. Willy disengaged and then wrapped a
towel around her.

Her friends arrived just before noon. Becky headed out onto the
breakwater. Willy was with her. “Now…No ass shining…You got it.”

“Yea…I got it. I don’t want to bust my ass either.”

“You’re on your own this time. No tandem shit.” Becky didn’t say another
word. They watched and waited and finally Willy made his move. Tony was on
the beach just having rode the last of a terrific set. Becky couldn’t see the
beach…Well, hardly…It was so small and far away. She felt Willy’s hands
on her waist and then she shot forward. She was free of him and starting out
down the slope of the wave. She angled toward the breakwater and when the
wave walled up she was off. For then next two minutes and fifty seconds Becky
Francis never stopped cutting back and forth on the wave. She pulled out just
before the shore break and was met by a mob of young ladies after struggling
to shore. They were all jumping up and down, maybe five of them total. But
they drew stares and Tony was there, too.

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