A Golfer’s Dream – A Sixty-Nine to Start
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The approach shot was long, straight and hard. Hitting a golf ball takes very
little physical effort but a lot of concentration. The ball grabbed hard and
really sucked back. Dave MacDonald was left with a four-foot birdie putt here on
the eighteenth hole to shoot 69 and set up a possible victory in the first
tournament of the year – a victory that would start his entire season on the
right foot. He walked to the green to focus on the putt. Two of the foursome he
was playing in had missed the green and the other was on the green twenty-five
from the hole. Dave didn’t really watch what the chipping players were doing –
he was focused on the dynamics of his own putt. He marked his ball, repaired
the ball mark and started surveying his putt. After walking around it twice he
was satisfied and stepped back to observe. He waited his turn patiently but
increasingly anxious to knock it in. The first player chipped his ball to eight
feet. He marked his ball and waited his turn. The second player chipped to two
feet and marked his ball. The player with the twenty-five foot putt rolled his
to within a foot of the hole and finished out for a par – four. The first
player rolled his eight-footer by the hole and tapped in for a bogey – five.
It was finally Dave’s turn so he placed his ball in front of his marker, put the
marker back on his lucky ball repair clip on his back pocket, stepped back for
one final look, and settled on two inches right of the lip – firm. Dave stood
over the putt and took two practice strokes. When confident he had the weight
of the putt, he moved forward and squared the blade of the putter to his line.
Focused on ‘square back – square through’, he stroked the ball and it went firm
to the back of the hole and down. Dave pumped a low closed fist once and his 69
was in the books.

The rest of the foursome congratulated Dave on a good round. They all signed
their scorecards and headed for the clubhouse to hand them in and wait for the
rest of the players to finish. At fifteen, Dave was one of the younger players
on the Merit Tour. There were forty juniors on the tour with six fifteen-year-
olds and two fourteen-year-olds. He had played on it the previous year but only
made three top ten finishes with none in the top five. He spent most of the
fall and spring on the practice range and it was paying off big time. The six
inches Dave grew over the winter gave his game length and practice gave him
accuracy. He was now five-foot-eleven and weighed in at one hundred seventy
pounds. The coming summer would hopefully lead to a provincial team position
and visit to the nationals — but that was a lot of swings away.

Dave returned to the hill behind the eighteenth green and looked over the
course. He knew he was lucky to be a golfer living on Queen Ann Island. QAI
has four world-class championship courses with a fifth due to open in a month or
so. There are another half dozen extremely good courses and another half dozen
moderate courses. QAI is the smallest province in Canada but doesn’t have a
shortage of golf courses. Aldebury is one of the Championship courses and has
become Dave’s favorite in the few short years he played it. Aldebury was also
the favorite of his father, Roger. Roger liked the six par-three, six par-four,
and six par-five format. Dave liked the fairness and challenge. Overlooking the
river it is a beautiful course and a lot of fun to play. Truthfully, when a
person shoots a 69, most courses are fun to play.

As the last groups finished, the next best player was at 71 but two of the top
players — Harvey Thompson and Randy Gallant — were still on the course. Dave
watched Harvey come up eighteen and he was about one hundred-fifty yards out for
his second shot to the par-four. Harvey hit a decent shot to the green leaving
a fifteen-foot putt that had a little left to right break. He rolled it over
the corner but it did not drop and he finished with a par. Dave overheard Harvey
say to a friend that he shot 70. Randy was in the last group and he was at the
hundred yards marker with his drive. He hit his second shot to within two feet
and sank the putt – Dave figured Randy must have had a low final score. When
Dave got to the clubhouse he found out Randy actually had had two bad holes and
was 73. Dave was the winner of the first tournament. The prize wasn’t much but
the points were important. The top four point winners at the end of July went
to the nationals in British Columbia — all expenses paid (the next four could
go but had to pay $1,500 for expenses). Dave desperately wanted to go to the
nationals. Roger said he would find the money if Dave finished fifth through
eighth but hoped Dave could crack the top four. This was a great start.

Dave’s buddy John Stewart drove him back to Edwardton. It was about a half hour
drive. John and Dave were both finishing tenth grade at Edwardton High School;
with three weeks left they couldn’t wait for summer vacation. John was a top
student – all his marks were in the ninety and higher. Dave worked hard (he
wasn’t gifted with brains) and did manage to stay on the Honor Roll. In their
school that was for grades of eighty-five and above. Dave knew if he wanted a
future in golf he needed good marks so he could go to a US college. That was
his dream – the Tour, the next Tiger. It’s fun to dream.

John asked if Dave wanted to hang out because it was Saturday night; with the
warmer weather coming, all their friends were hanging around the fast food
joints in town. Dave told John that he had promised his dad he would let him
know how the round went today but he didn’t have any other major plans for the
night. John had just gotten his license last month and his dad got him an old
clunker to get him around. John’s license gave both of them a lot of additional
freedom. John wasn’t a total nerd; but anyone as smart as him was treated a
little different. Then again, how often do nerds really think they are nerds?
Both friends played hockey, which is considered “the sport” in Canada. They had
both made their share of elite level “rep” teams but neither of them were stars.
So they kind of fit in the middle ground between the true jocks and nerds. Dave
was happy with this as he had some good friends who were considered jocks and
others who were considered nerds. John dropped him off about 5:00 and Dave told
John to call him at home in an hour.

When Dave got home, both his mother Carol and Roger were waiting anxiously. He
thought Roger had probably been more nervous waiting than he had been playing.
Dave said, “Dad, I shot 69. I won by one stroke.”

A big smile came over Roger’s face. He said, “I knew it. I had a good feeling
all day. I want all the details.”

Roger and Dave sat down in the tv room and they went over every hole and every
shot. Carol went to the kitchen. Roger was excited and Dave felt good making
him proud. Dave looked at Roger and saw him in a new light. He was like a kid
with a new toy. Roger was in his early forties and worked hard. He gave his
two sisters and him everything he could afford and, while they weren’t rich,
they didn’t want for much. He never missed their Christmas concerts when they
were young or Dave’s hockey games or his daughters’ gymnastics events. Roger
was a big man at six-foot-two and just over two hundred pounds although right
now his face looked like a ten-year-old. Dave felt older today. Between
focusing all his concentration on the golf course, winning, and now seeing Roger
so proud – he felt incredible inside. Just then Carol walked in. She said,
“Supper’s ready. Beth is at a friend’s house and Julie will be downstairs in a
minute; so it will be four of us tonight.”

Roger got up and walked over to Carol and picked her off her feet while giving
her a big kiss. Carol is a great looking woman. She’s not quite forty and is
only five-foot-two but she has an unbelievable body with lots of curves and
short brown hair. Dave had fantasized about sucking her large breasts and
fingering her hairy pussy since his first wet dream about her two years ago. Her
breasts measure 36D (Dave discovered the exact size while searching her dresser
and smelling her lingerie collection) and her ass is small and firm. They
headed to the kitchen table where Carol had everything laid out. As they were
sitting down, Julie came in. Julie is a year older than Dave and has Carol’s
looks except her hair is longer and blonder. She is taller than Carol by three
inches and has a body to match. Her breasts are 34C (another raided dresser)
and her legs are long and slender. Dave had also fantasized about having those
gorgeous legs wrapped around his neck. Supper was relatively quiet. As they
were finishing Dave asked, “Are there any plans tonight? John wants to hang

Roger said, “I play poker tonight so I’m leaving around 8:00 and won’t be home
until after midnight. So the only plans are for tomorrow. Dave, are we still
heading out to the campground in the morning to make sure the trailer is set up
right? We can play a round of golf afterward, if you want.”

Dave had forgotten about promising to help with the trailer in the morning.
“Sure, I’ll help with the trailer but I don’t think you’re going to enjoy losing
another round of golf to me tomorrow,” Dave said. Roger just laughed.

Carol added, “I’m going to curl up with a good book tonight; but tomorrow Kate
and I are going to the flea market. Beth is staying overnight at the Johnsons.
Are you going out tonight, Julie?” Dave’s mind drifted away as he thought about
the imputed soft round parts of his aunt Kate, Carol’s identical twin sister; he
still had a hard time telling them apart either in real life or his dreams.

Julie replied, “Jack and I are going out tonight.” Dave thought Jack was an
asshole. Asshole because he was an arrogant prick who thought he was God’s gift
to women. Dave had been hoping Julie would see the light and dump his ass.

Just then the phone rang. Dave answered it. “Hello… Hi, John. Yes. …
I’ll be waiting outside.” Dave turned to his family, “I’ll be home around 11:00.
Good luck at cards, Dad. Have a good time, Julie.”

Dave was waiting by the street when John pulled up. Their hanging consisted of
visiting first one, then another of the local teen attractions to see who was
there, say hello, and move on. They drove around town for a couple hours when
suddenly John’s car stalled and wouldn’t re-start regardless of what he tried.
He was really pissed off and it was obvious that the heap of junk wasn’t going
to start tonight. He called his dad who told him to call a tow truck. John
said there was no need to wait with him so Dave decided to walk home. The nice
thing about Edwardton is that, no matter where you are, you can walk to where
you want to go in less than half an hour – usually about fifteen minutes.

It was a brisk twenty-minute walk home. As Dave walked up his street, he saw
Jack’s car screeching to a stop in front of their house. Julie jumped out and
Dave heard her yell, “I never want to see you again!” She slammed the car door
and went running into the house. Jack’s car jerked to a start, went flying by
Dave, and rounded the corner with tires squealing.

Dave always went in the house through the back door so he walked around back and
came into the unlit kitchen. As he gently closed the door, he could hear crying
and voices from the living room. Dave didn’t normally listen in on private
conversations (he did love looking at women’s underwear but didn’t normally
eavesdrop on his family) but he was intensely curious to know what happened with
Jack and Julie. So, without turning on the light, Dave quietly walked through
the kitchen. He checked the large mirror on the living room wall that Carol had
put in so she could see the front door from the kitchen. When Dave stood in the
right spot he could see Carol sitting on the couch with her arm around Julie.
Dave knew they couldn’t see him because of the dark kitchen while he had a
perfect view and could hear almost everything they were saying. The first
thing Dave noticed was that Julie was dressed really sexy. She had on a white
top with spaghetti straps and a short skirt. It was very obvious she wasn’t
wearing a bra because Dave could see her dark nipples through the material. His
dick was getting hard and he had to switch his concentration to Carol or he
would have to leave to beat off. Carol was dressed as she had been at supper in
a navy skirt and white blouse. Julie was crying and sobbed. “Why doesn’t Jack
like me? We went to a restaurant and had a great meal but he kept flirting with
the waitress. I know she was older but how can he not find me attractive? I
dressed like this just for him and he was more interested in her. When she left
I asked him if he liked what I was wearing and he said ‘I love a woman in a long
dress.’ I asked. ‘Don’t you like what I wore for you tonight?’ He said. ‘You
look great.’ But the minute the waitress returned he was ogling her again. I
told him he was an asshole and I wanted to go home. He said fine and that he
was tired of my little girl games anyway. Mom, what is wrong with me?” Julie
started crying even louder.

What Julie didn’t know was that Jack was having problems getting a stiffy. As
soon as he would get intimate with a girl he went limp as a noodle. He learned
to lead beautiful girls on but then had to dump them when they were ready to
have sex with him. Unable to face his shortcomings, Jack was compelled to be
continuously seeking greener pastures. His image was more important to him than
his morals. Dave was right – Jack was a shallow, arrogant prick. He deserved
to have a limp dick problem.

Dave’s heart took a huge turn. He was furious. He couldn’t understand how that
asshole did not see how gorgeous Julie was. Carol hugged Julie and said.
“Julie, you are a beautiful person in a beautiful body. I don’t know why Jack
can’t see that – but it is definitely his loss.”

Dave couldn’t believe what happened next. Astonishingly, Julie abruptly pushed
back, lifted her top over her tits, and said. “Is there something wrong with
these? Do they look funny to you? Do they feel funny? What is wrong?” As she
said it she took Carol’s hands and put them squarely on her bared tits. She
added, “Squeeze them. Aren’t they normal? Why does Jack ignore them and ignore

Julie was distraught and Carol was trying to calm her down. Julie had always
acted very self-confident but, like all sixteen-year olds, she hid her fear of
rejection. Julie had had only one sexual experience; unfortunately, it was a
bad one. She had had too much to drink at the previous year’s prom and let her
boyfriend at the time penetrate her. She wasn’t too drunk to stop him but the
alcohol had let her do something she didn’t truly think she was ready for. The
boyfriend was a virgin at the time as well and really just wanted to lose the
virgin title; being inexperienced, the sex was short and basically
unsatisfactory. Julie had hoped that Jack would be her first good sexual
experience and was ready to go all the way with him tonight.

Carol had a strange expression on her face but she didn’t pull her hands away.
When Carol was in university she had several close experiences with other women
and loved the intimacy those relationships had provided. Her husband Roger was
a very loving man and satisfied her sexually; however, she often fantasized
about doing some erotic things with the women currently in her life – Julie,
Beth and Kate. In real life, she had encouraged a conservative environment in
the MacDonald home. Nudity was not common in the house even though she had
sometimes fantasized about walking around nude and teasing Roger and her
children. She had on one occasion caught Beth trying to flash her breasts at
Dave and scolded her for that; but in truth she enjoyed the show and was jealous
that she could not bring herself to do the same. She had dreamed of touching
and caressing both Beth’s and Julie’s newly mature breasts but suddenly wasn’t
sure what to do now that Julie’s were actually lying in her hands waiting to be
fondled, waiting to be sucked.

Dave’s blood supply was rushing in several directions at once and he was afraid
his blushing would radiate so much heat the two women would notice him lurking
in the darkness.

Carol finally squeezed the offered orbs and Dave thought he was going to blow a
load right there. His dick was throbbing and he couldn’t even touch his zipper
or he knew he would have a major cleanup job in his shorts. Julie’s tits were
perfectly round and looked just like two ripe grapefruits. In the cool air, her
perky nipples were getting harder by the second and looked like pink pencil
erasers. Dave watched Carol as she seemed to take control of the situation.
“Julie, they feel perfect and they are perfect. I just wish mine were as firm
as yours,” she said as she ran her hands lightly over Julie’s firm breasts
feeling her own juices start to flow. Carol was afraid Julie would realize she
was enjoying the feel of her perfect breasts so she pulled her hands away.
Carol wanted to replace her hands with her mouth but instead she collected
herself and sat back. She was shocked by Julie’s next bombshell request.

“Really?” Julie asked, “Can I see yours?”

If Dave had been breathing, he would have gasped. As it was, he almost tumbled
to the floor and interrupted the scene playing out in the family living room.
“What next?” Dave thought as his member throbbed against its confinement.

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