She could actually feel her stomach full with my penis cream
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Suck me, Alisha!!! Deep-throat me!!! Eat my cream!!!!” I hollered, and, her sweet pussy spasmed.

The following story is true. Names might be changed,…but,…this
did happen to me when I was 19.

I was out of school, but, I had heard there was a gal in senior
class who had a reputation for being “fast and loose.” She also got
the strange name of, “Turkey Noodle,” which she didn’t seem to mind.
She got the name because of a number of reasons, including, she,
according to some, looked like a turkey, and, she, deep-throated,
hence, the “gobbling” like a turkey, I guess.

Anyway,….I wasn’t so long out of school that I didn’t know
anyone in classes below me, and, as a result, was invited to an “open
house” birthday party for Al,….a fellow I had become friends with
when I was in my senior year. Almost everyone knew me as I had
played high school basketball with the varisty team, and, even made
the All-State team.

The party was big,….and, some 40 people were in attendance. Al
was a great guy, and, quite popular. They had cleared a large
“gazebo” area in back of the house (it was warm in the month of
April), for dancing. Many of the ladies I didn’t really know, but, I
did know a few, so I danced.

During the night, I was approached by Alisha,….a gal about 5’6,”
not particularly good-looking, but, amiable enough, and, she had a
great body!

It was to turn out she approached me everytime the 4-piece
orchestra was to play,….for a dance. After a few of the
dances,…Danny came to me, saying, “Hey, Hoot! You know who that is
you are dancing with?”
Of course, I didn’t, but, I was curious why she always approached

“That is,….’Turkey Noodle!'” Danny said.
“W-W-What?” I responded.
“Yeah,….that’s her,….and, it seems, she has her eye on you!
Better look out, or, she’ll…..gobble….you up!!!!” and, a few
guys, who had gathered around when they saw Danny and I
talking,…laughed aloud….apparently sharing the secret joke.

I got the impression, from how they reacted,….that Alisha,…had
been with just about everyone in the senior class. But,…I shrugged
it off.
The orchestra started playing again, and, out of the corner of my
eye, …here came,….Alisha! She stepped up to me, saying, “Shall
we?” and we danced again about the gazebo floor.
As we danced, curiosity got the better of me.
“Excuse me, Alisha,….but,…why me all the time?” I asked, about
her wanting to always dance with me. After all, I certainly was not
the best- looking fellow there.

“I was talking with….Sandy! You remember Sandy,…don’t you
Hoot?” she asked, with a knowing glint in her eye.
‘Yes,’ I thought! I know Sandy! Not 3 months ago, we were
writhing our bodies together in my car, and, apparently, from that,
Sandy talked to Alisha, sparking her interest. From the way Alisha
looked at me, I knew not another word about…..that,….had to be
said. My face flushed from my anger at Sandy for having such a big
As we danced, Alisha said, “Let’s go, Hoot!”
“Go?” I asked, dumbly. She looked at me,…realizing I didn’t
seem to know what she meant.
“Yeah,….for a drive,” she responded, watching me, keenly, for my
response. I had a 2-door coupe,….a Merc,…at that time.
“Okay,….if that’s what you wish,” I answered, and, she didn’t
answer, but, only smiled, with tongue-in-cheek.
I went to Al to excuse myself, wishing him a great birthday. As
Alisha and I left, one of the guys, dancing, said, “Hey Hoot! Don’t
get…. lost!!!!!” and everyone around him laughed! Apparently, I
didn’t pick up on what he meant, but, Alisha did, looking back,
saying, “Very funny,….ha, ha, ha!!!” and she did not say it with a

It was about 9:30, and, unusually warm for that time of year and
after we left and I drove for a few moments, Alisha said, “Let’s go
to the dam!”

The “dam” was Croton-on-Hudson reservoir,…and, it had many side
roads going down the spill-way side, where, at the bottom, was a
fairly large park…..excellent…..for what Alisha had in
mind,…which I didn’t suspect,….at least,….with certainty!
It took us about 15 minutes to get there, during which, Alisha
seemed to be squirming all over the seat. I paid no attention and
just drove.
No sooner had I reached it, taking one of the side roads, and,
parking at the bottom in a…..very….remote area, and, she was all
over me!
We didn’t have to worry about Park police, because, although they
had a large force,…they were known to just stay at the pump house
nearby and never patrol the grounds.

She leaned, hard, against me,…her hand down,…rubbing my cock
and she groaned and squirmed, all over the seat, with vigor!
“GOD! You’re just like Sandy said! THICK!!!!!!” I cursed Sandy,
again, silently, but, Alisha certainly had ‘been around’ and she knew
what she was doing and I was losing some control! My shaft, quickly,
grew to it’s 9 and a half-inch length as Alisha….dug….for the
zipper handle!

Suddenly, she stopped, raised up on the seat, looked in the
back,and, as she grabbed a large blanket that was there, she said,
“C’mon Hoot,….let’s do this right!!!!” and she climbed out of the
I followed,….my shaft practically ripping my trousers from the
anticipation of what she had planned. I walked toward her as she
spread the blanket out quickly! Then, she came my way, throwing her
arms around me and planting a firm, hurried kiss on my lips! She put
her hands on my arms and led me to the blanket! She told me to lie
down! I did,…and, she got down on her knees, her hands working my
belt buckle!
I groaned as she pulled my trousers down,….slipping them off my
feet! I hadn’t even had a chance to take my shoes off!
Then, she pulled my shorts down, and as they cleared my crotch,
she said, “Damn! Nice and thick!!!!!”

Hurriedly, she winded my shorts through my feet, chucking them to
one side. Then, leaning her upper body forward, at my hip, while
still on her knees,….she gazed at my throbbing cock,….studying
something I know she had never seen!

She didn’t say anything, but, instead, thrusted her tongue out of
her mouth, inserting it, without having to curl it,….inside the
very large, gaping hole at the end of my shaft!
She worked her tongue down,….deep,….loving so how the angled
walls inside my cock,…snugged…..against the sides of her tongue
the deeper she went! She soon realized the “crown” which almost all
men have,… had….collapsed,….and fell….within my shaft!!!! It
happened to me at birth, and, as the following years went by, while I
was single, I quickly noticed this big, flaring hole,
or,….”crevice”… I call it, would mean many pleasureable,
exciting times for ladies I had the good fortune of being with!!!!

She “tongued” me with such expertise, you would think she had done
it many times before!!! She withdrew her tongue,…and, angling her
head, she looked at the base of my shaft,….noticing my balls!!!!
“What….the hell you got here,….Hoot?” she asked, noticing my
testicles were the size of tennis balls! She reached with her hand
and cupped and fondled them,…noticing their heavy weight!
She, correctly, concluded, the way I am built,…that I must have
a ….mountain of cum,…inside of me, and, if there was anything
Alisha was starting to love and enjoy,… was…..eating and
swallowing it!!!!!

Her curiosity continued as her hand roamed all over me! Her lips
were less then an inch from the end of the huge, gaping hole, as she
explored me!!!!
“Mmmmm,…..” she moaned, “quite a challenge! I’ve sucked longer
cocks,….but,…never any as thick as this!”
“Think you,….can….handle it???” I said between deep breaths!
“Well,….I’ll tell you, Hoot! Once I can get this sucker down
through the narrow confines of my throat walls,….it will be clear
sailing,….right to my belly,…..for all that gism!!!!”

“CHRIST!!!!!” I moaned!
Alisha was….anxious,….to take me! Soon, she
had…pursed…her lips against the end of the sides of my
shaft,…circling the largest hole she ever saw in a man’s cock! She
quickly noticed, with me, I had no slit! Instead,…my ‘slit’ was
housed deeply down the bottom of the hole and the only thing she
could compare my cock to was a pipe or tube,….with a hole as broad
as the sides,….and, noticing that,…was convinced,….hot gism was
going to pour out of me like a huge firehose!

I looked down my body,…watching,…seeing her open her mouth so
wide, her jaw bone could be seen jutting against her cheeks!!!!
The light poles scattered around the park lit the area in a way
that was similar to an evening with a full moon, and, there was one
of the light poles some 30 feet from our location, so, although dimly
lit, I could still see.
She pressed and pressed, and, there was a deep, gutteral sound
coming from her as she felt her open mouth yield, and, her lips slip
around the very thick sides!!!!
I could see strings of her spittle running from her lips down the
length of me, as, so slowly, my meat started to disappear in her in-
satiable mouth!!!!

Her mouth moved slowly, but, steadily, down, down my length, her
eye- brows crinkling together in wonder and awe as the sides of me
completely filled the inside of her mouth, gliding along the insides
of her cheeks, pressed against the roof of her mouth, and, she,
laying her tongue as close to the bottom as possible to allow
the…..underside….of my shaft to slip right over and past it!!!!
I could hardly believe it,….my very thick, long shaft being
taken in an inch at a time….as her lips, closed around the
circumference of me, gripped and pulled toward the inches not yet in
Without releasing me,….suddenly,…..she spun her body around,
so that she looped a leg over my chest and straddled me, as she faced
my feet! OHHH….what a gorgeous ass she had,….as her skirt had
hiked up her hips,…and, I could see the thin stretch of her
panties, soaking with her juices, running through her pussy
lips,…her bulbous, fleshy ass cheeks, running to her thighs, spread
wide, with her knees on the blanket on both sides of me!!

I felt her arms fold around my hips and thighs as she looped the
flat of her hands under the upper part of my legs!!!! I felt her
fingers and palms nudge against the backside of my legs,
and, her gaping mouth….slipping,….down,…down,…down!!!!! Then,
the big, open end and hole of my shaft….pressed….against the back
of her throat!!!

I squirmed and groaned and moaned! OHHH YES,….she was good!!
She was sooooo good,…..I could feel the hot gism in my huge
balls….start to swirl and whip!!!!

The lips of her mouth,….gaped,…as she continued to take me in,
and she felt my body…..shiver,… I felt the big, open end
start to roll into the constricting tightness of the walls of her

If she was gagging,…..I never knew it,….as she continued to
progress!!!! Slowly,….I could see the back of her head,…lower and
lower down my length,…now, the tip and broad hole slipping along her
throat walls, and, some inches, behind it,….following!!!!

I felt the bulk of my length gliding through her milking throat
walls as the big hole and end….sunk deeper and neared the very
bottom of her throat!!!!

I shivered,….again and again,….as I could feel her lips edging
toward my thatch and huge nuts!!!! She worked the flat of her tongue
what was now, because of her turning around,…the top side of my
length, and, with me being slightly curved, in the middle of my shaft,
it….rather easily,….rolled right through her gripping throat

She had superb breath control, but, she had taken long enough to
first get me down her throat whereby she had to back off….for air
to breathe!
I can’t begin to tell you what it was like to feel her raising her
head, enabling her throat walls to slip up my shaft until just the
big, open tip sat just inside the lips of her mouth, as her nostrils
flared when she took in air!!!
I thought to myself, ‘The next time I feel my cock going down her
throat,….I’ll explode!!!!!!’
It wasn’t long in happening!!!! She was…anxious….now, to
reinsert my thick meat down along her throat!!!!!

Her hands rubbed the back of my thighs, and, although she was
anxious to pump her finger in my ass while she sucked, she resisted
the temptation!!! She knew this was almost a first for me,….and,
she suspected, correctly,….I had a load of gism in my balls that
was a recordbreaker and she wanted to eat it!!!!!

This was a woman, who, even in her young years,…really knew how
to make love to a cock with her mouth!!!! After filling her lungs
with air,…..getting a fresh breath,….quickly this time,…her
head went down, down,….not stopping,….until her upper lip mashed
against my monstrous balls and her lower lip folded in against my
thatch at my abdomen!!!!

My body spasmed,….as, now,…she had every single inch of me,
and it felt like the big, open, flaring hole of the end of my cock
was almost in her…..stomach!!!!
I felt….completely…..captured! The back of my shaft, near the
base, in her mouth,…..the middle length in her throat,…and, the
ridge and end of my shaft….at the very bottom of her throat!!!!
Faster, faster she moved! Each time her mouth and
throat…swooped ….down my length,….she curled the tips of her
fingers against the back of my thighs,….urging me to pump….and
drive my cock up into her mouth!!!!

She was giving me long, complete sucks of my entire length now!!!
Withdrawing to the very end,…..then,…rolling her face
down,..taking every inch of me,…always urging me to….fuck her
mouth as if it were a pussy!!!!!

Spittle and throat saliva ran down my shaft in large amounts now,
making my cockmeat….slippery…..and enabling her, with greater
No man,…no matter how much control he had,…could last very
long under that type of….oral attack,….as I could tell
now,…… now,…Alisha was anxious to taste my cum! Anxious
to….swallow it!!!!
My body was flipping and hunching like a man possessed, and, the
faster I pumped…….the faster I drove my shaft up into her mouth
and throat,….the more she loved it!!!!

Still pressing against the back of my legs with her fingers, she
curled one hand around me and reached up, and, began fondling and
cupping my huge, full, packed balls!!!!!
How she loved it when she heard me groan,.
Now, this was a gal who….truly….loved not only the taste of
cockmeat in her mouth,…but,…the taste of cum,….and, because mine
is soooo sweet,….it would turn out she would be astounded!

Each time her head and face swooped….down….on me, how it
excited me, even more,…the strands of her long hair glancing
against my abdomen and in my crotch!!!!
OH!!!!!! How her head…..bobbed…..on me!!!! How her mouth
went down my length…..engulfing it,….devouring it,….and, how
she, when her lips reached my balls, wiggled her head side to side as
if that action would help her consume even…..more….of me!!!!!

She had never felt her throat walls…..being opened sooooooo
wide… to take me!!! When I was in her throat,…this was the first
time, in her young life,….a deep-throated cock…..would not let
her breathe at all,….so,…she gave me very long, fast
sucks….knowing, each time my cock came out of her throat for a
brief second,…she could take in fresh air!!!!
I was about to….blow…..and, I knew it was going to be one HELL
of a wad!!!! She knew I was going to cream,….and, she suspected,
it was going to be very plentiful!!!
The thought….inspired…..her to suck faster, harder and

The strong, intense sensations were running rampant now, through
her lovely body!!! She sucked,….and, sucked,…and, sucked!!!!!


I moaned deeply and it was more of a warning then anything else!!!
The massive cum was really swirling now,….getting ready to make
the trip through my shaft!!!!!
I screamed!!!!!!

She quickly withdrew,…taking in a deep breath,….and, just as
she fell back on my length, taking every inch,….she felt the sides
of it….thicken…..against her throat walls!!!!!!
Then,….as I yelped,….she could actually feel the open tip…..
buck….and, it reminded her….how far down her throat I was!!!!!!!
She was about to feel this as she never had before!!!!!!
The first, monstrous column left my big balls, and, I could trace the
path of it’s wet heat as it rode up my shaft,…and, as it rolled out
of the slit, deep down the hole,…it began to, first,…spread out
and …fill the large hole,….before it….bolted from the end of the
As it did,…she was shocked….as she felt a gushing spout of
hot, hot, hot cum,….fly…..right into her stomach!!!!!
The first column seemed to never end, and, although she could not
taste it,….she so loved feeling it’s wet heat as it streamed down
her esophagus, directly, into her stomach, and, she was completely
stunned….at the amount!!!!

She continued to hold me down…..deep,….her lips mashed against
my emptying balls and abdomen,….through the 2nd column,….the
3rd…..4th…..5th…..6th……and, 7th,….before, between spurts,
she had to rapidly withdraw,…..then, feeling AND tasting,….the
8th release while the sides of the end of my shaft sat just inside
her lips!!!!
Immediately,….it filled and overflowed her mouth,…as her
cheeks billowed out, and she almost gagged,…forcing her to release
some of what entered her!!!!
It gushed out of her lips,….remnants of which,….shot along the
outside of her cheeks….up alongside the bridge of her nose,…up to
her eyes, eyelids and onto her forehead!!!!

Gouts of it rolled down her chin, and, neck….rolling onto her
chest! Alisha quickly filled her lungs with air,….and,…swooped
down on it, once again,….and, my body tightened, shivering,
spasming, convulsing, as the powerful releases
continued,….again,….with the end of my shaft so deep down her
throat,….spurting, gushing, into her stomach!!!

Her eyes, which had flared open so widely,….now narrowed, as she
drew her eyelids together in absolute wonder and awe at releases she
never knew possible could come from one man during a single climax!
She should have known, she thought, at seeing the big, gaping
hole! At seeing the massive balls,….that this would happen,….and,
from that point, she knew I had spoiled her for every other man!!!!
15 seconds,…..20,……25,….and, time and again, she had to
withdraw when she ran out of breath,…only to move her mouth down me
again, and allow the undiminished, non-stop ejections continue!!!!

She swore she never tasted anything so sweet, and, she even
wondered how it were possible it could. After all, she thought,
every man’s cum must be
a….little…..salty,…..a….little….bitter,…but, not mine.
It was sweet like thick, rich dairy cream!!!
She was hooked on it,…letting it spurt,….loving how she could
feel it…gathering….in her stomach,….even beginning to feel
it…sloshing …around in her stomach!!!!
30 seconds,…..33,….and, time and again, she could feel my
cocktip …buck…either against the wall of her throat, way down
deep,…or, against her top lip at those times she had to momentarily
withdraw until she got fresh air to breathe!

Oh….how she LOVED it!!!! When I exploded in her mouth, she
treasured feeling it,….sooooo creamy,……sooooo hot,…rolling
down her throat, like molasses…..LOVING….how it felt filling and
spilling out of her mouth….the thick creaminess of it on her lips
and face and neck!!!!

Finally, during the last several seconds, she began to feel less
and less come out of me,….and she quickly recouped as she began to
swallow and empty her mouth!!!! Her cheeks returned to normal as her
adams’ apple jumped in her throat, signifying she was….swallowing
and ingesting it!!!
My shaft had softened only a little when the last of my cream
bolted into her! So,…after she had emptied her mouth,…she drew
her gaping lips off the end of the sides of the broad hole,….and,
she started using her tongue to lap up the excess!!!!!
She worked the flat of her tongue, in circles, all around the
sides of my shaft,….pausing to dip her tongue in the hole to gather
up the residue of my cream!!! She twisted and turned her head for a
better angle to be able to slide her tongue all along my
length,…curling up the excess cum on her tongue so she could
swallow it!!!!

After a couple of moments,…with big, broad strings of cum lining
her face and lips,…her tongue had cleared my fleshy staff and big
balls of the excess cream,….and, I could feel, and hear her licking
and gulping it!
Her lovely eyes searched my body for more and when she spotted it,
she moved to it,…using her tongue to gather it off of me,…so, she
could shut her eyes dreamily as she swallowed it down! She lapped my
abdomen, my thatch,…my upper thighs,….and, cum she saw drooling
down the sides of my hips, she quickly lapped it up before it fell
and soaked into the blanket!!!!
Then, using her hands,….she scooped it off of her body where it
had leaked, and, continually lapped her fingers! She drew the broad,
thick streams that shot along her face….and, brought it to her
lips, dipping her cum-gobbed fingers in her mouth and sucking

I…just…laid back,…my chest heaving for air! ‘God,’ I
thought, ‘it felt like she sucked my balls right through my
shaft!!!!’ I needed a few minutes to……recuperate,…..while she
moved her fingers all over her face and upper body
to…..recover….my escaped cream, so she could swallow it down!!!

Then,…she lowered her head again,…and, placing her open hand
against the side of my still-hard shaft,…she brushed her cheek
against the other side! She stroked my shaft, using her hand and the
side of her face as she moved her head up and down,…up and
down,…my length, letting the fat, thick side of my cock glide up
and down against her cheek! She did this right to the bottom, where
she angled her head and, gently, kissed and nibbled my balls! Then,
she moved her mouth on my abdomen, licking, nipping, gliding her
tongue-tip along my flesh! She moved her face to each hip, kissing
me there,…mouthing me there,…down my thighs…and up to my
belly,….cradling my stiff prick against her neck!!!!

‘My GOD!!!!!’ I thought, ‘I think she wants me to get real hard
and pump another load into her!!!!!’
She paused,…and, started talking in whispered tones!

“Is Hoot’s cock going to give me more to drink?? Hmmmm????
Hoot’s cock now knows how much Alisha’s mouth, throat and stomach,
need sooooo much of that unbelievable cream…..that sweet, sweet,
sweet-tasting gism!!!!” and she could start to feel me breathing
“Yes,…..Hoot’s big, big balls,….is going to
refill…again,…in record time!!!!” she said, prompting me to get
hot again,…prompting my prostate to feed yet more of my thick cum
into my balls and fill them!
She stroked my cock…over and over….
“Nice, fat, long, thick cock…..perfect….for Alisha’s
mouth!!!!” she said, doing all she could to get
me….steaming….again, and, she was doing it, too!
“Look at how it sits on your crotch, Hoot,….soooooo
hard,…waiting patiently,…for your balls to fill!!!!!”
‘GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ what a woman, I thought to myself.
“Yes,….just as Alisha’s mouth is waiting patiently for it!!!!”
she moaned!

She moved her face to the top of my shaft! Then, again,….darted
her tongue into the deep, recessed hole, wiggling it,…circling
it,…against the walls…darting her tongue-tip at the folds of skin
encircling my slit!
She would pause,…pursing her lips against the sides,….pressing
her face and mouth to it! She did this over and over, whipping the
flat of her tongue all around it’s edges,…flicking the flat of the
tip of her tongue against the sensitive underside at the head of my
shaft, making me squirm and pump!!!
She spent some time moving her lips and tongue all over me, and, I
could feel my big balls,….again,…..packed….with lots of hot cum!
Hot cum she wanted me to spurt against the back of her throat again!!!

Then,….opening her mouth wide,…she pursed and pushed her lips
around the edges,….swooning,….as my shaft started to slip into her
oral cavity,…and, how she loved the incredibly huge head and hole
slipping along the top of her tongue! How she loved feeling the sides
of my shaft pressing against the inside of her cheeks, as her head
went down,…down,….down,….where the end of my
shaft….bumped…against the back of her throat!!!
Her saliva ran in drooling streams down my shaft,…soaking
it,…soaking it to make it easer for my meat to….slip….into and
against her throat walls!!!!

How her mouth…..gaped!!! How it had opened as if she,
again,…..unhinged her jaw to take me in!!!!
She relished the fact that she, again, could fit me into her
mouth!! And, she was determined to take advantage of it!!!
She settled down on me,….wrapping her arms around the outside of
my legs and thighs,….curling her hands under me,…her fingertips
nudging against the bottom of my legs….urging me to pump!!! Urging
me to drive this monster up and into her mouth,…then,…her
The thick cream was, again,….churning… my full balls!!! I
was determined not to hold back! She wanted a huge cumload to
eat…she was going to get it!!!!!

“Suck me, Alisha!!! Deep-throat me!!! Eat my cream!!!!” I
hollered, and, her sweet pussy spasmed,….as she climaxed, while
hearing me!!!
Faster, faster,….I pumped,…and, with each thrust,…she let my
shaft slip along her throat walls….more and more and more!!!!!
Now,….her head,…her face,….her mouth,….was impaled on
it!!! Eagerly,….she pulled on me with the interior of her mouth,
while she worked her throat muscles along that part of my shaft in
her throat, my cock, still sinking deeper!!!!

She was in a glorious and different world when her lips slid down
until her upper lip lodged against my huge nuts!!!!!
She milked and milked and milked me!!! She was holding her breath
for as long as she could so she could apply
her….throating….talents, and, for sure,….those talents were
about to unleash another monstrous, hot load!!!
She could tell by the increasing pace of my thrusts that I was
very close!! GOD….how her head bobbed and whipped…up and down on
me!!!! She would press the bottom of my thighs,…and, I would
thrust up,…spearing….her mouth and throat! When my ass fell back
to the blanket, my cock coming out of her throat,….she would ease
the pressure on my legs with her fingers!!! When I pumped upward,
again,…her fingers would curl, pressing the bottom of my
thighs,….over and over and over again!

Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down!….over and over,….and, I started
to feel the familiar tingle in my heavy balls!
“UHHHHH!!!!!” I groaned, and, she smiled, inwardly, knowing she
was about to receive another rich, sweet, protein-filled reward!!!!
It wasn’t long in taking place!!!
“AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!” I bellowed from my soul!!!! My big,
cockend was poised at the back of her mouth,…..and,…after getting
fresh air, she….swooped…..down on it, and, she didn’t stop until
not one milimeter of my cock could be seen!!!!!

The first column was incredibly powerful and abundant,…but,
now,… Alisha was familiar with me!!!! Familiar with the way I
Her gaping mouth pressed hard against my balls and thatch, and,
she held that position as she felt the first huge
blast….rocket….from the big hole….and, ride right through the
middle of her esophagus, to her stomach!!!!
Oh….she couldn’t get over the hot wetness of it as it looped
through her esophagus,…landing… her stomach!!!! About a
second and a half later,…..another,……and, another,….and,
another,….and another!!!!!
She could actually feel her stomach,…full….with my cream! She
could actually feel my juice,….sloshing….around in her stomach!!
But,….she stayed at the task!!!! She sucked and sucked and drew
on me,…and, continued to ingest my sperm!!!!

Not one drop could be seen at her lips, or, on her or my body, as
I was still very, very deep,….spurting,….spewing,….time and
again as she so treasured the big end of the open
hole….bucking….against the inside top of her esophagus wall!!!!

After 8 tremendous spurts,….she, quickly, had to raise her head,
and she so loved seeing my shaft glisten with her throat saliva!!!
She so loved seeing strings of my hot cream…..along my length!!!!
Again,….it was incredible,…feeling,….my long, thick shaft
slip along her tight, throat walls,….until the end of the large,
gaping hole at the top of my cock moved out of her throat and into
her mouth and, just as she allowed the end to sit between her
lips,…I convulsed again,….immediately flooding and over-flowing
her mouth, gobs of my spunk spilling out of her lips, thick strings,
spraying along the outside of her cheeks, shooting to her ears,
eyelids, forehead and hair!
Big, thick gouts of it ran down her chin,…along the sweep of her
neck, and, her eyes half-closed, dreamily, as, once again,…now, she
could….taste….it’s sweetness!!!!

Her full, red lips,…again,….absolutely coated white, she
sucked and swallowed! Sucked and swallowed,…over and over and over
again, like a woman possessed!!!!

For almost 40-seconds,….my releases continued, unabated,…my
big body writhing, pumping, grinding,….my shaft leaping and
bucking, the large, large hole allowing my essence to spring from me
like a firehose!!!!

My body just collapsed on the blanket, my chest heaving for air as
I thought my heart had stopped from the…..prolonged,…climax, but,
still her mouth, lips, and tongue engulfed my shaft, in her attempt
to take in every single drop!!!!

She swallowed and swallowed,….loving how my sweet cream,…like
honey, rolled hotly down her throat, adding to what had filled her
stomach so entirely!!!! She swabbed every part of the middle of my
body to lick up and consume everything she could see!

When she was done,…she licked and smacked her lips,…looking at
me,…wanting to excite me yet again,…as I could see her trace her
fingers along the lines of thick gism on her face, and move it to her
lips where she jammed her cum-coated fingers in her mouth and sucked
them, and, I groaned from the vision!

Weakly, after a bit, I got to my feet and we wrapped up the
blanket and put it in the car. We climbed in, and, when I settled
behind the wheel, she moved in close, her hand going down and rolling
against my still-turgid shaft as she turned my face, and,
french-kissed me, hotly!

“You have me hooked, now, Hoot! You will be seeing me any time of
the day or night, when I have the urge to drink, so, be prepared!”

I weighed 235-lbs., when this started! Near it’s end, I lost some
50 pounds, and, I saw her so much, my huge balls never had a chance
to be full!

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