Debbie at the Magic Kingdom

Debbie Benson made her way quickly down the stone stairway under the sign marked WOMEN near the border between the French and the Spanish “lands” at Florida’s Magic Kingdom theme park and was thrilled that she seemed to have the facility all to herself. On this day, like most for the frisky fourteen-year- old, Debbie […]

Cousin Jessica Joins the Sisters

Janette and Jennifer continued their monthly trips to Atlantic City under the pretense of visiting Heather and Lisa. Once there, the encounters with Lisa and Heather were limited as Janette and Jennifer immediately went to work for Devon. Several things changed for the four sisters. Janette and Jennifer learned that after each weekend visit the […]

Nurse with double-D

My desk is layered with paper. Unopened mail forms a mountain in one corner. Rejected insurance claims forms a smaller mountain – more like a hill – in the opposite corner. Between is a low valley of checks and billing statements. For the last two hours I’ve been trying to finish entering the week’s payments […]