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Erotica, Champagne and Trains
By: Date: 2023.12.09. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , ,

She was surrounded by her casual friends among the regulars. Tuxedos and glittering cocktail dresses abounded in the upscale
Manhattan-style cocktail bar. All the pretty people from the city wearing
seasonal styles and seasonal smiles. Glittering credit cards reflected the
low lights amid loud laughter and soft background jazz. The silk of her satin pants caressed her body. In the …

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Tobi Loves To Showoff
By: Date: 2023.11.21. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

“I think he probably won’t see many more of either one, I just know I am
horny as hell, let’s hurry up and eat so we can get down to the real fun!!”

“I don’t feel like eating, I feel like fucking, you’re rich we can order
more food later!!”

“Lady, I like the way you think, come to Papa!!”…

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The Widow’s Pink Panties
By: Date: 2023.07.13. Categories: Just Wife Stories Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Linda’s eyes were half closed, her enticing mouth was open and her hands were pulling on my thighs.
This widow woman was experiencing a feeling she’d never had before.
My dick was at least two inches longer than Joe’s had been, and half an inch thicker…
Ol’ Fat Boy was driving her into ecstasy.

I was mesmerized just watching her …

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Mrs Harrison Requires
By: Date: 2023.05.29. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

My husband, Edward and I have been married for almost three years. At our
engagement, our friends all said we were absolutely made for each other. He
is tall, dark and ruggedly handsome and I am, I’m often told, not
unattractive. Both from good schools and good families with a few vague
remnants of old money, it was obvious we …

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