Sexy skirt

The blonde sitting over there at the desk – that’s Vanessa. She looks fabulous for her thirty-two years. Hourglass figure, curves in all the right places. Well turned out in her heeled ankle boots and tight black pants. There’s something about her that tells you she’s in charge here. Perhaps it’s the way she wears […]

Sumaya’s first gang bang

Hi, please note that this is a fictional story but the plot itself involves characters over the age of 18 years even though I refer to them as boys in the story for more emphasis. Please enjoy… Sumaya leans against the backyard wall of her parents house. She’s eavesdropping on a conversation between a group […]

Husband and wife enjoy leather accoutrements

My darling wife, Janice, is a petite brunette with an olive complexion reflecting her Portuguese heritage. She has small pert breasts and fantastic legs. She gets stares from men and women alike when we go out because she is a beautiful, classy lady. We have much in common: we are both 33, we like the […]

Spank fetish

I don’t know for sure but things seem different now than they were back in the middle class neighborhood where I grew up. There were things you did and things you didn’t. And things if you did, then you did, if you catch my drift. I remember that every autumn our neighborhood in ‘Jersey had […]

Prim Wife Submits Fully

My name is Michelle, I’m 35, and my husband would consider me prim and prudish and so would nearly everyone who knows me. I consider myself very conservative and a bit of a goody two shoes, when it comes to the opposite sex, very reserved and shy, but until recently, fairly innocent. Mike, my husband, […]

The Last and First Time

My old girlfriend was about to go into the Air Force, and as we had not spent any time together in several weeks, I called her on a Friday night to get an evening together. I figured it may very well be the last one. When I got her on the phone, she sounded like […]