Family affair
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Lois Baxter lay in bed, the covers drawn up around her waist. Next to her, her husband Bret snored loudly. As was his practice, he wore no pajamas, sleeping in the nude. He had kicked the bedclothes off of him and Lois looked over with a faint smile on her lips.
Bret was lying on his back. His hard muscular and hairy chest rose and fell as he breathed evenly. But what pleased Lois even more was his massive morning cockstand. Her husband’s pecker rose straight up, past his navel, resting against his chest, half-hidden in the curly thicket of dark black body hair.
She gazed at it fondly, glancing once again at the alarm clock. It was nearly seven. She knew she’d have to get up and make breakfast, see that the kids got to school on time. But she wasn’t quite ready. She moved the blankets down and slipped one hand under her nightgown, touching herself, reassuring herself that she was still attractive, still a hot piece of ass at thirty-four.
That’s what comes of marrying young, she thought to herself.
She had been a child bride, more or less. Now, she was the mother of two teenagers, fifteen-year-old Gary and seventeen-year-old Gail. Two handsome well-built youngsters. She remembered holding them in her arms, nursing them at her breasts, and smiled, wondering where all the years had gone.
But I shouldn’t complain, she said to herself, running the tips of her fingers up and around her pubic mound. Her cunt felt damp and slightly warm and she lay back and closed her eyes, thinking of the workout Bret had given her the night before.
Even after living with her for seventeen years, he was still insatiable, still an animal in bed. Not a night had passed that he hadn’t taken her and her fingers grazed along her hairy split, fondling the puffy swollen lips of her matronly snatch. Then, easing the finger down, she dipped it right inside, feeling the knobby button of her clitoris, rising up from the folds of her vulva.
She shivered involuntarily, pushing her finger in farther until she felt the slick wet walls of her vagina. Her muscles began to work, as if to hold the finger in place as she moved it in circles, feeling a rush of warmth bathing her loins.
Again, she looked at her husband. But it was more with hunger than with fondness. She gazed at his huge erect cock and reached out, running her fingers up and down the hard swollen shaft. It pulsated in her hand and she suddenly grasped it firmly, barely able to get her fingers around it, it was so thick. Bret mumbled in his sleep, but still lay there inert and snoring.
So nice, so nice and hard. It fills me up so much, she thought to herself, determined to have a little pleasure before starting the workaday chores that seemed to constitute her daily existence.
Getting up, crouching, in front of her husband and still keeping her finger sloshing in and out of her rapidly dampening hole, Lois quickly straddled the man who lay sleeping before her. Lowering her head, she thrust out the tip of her raspy tongue and slowly licked the round bulbous head of her husband’s cock.
A pearly drop of pre-come shone on the slit of his piss-hole and she licked it off as he mumbled louder, awakening slowly. Then, carefully, she lowered her mouth over the blood-engorged fistful that was the head of his cock. Her mouth stretched wide and from years of practice she knew exactly how to manipulate Bret’s massive tool.
Bending still lower, she sucked in half of his cock, creating a deliciously tight suction as she scraped the edges of her front teeth along his meaty shaft. He yawned and his eyelids fluttered open as he looked down at her, smiling at the sight of his wife sucking him off.
“Good morning,” he whispered, watching as she bobbed her head up and down, taking more and more of his thick pecker into her wide gaping mouth. “Man, that sure feels fantastic.”
Lois’ mouth was filled with cock-meat and she said nothing. Her finger was working rapidly as she frigged herself and she was getting hotter and hotter as she sucked on her husband’s rigid dick, using one hand to fondle the massive and pendulous sac which hung between his legs.
“Oh baby, you’re gonna make me come,” he whispered to her, running his hands down to his groin, pressing them flat to make his cock stand out even more. “Oh yes, harder, sugar. Let me cream, let me shoot right into your mouth.”
Her pussy was already filling with juice, pungent musky cunt juice which matted the fleecy hairs of her pubic thatch. Her breasts hung free inside her nightgown, the nipples pointing forward, hard and firm.
I never can get enough of this, she thought to herself as she inhaled his sweaty masculine odor and moved her lips and tongue back and forth, covering every last inch of his hard-on. She could tell that he was getting more and more excited, for his breath came out in little gasps and he kept arching his hips, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.
Sucking in her cheeks, she nibbled delicately on the crown of his pecker and he groaned fiercely, reaching out to grab hold of her boobs. He squeezed them between his fingers, feeling the nipples swelling underneath her nightgown.
“Oh baby, baby,” Bret kept groaning, watching her as she fingered her pussy and blew him, both at the same time. “Lift your nightgown. Let me see your cunt.”
Lois did exactly what he asked. She raised her nightgown up, tucking it around her waist so that her pussy was fully exposed. Her clit poked out between the outer lips, hard and throbbing from side to side.
Her fingers moved in and out quickly as she tried to bring him off. And when she moved her fingers down past his nuts, down to the coarse-haired anal chink that was wet and hot, Bret stiffened, readying himself.
“That’s it,” he groaned. “Tickle my prostate. Oh shit I’m gonna shoot, Lois, I’m gonna fucking cream. Let me see your cunt, nice, so nice and wet looking.”
She showed him the puffy ruby-red lips of her snatch, and how her finger moved in and out. She spread the lips farther apart to reveal her clitoris and at the sight of it he seemed to go insane, lunging forward with his out-stretched hand. He rolled the little finger of cunt-flesh between his thumb and forefinger and, at the same time, Lois shot a moistened finger up into his asshole.
Bret stiffened and his low-pitched moans and whimpers of pleasure turned to loud guttural hisses as he felt his nuts tightening, contracting as if an unseen hand was squeezing them. As for Lois, she had nearly reached the peak of her pleasure and she frigged herself even more rapidly as her husband worked on her clit.
“Now, now!” he suddenly shouted out in a hoarse raging voice.
Her mouth pressed hard on his cock. Her finger slammed into his anus and his cock seemed to explode in her mouth as she felt the first jet of milky-white jism searing the inside of her cheeks. Swallowing it down, she began to shake as her own climax came over her. She was moaning and tossing on the bed, coming simultaneously with him, her mouth filling up with hot sticky come.
Swallowing down as much as she could, listening to him snorting like a bull in heat, she felt a tidal wave of excitement and erotic pleasure washing over her, bathing her body in a soft sensual glow. More and more come spurted thickly into her mouth. Bret’s pecker throbbed violently and, at last, he fell forward, pulling his fingers away from her snatch.
Carefully, lest she hurt him with her finger-nail, she withdrew the finger that had been pistoning into his ass. Then, taking a final lick and swallowing yet another – albeit feeble – gush of semen, she lay back against his chest, trying to catch her breath.
“You still give the fucking greatest blow-job in the business,” he complimented her with a laugh, sucking on her nipples for a fleeting second before bounding out of bed. His cock hung down between his legs and as he turned towards the bathroom, Lois drew herself up and looked at him, wondering why she still wanted more, wondering why she had always wanted more than he was willing to offer.
This sense of being cheated, of missing out on something, followed her down the stairs into the kitchen. By the time her family was assembled at the breakfast table, she was just emerging from her funk. She sat down opposite her husband, whose face was buried behind the morning paper.
Such a fucking typical American family, she thought to herself, a note of anguish and unvoiced bitterness creeping into her mind.
Passing the toast, she stared at her children. The very sight of them pleased her. They were growing up quickly, maybe too quickly, and she tried to imagine the things she herself had felt at their age. Gary was tall, dark-haired like his father, a football player with an appetite enough for two grown men. At fifteen, he looked two or three years older.
She recalled going into his room a few mornings before. Something had been tenting up the blankets to an enormous degree and she knew enough to leave him undisturbed. He had ceased to be her little boy and sometimes, when she thought he wasn’t looking, she would gaze at the prominent bulge that always seemed to be behind the fly of his skin-tight blue jeans.
A man already, she said to herself. I wonder if he’s still a virgin. Shit, with a cock like that, if I was a girl his age I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off him.
“I won’t be home for supper,” her daughter Gail told her. “I’m going to be cramming with an exchange student from school.”
“Okay, dear,” Lois replied, nodding her head, smiling fondly at her blonde-haired daughter.
Cramming for what? she asked herself. Cramming his meat into her pussy, more than likely.
For at seventeen, Gail had the lush ripe kind of body that had first attracted Bret to his wife. She looked like a younger version of her mother, only thinner, more svelte. Disdaining bras, she wore tight little skinny-rib sweaters that showed off her boobs, the nipples always pressing against the material, displaying everything she had to offer.
More than once Lois had caught her husband looking at his daughter with a little more than just fatherly pride. She wondered if he was hot for her, with her perfect round little bottom and the sexy way she paraded herself around the house in mini-pajamas, the bottoms always left unworn in a dresser drawer.
“Don’t forget about the plumbers,” Bret told his wife just before he left for the office.
“What plumbers?” she asked.
“How many times do I have to remind you? To fix the leaking pipe in the basement,” he said with annoyance.
“Oh sure, sure,” she mumbled, kissing him on the cheek and waving good-bye.
Left alone in the house, she made herself another cup of coffee. And the question, the question kept rising up in her mind: What do I want and why can’t I be satisfied with just one man, one hot-blooded healthy animal of a husband?
About an hour later, she was still sitting in the kitchen, day-dreaming and staring out into the back yard. Lois hadn’t bothered to change and she still wore the thin negligee she had slept in all night. But when the doorbell rang she jerked to attention.
The fucking plumbers, she thought to herself, irritated that she would have to stay in all morning to supervise the work and make sure they took care of everything properly.
Opening the door, she smiled, staring at a tall Negro man and his partner, a squat and burly Mediterranean type. They introduced themselves, the black man reaching out to shake Lois’ hand, saying, “I’m Monroe and this here is Tony.”
She showed them down to the basement, standing at the top of the stairs as they lugged down their tools. There was nothing else for her to do and feeling a bit lonely and sorry for herself, Lois decided to wash the dishes and clean up later. She followed them down to the finished den, hoping to strike up a conversation and get into a better frame of mind.
Sitting down on a moldy leather couch, she watched them unpack their things. And the more she looked at them, the black man and his muscular partner, the more she thought about what it might be like to have sex with them. She decided she was acting like a kid, for she hadn’t slept with anyone other than her husband. In all the years they had been married she had been perfectly faithful.
In fact, she had never even looked at another man with lust or desire. But somehow, it was different today. The sense of loss, the gnawing doubt that had been with her all morning, emerged and crystallized. Then, she remembered how her neighbor had told her about a friend of hers, a woman who had been raped by a Negro. Later, she had admitted that she had rather liked the experience and that the guy had the most enormous prick she had ever seen in all of her life.
When her neighbor had mentioned this to her, Lois hadn’t paid it much mind, but now that she watched Monroe and Tony, it all came back to her.
She wondered if what she had always heard about blacks was true. Someone was always saying that they were better in bed, more physical, more animal-like. And always it was told how much better endowed they were, much more hung than white guys. Glancing up at them, she noticed how muscular and solid they both appeared.
Dressed in overalls, already working on the leaky pipe, Monroe bent over and it surprised her that she found herself staring at his ass, wondering at the firm shape of his bottom and how his thickset thighs were muscled so well as he reached down to find one of his tools.
Like two brick shit-houses, she thought to herself, saying aloud, “Are your guys married?”
They looked back at her and smiled. “Nope. Two bachelor-boys,” they admitted, grinning at her in an open and friendly manner.
Lois then said, “Two big handsome brutes like you!” surprised at her own daring. “I don’t believe it.”
“It’s the truth, all right,” Tony told her. “Much better playin’ the field, if you know what I mean.”
Lois began to laugh. “Sure, I know all about sowing oats,” she kidded them. “But I bet the ladies fall all over you.” She got up from the couch and moved towards them. The nightgown hung loosely around her and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.
I’m getting as bad as Gail, she said to herself as she came up to Monroe, the taller of the two workmen. He had coffee-colored skin and a strongly angular face.
Almost as if she was possessed, Lois reached out and felt the man’s biceps. He looked at her curiously, but said nothing. “Man, that’s what I call muscle,” she told him admiringly. “You’re really built. I bet you lift weights, shit like that.”
“Just comes natural, I guess,” he replied, slightly ill at ease.
She noticed his discomfort, but went on, “Well if you don’t, then I bet you have flab like my husband,” she lied, for Bret was in perfect physical shape. She punched him playfully in the stomach.
Shit, he’s hard as a fucking rock, she marveled.
It seemed that the more she looked at them, Monroe in particular, the crazier she became. She was suddenly overwhelmed by curiosity and excitement. The need to know whether the black guy was really hung or not began to consume her and she had an instant image of both of them attacking her, taking her, raping her and fucking the shit out of her.
There was something raw and savage about both of them that appealed to Lois incredibly. Their eyes seemed to burn like fiery coals and their very presence began to give her the chills. But it wasn’t chills of fear. No, for she could feel her pussy getting hot and itchy and she recognized the signs of her growing physical excitement, excitement which seemed to mount and grow more intense with each passing minute.
“I bet you could both use a nice cold drink,” she suddenly suggested. “It certainly is hot down her without any ventilation. Please, make yourselves comfortable. Take your shirts off if you like.”
Leaving them with that notion, she hurried upstairs and returned a few minutes later with three glasses of bourbon and water. Monroe told her that they never drank on the job.
“What’s a little drink among friends,” Lois giggled, clinking glasses with them. And as they drank, she shivered, noticing that Monroe was slowly unbuttoning his work shirt. He pulled it off and his chest was bare, naked and thickly muscled. Lois decided that Bret couldn’t compare, for the black man seemed to have an incredibly proportioned body.
“Holy shit!” she said aloud, moving up to him and gathering her courage. “You’re really a piece of beef cake, aren’t you?” and as she laughed, trying to hide her nervousness, she reached out and ran the tips of her fingers up and down across the man’s chest, scraping her nails over his small and inverted nipples.
Monroe looked down at her, inflated his chest and suddenly started laughing. He put down his glass, stepped back and began posing. Lois watched him rippling his muscles until she thought she would go nuts, she was so turned on. Monroe was a brute of a man, big, heavy and overpowering.
Watching his partner, Tony said that he didn’t think Monroe was such hot shit. He too removed his shirt, despite Monroe’s boasts that he had the better physique. Lois noticed that Tony, despite the fact that he was shorter than his friend, was built almost identically. Except for the fact that his skin was olive-colored and his chest was amazingly hirsute, almost bear-like.
The two of them could have posed for a muscle-building magazine, she decided as they stood before her. When she thought they weren’t looking, she glanced down at her body, pleased to see her nipples perking up, pointing straight ahead and pressing against the material of her thin and loose-fitting nightgown.
Standing before them, holding her breath, Lois waited for them to jump on her. But at first, they didn’t do anything. They were both strangely silent and finally, when she couldn’t take the suspense, she opened her mouth. What came out even surprised her, for she had never spoken to a man that way before, especially a black man. “Hey,” she said gaily, waving her empty glass in the air. “I’m curious, Monroe. Is it true what they say about you guys?”
“What?” he asked her, narrowing his eyes, suddenly attentive.
She noticed how he stared at her, his gaze directed at her boobs. “Well you know… I’ve heard that… well, that you really have incredibly sized equipment!” Hiding her sudden nervousness in laughter, Lois watched the men looking at each other as if exchanging signals.
Then, they turned back to her, smiling curiously. “Monroe here is really not to be believed,” Tony told her. “Isn’t that so, Monroe?”
Monroe winked at her conspiratorially. “No one’s ever complained,” he admitted, reaching down to pat his crotch.
Lois’ head was swimming and she felt drunk, drunk and giddy and incredibly turned on. “No kidding?” she said, rather cynically. “I don’t believe it.”
“Show her, Monroe,” Tony said, carried away, still staring at Lois’ tits as she kept her hands on her hips, spreading apart the folds of material across her breasts. He could see the smooth white skin of her belly and the prominent dark triangle of her snatch.
Monroe looked at his partner and then back to Lois. “You sure you know what it is you want to see, lady?” he asked.
“Sure,” she replied. “We’re all friends, isn’t that so? I mean, I’ve been hearing about this for years now. I might as well find out. It’s either now or never, the way I see it.”
“Now, not never,” he said softly, his ebony skin gleaming as she noticed that trickles of sweat were dripping down his armpits. His muscular chest made her faint with desire and Lois watched him, holding her breath as Monroe’s hands went down to his belt buckle, undid it and slowly unzipped his pants. “You sure about this?” he asked again, staring at her intently.
Lois nodded her head. Her throat was suddenly dry, and she was unable to speak as Monroe unbuttoned his work pants and slowly edged them down off of his hips. They dropped to the floor and no one spoke. But her eyes bugged out, for hidden inside the man’s thin cotton undershorts was a massive thick pole, jutting forward and tenting up his briefs as if he had stuffed a fucking pipe in his drawers.
“Go on, Monroe,” his partner said, looking down at the projection in the other man’s shorts.
Somehow it was already hard and Lois felt her pussy burning, itching and twitching violently as she studied the outline of the Negro’s massive hard-on. She wondered if they could see much of her cunt behind the nightgown and as she stared at Monroe, sucking in her breath and saying nothing, nothing at all, he edged the tips of his fingers into the elastic waistband and pulled his underwear down until it fell around his ankles.
“Holy motherfucking shit!” she said between her suddenly clenched teeth, gaping incredulously at the most enormous penis she had ever seen, let alone imagined. It rose up against the man’s stomach, stiff and hard, the color of his skin and crowned with a plum-shaped cock-head that was as big around as a fucking baseball.
Then, smiling at her, cocking his head to one side, Monroe grabbed hold of his pecker, curling his fingers around it as he nodded to his friend. Tony immediately began to take off his pants and as Lois watched, hypnotized and unable to move, Monroe stroked his dong up and down with his long black fingers.
His cock seemed to swell, to get even longer and thicker. It was much bigger than her husband’s and Lois felt that she had been cheated all the years she had been married. She had this incredibly burning desire to have it inside of her, to feel this massive black pole of meat tearing up into her hot itching pussy. Already, her cunt was dripping, the juices covering the curly hairs surrounding her mound as she pulled her nightgown up over her hips, over her head, dropping it to the floor.
She was now totally naked and Tony stepped out of his pants, pulled down his jockey shorts and presented his penis to her as well. It was, she decided, almost as handsome and impressive as Monroe’s, a dark ivory color with a round blood-engorged glans and a thickly braided and veiny shaft. His nuts were smaller and heavier than his friend’s, a tight wrinkled sac that hung between his brawny hirsute thighs.
They both stood looking at her, staring at her cunt as she bowed her legs slightly and the outer fleshy lips spread apart, revealing the hot pink interior of her snatch.
“Is it true what they say about black guys?” Monroe asked her, a smug expression on his face as he fondled his cock with one hand, looking at her pussy and smacking his lips with obvious pleasure.
Lois nodded her head as Monroe moved up to her. Taking her in his arms, he gripped her savagely around the waist so that his huge swollen hard-on rubbed up against her snatch. Then, he thrust an unbelievably long tongue right into her mouth, licking and sucking as she felt Tony pressing himself against her back, rubbing his cock in the crevice between the smooth and round white checks of her ass.
“We’re gonna do a number on you, baby,” Monroe promised, curling his tongue around hers, flattening her lips as his hands moved down and he squeezed her tits, kneading and groping her flesh.
And Tony said to her, “We’re going to make you love every fucking minute,” his pecker slipping up and down the warm moist crack of her ass as he sucked on her neck, his hands encircling her and squeezing the skin along the inside of her thighs.
Lois shivered involuntarily as she felt Tony’s hands edging closer and closer to her feverish pussy. The whole thing was too unreal and she felt faint, dizzy, unable to control herself. Here she was, suddenly being ravished by two super-hung men, each of them brandishing good nine-inchers, at the very least.
She couldn’t control her rapidly mounting excitement and pressed her hips up against Monroe’s muscular thighs, grinding her smooth belly against him so that the shaft of his pecker slipped up and down along her moist vaginal furrow. It wedged hotly against her clitoris and the little knob of cunt-flesh began to tingle, pulsating violently as it felt the combined friction and pressure of Monroe’s mammoth-sized penis.
“Yes, yes,” Lois moaned. “It feels so big, so good. I need it so much. All of it. Give it to me, put it in me!”
“You dig my big black cock, don’t you?” Monroe whispered, pulling away from her and crouching down, his face in front of her cunt.
Spreading her legs apart as Tony continued to rub against her back, his hands squeezing and toying with her boobs, fondling the nipples, Lois watched the black man spreading apart the widely gaping lips of her pussy and thrusting in the tip of his tongue.
“Eat me!” she suddenly yelled. “Stick your tongue in, suck on it. Make me hot, oh make me beg for it, make me beg!”
Monroe glued his mouth to her dripping split and his tongue pistoned in and out with rapid jabbing strokes. He curled it around Lois’ stiff-standing little clit and she thought she would have convulsions, it felt so good. The hot raspy surface of the man’s tongue made her clitoris throb with an agonizing delight and so she arched her legs even more, spreading them wide apart as the black man pushed his mouth, lips and tongue, closer and closer against her twat.
“Suck on it,” Tony encouraged the other man, saying, “Give it to her, make it nice and juicy and then we’ll both stuff our cocks in, one after another. Shit, but she’s got a beautiful fucking ass. I’d just love to get inside it.” Then, he bent down behind her and Lois felt his hands spreading apart the cheeks of her bottom.
Then, his hot slobbering tongue dived right up against her anal chink, licking and tonguing until it reached her asshole. She was shivering now as she felt the man’s mouth sucking on her ass, chewing the coarse pubic hairs which grew in the crevice between the cheeks of her bottom.
She heard Tony smacking his lips and felt him swirling his tongue around her puckered asshole. He licked the folds and creases, probing deeper and deeper until she relaxed and it began to open up for him. Then, when Lois relaxed totally, giving in to all her wildest desires, she felt Tony’s tongue slipping up inside her rectum.
He kept licking and sponging the walls of her ass as he groaned and panted with incredible delight, rimming her until she could barely stand on her feet. And as her bottom-hole was being plundered so delightfully, Monroe never stopped working on her cunt. His mouth moved back and forth and his lips and tongue roamed over every inch of her pussy, slurping and lapping up her juices as they kept trickling down and the heat built up in her groin. It was a smoldering insistent fire of lust and unequaled passion and she suddenly cried out, “I can feel you everywhere! Everywhere. Up in my ass, sucking, eating me out, everywhere. Oh, I want both of your cocks so much. I want to taste them, to feel them in me!”
She was suddenly lowered to the floor and as Monroe stretched out in front of her, working on her pussy until she thought she would explode, Lois watched Tony quickly straddling her, holding his enormous thick piece of meat with one hand.
“Taste it, baby,” he said with a grin, leaning forward as Lois thrust out her tongue, lashing it hotly and quickly across the man’s round swollen cock-head. Tony pushed forward slowly and she stretched her lips wide, taking in more and more of his big hot cock until she could barely swallow.
Then, he eased it half out, cupping his nuts in one hand. Slowly, working up a tempo, a steady rhythm, he pushed forward again, ramming his pecker into her mouth as she sucked on it greedily, thirstily, savoring the taste of his hot excited manhood as it moved back and forth between her lips, in and out of her wide sucking mouth.
“Thata girl,” he continued. “Suck on it. Suck on my prick and make it good and hard. Shit, I’m so fucking hot for you. I just love the way your mouth grabs hold of my meat and sucks it dry. Keep moving, baby, back and forth. Suck it all the way in and taste it. Taste my big fat cock!”
Lois’ mouth was filled with cock-meat. Her tongue encircled the man’s shaft, licking it anxiously and feeling the thick blue-black veins throbbing and pulsating underneath the stretched and highly inflamed skin of Tony’s dick. As for Monroe, he didn’t stop.
He held her legs up and lashed his tongue down her vaginal furrow, sucking on her ass and thrusting it in a good four inches until she screamed out, feeling the black man’s tongue roaming up inside her rectum. It slobbered against the walls of her anus as she kept arching her hips up, pumping and humping at the air. Then, when she thought she would come, unable to stop the burning and tingling in her pussy, Monroe pulled his mouth away and moved back, staring down between her legs.
“I’m gonna fuck the living shit out of you, lady,” he said, enunciating each word perfectly so that she heard him and trembled, unable to wait another second.
Monroe watched his friend wiggling his ass back and forth, plowing into the woman’s mouth with faster and faster strokes. Lois gulped loudly and tried to catch her breath, but she didn’t have any time. Tony’s cock was stuffed inside her mouth and up against her cheeks, filling her throat as she licked it joyously.
She reached up and ran her hands over the swarthy man’s hard muscular body, his muscles thrilling her as he kept pumping his tool into her mouth. And when she heard the black man calling out to her, she shivered once again, knowing that she was powerless to control herself, powerless to stop the fierce flow of passion which made her loins glow with lust and uncontrollable desire.

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