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Jason stood there, enjoying the blowjob
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Class had already started when they reached the gym, though just the
warmup. The Program rules allowed necessary protective gear, and the
two were allowed a white mesh jockstrap and a sports bra of the same
material, respectively.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, from Kylie’s point of view),
the bra outlined and enhanced her breasts more than anything else, the
slight …

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Three girls, a pond and a warm, sunny day. What else could happen?
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The husband goes into a funk, relieved only when the couple’s old troop asks him to drive the bus for its last camping trip. But the trip takes a surprising turn when some of the former scouts seduce him in his tent as he’s waiting for the scouts’ mothers to show up. After two passionate bouts, he falls asleep.

Despite …

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Mistress Eva’s School For Naughty Girls
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Ooooh….oh…Mmmm that’s it baby, fuck it in me…Ooooh yeah…come
on…Fill me up! Yeah spray it on me honey fuck fuck…yes make me
cum…make your lit-
Oh, hi. You must be the reporter. Mistress Eva said you were coming at two.
It is two? Wow, time just flies when you fingering your cunt. But you
can’t tell Mistress Eva I was …

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The Light in Motherąs Window
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We were horny young guys just past the cusp of puberty. It was summer
holidays and we were allowed to stay out far past the falling of darkness.
It was the late forties and kids were safe in the streets, even in a
working class neighborhood like ours.
Women on our street all stayed home keeping house and raising their…

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Naive Virgin
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They had gone away for a few days, a whole group of 18-
24 year olds for a camping holiday with an organisation
they all belonged to. The north west of the country was
always a good location, albeit quite wet and windy.

They did all the things that campers do, walking,
climbing and eating round a camp fire. The …

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