Wife, boyfriend, and husband in the house
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My wife, her boyfriend and I drove up to Pleasure Island in Orlando to
party all night long and stay over at a Hotel. We had a ton of fun at
Pleasure Island. Most of the night my wife danced with her boyfriend
and some other black guys. Of course she had her feel of many cocks
that night and on more than one occasion, literally had her boyfriend
bare in her hand as it was down his pants right there on the dance
floor. We closed out the place and watched the fireworks. We were all
totally drunk. I must admit that I was the most drunk for sure and
don’t remember a lot. During the fireworks, Tanya started getting
fresh with him so I pulled out the camera. Too drunk of course to get
the tit flashing because I was so damn slow so I apologize. Somehow we
made it to a taxi, and got back to the hotel. I do not remember the
drive back, or how I got to the taxi to the 8th floor. Apparently I
was walking on my own though. From there, all I remember is waking up
in the bathroom and on the john. Not sure why. It was dark in the
hotel room. I got up and walked into the main room and could plainly
see my wife and her boyfriend engaged in some very heavy love making.
It had been a great night for all of us, and they really enjoyed being
together in public dancing so their being able to make love after it
all was pretty intense for them and it sure sounded like it. I could
hear he was whispering things to her and they didn’t sound like nasty
things either. But rather soft and gentle comments. He was on top and
they were sideways on the bed. I knelt down at the end of the bed and
tried to not pass out. Somehow I was naked too. Lol, again, not sure
how that happened. I had no idea where the KY was, but saw in the moon
light room the Tanya’s cosmetic bag. Lucky for me, the first thing I
grabbed was some sort of moisturizer. I remember thinking how glad I
was to find that so that I would not have to get up and disturb the two
of them. I lubed up and started beating off. Half the time my head
was on the bed to help keep the spinning down as well as to sort of
feel the motion of what he was doing to her. Shortly after, they got
on their sides, both facing me. He was behind her. I didn’t really
notice what they were doing for a few minutes and just assumed he was
in her pussy. I heard her squeal in pain a little and again just
assumed he was bottoming out on my wife.. That is of course until I
hear her boyfriend say, “Luther. I am literally halfway in her butt.”
Tanya had always said that she would try anal if she was drunk enough
and she was certainly drunk tonight. I was like No Shit? That was
apparently what they were doing for the last 10 minutes. As for me, I
was still trying to jerk off but was having no luck whatsoever. I had
a raging hard on, but being totally drunk and jacking off just wasn’t
working. Tanya then asked if I wanted to try her anally? I wasn’t
sure at first because I would have to go clean all of the lotion off of
me, but then realized that the beating off wasn’t working anyway. When
I came back from the bathroom, She was on top of him and riding his big
hard black dick. I found the KY too. They had it the whole time. I
slicked up and got on top. Her boyfriend had to put his legs together
so that I could get in doggie position with my wife while she was
already fucking. It took a few seconds to get Tanya to stop or at
least slow down fucking Peter so that I could try to enter her butt.
When she did, her boyfriends 10 inch dick pretty much paved the way for
my 6 incher as I almost slid into her ass effortlessly. When I just
about had myself all the way in her, I could feel her tense up a
little, so I backed out and pumped a few times. I could have came
right then and their, but I could tell it was getting extremely
uncomfortable for her so I jumped off of her. I returned to my place
at the end of the bed and returned to jacking off with the KY that was
on my hand. Within minutes my wife was orgasming around her boyfriends
thick bare black cock pretty hard. Then, within another minute, he
came extremely hard into my wifes pussy as she rode him and squeezed
all of his cum out of him and into her pussy. She pulled off of him
and back onto her back. I jumped right into her slicked up pussy and
got absolutely no feeling at all. It was just to used up and with all
of his cum in her, made it that much worse. I tried to fuck her doggie
after that. I could feel her boyfriends cum literally all over her
pussy and running down her legs. I just plain couldn’t and got off of
her. I laid down on the couch, then began to fell sick.. I ran into
the bathroom and well you know what after that. After about 30 minutes
in there, I cam back out and laid down on the couch. I think that they
thought that I was passed out and began to hear sheet’s moving and the
light gasp’s of my sweet little wife. The gasp’s of being filled up by
a massive, skin on skin, bareback black cock. I was a little jealous
that I, her own husband was across the room with no score on the board.
Hubby’s orgasm score = 0, Wife’s orgasm score = at least 6 (and not
while hubby’s cock was in her), and Wife’s black boyfriend’s orgasm
score = 1 trying effortlessly for 2 (into hubby’s wife’s vagina).
Anyway, they were trying to be as quiet and about 20 minutes later they
finished. I didn’t sleep at all that night and the next morning when
we all woke up, while Tanya was about to take a shower, she felt bad
that I had not gotten off yet. She was also extremely horny and had
this look of total lust. We were in the bathroom with the door
slightly cracked. I could not believe the lust and desire on her face
and it immediately turned me on. We first fucked with her leg up on
the counter, then she wanted it doggie over the sink. We both looked
at each other via the mirror as I fucked her knowing she had been
fucked twice during the night and not by me. As she began to orgasm,
she mouthed, ” I love you” in the mirror to me which sent me over the
edge and I came too. Finally!!!

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