My stepdaughter Lisa’s Wake Up Call
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It was about five in the morning when I slipped the
handcuffs around my eight-teen-year-old stepdaughter Lisa’s
wrists and cuffed her to her headboard. It wasn’t
necessary, but since just last night she had seen me
cuff her mother in the same way, I couldn’t let the
poor dear feel I didn’t love her just as much, now
could I?

Her little sleepy eyes began to flutter.

“Hello there, baby,” I whispered to her softly, rousing
her. “Daddy wanted to wake you up special this

Lisa smiled a sleepy smile and tried to reach toward
me. That’s when she first noticed the cuffs. Just a
hint of fear passed through her eyes. For just a moment
she remembered me roughly thrusting into her mother’s
tight, puckered anus while she was restrained exactly
like this. In the dim light I saw a shiver run through
Lisa and she gasped. I had thrown back the covers to
look at her. The shiver started in her head as fear,
but by the time it got to those gorgeous pale thighs,
it had turned into a shiver of lust. What a delightful

“I wish we had hours and hours to spend this morning,
darlin’, but Daddy has to go to work and you have to go
to school. But I didn’t want to leave you too long
without a good dicking. You’re a sweet little whore
girl, but you’re my whore and I have to make sure
you’re not going to school hungry, now don’t I?”

“Ooh, I hope so, Daddy! And watching how hard you were
fucking Momma last night certainly made me hungry. I
played with the vibrator you gave me two times after
you both fell asleep.”

“Well, I’m sorry about that, sweetheart. Daddy is gonna
have to make sure you get your late night snack from
now on before you go to bed. I can’t have my little
darlin’ quivering with need under her quilt alone.”

“When can we start sleeping together, Daddy?” Lisa
pouted. “You promised we could and I soooo want to wake
up next to you every morning.”

“As soon as I get your mother fully with the program,
baby. You saw her last night. It won’t be long now. In
the meantime, spread your legs, sweetheart, Daddy wants
a taste of his little slut this morning.”

As I crawled between her legs and started to get busy,
Lisa uncharacteristically began to squirm away.

“I need to pee, Daddy.”

I laughed inside, tickled at her. On the outside, I
gave her a stern look.

“Not yet, baby. I’ll let you up in just a little bit.”

“But I feel full, Daddy.”

“That’s good, sweetheart. A little slut like you needs
to feel full to be happy. Now just relax and trust
Daddy. Let me know right before you just can’t take
anymore. You’re not there yet, are you?”

“Not yet, but I will be soon.”

“Good, then just lay back and enjoy Daddy sucking on
your cunt for a little bit, darlin’.”

I pushed her down and hooked my arms under her thighs
to give her cunt a deep, good-morning kiss. There’s
nothing like starting the day between a teenager’s
legs. She was just a little musky tasting at first, but
Lisa gets wet quickly when she’s played with and my
tongue was swirling in ovals around the insides of her
labia. It didn’t take much for her tight little snatch
to be quite wet and flavorful.

I pushed her legs high up so that her cunt and asshole
were well exposed to me. With my right hand, I began to
stroke the fat little cheeks of her bottom with my
fingertips. The only plump part of Lisa are the cheeks
of her butt and that’s just the last bit of baby fat on
her body. Soon she would be firm and hard everywhere,
so my fingers enjoyed the softness while they could.

My thumb began to stroke her anus and she moaned. I
raised my head and began to circle her clit with my
tongue. With two fingers I began to tease the lips of
her pussy, tickling the tender folds in syncopation to
the tongue lashing of her clitoris. Lisa began to
writhe, so I backed off just a little and began to
finger her deeper.

What a sweet cunt! Tender and tasty! Responsive and
excitable! A Daddy couldn’t be prouder of his sexy
little girl than I was fingering and sucking on Lisa!

As she began to get more excited, her clit popped out
of its hood, erect and proud. I swathed it with my
tongue, then backed off and flicked it quickly back and

Lisa gasped and moaned. Her pussy became more and more
damp with her fuck juice. My fingers slid faster and
faster and, after dipping it into her honey pot to
lubricate it, I slipped the tip of my thumb into my
darling girl’s ass.

The little bitch was moaning loud enough to wake her
mom up, but at this point I really didn’t care. I
slurped her clit between my lips and sucked it, pushing
my baby girl over the edge for her first cum of the
morning. Her thighs clenched my head, squeezing against
my ears. With my other hand I pressed down on her
bladder and heard her moan deep, fighting to control
both sensations at the same time.

It went on and on as she ground out her orgasm on my
lips and fingers. Finally even the energy of youth
failed her. Her little butt cheeks dropped to the
mattress and for just a moment she reminded me of a
sleeping baby again, only this time, with a big smile
of contentment.

But I was left in a raging state of maniacal lust.
Luckily, there was a hot, willing hole right before my

Without preparation or fanfare, I spread her limp
thighs and thrust my cock to the hilt into Lisa’s warm
flesh. God, what a rush! The only thing better than
getting hot cunt in the morning is getting your
daughter’s hot cunt in the morning! I pummeled and
pumped her, riding the sweet little bitch like she
loved and needed.

I kissed Lisa’s lips hard, fucking her mouth with my
tongue as forcefully as my prick pumped her pussy.
Tasting her own warm juices, she licked my face like a
cat, bathing the taste of her cunt off me lovingly.
Feeling her hot little tongue on me only made me fuck
her harder. Over and over I thrust into her. Lisa was
small and yielding, but at the same time her flesh was
firm and solid.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and began to give
as good a fucking as she was getting. The bed was
bouncing, the springs squeaking, and both of us were
moaning like banshees. How we weren’t waking the
neighbors three blocks over much less her mother, I’ll
never know.

But I didn’t care either. All that mattered at the
moment was daughter cunt. The fire was blazing through
me like an inferno, sweeping though my loins and thighs
like a wildfire. Her cunt was the only wetness that
could soothe me, but it was as much afire as my own
flesh. We were consuming each other, burning each other
up in our forbidden conflagration of fuck lust. The
scorched earth of her sheets was saved only by the
thick creams drooling from her cunt.

The pressure built in me fast and fierce. My back ached
with the need to cum in her. Each gasp of air felt like
it might be my last and it didn’t matter at all as long
as I could get one more hard jab into her. Over and
over I speared my dick into her. Over and over her cunt
took it, grasped it, sucked it hard and spit it out.
With one last deep thrust, the pressure hose of my cock
began to wash my baby clean — pulsing, throbbing and
then flooding baby-girl with all of Daddy’s thick hot

I came and I came deep in my daughter. It was the most
relaxing, satisfying cum I had experienced in years.
She was such a delightful Daddy-slut! Her pussy seemed
to suck my semen as though through a straw, taking a
good long drink of Daddy. Finally, when she had sucked
me dry, she got a little pouty look as I slowly rocked
back and forth inside, thoroughly coating her insides
with my goo.

“Can I go pee now, Daddy? Have I been a good girl?”

“Yes, baby,” I said while fumbling to unlock the
handcuffs. “Daddy will just lay here and catch his
breath. Why don’t you peek in on your mother and see if
we woke her. But be careful, darlin’.”

In the dim light I saw her stepping carefully, her
little hands thrust between her legs catching my cum as
it dripped out of her. What a lovely sight for a father
to see in the morning!

I lay back, more happy with the world than I had been
in a long time. It would be so nice when Joyce was
brought in line and we could all do this every morning.
Dreams of fucking Joyce and then rolling over and
fucking Lisa floated through my head like nirvana. That
would be so fine!

My revelry was interrupted by my daughter’s warm mouth
on my cock. In the dim light, I could see her eyes
looking up at me as her precious head began to bob up
and down — licking, cleaning, sucking Daddy’s cock.

“That’s good, baby. I see you’ve remembered your duties
as Daddy’s little girl. You’re learning very quickly,

She licked all the way to the top, paused for just a
moment and said, “Momma is still asleep.” It was only
the briefest of pauses before she went back to lovingly

I pulled her up on the bed with me and fingered her
slick hole as she continued to lick me. Both of us were
happy and content. We weren’t so much building up to
anything else as we were pleasuring each other for the
joy of it, sharing a quiet moment before the start of a

I dipped the index finger of my right hand
absentmindedly into her warm pussy and came back with a
finger coated with my own sperm. I smoothed it out
along the outer lips of her vagina, working it in like
a lotion for her softest skin. I did this repeatedly:
dipping, smoothing and rubbing — enjoying the feel of
her cum and mine mingling together on her skin.

When I was done playing, I pulled her to me and spent
some time kissing and cuddling with her. I didn’t rush
it, but at the same time, the day’s responsibilities
were already calling me.

“Just rest here, baby. You don’t have to get up for
another thirty minutes. Lie back and think of Daddy’s
cock in your mouth and cunt. Aren’t those nice

“Hmmmm … They are and I will, Daddy. I will!”

Padding naked back into my own bedroom, I looked down
at my wife, still sleeping soundly after last night’s
rousing romp. She was lying there, naked under a thin
sheet. I pulled it back and slowly climbed on the end
of the bed near her feet. Straddling a beautiful thigh,
I brought my left hand up to take possession of her

Joyce’s eyes fluttered awake. She saw me looking down
at her, closed her eyes again and stretched, smiling
her own contented smile. I reached forward and put the
sticky finger that had so recently been in her
daughter’s cunt up under her nose. She sniffed it and
smiled a wicked smile.

“I didn’t think you remembered how much I love the
smell of my sex in the morning, John. You sure know how
to wake a girl up in the morning.”

“It’s easy to do, Joyce,” I said sticking the finger
into her mouth and twirling it around her tongue as she
lovingly sucked it. “I just have to remind my woman
every morning how much I love her being my whore.”

Joyce smiled wickedly, getting used to the idea of me
thinking of her as my whore. She was coming along

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