Filipina Sandwich
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Alma and I have been happily married for five years now.
I met Alma on an internet dating site for Asian women
looking to for a western husband called Filipina Heart
( I had actually been looking for
a Thai girl as I had visited Thailand and fallen in love
with the country, its language, its culture and of
course its slender hipped highly sexed women. From
experience I knew that Thai girls were very servile and
enjoyed sex very much but I found problems with their
language skills.

I soon found out that many Filipina girls actually were
very beautiful and erotic and looked very similar to
Thai girls, even dressing in those short tight sexy
clothes and that they speak English. In addition to
being very sexy and good in bed, Filipina girls are
practicing Catholic and as people they are very caring
and loving towards their man and family for their man
and enjoy doing all the cooking and housework.

Fortunately for me, her former boyfriends had all turned
out to be unfaithful and her friend had introduced her
to internet dating site. She had posted some good sexy
pictures and under the guidance of her friend she had
started chatting with other men.

Alma is a thirty years old Filipina beauty. She is 5ft5
and twenty years younger than myself. She has a
beautiful well-proportioned brown skinned body and
lovely long flowing sexy black hair that reaches down to
her back right down to her tight little arse. I was
instantly attracted to her and we spend many hours
chatting online until eventually we married and I
brought my bride back to the UK to live with me. I
thought myself very lucky to have found her.

My wife enjoyed living in the UK and our marriage was
doing okay in spite of everyone warning me that marrying
a young Asian girl would never work out. Sorry to
disappoint guys but she spoilt me, fed me delicious
food, did all the housework and I found her generally
better in bed than most western girls. In fact like most
Filipina and Thai girls she enjoyed sex and could not
help cumming on a man’s cock once it in in her tight

Sex was not a taboo subject in our household and
whenever my wife wanted to have sex she would tell me
that “she wanted to rape me” and she would then proceed
to take the initiative. I found my wife well versed in
the art of lovemaking. When one day early in our
marriage I enquired where she had learned the Lotus
position she told me she had seen it in an adult porno

Surprised, I had asked her if she had watched many. She
told me she had seen a couple and that she had found
them interesting. Especially for watching and learning
from them. I told her that I liked watching them too and
that I kept some on the computer. I did not tell her
that I liked to beat off to Thai and Filipina whores
regularly. She seemed interested at the time. A few days
later when we had gone to bed my wife had turned to me
and asked if I had a movie we could watch.

“You know, a horny one…” She added.

It took a few minutes to register as I caressed her
intimately then I remembered that I had mentioned to her
that I had some hardcore movie clips.

“Another time, Babe,” I replied. “I want to focus on
making love with you.” I replied.

“Honey I want to see it please.” She insisted. “You
promised we could.”

I sighed and reluctantly fetched the laptop.

I chose an Asian video of a bald guy fucking Thai street
whore. Baldy had a long cock and soon the lovely slut
was groaning as he ploughed steadily into her pussy. I
glanced at my Alma. She was mesmerised. She watching the
screen intensely as if memorizing it. I saw her pupils
were dilated, her breathing broken. She was definitely
affected. The idea that she could be aroused by watching
another man fucking made me both angry at first. I
wanted to stop the movie but instead I thrust my finger
inside of her and rubbed her clitoris.

Her pussy was sopping wet with lewd stimulation and she
could not take her eyes off the screen. Her body
responded mechanically. All her attention was focused on
the couple on the screen, on the man thrusting at his
partner. She was watching his cock, fascinated. It was
longer and thicker than mine of course.

When her body moved I noticed that her response was not
to me, but to the man on the film. She was imitating the
whore on the film, moving like she did, holding me the
same way, her eyes glued to the film. I saw she was
acting out the part, imagining she was the woman being
screwed in the porno.

I tried to distract her, move away the screen but she
pushed me back saying, “No honey. I’m watching. I want
to look and learn.”

As the man roughly shoved his cock into the woman on the
screen, my wife thrust her fingers into her wet pussy
and moved her hips to the rhythm of the woman being
fucked in the movie. The Thai bargirl was laying on her
stomach now. She did the same directing me to enter her
from behind as the other girl was doing. She rubbed her
clit while I thrust in and out. Her eyes were dilated
but her pleasure. She was not with me, but in imagining
the other bald guy’s cock doing her in the film.

“His cock is so big,” she groaned rubbing her clitoris
furiously. It was obvious to me that seeing his large
cock in action made her wet and horny. I guess she was
wondering how it would feel like inside of her, imaging
its long thrusting motions in her wet pussy.

Since she was eighteen Alma had told me that she had
been in involved in several relationships and that she
had enjoyed having sex with other of men in the
Philippines. My dick had not been the first and only
cock in enter her womanhood. Other men had made love to
my lovely wife and I knew for a fact that they had
fucked her pussy and had made her experience a number of
orgasms on their cocks.

Although mostly her male friends had worn condoms, she
had made love barebacked occasionally and risked
intermingling sexual juices and even taken their spunk
inside of her tight little pussy. The thought made me
hard and I liked to fuck her there where they had come

My wife was so hot. I was finally able to distract her
and slip my hard cock into her pussy. I was disappointed
however as she was totally absorbed and fascinated by
the adult movie. It was as if I was not even there as
she enacted it in her mind, thrusting her hips
mechanically at my hard cock, her mind elsewhere. This
worried me but at the same time as it made me so horny.

I suddenly thought about showing her some threesome
clips I had downloaded as well. I wondered where that
would lead and I knew that even if I resisted the idea
now I would certainly do it eventually because I knew we
would both cum like crazy watching it. I had done
threesome and even double vaginal, but never with my own
partner but as the third man.

We were both making love now watching the film. She was
so wild and horny. I guess she was imagining having the
guy screw her like that for money.

“I want you to come together with him. Fuck me and make
me cum when he comes!”
The pace picked up and soon we were both moaning and
groaning. We both reached a loud climax together at the
same time as baldy. It was certainly the most intense
orgasms I had ever witnessed in my wife.

“Did you like that?” I asked her after.

“Yes honey,” she replied. “We can watch more like that
later.” She said licking her lips.

Two: Desires

I guess that it was after that incident that I had began
to fantasize about my lovely wife enjoying sex with
another man. I had become a regular and avid reader of
all the cuckold and slut wife stories on the internet,
savoring them with delight and arousal and when we would
make love I would imagine I was someone else as I came
in her pussy.

Don’t get me wrong. This was purely a fantasy. The
thought of my wife actually doing this for real at the
time filled me with horror and dread. It was
unthinkable. I was jealous about letting another man
touch what belonged to me even though the thought of her
having sex with another man turned me on.

I didn’t think anymore about watching sex movies
together with my wife until about two months ago. In
fact to be truthful it was my wife’s idea again. I was
on Second Life and I was streaming adult films onto my
site when Alma declared that she wanted to watch it. So
we got onto the bed, stripped down naked and I began to
touch her moist pussy and finger fuck her while she
masturbated and licked my cock as we watched.

On the film as I remember it, a repairman had turned up
and two horny roommates had decided to seduce him and
share his cock. He was very well endowed and as he
fucked the first girl she began to lick the pussy of the
second. Alma had always said to me that she did not like
lesbians and that what they did was disgusted. As for
myself on the other hand, it turned me on. My wife
seemed fascinated and I was quite surprised to see her
watching this as she had told me she disapproved. The
fact was I decided she liked watching adult films.

Probing, I said, “Do you see the way she is eating her
pussy,” I said, finger fucking her.

“Yes, she is a lesbian.” She replied non committed.

This was already better than the previous disgust, I
thought with some surprise and satisfaction. It was
strange how she had shifted her position and was a
little more tolerant and accepting so quickly.

“See how the girl likes it…” I said, pointing out the
obvious. She watched intensely.

“Yes, that is disgusting.” She said, unconvinced.

“It’s okay when the lesbian have sex with both a man and
a girl.” I replied. “I like that…”

She reluctantly said nothing and continued to watch. I
rubbed her clit as I finger fucked her pussy to make
sure she experienced some pleasure associated with
watching the woman. I guess the idea of a woman making
sex at the same time as licking the pussy of another did
arouse her as she pulled my hand into her deeper and
with more strength.

The guy had taken his cock out of her pussy and was
slowly pushing it into the second girl’s anus. She
watched on, staring intently, her eyes wide with horror
and fascination. This was obviously a first for her…

“I could not do that,” she said. “Not in the arse. That
is disgusting with the poo. No…”

“Actually, lots women really enjoy anal sex.” I replied.
“You see. If you wear a condom it’s okay. I’ve done it
and she really liked it.” I replied.

“I would not. I don’t like it.” She said.

“I would only do that with you if you wanted too.” I

I was quite aroused by now and so I moved around to
slide my cock into her open pussy.

Looking at that guy’s young cock sliding in and out the
woman made me horny. I was pretending that it was the
other man who was fucking her pussy. It made hot with
desire imagining his cock in her married pussy. I went
in deep and impaled her with ecstasy filling her
beautiful pussy for the other man. As for Alma, she was
certainly captivated and effected by the video as her
sleeve was soaked and slutty. She had turned her head to
watch the screen as I fucked her and her eyes wide and
expressionless face, her pupils dilated and her cheeks

It was very strange. She did not seem to notice me. It
was as if she was totally disassociated or disconnected
from reality and what was going on. She was wet watching
the people having sex but when my cock entered her pussy
her expression was blank and indifferent. I was in her
way for a moment and she pulled me aside as I began to
move in and out between her thighs so that she could
continue watching the screen uninterrupted.

It was not so much that she was impassive or
unresponsive to me. Her body actually responded and
moved automatically as I began fucking her. It was more
an indifference to how her body was used. It could have
been the postman fucking her instead of me and she would
not have noticed it. I felt jealous and ignored.

We had sex three times in a row and each time we came as
she followed the action on screen. I was exhausted but
my wife was still glued to it. I went to the bathroom.
As I came out I could hear my wife call out in surprise
from the bedroom, “Honey, she has two “titi” (“cocks” in
Filipino language) inside her pussy.”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, some girls really like that.
Are you coming yet?”

“No, I want to watch some more….” She responded.

I grunted and went out into the garden. An hour later I
returned and I realized that she is still in the bedroom
watching the sex movie.

“Have you finished yet?” I called out.

“Not yet. I’m watching still,” she called back, her
voice slightly annoyed at being disturbed.

Finally she appeared, flushed and tired yet another hour

“You liked it?” I asked.

“Yes, she had two cocks in her, you know.” This was the
first time she had seen that. Her expression was a mix
of wonder and aroused excitement. I know she had watched
the movie for a long time with fascination and pleasure.
Knowing Alma she must have cum many more times by
pleasuring herself as she watched it after I had left.

“You enjoyed it?” I asked giving her a kiss on the lips.
She kissed me back briefly and responded, her voice
quivering slightly, “Yes. We watch more again soon,

I smiled and said, “Of course, Babe. We can watch some
more tomorrow. With my cock in your pussy.”

Her face was aglow with avid desire and anticipated
pleasure that reminded me of a craving. I realized with
wonder that after she had watched these hard core sex
films things that once had seemed unthinkable,
impossible and even disgusting slowly seemed more normal
and began to form into possibilities that had perhaps
been incorrectly rejected and needed to be revisited. To
these images had been associated feelings of sexual
desire and multiple carnal gratification. I was proud
and impressed. My wife had watched and fucked for three
whole hours.

We didn’t get the opportunity the next day to have sex
and work took me off to Malaysia where the whole
incident had slipped my mind until I was in my hotel
room one night watching porn and the episode came back
to me.

I remembered how Alma had watched with intense
fascination, and even eager lust that could be taken for
a the beginnings of an addiction to watching these men
and women having sex. I was also a little fearful and
apprehensive of where this might be going.

Her eyes had been wide open with awe and sexual
curiosity at first, followed by a morbid and lubricious
fascination. Her concentration could not be broken
throughout, even when I finger fucked her fast and came
in her pussy several times. It was as if she was in a
dazed drugged state, just absorbing the images like a

Slowly concepts that had been so shocking to her
conception before became more common place as they were
repeated as many people did it in front of her and she
could see their enjoyment. Slowly and by proxy she was
able to share and enjoy sex in their pleasure of anal
sex, lesbian love and a threesome.

I had been there while she had watched in sinful and
unchaste pleasure, her body lubricating at the thought
of someone else’s cock screwing her pussy. I had never
understood the toxic power of sex to corrupt and effect
so quickly before until now. Hard core sex was like a
drug: it was easy to get into and impossible to give up.
It was fantastic, overwhelming, very addictive and
destructive of the soul at the same time.

Once a girl had tried it fully there was no turning back
ever. Even at this stage my wife was permanently
effected and on a path on the border of what was
compatible with a normal relationship. Already in
today’s society models and loose women that used sex to
get ahead were made into role models and looked up to.
It was not difficult for Alma to project herself into
these whores who got all the money and enjoyment they
wanted as well as independence through promiscuous
copulation and to worship them.

She appeared to aspire to use and abuse her body like
these whores did and experience the pleasure and reap
the same benefits. The paid sex no longer seemed a vice
or dishonourable for them but as a practical means to an
end something that could coexist in a normal

There was something in those sex movies that hard
sinfully corrupted her soul from the inside like a worm
in a rotten apple. She longed to watch those movies and
to experience other men fucking her by proxy. As she
watched the porn movies, the debauchery became normal to
her. Anal sex no longer was disgusting or humiliating
but a source of extra pleasure. She was willing to
consider experiencing being sodomized now and even toyed
with the idea of taking a guy up the arse while I made
love to her.

She no longer felt this was a filthy desecration of her
body. The idea of being married and having sex with
another man in a threesome was acceptable to both of us,
not unchaste. And having committed adultery and
experienced another man’s cock in her married pussy with
her husband watching no longer made her soiled and
impure by sluttishly desirable.

The speed at which she accepted and embraced this
perversion amazed me. There must have been a
predisposition. Perhaps even she had not
been totally honest with me about her past in
Philippines and she might have supplemented her income
by occasionally in a bar providing sexual companionship
to passing foreign sex tourists but I had no real proof.
Come what may, her moral outlook had changed and she was
open about her desire to enjoy these movies of
fornicating couple fucking in many ways. In a very short
time she too had become immoral and sexually perverse in
her outlook and I admired and loved her for that.

If I wanted anything to really happen, if I really
wanted my fantasy of a threesome with my spouse to come
true, then I had to realize that the longer she watched
this type of porn the more often she saw women engaged
in sex with two male partners at once the more likely
she would be able to imagine it really happening to
herself and the more she would consider it for real and
want it. Somehow the whole thing already was starting to
seem much more acceptable and enjoyable already even

By showing her multiple different video of women engaged
in threesomes, I was training her for the day when she
would be tempted to do it with someone else. If I was
there to encourage her darkest thoughts and desire to
come to light, to be perceived as acceptable and to grow
in intensity, then she would be more and more likely to
fuck another man. Although I did not want to share or
lose my lovely wife, I knew that even in the short time
this was going on she was becoming addicted to the
strong sexual enjoyment that with this type of
experience and in fantasy already for her body had
started to long for to experience the sinful reality of

Furthermore, if instead of waiting for things to develop
naturally I encouraged her in this direction by giving
her the opportunity to watch these movies often and
enjoying them together this would develop faster.
Especially if we took repeated pleasure with this porn
then it would become even more addictive and desirable
and the idea of doing it for real would become possible.

The thought of another man fucking my wife tortured my
mind but at the same time I could see how she was being
rapidly drawn in and attracted to it, her mind and body
trained to accept it and want it. The more she watched
and enjoyed it, the more addicted she would become and
crave another cock in her pussy. It would not be long
before she would be the one telling me she wanted to try
it out and experiment in our marriage

If she knew that I desired it, that I wanted her to take
a lover, then a big barrier would be removed and she
would move closer to doing it for real. I decided that I
wanted her to know that I would accept and encourage
this as part of our marriage for her intense sexual
enjoyment without it effecting our.

If I did not support this and if we continued to watch
and the desire became stronger and stronger without her
seeing my support, then she might be tempted to satisfy
her sexual lust by taking a male lover, perhaps even
someone from work. After all, I was getting older and
she needed a fresh new and vigorous cock to continuously
service her increasingly horny pussy.

I was not without reservations or a certain feeling of
unease and anxiety and even fear. This was largely
rooted in two factors. First a fear of the unknown and
what it would mean. Maybe I would lose my wife if she no
longer loved me so much. Perhaps she would fall in love
with someone else. Perhaps she would find someone
special who could love her and satisfy her sexually
better than me.

She certainly has a weakness for sex and perhaps she
would not regard me in the same way after this and seek
repeated affairs outside our relationship, considering
an open marriage. Affairs that may even go beyond just
the sex and lead to divorce. I imagined her going out
and seducing and fucking another men, then coming home
with her tight little Asian cunt full of spunk from a
succession of hard cocks in her pussy. This gave me a
massive hard on.

The second concern was that perhaps I may not view her
the same way afterward and love her like I did now. The
result was the same. Certainly sexually the idea of
having a man fuck her and come in her pussy is very
attractive and turns me on tremendously. I certainly
would like to have a stranger come in her pussy
barebacked, even alongside my cock and then eat out the
spunk from her polluted snatch.

I certainly would like to recapture the early days of
our relationship and the sexual energy that allowed the
two of us to have twelve hours of non-stop sex and come
twenty times. Perhaps with the right porn and other men
participating Alma could reach that level of sexual
bliss and carnal copulation activity once more.

I guess finally I also knew this was one way. From that
moment forward my wife had tasted and enjoyed this new
addictive freedom and intense sexual pleasure I would no
longer be able to control of deny her. If I encouraged
my wife to commit adultery and if I had watched her to
fuck a stranger then this would be part of what was
between us.

I would no longer be able to be sure where she had been,
with whom she had cheated or even be able to try to stop
her. I knew that women can enjoy many times more than a
man as there are many more parts in the body that give
pleasure to the women compared to a man. I would
probably live to regret it.

The main question I had to answer for myself was am I
ready to go through with it. The further I thought about
it the more horny I became. I just could not stop
continually fantasizing about seeing a stranger’s stiff
hard dick pumping in and out of her juicy pussy as he
fucked my lovely wife.

It was such a hot fantasy and the idea of my wife
keeping her loving pussy constantly wet and freshly
fucked for me was irresistible. I just had to make it
happen somehow so I decided that I would make this
happen. I decided to cut and paste some films to make up
hours of threesome sex to show her starting as soon as I
returned. I was eager to break down the barriers and my
wife’s inhibitions.

Chapter Three: Threesome

The evening I returned from my business trip I showed
Alma the threesome wife one hour video I had complied
for her of slut wives being fucked by another man with
and without their husband participating. This also
included stories where the wife took a lover and enjoyed
their cock in front of her cuckold husband. As we
started to watch her face flushed red and her eyes
glazed over. She bit her lips and began to touch herself
as I licked at her pussy.

I realized that the videos turned her on tremendously.
She climbed on top of me as she could fuck and watch the
video at the same time and took my cock into her. I was
not fucking her. She was fucking me. She was soaked. My
wife thrust against my dick with furiously as she
watched and fantasized about the things the threesomes
was doing on screen. My wife beautiful pussy rode fast
up and down my pole, panting, as she watched the virile
long cock of the big actor and craved to feel his cock
deep inside her. We screwed and she came in a series of
tremendous orgasms. Our lovemaking was so fantastic that
I resolved to buy a black dildo to make our sex even
closer to the films and more realistic.

“You liked the movies?” I asked her.

She said very much so and asked me if I liked them too.
I put her hand on my erection and whispered.

“The idea of me watching you taking another cock in your
“puki” makes me horny even now,” I replied.

“You mean you would like that?” She asked, her face

“Yes, I think I would. Very much so. I love you too, but
I guess the thought of you screwing a male friend while
I watch does in fact turns me on incredibly, especially
if I can participate. I would like to see another man
cum in your pussy,” I answered.

She said nothing except look at me strangely and stroked
my hard cock while, toying with the idea. I knew what
was happening. She was becoming more amoral as I had
expected. Like me she was able to take pleasure in the
idea of a woman being pleasured by two men at once.
Especially as I was telling her to imagine it was her
and how she knew how much would groan with fantastic
bliss and cum with two cocks inside.

She shivered in but said nothing. I had just let her
know that I would encourage and condone her infidelity
this provoked arousal in my spouse’s eyes. She was a
cute Asian chick with a sexy slim brown body and a
natural appetite for sex married to a nice guy but
twenty years older. She saw that there were other ways
to fulfill her passion and desires with little risk.

I knew she was considering it and wondering if I could
really handle watching her fuck another man without
making me jealous or mad. She was not convinced I would
want to share her especially with a virile better-hung
young buck who would use her body then cum inside her.

I too had doubts about taking it to the last stage. The
one of letting another man take my lovely wife and have
sex with her as there is no going back afterwards. I
would forever become unfaithful slut in my mind and I
would become a cock to be compared against, not the last
cock she would experience.

Nothing would ever change the fact that I she would
known another man. Especially if I watched and filmed
his horny cock fucking her like a slut while you watch
while she came screaming like bitch as he filled her
cunt with his bareback cock. Although the idea of
swinging or wife watching aroused me, I had mixed
feelings about actually going through with the whole
thing for fear of what it might do to our happy
marriage. I might lose a good cook and housecleaner.

Somehow I already knew it was already too late. It had
gone too far. I need to see this through one way or the
other so I decided to call up a guy named Randy who I
had done a threesome with before together with his wife.
I explained the situation and he offered to help me out.

I invited Randy over to the house one evening and we got
chatting and watched a movie together after we had
eaten. Alma sat comfortably on the sofa between us
watching the flat screen TV. I had asked her to dress
smart so she had put on a skirt. At the end of the movie
and without saying anything, I switched on a threesome
sex movie I had prepared in the DVD player earlier. Alma
gasped and looked at me in shock. I smiled as said,
“Don’t worry. It will be fine. Randy likes this, don’t

“Yep,” said Randy with a large grin. He had told me it
was his favorite and never failed to give him a horse
cock erection.

Alma settled down, very uneasy at first but after we had
watched ten minutes she had forgotten about us and she
was fully captivated by the threesome action on screen.
As she watched the movie with salacious enjoyment I saw
her reach down and begin to shamelessly touch her pussy.
I was shocked at how my wife had so easily abandoned her
decency or inhibitions to such an extent that she was
able to block off the world around her and enjoy some
sexual pleasure.

Seeing this, I discretely began to caress her. She
jumped a moment but her eyes remained glued on the TV as
I ran my hand up her skirt and began to touch her
gently. Unchaste temptations and desires suddenly raced
through her head. Randy had glanced over and was
watching us out of the corner of his eye. After a few
minutes she slowly relaxed and opened her legs so I
could access her better.

The woman on the screen had just taken her two lovers
cocks in her pussy in a double vaginal. Alma bit her lip
and I took out a breast and began kissing and nibbling
on it. I now had Randy’s full attention and I gave him a
discrete nod. He leaned towards my wife and in the dark
sent his hand too gently up her thigh. She shivered then
jerked back slightly with fear when she felt Randy’s
hand touch her in between the legs.

She suddenly felt confused horny and guilty but too weak
with desire to stop Randy parting her thigh and
fingering her pussy. She looked at me with troubled
bright eyes, her mouth half open in an expression of
sinfully bliss and I could tell by her expression that
she understood where this was going but a threesome that
even a short while before would otherwise have seemed
obscene and degrading was now desirable to her.

Randy’s finger dug in deeper into the soft folds of my
wife’s most intimate parts. The sex video had moistened
her cunt like a wanton, promiscuous slut. Her horny body
trembled with eagerness. Knowing my wife I was sure that
once we started she would fornicate until she was too
weak to stand.

I saw her writher and squirm on his finger as she
responded with lubrication to him fondling her. She
threw her head against me and I could feel the tremors
of her body as I continued to knead her breasts. I
noticed that her pupils were dilated with intense
arousal and her pussy was well creamed and lubricated
with her forbidden desire.

As Randy continued to finger fuck her she opened her
legs wide, gasped with pleasure and jammed her eyelids
shut as she wantonly abandoned her virtue to this
virtual stranger. I took her head in my hands and kissed
her open mouthed. Her tongue darted wildly in and out of
my mouth.

She was tremendously aroused, enjoying her indecent
position. I lovingly hugged kissed and fondled my soon
to be adulterous wife. She rubbed her crotch
provocatively and suggestively against Randy’s hand.
Randy had freed his cock now and I saw it was already
hard with desire for my wife. Randy’s cock was a good
three two inches longer than mine and twice as wide.

She pulled her skirt up to her waist and spread her legs
open like a shameless whore so she could welcome the
large cock of her well-hung lover in her juicy pussy and
fornicate with him in promiscuous debauchery. There was
no doubt in my mind that she wanted to satisfy her
lustful craving for dirty adulterous pleasure and fuck
her new lover, cuckolding me her husband with my
consent. My cock felt as if it wanted to jump out as I
watched my wife kiss Randy mouth to mouth. I could see
that her nipples were hard and erect.

As she turned towards Randy, and took hold of his cock
and began to masturbate it as she kissed him, I slid in
behind her. Pulling her arse cheeks apart I took hold of
my hard and slid it into her rectum, mounting her like a
whore. She let out a wild cry like a wounded or hungry
animal and let her back and body push back against my
chest, rolling on top of me.

I pushed harder and deeper and she grunted as she felt
me stretch her ass. She did not complain when I screwed
her in the most filthy and degrading manner. Instead she
uttered a guttural deep throated cry of lewd pleasure.

As Randy knelt between her legs she reached down and
guided his long cock into her pussy. It was forbidden,
shameful and delicious she thought as he sank into her
well creamed sleeve. His cock slid in easily into her
soft wet and slippery cunt. The entire length of Randy’s
extremely long cock disappeared into my wife’s cunt. She
squirmed with pleasure, her whole body trembling with
delight. He was undeniably much thicker and longer than
her husband, she thought.

She marveled at how much different his unfamiliar male
part felt to her husband’s cock. She savored the new
thrill of this cock as it stretched her tight fitting
hole. When he was fully encased in my lovely wife’s
pussy, Randy’s rock hard dick began to move in and out
of her soaked pussy while I clung onto her and thrust at
her rectum.

She grinned with pleasure and groaned as he thrust in
and out of her wet pussy and clung hard to his strong
biceps. This big man raping her pussy with his lovely
manhood and she was enjoying every inch of his bone
inside her deliciously tight and juicy pussy. I thrust
at my wife hard as my hot wife was fucked this man who
craved her body. She opened her mouth wide with
enjoyment and then bit her lower lips and licked her
upper lip with ecstasy.

I could feel Randy’s big cock through the thin walls
between her pussy and her rectum. I could feel Randy’s
hard cock against mine almost as if there was nothing
between us. It was the most erotic feeling I’ve ever
experienced, knowing that the woman you love is
experiencing two virile men fucking both her holes.

It was so hot being both inside her at once, and feeling
her other lover’s cock moving inside her. I began
pumping at her rectum adding to the sensations of a
tight double fuck. She looked down at me. I could see
her eyes filled with intense sexual enjoyment. Her mouth
remained open shamelessly as she fucked and I could hear
her little gasps and sighs.

I felt Randy’s hand reach down and rub her clit as he
thrust in and out her pussy. Her mouth open in vulgar
wanton enjoyment. She bit her lower lip and thrust her
hips hard against his cock, wanting to take him up to
the root in her and feel him deep against her ovary
tubes. He thrust his cock vigorously in and out of,
kissing her on the lips mouth and neck.

She licked her lips with desire and clung onto him and
ground her pussy hard against his crotch as he pumped
faster and faster at her. Alma started to moan and
rocking her hips beneath us. My hand reached around her
and took hold of her tits and squeezed them as I pumped
her arse. I could sense the marvellous feeling of
Randy’s cock pressing against me.

Alma moved up and the back down on our cocks. I felt her
wetness against my crotch. My wife had just committed
adulterous fornication and taken Randy’s’ part up to the
hilt in her dilated pussy. He impaled her deeply, the
extreme pleasure on this dirty penis and corrupt her be
filling her with a terribly blissful and addictive
feeling of sheer carnal pleasure that broke down her
moral barriers and left her with and unquenchably
craving for more.

She was deliciously immoral, and perverse in her
adulterous debauchery as he thrust hard over and over
again at her open slit. With each stroke of his penis
she was being further irreversibly perverted. Randy and
I were stealing her innocence and decency by driving our
promiscuous and infectious disease, a addictive craving
for promiscuous and filthy sex with multiple partners,
through her loins to corrupt her values and behavior.

Here we were two men fucking my wife at once and she was
enjoying it like mad. We were both bareback but it was
Randy who was fucking my wife’s fertile pussy with his
bare cock inside of her and making her was groan with
pleasure as he fucked her. She moved deliberately up and
down our twin shaft, fucking both our cocks at once. I
could tell she was truly enjoying the exciting new
sensation of the double penetration. She turned her head
around to kiss me and our lips met in passion. She
kissed me open-mouthed with an intensity I had never
encountered before that day.

I could feel the tightness of the double penetration as
he thrust in and out of her pussy. She had ass-fucked
once before, but never like this. Her normally tight
asshole was almost painful and her pussy packed. Randy
groaned and let his hard cock spurt his load deep inside
her body into her wanton loins. Her inner pelvic muscles
trembled and squeezed his cock even as he was filling
her cunt to the brim with his seed. Her entire belly was
filled with the man’s sperm.

She held onto him enjoying the feeling of another cock
once more emptying its filthy spunk deep into her
married pussy for the first time. Her sucking moist hole
clasped and worked at his slippery pole milking the
instrument of her downfall and drawing the seeping seed
into her loins. She groaned then she too exploded in the
most intense sinful orgasm I had ever witnessed! During
that instant she was just another adulterous female
bitch in heat obtaining sexual release.

Her vaginal muscles clenched and trembled as she
experienced a continuous orgasm. She was staring her
lover in the eyes, her face distorted with lust, even as
she came, and his potent spunk filled her tubes and made
its way up my wife’s used love-tunnel to her uterus to
fertilize the waiting egg.

“Your faithful little bitch just came,” I thought to
myself, staring at her attractive and impure body.

Randy withdrew his oily virility leaving my wife’s
soiled and dilated cunt was covered with cum. It was
such a turn on to see her wide open pink cunt glistening
with his sperm. The edge of her sex was red and swollen
with friction from her lover’s dick. The cum dripped
from her snatch. I vaguely remember jerking and
straining under her pumping action as I filled her other
hole with my hot cum. There was no doubt in my mind that
she had enjoyed having sex with this well endowed male.


Alma had surrendered her virtue to this man and broken
her sacred marital vows by welcoming his forbidden cock
deep inside her private parts. She had been defiled,
sodomized and sandwiched between two cocks. She had
behaved like a lubricious whorish slut and experienced a
tremendous addictive thrill.

There was no doubt in my mind that she would seek out
and enjoy fresh younger cocks again with or without my
consent. After all she was young, attractive, highly
sexed and very desirable.

I looked at Alma’s face closely. Her cheeks were flushed
with a warm glow of satisfaction that I had not seen
there before and a haughty smirk. Then I looked into her
eyes and I knew that it would not be long before she
took another well hung virile male lover between her
thirsty loins.

I had wanted to indulge and feed the passions of my
wife, bring us closer together. Instead of being
grateful to me, she despised me for allowing her to fuck
another man in front of me and treated my advances with
disdain. She told me that from now on she would do
whatever she wished with her body and with whomever she

It was too late to forget that it ever happened or turn
back time now. Now my wife is having sex with multiple
partners behind my back.

The problem was I still loved her the same.

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