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Georgia leaves an all girls boarding school determined to have some fun
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It was later morning when Zoe and Kate woke me up as they boarded daddy’s boat. They came straight down to my cabin and I was still flat out on my bed when they came in.

“Been playing with yourself in your sleep Georgia?” Kate said.

“I don’t know; I was asleep.” I replied.

“Zoe plays with her pussy when …

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Melanie the nasty schoolgirl
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Melanie was about 5’6″ tall with well proportioned,
gorgeous legs, dark hair and blue eyes, and milky white skin.
Her small but well-proportioned breasts made her very attractive
to most men as did her tight little buttocks over which she wore
tight skirts, jeans, and shorts.

One day, she was invited to a party and decided that she was
going …

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Three blonde college girls have enjoyed alpha-bitch
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“Oh BA-by baby have you SEEN a-MY to-night?
IS she in the BATHroom? Is she SMOKin’ up, outside?”

I sang as I unpacked, my two cabin-mates joining in as we worked.
I loved this song, perhaps because I shared the name of the main
character. I nodded in time to the music, replaying the music
video in my mind as …

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School Gloryhole
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The bell rang for lunch, finally. Mr. Cartwinder’s math
lessons were the worst of them all. I always struggled
to pay attention to him as he droned on and on about
algebraic equations and matrices and whatnot.

It wasn’t like I was a horrible student, I got pretty
good marks, it’s just Mr. Cartwinder was so damn boring.
And old. …

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Aunt Stephanie and the Wonder-Wang
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When I was in college, I lived with my aunt and uncle.
Their house was in the college town and staying there
was a hell of a lot cheaper than staying in a dorm. I
got along well with my Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Bob,
especially because they were more liberal about things
than my folks. How much more liberal? …

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