White Sissy Used by bbc Black Masters
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I’m booked into a London hotel and, after you text me to say you’ve arrived, I text you back the room number. It seems like ages before I hear someone attempting to open the door, followed by a firm knock and I jump up, excited but nervous about what’s about to happen. I walk over and unlock the door, careful not to meet your eyes as the door opens. I’m dressed in male clothes but I perform a very feminine curtesy as instructed, feeling both self-conscious and humiliated as I do so.

I see your dark presence enter the room out of my peripheral vision andhear you smirk: ‘So, you’re Nancy, the sissy slut are you?’

‘Yes Master,’ I answer, and my sissy clit twitches.

‘Well, pansy, I’ve got a big surprise for you,’ you say with a laugh, as Isee someone else enter the room. ‘Because you’re going to be a bitch toboth of us…’

I’m shocked in a way as we hadn’t discussed me having to serve two bigblack cocks, but I stay silent, secretly excited.

‘You’re going to get fucked, used and humiliated,’ you say, in a matter offact manner, as I hear your ebony friend close and lock the door behindyou. ‘Do you understand, bitch?’

I nod dumbly, then feel your hand on my head. I hear laughter behind you asyou force my head down, pushing me on to my knees while deftly unzippingyour flies.

‘Get it out, bitch,’ you order, and I reach in to grasp your hardeningblack meat. ‘You and my cock are going to become one, sissy.’

I pull your superb cock out and immediately you force it down my throat,laughing as I gag on its rock-hard length. I’ve never taken such a long,thick cock before and I have real trouble relaxing my throat and fighting agag reflex. You pull back, almost withdrawing the end, before slamming itback inside my mouth. You’re gaining a rhythm, back and forth as you use mymouth as a fuckhole.

‘Go on, fuck the honky bitch’s mouth,’ your friend laughs as you use me asyour sex toy.You withdraw and I notice your friend has undressed and isplaying with himself as he watches. His cock is almost as big as yours, Isee, as you begin to beat your hard meat across my face. I try to lick yourpenis as it slams into my face, time and again you whip me with your ebonyshaft, laughing and calling me your white bitch.

You turn round and order: ‘Now rim my black arsehole, you slut.’

I obey unquestioningly, and begin licking your dark butt. I’m coating yourarse in saliva as I lick and, when it’s wet enough, my tongue eases its wayinto your black hole. I taste my Master’s anus and slide my tongue furtherin, gently easing your cheeks apart to allow my tongue easier entrance.

I feel a hand yanking at my trousers as your friend moves round, roughlyundoing the flies and pulling at the top button.

‘Let’s see if she’s done as she’s been told,’ I hear as I’m pulledbackwards and dumped on the floor. I avert my eyes from you, but can tellyou’re watching as the other man pulls my trousers off to reveal thestockings, suspenders and panties you’ve ordered me to wear.

‘Fucking bitch is dressed as a white whore,’ sneers your friend, whilemoving forward and stroking his hardness.

‘Well, if she’s dressed as a white whore,’ you laugh, ‘let’s use her asone.’

I’m ordered to lay on my back on the bed, and wait, transfixed, until Ifeel a hand on my panties. They’re pulled roughly down, and I hear aripping noise as they’re yanked off. I don’t know who’s doing what to menow as I don’t dare meet your eyes, but I hear your friend’s voice tellingme to lie still as I feel his hand on my arse, then a finger enter my holeas he lubes me. He forces his index finger in, then pulls it out to applymore lube, sliding in again before adding another finger. Soon he’s rammingthree fingers into my arsehole before stopping abruptly and telling you:’She’s ready.’

Your hands grasp my ankles, using them to steady yourself for entry. I gaspas I feel your end poised to invade me, hot against my entrance,waiting. It seems like minutes before I feel you start to ease your cockinto my arsehole, and I gasp as your bell end pushes its way in. Surelyyour massive black shaft won’t fit in? But you push on, ignoring my groansas inch after inch of ebony hardness pushes up me.

‘Fuck the honky, go on,’ your friend shouts, and I feel your balls againstmy hole as you force all of your penis into me. You pause, buried to thehilt, before sliding slowly back, almost pulling out of me, and thenthrusting your way back in.

‘You’re our slut now, sissy,’ you taunt, as you fuck me. And I’ve neverfelt more like a slut.

‘Tell me you’re my bitch,’ you order.

I try to comply, but have your friend’s black penis stuffed into my mouth,and can only try to make myself understood as you both laugh at yourcross-dressing white whore. I manage to stammer out the words ‘Master, I’myour bitch’ amid the pounding thrusts into my worthless white mouth.You’refucking me hard now, slamming into me, as the other man gives my face agood shagging. He withdraws briefly, evidently excited, and makes me lickoff his pre-cum. I gulp it back before he turns round and sits on my face,forcing me to rim his dark arsehole. It’s hard to concentrate on eating outhis anus with your continued thrusts, but I lick him out, getting himlubricated enough for my tongue to enter him. I push my tongue as far as itwill go and feel your friend shudder.

You withdraw and I know what you intend for your slave as you walk round tomy face. The other man replaces you at my arsehole, and I feel him enter mefor the first time as you force me to suck the cock that’s fresh from mylillywhite bottom.

‘Get it clean, you filthy white whore.’

Part of me almost smiles at the banalities of sex talk but I know that Irespond to it too, especially if it humiliates and degrades and I banishany outsider thinking and give myself to the task in hand.

I lick at your shaft, tasting my own arsehole as I’m fucked roughly by theother man. He holds onto my stockinged legs as his arse pistons back andforth, laughing as he makes me his sex slave.I lick your cock as he fucksme, pulling your foreskin back to clean round the base of your magnificenthelmet.

Now I’m being moved onto all fours as you swap positions again, with youshifting round to the rear to fuck your slave, doggy style. I feel yourhands on my buttocks, pulling them apart to spread my now-gapingarsehole. Your cum-coated end brushes against my arse as you take aim and,just as you’re about to force your way in, the cock that’s just been insideme is pushed into my mouth. You enter at the same time as the pair of youspit-roast your slave, fucking my mouth and anus with hard thrusts of yourblack manhoods.I’m vaguely aware of hearing more laughter as you humiliateme with every thrust, showing your black superiority by fucking a whiteslut. You turn yourself and me on even more as you go into high voltageverbal mode, calling me slut, whore, bitch, sissy, pansy, fairy, faggot,slave, cunt, each word timed for each thrust.

You swap positions several times as you fuck me for what seems like an age,one using my arse as the other uses my mouth as his own personal fuckslot. I’m helpless, pinned deep into the mattress by your black cocks.

Eventually I feel your friend’s cock twitch and he grasps my head extratight as he tenses up. He pulls his length from me and begins to masturbatehard, wanking himself off until a stream of gooey spunk begins to shootfrom his end. He groans as the first spurt volleys into my waitingmouth. Another shot lands on my cheek and I feel the hot stickiness trickledown my face as he continues to fire stream after stream of spunk overmyface and into my mouth.

‘Swallow it, you white cunt,’ I’m ordered by one of you, and I gulp at whatseems like pints of spunk, drinking it down.

Your friend spunking seems to excite you as I feel your cock alsotwitch. I’m still drinking his spunk down as I feel you tense up, thenstop, then shoot a sticky hot spunk stream into my waiting arsehole. Youpull at my suspenders, ripping them in your excitement as your black cockfires its seed into my white hole. The first spurt is followed by another,another, another as my mancunt is filled with the spunk of my black Master.

My mind is spinning at the intensity of what I’ve just gone through. Butyou two just laugh as you wipe your cocks on my trousers and walk out thedoor.

The last words are spoken by the black Master I had been writing to andwith whom I had organised this encounter…

`Expect more, sissy pansy fairy’.

And that is how I acquired my name.

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