Three blonde college girls have enjoyed alpha-bitch
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“Oh BA-by baby have you SEEN a-MY to-night?
IS she in the BATHroom? Is she SMOKin’ up, outside?”

I sang as I unpacked, my two cabin-mates joining in as we worked.
I loved this song, perhaps because I shared the name of the main
character. I nodded in time to the music, replaying the music
video in my mind as I imagined myself in the role of the
legendary singer. Britney Spears was my idol and I’d have given
anything to meet her. Indeed, many people said I looked enough
like her that I might be a younger cousin, although a little
shorter and a bit paler. I don’t know if they were telling the
truth or if they just telling me what they thought I might want
to hear.

“Ami!” I heard my friend whine. “Don’t just sit there, help me
put up our posters before the noobs get here!” Sighing, I pulled
the iPod buds from my ears and rose to help her. Mellani was a
big-boned, well-proportioned blonde with slightly tanned skin.
While I was only going to be a sophomore at State, Mellani was
already going into her junior year. She was very pretty, but
standing at almost 5’11”, most boys seemed too intimidated to ask
her out often. And the few that did seemed to have a fetish for
dominant women. I had a strong suspicion that Mellani had latent
“sub” tendencies, although she did a good job of hiding it.

“Hurry up and get our stuff in place,” the last member of our
trio directed. “We want all of *our* stuff where *we* want it
before the new girls get here.” That was Melodi, our de facto
leader. She was a stunningly beautiful blonde, just going into
her senior year at college. Her long, wavy hair was the color of
spun gold and hung down past her shoulders and the heavy layer of
mascara she always wore outlined her bright blue eyes and made
them dazzlingly bright. Naturally, she was president of her
sorority at one of the ritzy private schools that neither Mellani
nor I could afford. Melodi swore she’d never “augmented,” but
though she was my friend, it was still hard for me to believe
that those big boobs of hers could be real. At 5’7”, she seemed
to possess at least an F cup and her sophisticated sensuality
could overwhelm anyone, man or woman.

We hurried to set up our furnishings and decorations. Several
summers at this camp had made us veterans and we knew how to get
our way. Though there would be six girls to a cabin, we had
already learned that those who came early and set up their stuff
usually got their way. “Position is 9/10ths of the law,” Melodi
had sneered, with a mean laugh.

With our looks and assertiveness, we had grown to become THE
social power at this camp, each year. Counselors and campers,
both male and female, were intimidated by our beauty … and
those that tried to overcome their awe were crushed underfoot by
our sharp tongues and dominant personalities.

“What do you think the new girls will be like, this summer?”
Mellani asked, straightening a poster of Britney Spears in the
main room. “Do you think they’ll be freshmen again?” We liked
rooming with frosh – they were always so naïve and innocent.
Last year we had been paired with a trio of nerdy 18-year-old
brunettes and had ended up making them do nasty things before the
end of the season. My slit grew wet at the memory and I hoped
we’d get a similar group this year.

Melodi gave a predatory smile as she set the big crafts candle on
the coffee table. The candle was something we had made in craft
class, in our first year. We were rookies, then and the candle
had turned out a hideous thing, almost two feet in length. It had
come out lopsided, so we had rounded both ends, dipped it in
black wax, and re-drilled the wick so it jutted up from the
middle, on one side. We nicknamed it “The Monster” and had taken
to displaying it on its side as a humorous memento of our first
year at camp.

“Yup,” Melodi chuckled. “And from what I hear, they’re not even
from a good neighborhood. We are going to *own* these noobs!”

As if on cue, the door swung open and three girls entered the
cabin, blinking as their eyes adjusted from the outside sunshine
to the interior light. They stopped, regarding us in shock.
Wide-eyed, we regarded them, equally shocked.

“You’re … black!” Mellani blurted out, giving voice to what had
been on my mind.

“And you’ve gone and set up all of *your* stuff before we got
here,” the girl standing in the center observed, icily not
missing a beat.

Though she was black, this girl was beautiful. She stood about
5’6” tall and was perfectly proportioned. She wore a sleeveless
leather vest, studded with silvery metal, cinching her flawless
ebony skin in a tight black leather embrace. It was obvious she
wore nothing underneath. Her tight leather pants outlined the
curves of her long legs and her ample bubble-butt seemed to
strain against the stretched leather of her backside. I didn’t
know how old she was, but she looked awfully young for college.

The girl to her left was almost a complete opposite. This girl
stood just under 5’ tall, but had the proportions of a body
builder. Her sleeveless leather vest showcased her muscular
arms, which flexed every time she moved them. Though shorter,
this girl seemed a year or two older. Unlike her companion, this
one had her hair cropped short, almost as if she was wearing a
skullcap made of lamb’s wool.

The last of the three newcomers stood closest to me. She was tall
– maybe 5’9”. Although a bit thick, she was very pretty, though
not as striking as the center girl. Like her friends, she was
clad in a sleeveless black leather vest and tight leather pants.
Her glossy black hair hung down to her shoulders, but retained
its natural curl.

It was Melodi who broke the silence.

“Yes, we’ve been coming to this camp for five years now and it’s
only natural for people to show deference,” she smiled. “Welcome
to Cabin D. I’m Melodi, and these are my friends: Mellani and
Ami.” I gave them a smile and waved. Mellani ignored them and
went back to setting up the stereo.

“I go to Meredith School for Ladies,” Melodi informed them,
condescension evident in her voice. “But Mellani and Ami attend

The black girls regarded us for a time. Then their leader spoke.

“I’m Desiree,” the beautiful teen in the center stated. “These
here is Cole n’ Nuckles,” she said, waving towards the girl
closest to me and the muscular dwarf, respectively.

“Knuckles?!?” Mellani guffawed, turning in contemptuous
disbelief. “You’re *not* serious! ‘Knuckles?!?’ Really?”

Fists clenched, the short black girl started to step forward but
halted as the teen in the center raised a warning hand.

“We’re sophomores,” Desiree said, averting a fight.

So, I thought, that makes them about my age. I wonder what
college they attend.

“We go to Jefferson High,” she continued. “We …”

“Jefferson HIGH?!?” Mellani interrupted in shock, jerking her
head up to look at the new girls as she might regard a trio of
roaches. “You go to HIGH school?!?” I, too, was stunned by this
revelation. High school? They weren’t college girls. They
weren’t even high school seniors!

“Yeah,” the short girl snarled. “What of it?”

Melodi kept her poise.

“So that would make you … what? … about 16?” our beautiful
leader asked. While perfectly courteous, there was something
about the question that stung and Mellani and I repressed grins.

“Let’s get back to the fact o’ da matter,” Desiree said, smoothly
avoiding what I was sure would have been a fist fight, “we all
gonna live here and you done already set up yo shit.

Melodi gave a smile utterly bereft of warmth.

“That’s right,” she nodded. “You see, we deserve deference. We
deserve privilege. We’re young. We’re beautiful. We’re wh…”
Melodi paused, as if catching herself. I had no doubt this was
all intentional.

“We provide the fantasies for others, that they might dream of
becoming intimate with us,” Melodi explained, giving a short
laugh that was as beautiful as it was chilling.

“When you look like us,” she smiled, evenly meeting the black
teen’s seething gaze, “everyone wants to fuck you. Oh, they won’t
get to, of course. But you’d be surprised what the scent of the
vaguest possibility can do.”

The one they’d called Cole stepped forward, her dark face
suffused with rage.

“You SO full o’ yo’self!” she shouted, fists clenched in anger at
her sides. “You think EVERYONE jes’ wanna git in yo pants?!?”

Feeling spiteful and impish, I started singing.

“LOVE me, HATE me …
say WHAT you want aBOUT me …

Melodi and Mellani joined in as if on cue, adding their sweet
voices to the chorus.

“All of the boys
and all of the girls
are begging to
IF you SEEK aMY!”

We triumphantly finished the song’s risqué tagline and smiled in
satisfaction. The three black girls regarded us dumbfounded,
their mouths hanging open.

“What is whichu?!?” the one called Nuckles asked, shaking her
head in obvious disbelief. She and Cole looked as if they were
going to jump us any minute and Mellani and I took a step back
without thinking.

Melodi, however, held her ground.

Desiree regarded us evenly, quietly, as if considering.

“So, you three think you some kind of sex goddesses ‘round here,
is that it?” she asked, the corner of her mouth lifting in a wry

Mellani found her courage.

“We don’t *think* it,” she sneered, “we *know* it.”

Desiree ignored her and walked over to face Melodi. Standing
almost in Melodi’s face, she finally stopped, looking up as
Melodi looked down, their noses almost touching. The contrast
between these two beautiful young women was evident and I was
surprised to find myself getting moist. These two were easily the
most attractive women I had ever met in person.

“You think you sexier than me?” Desiree murmured softly, a
dangerous edge evident in her voice.

Melodi did not appear intimidated.

“Like Mellani said,” the sophisticated sorority girl murmured
back, “I don’t think it. I know it.”

The two glared at each other for almost a minute. The high
schooler was the first to break the silence.

“All o’ the boys and all o’ the girls, eh?” she smirked. “They
all beggin’ to fuck you, huh?”

Melodi gave a contrived smile.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she demurred. “The
song is quite clear: They’re begging to ‘if you seek, Amy.’”

“That don’ make no sense,” Nuckles snarled, her dark face flushed
with anger. Desiree waved her off.

“Don’ make no nevermind,” the beautiful black teen smiled. “If
blondie here thinks she such hot stuff and no one on earth can
resist her, there an easy way to prove it.” Desiree gave a
predatory smile, though her posse looked as in the dark as we
white girls.

“Sex fight,” the attractive black girl murmured. “We has us a sex
fight. First one to make the other cum, loses.”

I was stunned and could feel my ears redden. A quick glance
showed Mellani was equally floored. Melodi’s bright blue eyes
widened in momentary surprise and confusion, but she quickly

“Whoever wins gets to trip out the room like they want,” Desiree

There was no way our beautiful, sophisticated leader was going to
lower herself to such a crass wager. Mellani and I looked at each
other, wondering how Melodi would extract herself without losing

To our shock, Melodi nodded and upped the ante.

“And whoever loses has to serve as the winners’ slaves for the
entire season,” Melodi added, her voice like cold steel. “They
have to do everything the winners command.” She paused


I could tell the black girls hadn’t expected this. Cole and
Nuckles both slumped their shoulders, ready to back away from
such outlandish conditions.

“Deal!” Desiree blurted, beginning to strip off her sweaty

All of the rest of us stood dumbfounded.

“Desiree,” I heard Cole whisper to her friend, “whatchu doin’?
That crazy!” But the black girls’ leader wore an intent,
determined expression.

“This white bitch think she all dat,” Desiree spat through
clenched teeth. “Well I gonna show her she AIN’T all dat.” She
tossed her vest to the floor, revealing an impressive set of
full, dark breasts. While nowhere near the size of Melodi’s
bodacious melons, the young black girl had nothing of which to be
embarrassed. Her breasts were large, dark, and firm, her velvety
nipples prominent and almost black against her ebony skin. She
eyed my friend hungrily.

She’s a lesbian, I realized with a start. This young black girl
was already into women! I sidled up to Melodi, who stood still,
her gaze fixated on the disrobing black girl as if eyeing a
sumptuous banquet.

“I think she’s a dyke,” I whispered into my friend’s ear. “Look
how eager she is to do this!”

Melodi finally seemed to come to.

“Yes,” she murmured, “I think you’re right.” I could see the
gears whirring in my pretty friend’s scheming head. “Good!” she
nodded. I looked at her in shock.

“Don’t you see?” she murmured quietly. “If she’s a dyke, she’s
got to be incredibly aroused already by my looks. It shouldn’t
take long at all to push her over the edge. Sure, I may have to
demean myself for a few minutes, but it will be worth it to have
these uppity bitches serve as our slaves all season!”

Personally, I wondered if Melodi wasn’t perhaps a little eager to
do this, as well. Could she secretly be into girls, too? I had
no time for further speculation as my friend pulled her polo
shirt over her head, revealing her enormous pale breasts,
straining within the confines of their elastic prison. I heard a
sharp intake of breath as the black girls regarded my friend’s
ample endowment.

“Dayum, girl!” Nuckles muttered, in obvious awe. “You got one
ginormous set o’ titties!” A flush of pride was evident on
Melodi’s pale white skin.

Or could it be arousal?

Her opponent didn’t act impressed, although I could see the black
teen eyeing my friend’s boobs hungrily.

“Cows were meant to be owned,” Desiree noted, kicking off her
boots and literally peeling her skin-tight leather pants off.
The young black girl stood, proudly nude, in the center of the
room. I involuntarily sucked in my breath. The young girl was
achingly attractive and I moistened more in spite of myself.

What’s wrong with me. I wondered? Why am I getting turned on
seeing another girl – especially a black one at least three years
younger than me – naked? I blushed in shame and arousal, quickly
averting my eyes.

That didn’t help. My gaze settled on Melodi and my head spun
briefly. The gorgeous blonde was a vision of sensuality. Her
slim figure looked as if it couldn’t possibly be paired with such
large breasts or such a nicely curved backside. As I gazed at
this lovely, pale vision, my knees went weak and I could feel
myself leaking – trickles of hot juice slowly making their way
down my inner thighs. Thanking the stars that I had worn jeans
today, rather than a skirt, I self-consciously leaned against a
wall for support.

“You ready?” the beautiful black teen asked, hands on her hips as
she lewdly thrust her pelvis at her opponent.

“Let’s do this,” the gorgeous young blonde husked, massaging her
stiff pink nipples.

Desiree lowered herself to the floor and spread her legs.
Immediately I could smell her arousal and I almost whimpered with

“Scissors,” she ordered.

Melodi rushed to comply, lowering herself and spreading her own
long, lovely legs. I had never seen my friends naked before and
the sight of our leader’s glistening, mostly shaved, blonde pussy
almost made me faint with desire.

Edging up between each other’s outstretched legs, both girls
maneuvered until their heated pussies touched. I could see a
shiver of pleasure pass through both of them and found myself
yearning to exchange places with either.

“First one to cum loses,” Desiree reminded her foe, pressing her
sex wetly against the soft folds of her opponent’s sopping pussy.

“Get ready to have the best orgasm of your miserable life,”
Melodi panted, thrusting her pelvis against the black girl’s
fevered pussy.

The room was hot and silent, except for the sounds of the two
girls as they grunted and strained against one another, their
crotches interlocked in a sensuous struggle for dominance. The
stale air of the cabin soon reeked of sex and I wondered if I
would ever get the smell of aroused cunt from my nose.

Or my mind.

The two girls remained intertwined as they continued to grind
their pussies together, their legs locked as their slick nether
lips slid over each others’ swollen cunts and clits. Locked in a
primal battle, Ebony and Ivory struggled to assert dominance over
the other, their sweating bodies heaving as they grunted with
exertion and raw pleasure.

“Oh yeah,” Melodi panted, grinding her pussy into her opponent,
“you like this, don’t you, you black bitch! This is what you
wanted all along, isn’t it … for me to fuck you senseless? I’m
going to like using you for the rest of the season. I’m going to
spend my time sitting on that black face of yours and letting you
enjoy my superior blonde pussy.”

With an unexpected shove of her pelvis, Desiree pushed Melodi off
balance. The white girl fell back onto the hardwood floor with a
grunt. The lecherous black teen, never taking her pussy from her
opponent’s, maneuvered onto one knee, her other foot planted flat
on the floor for leverage and effectively putting her crotch “on
top.” She ground her fevered cunt down hard on Melodi’s, causing
the quivering blonde to gasp with unwanted pleasure.

“I be enjoying that blonde pussy o’ yours right now, Snowflake,”
Desiree taunted, rubbing herself furiously against the panting
white girl’s throbbing sex. “Git set, blondie, cuz I gonna blow
the wax right out o’ dem pretty lil ears!”

For her part, Melodi no longer seem to be faring well. Too
breathless for trash talk, her eyes were glassy and her flushed
flesh glistened with sweat. She appeared to be very near climax
and her eyes darted about wildly. With an effort, she reasserted
her will and jerked away.

“What?!?” the two black spectators cried, jumping to their feet.
“You stopped! Forfeit! You lose!”

Still gasping to catch her breath, Melodi shook her head.

“This isn’t working for me,” the panting white girl lied. “We
need something better.”

Desiree gave a leering smile of triumph.

“Bullshit,” she laughed. “I was just ‘bout t’push you over de
edge, wasn’t I!” Her lovely dark face was flushed with arousal
and she looked as if she weren’t all that far from climax
herself. “But, you need a breather, dat’s fine wit me.” Both
girls looked as if they were desperately trying to regain control
of their too-hot excitement.

“OK, so you say dis wasn’t doin’ it for you,” Desiree said,
smiling broadly as she pointed towards the coffee table. “Dere!
Dats what we need!”

Following her gaze, I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Some soda
cans, a few magazines, our candle …

Melodi’s eyes widened in shocked realization.

“You can’t mean …!?!” she stammered. Realization came slower
to Mellani and me. Cole grabbed the big centerpiece off the
table and brought it over to her leader.

“Oh yeah,” Desiree smiled wickedly, “this should bring things to
a quick conclusion!” Melodi’s blue eyes were wide with horror
and I couldn’t blame her. The Monster candle was about 24 inches
long and almost the diameter of a beer can. While both ends had
been rounded, that was still one hell of a big toy to get shoved
up one’s cunt.

Desiree, still panting with arousal and delayed culmination, gave
the blonde a mean smile.

“You wanna give up, blondie?” she asked, leering. “I’ll let you
off the hook and accept your resignation, if you want. ‘Course,
you’ll start your slavery by eating my cunt and finishing what we
started here.”

The sweating blonde glowered at her opponent.

“Fuck you!” she spat. “I’ll do it. But my pussy isn’t as
stretched out as your sorry cum-chute; unlike you, I’ll need some

I jumped up and ran to my duffel bag.

“I have some,” I volunteered, proffering a half-used tube of KY
jelly. It was only when I saw the knowing smiles of the others
that I realized my inadvertent faux pas.

“Why you lil’ slut,” Cole laughed, her dark face creasing with
laughter. “You always carry lube to camp?”

I flushed with embarrassment and handed the tube to my chuckling
friend. Melodi lubed her end of the huge candle and held the
tube out to her opponent. Desiree shook her head, waving the
lubricant off.

“I got plenty of the natural stuff,” she boasted, with a smile.
She then grasped her end of the monstrous candle and pushed it up
against her eager hole. Despite her boasts, it didn’t go in

But go in, it did.

Melodi had more trouble. Even lubed and bullet-shaped, the
Monster was much bigger than anything with which my friend had
ever come in contact. Finally, with a cry of pain and pleasure,
she was able to slide it in.

It took her several minutes to fully get her breath back. The
two combatants regarded each other with narrowed eyes and edged
closer, grimacing as the huge black candle was forced even
further into their bodies. The other four of us watched in
horrified fascination as inch after inch of black wax disappeared
up their respective twats.

Finally, they could take no more. Both girls stopped, falling
back onto the floor and panting, legs intertwined, with about six
inches of thick, glistening candle still visible between their
skewered pussies.

“Girl,” Desiree panted, smiling lewdly, “I’m gonna F-U-C-K you!”
My heart twisted at hearing our favorite lyric used against us in
a taunt.

The hapless blonde’s pussy was so stretched that she couldn’t
muster the energy or focus for a response.

Slowly, the black teen began moving her hips, eliciting a groan
from both girls. Within moments, Melodi gave return fire, slowly
rocking her own pelvis forward and back, the enormous candle
sliding back and forth within both girl’s cruelly-stretched

As they slowly grew used to the monstrous invader, they began to
pick up the pace. Within minutes, both girls were pistoning
furiously, doing their best to drive the other end of the
monstrous black candle deeper into their opponents’ vulnerable
sex. Sweat beaded and trickled off their straining bodies and
their intermingled juices smeared their thighs and puddled on the
hardwood floor beneath them.

It was all I could do not to slide my hand down my pants and
start jilling off as I watched. Glancing up, I could see the same
look of strained discipline on the faces of Mellani and Cole.
Nuckles, however, appeared to have none of our modesty. She had
her leather pants shucked off and was furiously fingering
herself, her eyes glued to the writhing girls on the floor.

I turned my attention back to the sexfight.

With a start, I realized that Melodi’s decision to use a
lubricant may have worked against her. Sure enough, the sweating
blonde’s movements were becoming weaker and more erratic as more
and more of the in-and-out movement seemed to end up on her side
of the candle. Desiree’s cunt, not so well lubed, was able to
clamp tighter on the Monster allowing her to wield it almost like
a strap-on. Grinning in triumph, she took control of the rhythm
and gleefully pounded her opponent, until it was obvious that the
young black girl had established dominance, thrusting savagely
into her older, white foe.

“S-s-s-stop!” Melodi begged, tears streaming down her smooth,
porcelain cheeks. But this just seemed to goad the black girl
into a renewed assault.

“Wuzza matter, blondie?” Desiree taunted, continuing to
repeatedly slam the wax dildo into her opponent. “Too much for
you? The white girl’s body began trembling as her unwanted
climax built.

“P-p-p-puhlease …,” the older girl stammered, her pale face
flushed with arousal. She panted helplessly as the younger girl
continued to fuck her.

Melodi’s pleas obviously aroused Desiree. She continued to
furiously pound the helpless white girl’s quivering pussy,
slamming her pelvis down against the blonde’s harder and harder
until their pussies again touched on each down-stroke.

We all knew into whose over-stuffed snatch that last six inches
of candle was going.

The white girl’s blue eyes had become vacant, a trickle of drool
escaping from the corner of her mouth as her young antagonist
continued to savagely fuck the helpless blonde. Melodi had
fallen onto her back and could no longer even try to dominate her
opponent. Sensing victory, Desiree grabbed the white girl’s legs
and pulled their dripping pussies together. With most of the big
black candle wedged deeply into the blonde’s overstuffed pussy,
the young black girl shifted back into a scissoring motion.

Impaled as they both were on the monstrous candle, Desiree
couldn’t manage much lateral motion. But the movement of the
enormous wax dildo, shoved up almost into the white girl’s guts,
coupled with the black girl’s slick pussy lips sliding over the
insensate blonde’s clit, was all that was needed.

Melodi’s lovely blue eyes widened in horrified defeat. Her lithe,
white body arched violently, and the sadistic black girl lifted
her pelvis to follow it up, ensuring the climaxing blonde
wouldn’t escape the enormous wax dildo upon which they were both
impaled. The helpless blonde arched up onto the crown of her
head, her feet flat on the floor, and gave an involuntary scream
of pleasure as she succumbed to the black girl’s sexual assault.
An intense orgasm gripped her pale body and her mind imploded in
unbearable ecstasy.

Desiree continued scissoring the climaxing blonde, rubbing their
pussies together in primal lust. If I hadn’t watched the entire
scene, I’d have never guessed by looking that there was almost 24
inches of thick, black, wax candle stuffed up into their
collective cunts.

Finally, with a plaintive cry of release, Melodi collapsed, her
shapely white ass thumping heavily back onto the hard floor.
Smiling in triumph, the young black girl slowly slid off the
Monster and, with effort, pried the rest of it from the dazed
blonde’s still-spasming pussy. It was obvious that the younger
girl was on the verge of a monumental climax, as well.

“Now, it’s time for you to finish what you started, loser,”
Desiree husked, quickly straddling the panting white girl’s
tear-streaked face.

“No way!” Mellani blurted, incensed and fearful. “That bet was
bogus! There’s no way we’re going to be your slaves! Melodi
would never lick your nasty black …”

The big blonde’s tirade tapered off, as it became obvious from
the way Desiree was gently gyrating on our friend’s face that
that was, indeed, what Melodi was doing.

“Losers have to be slaves for the winners,” Nuckles laughed,
quickly shucking off her own sweaty vest. “And I want you,
cowgirl!” Before Mellani seemed to realize what was happening,
the short black woman, now completely nude, had tackled her and
was popping buttons as she ripped the big blonde’s blouse off.

“Get OFF me, you little freak!” Mellani screamed, as she shoved
the shorter woman off and onto the floor. But the black woman was
unexpectedly lithe; almost as soon as she landed, she sprang up
and pounced on the big blonde again, ripping off her lacy bra
before Mellani could bring her hands up to defend.

While not as big as Melodi’s, Mellani did have an exceptionally
nice set of boobs, milky white against her slightly tanned body.
The big blonde’s hands shot up to cover herself, leaving the way
open for Nuckles to rip off the white girl’s skirt, bringing lacy
panties with it.

Mellani sat, naked on the hard floor except for her white
sneakers, looking about in surprise.

The dimunitive black woman took advantage of her opponent’s slow
response to pounce on her again. There was a flurry of white and
black limbs as the two women struggled for dominance – Nuckles
working to subdue her opponent, Mellani thrashing to escape the
aggressive, sex-crazed black dwarf.

With a lunge, Mellani arched her back and toppled Nuckles from
her seat astride the blondes’ big breasts. The black woman slid
to the side and shot one muscular leg under the big white girl’s
still-arched back, but on top of the blonde’s arms, which were
against the floor for support. The short woman forced her leg
up, wedging it in the blonde’s arm pits.

I stood, regarding the pair in shock.

Although almost a foot taller, my friend was effectively pinned –
her big white body helplessly arched with her arms behind and
underneath her, pinned to the floor by the black girl’s leg and
the blonde’s own weight and position. To relieve the strain on
her arms, she had to keep her body arched, with her feet spread
wide and flat on the floor and her ass in the air.

Smiling evilly, the short black woman leaned up and began
fondling Mellani’s exposed breasts.

“Stop it!” the big blonde hissed vehemently, struggling to
extricate herself. But the shorter girl ignored her, continuing
to fondle the pinned blonde’s big boobs with her strong, dark
hands. Mellani’s nipples grew swollen and stiff under this

“Looks t’ me like you like this,” Nuckles drawled, gently
tweaking the big blonde’s pink nipples. While her right hand
continued fondling Mellani’s exposed tits, the black woman’s
other hand slowly began trailing across the pinned white girls’
stomach, towards her up-thrust blonde pussy.

“You wouldn’t!” Mellani hissed, eyes wide with indignation and
alarm. “You wouldn’t dare!”

But Nuckles would dare.

With her left hand, the dimunitive black woman began fondling the
helpless blonde’s pussy. Mellani struggled furiously but found
she couldn’t even shift the position of her widespread legs
without causing pain for her pinned arms.

I watched in silent disbelief as the small black woman expertly
teased and stroked my friend’s exposed pussy until it responded
with glistening moisture.

“Seems t’me like you *really* like this,” her little antagonist
taunted. I watched, mouth dry, as the black woman slowly slid one
thick finger along the slick folds of my friend’s exposed pussy.
Mellani’s struggles seemed to be weakening as the short black
woman continued her forced seduction.

“Yeah,” Nuckles whispered huskily, sliding a finger into my
friend, “you do like that! You like it a lot!”

For her part, Mellani had become perfectly still. Eyes closed and
jaw clenched, she quietly maintained her back-arch position.

Nuckles smiled and began slowly pushing her middle finger in and
out of the trapped blonde. The white girl didn’t appear to resist
any further. The black girl smiled and inserted another finger.
Then a third.

I watched in stunned disbelief as this tiny black woman proceeded
to finger-fuck my big, helpless, blonde friend.

“How boutchu?” a husky voice whispered in my ear. “You gonna
honor yo side o’ the bet? Or you gonna make me *make* you honor
it?” I turned to find Cole, already nude, at my side.

I tried to swallow, but my throat was too tight for words.

She put an arm around me and fondled one of my breasts, through
my T-shirt.

“Anyone ever tell you dat you look like Britney Spears?” she
whispered, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding her other hand down
my pants. Despite the situation, I blushed at the compliment.
Her hand came to rest, inside my panties, cupping my
still-dripping sex.

I heard Mellani give a strangled cry as she was finger-fucked to
a forced orgasm.

“Oh MY!” Cole whispered, smiling as she fondled my sopping sex.
“We ain’t gonna have no trouble with you honoring the bet, are
we!” My legs were trembling and I gave an involuntary groan of
pleasure as she slid a thick finger inside me.

“Yeah, das right, baby,” she murmured, sending shivers through me
as she ran her tongue along my ear. “You just lay back and let
ol’ Cole show you what it means to belong to a black woman!” Her
slowly thrusting fingers felt SO good … !

Head spinning from pleasure and shock, I slowly surveyed the

Desiree, still nude, was standing with her legs wide apart, bent
over, pulling her ass cheeks apart. The once-proud Melodi was on
her knees behind the dominant teen, her beautiful pale face
buried in the black girl’s as she submissively rimmed her.

Mellani was now flat on her back, no longer arched with her arms
pinned beneath her. However, Nuckles was astride the big blonde’s
face, pinning the white girl’s arms under her muscular dark legs.
The white girl was struggling feebly, obviously not having fully
succumbed to submissive lust, as Melodi had. Mellani refused to
lick her dominator’s pussy, but Nuckles didn’t mind. The short
black woman continued to rub herself in lustful tribadism over
the pinned blonde’s face, leaning back to play with the big
girl’s pale breasts as she moaned in pleasure.

I looked into the dark, liquid eyes of the pretty black woman who
had me pinned up against the wall as she fingered me. She
pressed her thick, sensuous lips against my mouth and slid her
thick, hot tongue inside.

Despite myself, I climaxed violently. All thoughts of resistance
evaporated in the heat of my orgasm.

I’d have fallen if my dark mistress hadn’t been pinning me
against the wall. Slowly, she broke the kiss and looked at me
expectantly. Succumbing to my destiny, I slowly slid to my knees.

She spread her legs wide, to provide access. I pushed my pale
face up into her dark crotch until my nose just brushed her wiry
dark pubic hair. The scent of her arousal made my head spin with

“That’s right, baby,” she husked. “Do it.”

Needing no further direction, I buried my blonde head into the
black teen’s musky dark fur, burrowing until I found her hot, wet
slit. Delirious with lust and pleasure, I began licking and
sucking until I was rewarded with the sounds of Cole’s pleasure.

* * * * * * *

Strangely, it was Mellani who left camp the next day. Maybe I
was wrong about her being submissive. Or maybe she was just too
“straight” to succumb to other girls. Whatever the reason, after
a night of her being Nuckles’ sex-toy, we had came back after
breakfast to find the big blonde and all her stuff gone.

Since Desiree had laid claim to Melodi, that meant I got shared
for the rest of the season between the lovely Cole and the
aggressive Nuckles. We spent the summer servicing our young,
black mistresses and they were often kind enough to finger us to
orgasm while we saw to their needs. By July, Nuckles was able to
finally get her entire fist into my pussy and I loved getting
fist-fucked by her while Cole sat on my face, smothering me with
her hot, juicy cunt.

At summer’s end, we parted regretfully, but we’re all looking
forward to next season. We’ve already put in a request to room
together. When school is over, Melodi and I will move in with
our young lovers and find jobs so we can support them.

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