Coming to America
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The silver Lear Jet flew high above the giant city,
Flashing in the sunlight.

Nikki couldn’t believe her eyes. She had never
seen a city so large, all she could do was look and
wonder. Truly America was the land of opportunity, and
this strange city called New York only proved beyond
doubt that this was so. Growing up in a tiny village
in the middle of the huge Kuroz forests of Siberian
Russia hadn’t prepared her for a sight like this.

Winning the opportunity to come to America had been
nothing but a dream only weeks before. When Michael
had come to her village and told her that she had been
chosen above hundreds of other young women, Nikki
could hardly believe it. She was going to be a fashion
model. She kept thinking that it must all be a dream.

Ten minutes after spotting the east coast of Manhattan,
the agency jet was coasting to a smooth stop in front
of the executive terminal of LaGuardia International
Airport. Their plane didn’t have to wait for normal
landing clearance, their taxiway was on the north end
of the field reserved for VIP’s who were above the
petty concerns of the day-to-day traveler. It was one
of the perks of being rich and influential, Michael
pointed out to no one in particular.

As the plane taxied to a stop, Nikki could see two cars
parked close by. One was a big black limousine like the
Moscow party officials sometimes used. A big man in a
black suit and cap stood by that car, waiting. The
other was a black van with mirrored windows.

The Jet-door swooshed open and all of a sudden, a man
jumped through the opening with a radiant smile of his
face. He moved into the cabin almost before the pas-
sengers started to move around for the carry-on lug-

The smiling man came directly toward Nikki, and stood
in the aisle before her.

“Ms. Primikov, my name in Scott Willams, I’m the CEO
of the Buccannon Agency, and I personally wanted to be
the first person to greet you.”

He thrust out his hand in a firm but friendly fashion,
which Nikki took in the ritual welcoming motion expect-
ed of her. She smiled at him, but said nothing.

Scott Williams, one of the most powerful men in
American business, a sophisticated man of the world,
felt for a moment like the wind had been knocked out
of him. All he could do was stare into the mysterious
brilliant blue eyes of this wonderfully exquisite

Then after a moment’s pause, he realized that the other
passengers where waiting for him to say something to
the girl; that he was beginning to look foolish just
standing there holding her hand.

“Ahhh, Ms. Primikov, may I have the pleasure of
escorting you to the home office, and then make
arrangements for your stay with us?”

Nikki looked back at the handsome older man and smiled
again. He was probably in his late 30’s, Nikki could
never be sure about men’s ages. But at that moment, he
looked just like her younger brother Alexi: a little
awkward, a little unsure.

She was intrigued by his homey manner, especially after
her experience with Michael. He had been nothing but
insulting for most of the trip. Nothing was good enough
for him. It seemed that everything Russia was inferior
and not worth considering. Nikki had stopped trying to
talk the American after repeated insults about her

As if reading her mind, The man turned to Michael and
asked, “Mike, did Ms. Primikov enjoy her flight?”

Michael replied, “Absolutely boss, I gave her the
deluxe treatment.”

Nikki looked at Michael with loathing, and said,
“Please Mr. Williams, can we leave now?”

Scott hadn’t gotten where he was by not picking up on
body language, he knew that something had happened on
the flight, but he didn’t want to make an issue of it
in front of their new asset. He made a mental note to
have Mike Brothers called in to his office on Monday
to get to the bottom of things. But at that moment,
all he said was, “Absolutely. We just have a short trip
to the heli-pad and then off to work.”

He escorted the young woman down the few steps to the
ground, and they were on their way.

Nikki was overwhelmed. First the luxury limousine, and
the short ride to the helicopter, and then the almost
vertical ride to the top of a huge building in the
center of the city.

She was absolutely breathless. And so was Scott Wil-
liams, but not from the travel, his fight for breath
was the vision who sat beside him. Her face was flushed
in excitement, eyes shinning. From time-to-time, the
incredible creature that filled his vision, would turn
to him and chatter in gleeful excitement to him about
something he’d never noticed before. She would clap
her hands together and giggle like a happy child. For
some unexplained reason, he was extremely happy to see
her enjoying herself so, it satisfied some deep need
of his own.

Scott Williams was undeniably one of the most succes-
sful fashion executives in the world. He was still
single at 38, but was listed in People magazine as
one of the top ten most eligible bachelors in the U.S.,
he dated all the famous and important women. He just
couldn’t see any reason to get involved in a long term
relationship. As number two man and heir apparent to
the chairman of the board, Mr. Buccannon, he had his
days filled. He just couldn’t get excited about
settling down.

But even though all these thing were still true, he
wondered what being with this beautiful exotic creature
would be like. He’d have to be careful, he thought. He
didn’t want to get caught up in the moment and find
himself in court or something even worse. But still,
sitting by this woman made him think…

The couple landed at Buccannon headquarters on top of
the 100-story MACK Building where the agency controlled
the top two floors. Nikki was whisked into Benjamin
Buccannon’s office. By this time, Scott had made Nikki
comfortable enough that they where on a first name
basis. As they traveled down the elevator to the
Chairman’s suite of offices, Nikki asked in a hushed
voice, “How can there be so much wealth in clothes?
This place must cost millions and millions of dollars.”

Scott replied, “Our firm is worldwide, we cover Asia,
Europe and Russia, as well as South America, and of
course the U.S. markets. That’s a lot of clothes Nikki,
and that equates into a lot of money.

“Here we are. Are you ready to meet ‘His Supreme

“Pardon, Scott?”

“Just a little joke of mine, never mind, here we are,”
Scott chucked as he pushed the tinted glass door open
into the reception room of the chairman’s office.

After being announced, they made their way into the
huge plush office of “His Heinous.” Benjamin Buccannon
stood facing out the floor-to-ceiling window viewing
the city at dusk. One could see lights coming on all
over the horizon. When he heard them enter, he turned
with a dancer’s ease and strode across the room and
hugged Nikki to himself.

Then to her surprise, he gave her the traditional
Russian greeting of a soft kiss on each cheek and in
Russian he said, “This is truly a wonderful day! A
daughter of Russia is a daughter to me.”

Nikki stood there amazed that someone thousands of
miles away would know her village’s rural greeting.
The greeting was as old as time, but not widely used
outside of her forest area.

She stumbled over her words, “H-How would you know
the words, sir? H-How could you?”

Scott chucked and said in a playful voice, “The old
reprobate knows every trick in the book, probably had
one of his researchers pull all the plugs to get any
information about you so he could impress you.”

Mr. Buccannon shot Scott a mock pained look and led
the young woman to a lounge area. As they were seated,
he quickly outlined Nikki’s future. In short, he was
going to make her a super-model.

He asked her if she knew what a super model was. Nikki
didn’t really understand him, so he outlined it in
terms that she could not miss.

“You will be loved by millions of people all over the
world. You will be idolized, your looks, your hair
style, even your walk will be imitated by hundreds of
thousands of women from here to Russia, and beyond.
You’ll make millions of dollars, and you’ll have fun
doing it. Now, does that sound good to you?”

All Nikki said was, “Yes sir.”

Both men laughed at her simple answer, and the look of
awe written all over her beautiful face.

They had a late dinner in the office suite, and after-
ward Scott took her by agency limousine to the exclu-
sive apartment 20 minutes away.

He said, “Nikki, I am going to have you share an
apartment with one of our other girls. Rachel is a
great person, and she has offered to help you find
your way around, sort of help you acclimatize.”

Nikki expected to see an apartment when an attractive
black woman opened the door. What she saw was a very
large room. The space that opened up before them was
large enough to put her family’s whole house in, and
the hen house too!. As they walked in, Nikki could do
nothing but stare in wonder.

Rachel took her duffel bag from the doorman, and
ushered them into the sunken living room.

“Scott, it was nice of you to personally bring our new
Russian friend home, but now go home. Nikki has been
in a plane for what, 30 or 40 hours, and probably got
the works at the office too. She needs a couple of days
off now. You don’t want to harm those angelic looks of
hers do yah?”

With promises of showing Nikki New York once she was
settled in, Scott was playfully pushed out the door.

Once the CEO was gone, Rachel turned back toward the
new girl. She had known what all the fuss was about
the moment the door opened. This girl had a unique
quality about her looks. Rachel couldn’t think of
anyone that looked remotely like this girl, and what
a beauty!

The two women had some herb tea, and Nikki mostly
listened as Rachel told her what her life was going
to be like. Everything she heard from her new friend
sounded something like Mr. Buccannon had said, only
with funny things thrown in to make her laugh. After
about half an hour or so Nikki was having trouble
concentrating and began to nod off.

“Ah, I see my sleeping potion is beginning to work.
Bedtime tea always sends me. You needed to wind down.”

Rachel showed Nikki to her suite of rooms. In her tired
state, the suite looked like it went on forever, to her
amusement, later she found that one of the walls was a
mirror from floor-to-ceiling. The bathroom also had
floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall. Eventually,
when Nikki finally laid her tired young body into her
heavenly nest to sleep, she groggily noticed that the
four-poster bed canopy had mirrors looking down at her
from above. Nikki wondered…

The next day, Nikki awoke at 2 p.m. In a panic at her
sloth, she jumped up threw on a robe and hurried out
to the living room, knowing that she must be in big
trouble for sleeping so late.

Rachel was out on the terrace laying in a chaise
lounge. Nikki hurried out the sliding glass doors to
apologize, but stopped cold when she realized that she
had obviously made another terrible mistake. Her
friend Rachel was laying naked under the sun, obviously
used to the privacy she had before Nikki had moved in.

“Oh no, I’m sorry Rachel,.” Nikki blurted as she
quickly turned to leave.

“NIKKI! Don’t run away. Please come back, I’m not upset
with you.”

Nikki, was flushed with embarrassment and said,
“Rachel, I didn’t mean to invade your privacy, I will
be more careful in the future, I promise you.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’re models, our bodies are
our greatest assets, and we have to take constant care
of ’em. They must be pampered and exercised or we’re
outta business.

“Nakedness is nothing to a professional model. Between
us girls, we can walk around the house nude all the
time. As a matter of fact, we should do it as much as
possible,.” Rachel said in a soft voice.

Nikki looked uncertain, replying, “I don’t know Rachel,
I’m not used to exposing myself to others. It is not
done where I come from.”

“Sweetpea, what do you think we do for a living? We
show off our bodies. Why do you think there are so
many mirrors in this apartment?”

Nikki had been wondering about that – and waited for
her new friend to tell her.

“Because the agency wants us to be aware of the con-
dition of our bodies all the time. Walking around nude
in our safe little nest we can see each other and maybe
make suggestions.

“If I slump, you can remind me, if your tan line is
obvious I can point it out to you. You see we are
professional bodies, an exclusive club, and we have
to take care of each other.”

Nikki started to explain why she had come out on the
terrace in the first place. Rachel cut in, “Don’t
worry about work just now. You look a little tired
from your travels, you’re on rest and recuperation
at company expense. So come out here and grab a chair,
and I’ll order us a low-cal lunch from the kitchen.”

Watching as Rachel picked up the telephone beside her
chair and began to order food, Nikki wondered if she
would ever get used to this lifestyle. She looked at
her companion’s perfect body and thought, ‘She has no
tan lines, and looks much more exotic with her dark
skin than I.’ Then Nikki noticed her pubic hair, it
was neatly trimmed, it looked so…so sophisticated.
That was the word that popped into her mind.

She was a little embarrassed to undress in front of
the other woman. For the first time in her life, she
was ashamed of her body. She thought, ‘Would she
measure up in this world of perfect women?’ She was,
after all nothing more than a Russian peasant. ‘Would
they laugh at her?’

“Nikki, lunch is on the way, now take those clothes
off, and let me give you a professional critique.”

Rachel removed her sunglasses and looked expectantly
at her Russian friend.

Knowing that there was nothing else for it, but to do
as she was told, Nikki took a deep breath, to try and
slow her pounding heart and dropped her robe onto the
chaise lounge. Then without thinking further about
it, she drew her nightgown over her head and stood as
dignified as possible in front of the other woman.

“WOW! Major League,” Rachel breathed. Just then the
doorbell rang, startling Nikki, who fearfully reached
for her robe.

“NO, you don’t need to worry about an intrusion. All
our little servants are bonded and have special
security clearances. Our food man or woman, as the
case may be, will leave our food just inside the front
door on a rolling cart. Now let’s see what we have
here. Turn around slowly and let me observe.”

Nikki reluctantly dropped her robe back on the chaise
lounge and began a slow model’s turn, except this
time, she had no clothes on. She knew that she’d just
die if Rachel called her an old cow or something.
She’d never been put in this position before and was
nervous as a muskrat on a shed roof during a hot
Russian summer day. Nikki had an urge to cover her
hardening nipples, she was embarrassed, but refused
to do so knowing that it would only draw attention
to them.

What Rachel saw made her instantly jealous. She was
a top model at the agency, and had made a mega-ton
of money in her six years of employment. But even
on her best day, she had never looked like the woman
standing in front of her. The Russian girl was
perfect, not a flaw or blemish anywhere. There she
was after traveling for almost two days straight,
with no make up, and she still looked better than
98% of all the models fully made up.

Rachel noticed that Nikki’s body was tense. Her stomach
muscles where shivering, and she could she knotting
between her shoulder blades at her back. “Girl, you
have a fabulous body, you’re going to make millions,
but you have to relax a little!”

“I’m nervous, that’s all. I’m not used to showing my-
self off. I’m sorry Rachel.”

“Okay, come with me. No, no leave the clothes, I’m
gonna teach you about your body. A friend did this for
me when I was starting out, and I’m gonna pass on the
favor. Com’on Sweetpea, follow Momma.”

Nikki obediently followed her beautiful friend, watch-
ing her walk ahead of her, admiring her body in motion.
Rachel’s walk was. . .sexy, that was it, sexy. Her hips
swayed just enough to suggest something, something not
quite definable, but Nikki was sure that the rhythm of
her sway had something to do with sex. She followed her
friend into her own bedroom. “Now Sweetpea, get in the
shower and adjust the water to your liking, now go

Nikki obeyed.

The jet spray felt so good, so relaxing that Nikki
almost forgot about Rachel standing outside of the
shower stall, that is until the other woman stepped
in behind her. Nikki tensed when she felt the other
woman’s hands touch her shoulders.


“Just relax, I won’t hurt you. If you want to walk the
walk, and talk the talk honey, you gotta get comfy
with yourself. Just think of me as your teacher, this
won’t hurt I promise.”

With that said, Rachel took a bar of soap and began to
run it in the palm of her hand up and down the back of
the young Russian girl. Rachel loved the texture of
the other woman’s skin, it instantly made her sex wet.
She could tell that Nikki was enjoying the sensations
too, because she leaned her wet forehead against the
shower wall and sighed contentedly.

Rachel had a plan, and to further it she had to take a
chance, so without warning, she ran her hand with the
soap bar under Nikki’s right arm and over her breast.
Nikki tensed again, but she didn’t pull away or speak
out for Rachel to stop.

Encouraged by the girl’s silence, she wrapped her
other arm around Nikki’s body and began to massage
both breasts with soapy hands, occasionally running
them down her firm stomach.

What a heavenly sensation to massage perfect skin,
covering a perfect body! Rachel was becoming utterly
captivated by this innocent Russian girl. It was
occurring to her as she ran her hands over the girl’s
body with more and more abandon, that Nikki wasn’t
protesting. On the contrary, she was responding.

Rachel turned Nikki around to face her, and saw that
she had her eyes closed, she said quietly close to one
ear, “Now I want you to sit down on the Jacuzzi seat,
and I’ll shampoo your hair.”

The Russian girl just sighed her acquiescence to the
idea and nodded her head, eyes still closed, and a
content smile on her lovely face. Rachel was even
more captivated by the sight of the girl’s contented

Stepping behind Nikki, Rachel sat first, pulling her
friend down by the arm to sit between her spread legs.
Rachel began to shampoo the girl’s long blonde hair
working up a lather. Unable to ignore the Russian
girl’s erect nipples, Rachel started to run her
shampoo-covered hands down Nikki’s shoulders and over
her breasts and nipples.

The whole time, Rachel fantasized nursing at those
wonderful tits. She longed to nip at them with her
teeth, and to swirl her tongue around the goose bump
skin that surrounded them.

These thoughts made Rachel even hornier than before.
Without any conscious thought about doing it, the
African beauty began to move slightly against her
friend’s firm buttocks, rubbing her sex against the
other girl’s body.

As Rachel’s hand motions on Nikki’s neck, shoulders,
breasts and stomach increased in intensity, so did
her hip thrusts. Rachel began to hump against her
young friend, pulling her body back against her
crotch, crushing her sticky clitoris against her
friend’s soft firm skin, all the while letting her
quick hands dance over her friend’s front parts with

Rachel knew what was going to happen moments before
she came. As she started to convulse against the
Russian girl’s body, Rachel dropped her hands down
between her friend’s legs and began to massage Nikki’s
cunt, rubbing at her sex sensually, slowly, moving
her fingers in and out of her vagina. It was as though
she was douching her with shampoo. (which was of
course exactly what she was doing).

Rachel had a plan, and it didn’t end with her own

Nikki knew that Rachel was having an orgasm against
her, but didn’t mind, her heart rate tripled though
when her friend’s hands dropped between her legs and
moved to her vagina.

Nikki’s eyes flew open momentarily as the sensation of
the other girl’s hands against her private parts gave
way to the feeling of being invaded by the other girl’s
fingers. The sensations that were brought on by this
sudden change in events made it hard for Nikki to
breathe, she felt wonderful, it was lovely, she didn’t
want it to ever stop! But it did…

“Ohhh god, Nikki, that was almost too much. I just had
what was maybe the best orgasm of my life.”

Rachel could barely gasp the words out, she was so
overcome with emotion, and physical exertion.

Nikki reached behind her brushing the back of her hand
against her friend’s cheek and said, “I’m glad that
you had an orgasm, and that it was a good one. I too
feel much better, and have enjoyed your idea very

The Russian woman had enjoyed her friend’s attentions,
but she would have liked more.

“Nikki, we aren’t done yet. Let’s rinse and dry off,
and finish this in bed!”

Nikki was shocked. What did Rachel mean – ‘finish this
in bed?’ Nikki’s heart beat jumped into triple time
again as Rachel began to rinse her body.

Was this woman going to do lesbian things to her?. Up
until that moment, Nikki really hadn’t thought about
what they were doing. She didn’t know how to react,
didn’t know what to say, that wouldn’t offend her new

The water was turned off, Rachel pulled a towel from
the hanger and standing up against Nikki’s back, she
reached around the girl and began to dry her front.
Nikki stood there, at first in fear, then with the
sensations of the wet girl’s skin at her back, and
the rough terrycloth towel being briskly rubbed over
her breasts, and down her stomach, and then… down
between her legs, Nikki stopped worrying about what
people would think, and started to wonder what Rachel
would do her body.

Nikki had absolutely no idea what two women could do
for sex. After all, she was no expert in sex with only
two experiences – one with a fumbling boy, and the
other with a lecher who took unfair advantage of her.

Once dry, Rachel smiled up at the taller woman, and
said, “Nikki, I owe you what you gave me, and believe
me, it will be my pleasure to reciprocate! Com’on
Sweetpea, I’m gonna show you something new.”

Rachel flopped onto Nikki’s bed and held her arms out
to the Russian girl. Nikki knelt on the bed, and
flowed into the other woman’s arms, pushing herself
over onto the rumpled sheets. Both women giggled at
the feeling of freedom they experienced as they rolled
together on the bed.

Rachel, momentarily on top, reached for the Nikki’s
face. Holding it between both hands, she stared deeply
into the bright pools of blue, and said,. “Nikki you
are wonderful, we’ll be friends forever.”

Then Rachel smiled a smile that Nikki thought might be
the most beautiful smile she’d ever seen. Then Rachel
lowered her mouth – slightly open – to Nikki’s
slightly open mouth, and the two luscious young
beauties spent several minutes exploring each other’s

Rachel was the first to break the embrace, to Nikki’s
moan of disappointment.

Rachel said, “Now, now little grasshopper, you’re here
to learn something new. I’m not done yet, and we can
kiss anytime you want, just now though, I’m think’n
pay back time.”

Nikki had no idea what her friend was talking about,
so nearly jumped out of her lovely skin when Rachel
leaned forward and stuck her tongue in Nikki’s belly

Rachel held Nikki tightly so she could only squirm
a little, finally stopping for a moment to say,
“Sweetpea, you gotta stop squirming for this part to
work. The belly button thing is for desensitizing.
Once you can take the tongue in the belly button,
then you’re ready for the real fun. Now try to
control yourself, I’m gonna tongue you again, and
I want to try to hold still.”

Nikki was mystified, but a willing student.

Rachel leaned over her friend’s splayed body again
and drove her tongue into her belly button, Nikki
jumped again, for she’d never realized how sensitive
she was there before. But then she’d never had anyone
want to stick their tongue into it before either!
Finally after a minute of concentration, she overcame
the ticklish feeling and was able to lay there and
enjoy the sensation of her friend’s tongue.

Nikki almost sat up when Rachel moved her mouth from
her stomach to her vagina. What was Rachel going to

In Russian, Nikki exclaimed, “OH MY!”

Her whole body went tense when she felt the pleasant
invasion of Rachel’s lips and tongue, and “OH!!”

Nikki remembering her instructions, and tried to lay
back and not move. Her mind was racing, the thought
of someone putting their mouth on her sexual parts
had never occurred to her before. But now that it
was happening, Nikki loved it!

Rachel’s mouth and tongue was running all over her
female sex organs, and every time she gave attention
to her clitoris, Nikki couldn’t stay still no matter
how hard she tried.

Rachel was making little whimpering noises as she
sucked her girlfriend, the noises were too much for
Nikki’s senses, she couldn’t hold back if she had
wanted to. Nikki felt the pulling sensation deep
within her stomach and thighs as her orgasm raged
up to the surface.

She weakly called out to warn Rachel, but her friend
just redoubled her efforts.

Then it was upon her!

Nikki’s sweat covered body convulsed almost into a
sitting position, and stayed that way as wave after
wave of orgasm raged through her entire body. In
Nikki’s tense – almost sitting position, her perfectly
muscled legs thrust out on either side of Rachel’s
head, and balanced almost completely on her shapely
derri�re, she could see the wonderful contrast of skin
colors between the two of them. A crazy thought flashed
into her mind that they would make the most exquisite
modeling partners!

Then the thought was replaced by pain, exquisite pain,
as Rachel nibbled on her clitoris. Nikki screamed in
lust and ecstasy and came again.

They didn’t get around to ‘lunch’ until almost eight
o’clock that night, but Nikki had most assuredly lost
her shyness about walking around the apartment and
sunning in the nude…

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