Anniversary Marking (Mdom ,MFM ,anal)
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She had been with her master for six months now. He had
mentioned a number of times over the past month he would be doing
something special to mark their six month anniversary.

He had told her they had an appointment at 12:00. She was to
shower, shave as usual, and he had selected the clothes she was
to wear. He had chosen a nice little outfit, short skirt, a
tight little top and high heels. No underwear of course but
no-one would know that. She was looking forward to the day as
she dressed. She wondered what they would be doing, thinking he
might be taking her somewhere nice for lunch. Maybe a bottle of
wine, then back home to cuddle up in bed together and spend the
afternoon making love.

He didn’t normally allow her the pleasure of being in his bed and
making love. His usual treatment of her would be to have her
naked at his feet to be treated as his pet dog. He liked nothing
better than watching her cower as he brought his belt down hard
across her arse, or seeing her splutter and gag as he put his
cock in her mouth, laughing as he emptied his bladder into her
mouth. But it was their six month anniversary and he had
promised something special to mark the occasion.

They left home at 11.30, heading towards the city, then further
north till they came to a small group of shops in a side street.
She wasn’t sure where she was. There didn’t appear to be any
restaurants nearby. “Come on my little slut.” I followed as my
master hopped out of the car and walked a couple of doors down to
a shop. I swallowed as I saw what type of shop it was – a

I knew better than to say anything as I followed him inside. But
I hoped he wasn’t planning to give me a tattoo. I really didn’t
like them on girls, and wondered how I could get out of this.
Inside the shop a large biker type of guy was behind the counter,
great big arms covered in tatts, bald head and long beard. He
looked me up and down, focusing on my bare legs and short skirt.
Smiling and nodding, he looked at my master, “So this is the girl
you’d like your mark on. I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

I felt even more nervous after his comment. They had obviously
discussed what they had in mind, and I wasn’t liking the sound of
it. But I knew if I didn’t follow my master’s orders he would
discard me and find a new slave and I didn’t want that.

“Through here.” The tattooist led us through a curtained doorway
to a back room. A long narrow table was in the center of the
room with a low stool at the end. The walls were covered in
shelves, filled with a variety of evil looking instruments and
different colored inks. On the table was a folder the tattooist
picked up. “This is what I drew up after our conversation.” He
took out some drawings, showing them to my master. I couldn’t
see what was on them as the two of them discussed the different
pages. After a few minutes of discussion, my master made his
decision and placed on the table in front of me the drawing he
had chosen. I felt a little bit of relief when I saw the result
as it was quite small. Not much more than 1cm across, it was a
small red circle outlined in blue. In the middle of the circle
was the letter P also in blue. Obviously the ‘P’ representing
Master Peter.

“I am having you marked so people will know you are my property.”
My Master told me. “The tattoo is a semi permanent type which
lasts 3 months. Therefore each 3 months you will be taken to a
tattooist for a new mark. Now lie back on the table so we can
see where to place my mark.”

The tattooist sat on the stool at the end of the table, and I was
trying to push my skirt down as master pushed me back onto the
table, knowing the tattooist would be able to see I wasn’t
wearing any underwear. But my master slapped my hands away, and
taking hold of my ankles, he pushed my legs to my chest,
completely exposing my naked shaved pussy. I felt my face go red
in complete embarrassment as the two men discussed the best
position for my tattoo. Four hands pulling and prodding at my
pussy lips, deciding how close to my labia my master’s mark was
to be placed.

They finally agreed where to position the mark and the process
began. I was ordered to lie completely still as I heard the whir
of the tattoo machine turned on. I could feel the fat fingers of
the tattooist as he pushed my labia aside to make a nice flat
surface for his artwork. I could feel his hot breath between my
legs as he leant over me, the pricking of the tattoo machine
jabbing at my tender skin. Sometimes almost tickling more than

To my humiliation I began to become aroused as he worked. I
could feel my cunt beginning to throb and I knew my juices were
beginning to flow. I tried to think of something else to stop my
arousal, but just then my Master twisted his hand through my
hair. Pulling my head towards him, he unzipped his pants, and
taking out his hard cock he began to fuck my mouth.

Moaning, I accepted his penis deep in my throat. I could feel my
juices beginning to seep out now. The tattooist gave a deep
laugh as he began to push his thick fingers inside me, still
continuing with the tattoo with his other hand. The tattooist
finished his work just as my master ejaculated his sperm down the
back of my throat.

My legs were spread wide as the two men examined the mark of my
master. I knew they would be able to see the glistening of my
juices on my pussy lips as the looked at me. “It will only take
a few days to completely heal. ” the tattooist said. “I suggest
you use her back passage till then.” Someone’s fingers smeared
the juices from my pussy down to my arse.

“We’d better pay you for your services and get going.” Master
helped me up from the table, then smiling at me, he turned me
round and pushed me forward across the table. Lifting my skirt,
he spread my arse cheeks as I heard trousers being unzipped and
the grunting of the tattooist as his hard fat cock was pushed
into my arse.

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