Wives Prefer It Black
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Finally, after years of coaxing, I convinced my gorgeous
brunette wife, to live out my fantasy of watching her getting down and
dirty with another guy. It had always been a fantasy of her’s too,
but it took a few years together before she would believe that it
wouldn’t lead to problems in our relationship.

As soon as she agreed and I saw her in action I realized that I
had released the nymphomaniac in her. The very first time we picked up
a guy was in a porno theater. She selected the only Black man in the
theater, because she liked the fact that he was nasty enough to be
jacking off a big cock (in semi-public) and occasionally looking over
his shoulder to catch a beaver shot under my wife’s miniskirt, as she
purposely crossed and recrossed her long shapely legs. Plus she felt
that having me watch a wet Black cock sliding past her red lips and
pumping in and out of her pink pussy would make the act that much more
nasty. She was right. At one point as she was pointing her slightly
parted legs straight at him. To get me more excited she leaned over
and whispered to me that she wanted to feel and taste what he was
holding in his hand. As he stroked his cock, she got up and went to
sit in the seat next to him, reached into his lap and slipped her
dainty hand around his member, squeezed, and whispered something his
ear. He must have liked what he was feeling and hearing, because he
quickly zipped up and just as they headed up the aisle past me, my
wife’s new friend looked over at me and nodded for me to come along.
Obviously, she let him know that I was part of this.

We piled into our van. As I drove home, the dark stranger
commented on how fine my wife was. Then I heard kissing and the
rustle of clothes behind me. It couldn’t have been more than 30
seconds when I looked back and saw my usually shy wife loudly slurping
and slobbering all over an enormous jetblack cock. It was like she was
in a trance.

I told her not to make him cum before we got home. But, our
Black stranger suddenly gripped my wife’s head to hold it still and
began face fucking her and as he looked over at me he said, “Too late,
your wife is too good a cocksucker. She about to eat her first load
of cum from her new Black master.” Then he looked back down at her and
as he fucked away between her pouty red lips he said “Ain’t that
right, ‘ho? Are you thirsty for my cum? Come on, tell your man what
you want.” He then pulled her head back by her hair until his cock
head popped loose from her vacuum-like grip with a loud slurping pop.
As she moaned and licked her lips, my slut wife answered his question
by grabbing his 9 inch pole with both of her little hands tipped with
bright red nails, and began jacking him off, talking straight to his
cock, “Mmm, your cum tastes so good. Do all Black cocks taste this
good?” Just as I got parked and turned around I saw her look up into
this nameless Black man’s face. With his pre-cum coating her entire
face below the nose, she begged, in the most sensuous tone, “Please
feed me now, master. I want you to fill my stomach and cover my face
with your sweet warm cum.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and how she was acting,
but my cock was tearing through my pants as our new domineering friend
suddenly pulled her head back and told her to open her slutty
cocksucking mouth and stick out your tongue. Just as she complied,
his dick began to spit thick white globs of jizz onto her outstretched
tongue. She held her tongue still as he painted it and her face with
spurt after spurt of what looked like hot paste. What she didn’t catch
right in the mouth, she scooped up with her fingers and licked them
off, with loud smacking noises and moans of extacy. Then he ordered
her ‘lick my juicy Black cock clean, my beautful slut’, which she did
with pleasure, all the time moaning “Mmmmm, so good. Here’s some
more,” as she’d find another wad of cream to stick her tongue into.

Finally, when she decided that she had lapped up all of the cum
that had escaped her mouth, she rocked back on her knees, looked over
at me to show me how much of her face was juiced up with cum residue,
and as she rubbed it into her face with both hands she said “I could
get addicted to Black cock cream real quick. Damn, I can’t believe how
good it tastes.”

Her new Master had more plans for his new whore. He grabbed her
ass and pulled her to him, sticking his tongue into her receptive cum
coated mouth. When she began responding to the passionate kiss (which
took about 2 seconds) he pushed her back and told me, “Let’s go in the
house and let me prove to cock hungry bitch that once she’s tried
Black, she can never go back.” With that the three of us climbed out
of the car and ran to the house (and the bedroom). When we got there
he said, “Now, ‘ho, show me where you want me to put this next” as he
grabbed his cock.

I would have stopped everything at this point if I would have
detected from my wife that she didn’t want to do this. But, she looked
at me and said, “I want you to watch while my Black master and I fuck
until we both cum. Okay, honey?” She wasn’t really looking for
permission from me because she turned around without waiting for an
answer, bent over the bed and reached back to lift her miniskirt the
rest of the way over hips to reveal her perfectly shaped ass. her
white G-string panties barely covering her wet cunt. I knew by the
look on this guy’s face that he couldn’t believe his good luck in
having such a beautiful white woman want to be his sex object.

She looked back over her shoulder at her new lover and began
begging him “Fuck me in my pussy. Deep and hard with your big
beautiful cock. Make me cum with it. Please, master. Make my husband
watch while you turn me into your cock craving whore.” Now, I wasn’t
about to interrupt the show, so I chimed in, “Yeah, fuck that tight
pink pussy long and hard. I want to see her cum around your cock. make
sure that you shoot your next wad deep in her cunt when she cums.

“Did you here that, ‘ho?” Your husband wants you to enjoy
yourself and fuck me until I shoot my big Black baby making load deep
in that tight White pussy of yours. What do you say.” She just reached
back with both hands, grabbed his hips and pushed herself back on his
cock until it was buried all the way to his balls in her sloppy wet
cunt; all 9 inches. As soon as he hit bottom, he pumped it in and out
about five times and she came screaming. As she finished he buried his
cock all the way inside her and blasted her pussy full with a load of
his jizz. She moaned, “Oh, God! What’s happening to me,” and flopped
forward on the bed, shivering in extacy. “I need more. Give me more,
baby. I need some more Black cock. That was the hardest I’ve ever cum
in my life and that only took a couple of pumps.”

Our new friend proposed that we go back to his house where he
lives with two other guys, both Black. Together the three of them
would feed my wife more cum and fuck her until she begged them to
quit. The only thing my wife asked was if his friends’ cocks were as
big as his. “Do you want to find out?” he said. She looked over at me
for approval and when I told her it was up to her, she asked Derrick
(his name) if he was going to make her do nasty things for his
friends. “Here! Lick my cock clean. Then we’ll go.” My hot wanton wife
proceeded to clean every reminent of cum off of his cock and balls
with her tongue for the second time that night. “How’s that, Master?”
she said, smacking her lips. “Fine, cunt. Now lay back on the bed and
play with your- self while your old man drives us to your destiny.”

As soon as we got inside his apartment, he introduced us to his
two friends. “This is Mack, and this hot looking woman with my cum
drying on her face is Angela, his wife. Angela blushed, but did
nothing to wipe her face off. In fact, she ran her tongue over her
lips to see if she could feel any when he said that. Our two new
friend’s chins were hanging open with disbelief as they stared at a
truly beautiful white woman in a spandex mini skirt, licking her lips.
Derrick then ordered my wife to take off her skirt and g-string,
leaving on her short blouse. By the time she had complied, she was so
excited that her nipples were so hard they poked through the material.
She looked like one of those porno sluts in the XXX movies. I felt a
great pride in the fact they all knew that no matter what she was
willing to do with them, she was still coming home with me.

Darrel told her to go her new friends and tell them what she
wanted. It was like she was hypnotised by him. Here’s my gorgeous
wife, standing nearly naked in a room with me and 3 strangers, all
very Black skinned, asking them if they would please let her suck all
the cum out of their beautiful Black cocks and then fuck her tight,
wet pussy.

“Damn right, baby! Let’s go!” They picked Angela up rather
roughly, carried her into one of the bedrooms and laid her out face up
on the bed. One of her Black lovers immediately climbed up and
straddled her heaving chest. He grabbed the back of her head and
lifted it with one hand while grabbing his hard on with the other and
rubbing the already dripping cockhead all over her mouth and lips. My
wife was up to the task. She puckered her lips and flicked her tongue
all around as the big Black cock head painted thin strings like cob
webs all over her open mouth. Damn, it was the nastiest sight I ever

Then the other ebony stranger got between my wife’s legs, pulled
her toward him until her knees were fully bent and plunged his massive
dick into her pussy. She grunted in lust, but no words could escape
her cock-stuffed mouth. He began to thrust all the way in and out and
soon Angela was pumping back at him, grinding her pelvis down to get
him in deeper. Then, suddenly he pulled out of her sopping cunt,
grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs far back and shoved his big
Black cock into her virgin asshole. “Oh, God!” she screamed, but never
pulled away from the onslaught of his burrowing cock. I couldn’t
believe how fast her asshole accepted and got comfortable with such a
big cock pumping in and out of it.

Darrel and I were getting an up-close view of the action when
Darrel suddenly climbed up on the bed next to my wife’s head, started
jacking off right next to the cock that was stuffed in her mouth, and
said to his buddies, “Let’s fill her stomach and ass with nigger jizz.
Shell love it and won’t miss a drop. Watch!” He grabbed her hair and
pulled her head back so that her mouth popped free of the cock that
was filling it, and proceeded to shoot great gobs of white cream
across her tongue and down into her gullet. As my wife smacked her
lips to swallow, the man’s cock began to spurt on her face too. It was
coming too fast for her to eat all at once, but through the onslaught
of jizz that was totally coating her face, she managed to beg for all
of their cum. What a nasty slut she had become in one evening. Her
tongue was flailing all around in a feeble attempt to catch it all, as
she was having an amazing orgasm around the cock in her ass. Then her
butt-fucking lover ripped his member out of her ass and shot it all
over stomach. Some of the thick white cum, puddled up in her belly
button. She scooped up the gobs and sucked it off of her fingers,
slurping and smacking her lips as she cleaned her hands of the goo.

By the time those three Black men were done with her that night,
they had fucked all three of her holes at least 2 more times each.
I’ve never seen or heard of a woman taking so much cock and cum in one
outing, let alone it being my beautiful sexy wife.

As we were walking out the door of their apartment, Darrel said
“Your wife is our whore now, and when I call you, you bring her over
to empty our balls or I’ll come and take her away for good. So, enjoy
her whenever we don’t need her. Got it?”

Before I could object, my new ‘Black-cock whore-wife’ rubbed my
cock through my pants and whispered in my ear “Don’t fight it, baby. I
can handle all of you!” Then she looked over her shoulder at her new
sex partners as we walked out the door and winked at them, “Yes,
Masters. He understands. Call soon.” Then we went home and slept for
1 full day. That is, at least, until the phone rang and woke us up.

Meeting #2 with Darrel.

Hi. Joe.

I can’t believe that I wrote this story instead of my husband,
but I really wanted to. The only problem was every time I got going
on it, it rekindled the memory of that day and I kept getting so hot
and horny that I had to stop writing and go find my husband, Mack, and
get fucked really well. But I finally finished it. So here’s every
detail of my second time as Darrel’s hot white whore. You know from
the letter that my husband wrote that Darrel (a Black man that we
picked up in a porno theater), took me and turned me into his whore
for the evening. My husband loved being there for all of the nasty
things that I did with Darrel and his friends. I really liked being
dominated by this big Black man, so we decided that it would be fun to
do it again, if he called.

Well, he did. Just before the weekend he called and told me
that he wanted me to be his whore on Saturday while attending a
business meeting/ barbeque at his father’s house. It was to be to the
benefit of his father who owned a roofing company. Darrel wanted me
to help him seal a deal with a couple of Black brothers who were
contractors that were letting Darrel’s father, Hank, bid on the roof
work for three houses that they were remodeling.

I was to be Darrel’s girlfriend. My husband was to pretend to
be my brother who I’m living with and I was to dress in a silk blouse
(no bra) so that my nipples showed, a pleated mini skirt (with
g-string panties underneath) and heels. I have such a nice tan that
I don’t need nylons to accentuate my legs. I also had to wear my hair
in two pigtails and paint my lips as red as possible and look as young
as possible. I’m only 22 anyway, but when I was done getting ready,
Mack said I looked 16 or 17. Perfect.

I was so horny thinkng about all of the possibilities of the
day, that I had to get into my husband’s pants before leaving for the
bar-b-que and suck out a full load of his cum to satisfy my desire for
the juice that I love most in life. As soon as I told him that I
hoped Darrel would make me suck and fuck his father, Mack grunted and
filled my mouth with cum until it overflowed my lips and poured onto
his stomach. As I licked up the puddle from his belly button, I
described the way I would eat all their Black cocks and ride them all
night while he watched. He loves it when I talk dirty, so I planned
to do plenty of it when the opportunity arose. I cleaned my husband
up with my tongue, repainted my lips with bright red lip gloss and off
we went to the address that Darrel had given us.

Darrel met us at the door, his father behind him. He grabbed
me, pulled my to him roughly and stabbed his tongue into my receptive
mouth. After he got done licking my tonsils and groping my ass, he
broke the kiss and introduced my to his father. “Pop, this is Angela.
Call her honey, cause she’s so sweet to eat. This is her brother,
Mack. ”

“Hi Mack. Helllloooo Angela! I couldn’t wait to meet you after
all of the things that Darrel told me about you”, he said. I noticed
that he had a nice big bulge in shorts, so Darrel must have told him
some good stuff. Hank stared at my now pert nipples as he talked to
me and I stared back at his cock bulge.

“I hope he told you all good things about me, because if he told
you everyting about me, you’d think I was a bad girl”.

“All the things he told me sound like you’re – a good girl!”

“Darrel, what did you tell your dad about me?” I asked.

“I only told him how you were going to show him, before the
brothers arrived, what you would do to help him get the deal. Now
show my father your beautiful tits and pussy, then show him your
talents,” said Darrel as he raised my skitt to show his dad my little
panties that barely covered my wet pussy hole.

In the meantime, Mack started rubbing his crotch knowing what I
was about to be subjected to. Darrel turned to my husband and said,
“Mack, sit down and watch while me and my father take your sister into
that nasty world of kinky sex that she loves so much. If you get too
horny, you have my permission to cum in or on her.”

I immediately tweaked my own nipples thru my blouse before
slowly stripping it over my head. I threw it to Darrel and asked “Do
you like my titties, daddy? You can show me by sucking them for me.
It gets me really hot.” Darrel’s dad got on his knees in front of me,
which put his mouth level with my tits, and I held them for him to
suck. God, his sucking felt good. My sensitive pussy was getting
wet. Then he said that he wanted to see the rest of my body and suck
that too. I slid my skirt down and left only my G-string panties and
my high heels on. Darrel liked that slutty look.

Then Darrel said “Pop, while you suck on whatever you want, I’ll
show you how good she suck too.” I knew that all of this foreplay
would make Darrel fuck my mouth full of his delicious cum very soon.
He sat me on the floor, my back against the sofa between my husband’s
legs, then proceded to straddle my face while his father took up
position between my legs, to suck me off. God, I live for these
nasty adventures. They excite me, mind, body and soul. Darrel then
asked me what I wanted. “Please, Master! Fuck my hot little mouth
with your beautiful Black cock and let me drink your cum. And daddy,
I want to cum on your mouth before I suck and fuck your cock too.
Pleeeaaasssee,” I begged.

Daddy pulled my G-string out of the way and began finger fucking
me while he sucked my sensitive little pick clit. Nothing gets me off
quicker. He was an expert. In the meantime Darrel started rubbing
the pre-cum wet tip of this 9″ cock all over my face. In my eye
socket, on my cheeks, across my pouty lips. Then he told my husband to
tell me what to do with my mouth.

He leaned over into my ear and whispered, “Do you want to eat
Darrel’s cum? Show me how much you like to suck Black cock. Eat it
and make nasty wet sounds with it until he pulls your head back and
makes you eat that warm sweet necter”. I looked into Darrel’s eyes as
I opened my mouth and took the head in. Then as I swirled my tongue
around and around the big purple head, he closed his eyes and grabbed
two handfulls of my hair and began to skull fuck my face. God I
wanted to eat his cum so bad I couldn’t stand it much longer,
specially with the intense workout my pussy was getting from daddy ‘s
tongue and fingers. I was bucking my hips against his mouth and
trying to force out a load of Darrel’s cum at the same time, all while
my husband was closely watching his whore wife’s performance. I was
in heaven.

Just as I began to cum, Darrel began to pulse in that familier
way just before his blasts off. He moaned, “Pop, Pop, God. Quick.
Watch this. See how she eats Black cock cum. Yeah, baby, I’m
cumming for you. Are you gonna eat it up”. “Mmmmm”, was all I coud
muster since I was cumming myself, but he knew what that meant.

Suddenly Darrel cried, “Quick Mack, grab you sister’s head and
hold it back. Quick! Quick!” Just as my husband grabbed both sides of
my head and pulled it back so that I was looking toward the ceiling,
Darrel’s massive cock popped free of my sucking mouth and began to
spurt cum at my face. I grabbed it with both of my little hands and
aimed the shooting wads all over may face, making sure that the last
spurts landed on my extended tongue. Mmmmmm, I knew that Daddy would
love the sight of his son’s cum painting my pretty White face and

Just as I was finishing licking up all the jizz that escaped my
mouth, I felt and saw more cum shooting from above my head and over
onto my face and clear down to my chest. Mack couldn’t hold back
after seeing his wife’s pretty face full of a Black man’s cum and her
pussy dripping from an old Black man’s tongue. I rubbed his cum into
my chest and all over my tits, making them shine like my face. I was
a cummy mess. I loved every minute of it, but I had one more cock to
empty to complete the preview of what might happen at the meeting, if

Darrel climbed off of my face and as Daddy sat up from between
my legs, I became even more excited. I could see that his cock was at
least 10″ long and as big around as my wrist. It was literally the
biggest cock I’d ever seen in my life. I knew I had to have it
frictioning in and out of my hot wet cunt as soon as possible. But
first I wanted him to partake of my cocksucking talents.

I couldn’t stop staring at this massive Black pleasure pole as I
made Daddy sit on the couch between my husband and Darrel. This way
they could watch me try and work this monster to a frenzy.

I looked into Daddy’s eyes and as I lick up the precum that was
drooling down the side and smacked my lips, I maoned in the nastiest
toone that I could muster , “Ohhh, Daddy! This is the biggest, most
beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. I want to fuck it with my mouth until
I taste your sweet cum, then I want to climb up on it and fuck it with
my tight little pussy until you shoot me full of your baby-making
juice. Please, Daddy, can I? Can I?”

I didn’t really give him time to answer. I opened my mouth as
wide as I could to get the masive head past my lips. Try as I might,
that’s all that I could get into my mouth. So I started pumping the
monster with both hands, faster and faster, and used my mouth and
tongue on the tip until he started to grunt. Both my husband and my
Black master, were cheering me on, knowing that I’d half drown in cum
if it went off in my mouth.

I couldn’t wait any longer to fuck it, my pussy was dripping
with anticipation. So, I pulled my mouth off, rubbed the huge head all
over my face (for all of the men’s nasty benefit). Then I stood up
and slid off my G-string panties and put them on Daddy’s head. I
turned around and gave Daddy his first look at my tight White ass. I
climbed onto his lap facing away from him so that he could watch his
big Black cock sliding in and out of my tight little pussy lips. This
also afforded me a position to suck off my Master and my Husband, if
they so desired ( I knew they would).

I reached between my legs and held Daddy’s cock still while I
worked my pussy down on it. I was really wet, but it still took me 5
minutes to get my- self all the way down on it. In that time I came
screaming in ecstasy twice from the thickness if it. I had never had
my pussy stretched so wide. It felt incredible once got used to the
mass of it.

As soon as I hit bottom I came for a third time. I’m not
shitting you. No man had ever had a cock this deep into me before and
just the thought of having a Black cock reach deeper that any cock
into my body, excited my over the edge. Daddy grabbed my hips, slid my
cunt up and down on his shiny Black fuck pole. He said that he like
watching my little White pussy lips stretch to the limit with each
stroke. I was moaning constantly with my eyes closed and didn’t
notice that Mack and Darrel were jacking off in front of me right near
my contorted face.

Daddy began to grunt and suddenly I could feel him filling my
pussy to the brim with his burning hot cum. He yelled, “Take it,
baby. Feel my cum filling up your young body.” Those nasty words
mixed with his hot spray sent me to my fourth orgasm on his cock. The
cum began to push its way out from between our locked genitals because
there was simply too much for my cunt to hold. At the same time, I
was screaming in orgasm, the other two cocks blasted into my open
mouth and all over my chin and tits. I licked them clean.

I felt like a rag doll from the hottest fuck I’d ever had in my
life, but I slowly worked my way off of the shrinking Black monster,
turned around and knelt between Daddy’s legs and ate up all of his
excess cum with nasty smacking and slurping sounds while thanking him
for the hottest fuck of my life. He said, “No! Thank you! No woman
has ever taken my cock all the way in before. You can have your
brother bring you over for a repeat any time, Honey.”

I went in and took a shower and put my clothes back on before
the brothers rrived for the bar-b-que. When I came out my Master,
Daddy and my husband were all dressed, but I could tell that I
drained them of not only all their cum but also their energy. If I
was going to get any more cock for a while, it was going to have to be
the brothers that were just now arriving in their car. So, I went to
Daddy, stuck my tongue in his ear, and in my sluttiest voice I asked,
“Can I be your fuck slave for the evening, please. I promise I
won’t let you down. You can use me to close your business deal with
those beautiful Black men that I see in the driveway. Please! Please!
Pleeaassee!” He asked his son if he’d let his dear old father be my
Master for the evening, and of course Darrel couldn’t say no to his
Dad. Darrel looked at my husband and said, “I guess your sister
hasn’t had enough cock yet. Just sit back and watch her do her stuff

Daddy got the job and my mouth, pussy and asshole were very sore
by the time we went home. I’ll let my husband tell you about the
party in the next and last episode with Darrel. It wasn’t the last
time I fucked Black men. I’ll never be able to stop doing that.

If I were your wife, would you let me do such things? I hope
so. Tell me what think.

Love, Angela


The two brothers, Earl and Carl, entered the house and curiously
enough they had their teenage sons with them (Junior, 17 and James,
15). We were all introduced and again I was Angela’s brother and
Darrel was her boyfriend.

Darrel’s father had a huge spa in the backyard and we decided
that since it was getting down below 70 degrees outside that we would
get in it and relax with some wine. All of the guys were already in
when my foxy wife came out in a tiny thong bikini and proceded to
climb in. Since there were no more places to sit, she sat down on her
boyfriend’s lap. The teenager’s mouths were hanging open at the sight
of this beautiful White woman’s body.

Angela was so hot from the fucking that the three of us gave her
two hours earlier that she didn’t care that we had minors in our
presents. Darrel and I could tell that she was going to push all of us
to gangbang her very soon and I was right

Suddenly she blurted out, “Being in a spa with clothes on is
like masterbating with a dildo that has no batteries. Does anyone
mind if I get more comfortable.” The men and boys looked around at
each other and all shook their heads no, but it didn’t really matter
to my wife who already had her top off and then stood and held onto
James’ shoulders while she peeled off her bottom and handed the two
pieces to the other youth. Her pussy was right at the 15 year old
James’ eyelevel, only a foot away.

She then sat back down on Darrel’s lap and asked how long it was
going to take for us to get naked also. Believe it or not the two
boys were the first to throw their shorts out of the Spa. She
immediately scooted over and sat down across the boys’ laps (since
they were sitting side by side) and then asked the rest of us to
finish getting naked. “I can’t in good conscience do these boys, but
if you daddies don’t mind, they can watch and learn a few things. My
boyfriend doesn’t mind if I have all of you and I need this fire in me
put out. Anyone who wants me, meet me in Daddy’s master bedroom,
now.” With that she turned to Darrel and said, “Bring my brother to
watch his nasty sister get the fucking of her life and off she went
(naked and wet) into the house.

Darrel explained what we had done to her a few hours earlier and
that we stopped rather quickly when they showed up. “The fact is, we
should have just continued on and had you join us. Oh, well. At
least we got a break from her. She is totally hooked on Black men
just the sight of a Black cock turns her into a raging nympho. Right

“She’s been that way all of her adult life,” I said.

Darrel continued, “If you want to let your boys learn a thing or
two, it’s okay with me. Just let them go in first and we’ll look
through the window. She’ll be good to them. What do you say boys?
Want some White pussy?” The boys looked excitedly at each other and
then at their respective fathers with a begging look.

“No time like the present, right boys?” said Earl. The boys
bolted for the door, not even bothering to dry off. Who could turn
down an opportunity to fucked by the hottest-looking white woman
they’d ever seen.

Carl chimed in, “I guess we have their answer. I hope your
girlfriend takes it easy on my little one. He’s only 15.”

Darrel said to them, “If I know my bitch, those boys are going
to learn to fuck a woman’s mouth, pussy and maybe even her asshole.
They are also going to have to learn to last, because that what Angela
likes, lots of long periods of sucking and fucking on Black meat.
Let’s get to the window before the show starts. Pop, why don’t you go
in and help the boys get used to her. I know she’ll love that.”

“Good idea son. Can’t turn her loose on these poor boys without
them knowing what to expect?” The fathers couldn’t believe the size
of Darrel’s Daddy’s cock as he stepped out of the spa and he was only
half hard. As he went into the house, the rest of us made for the
bedroom window.

The window was slightly open, so we could here everything. Here
was my wife about to have here way with virgin Black cock. I was very
excited for her and myself, for that matter. The boys and Daddy
entered the room and my wife immediately knealt on the floor in front
of them. “I was hoping it would be the two of you to help put out my
fire. First let me taste you beautiful cocks. Don’t be afraid to
fuck my mouth. If you want to cum, then make sure you let me know so
that I can taste it. I love cum and will eat all you can make.
Daddy, lay down on the floor so that I can fuck my pussy up and down
on your big cock, while I taste some virgin cock.” After she got used
to the size of Daddy’s cock again, she instructed the the teenagers to
start running the heads of their young cocks all over her pretty white
face until it shined with their pre-cum. As my wife moaned with the
pleasure of her first orgasm, I shot my load onto the wall.

The fathers couldn’t believe how excited I got watching my
sister having sex with their two young boys. That’s when I admitted
my true identity . They were shocked, and said that in that case they
were going to give me something to watch after their sons were done,
to make me shoot another load onto the wall. I told them that I hoped
to get to paint the whole wall with my jizz by the end of the evening.
I said that I would stay out here while all of them had their way with
her until they were satisfied.

The boys were so excited by just rubbing their cock heads on
this pretty womans face that the younger one announced that he was
going to cum. Angela smiled at him as she opened her mouth and told
them to aim their sweet juice into her mouth. They both began to
grunt and spurt huge amounts of cum into my wife’s mouth and all over
her extended tongue. She then grabbed both young cocks and proceded
to milk them dry and lick them clean, while they just stood there in
awe, watching. She started having a screaming orgams as Daddy shot a
big load way up in her cunt. The boys looked puzzled, but she had
such a tight grip on their cocks that they knew she was okay.

Everything went crazy after that. The fathers and Darrel went
inside and the six of them proceded to fuck my nasty White whore in
every way imaginable. She just kept screaming through orgasm after
orgasm, and begging them to fuck her deeper and harder.

By the end of the night she had fucked each father and his son
simultaneously, twice, allowing each to cum in her pussy and mouth.
She kept looking out the window at me and lipped a thank you every few
minutes. The men also were verbally narrating their acts to me while
I looked on.

All went well. Darrel’s father got the job. The boys probably
will never again in their lives get fucked as good as they did this
day. The fathers got more that their share of perks for giving Daddy
the job. And after all was done, Angela lovingly gave Darrel a final
(never to forget) blow-job, before coming home with me. When we got
into bed, she whispered that she saved her asshole for me and turned
over on all fours. She let me fuck in the ass for the first time in
our marriage. It was hot.

We haven’t seen Darrel again, because we moved out of state
shortly after this incident. But, those young boys opened up and whole
new world of sex for Angela and her wife watching husband.

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