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Private Pool Party with lesbian girls
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Check out the questionnaire!) It was an unseasonably warm April evening. I was house-sitting for
some rather wealthy friends of mine. They were in Asia for three
weeks, and I had the run of their house … in return for keeping their
dogs and cats fed. There were some definite perques to this
assignment. Their house was up in the …

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Exposing All by Angela Dean
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When I left the University I had a degree in
photography, and I looked forward to becoming a full-
time professional.

What I hadn’t counted on was that for each job, there
were at least twenty qualified applicants. And my sex
was definitely a hindrance, too, as they seemed to
favor male photographers. I became disheartened and
desperate, until I …

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Veronica’s Obsession
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Veronica whispered in Sylvie’s ear, “She’s such a whore, but her
I’ll get down on my knees behind her and I’ll lick her with
abandon. I’ll lick her ass.

I’ll give her an ass-licking she’s never going to forget. I’ll
lick her ass so good she’s going to fall in love with me. I’ll
show her ass-licking.

She’s got …

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