Wendy goes to Paris with her friends
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Dear Mum, well here I am in Paris at last. I have found
a 24-hour Internet cafe so will be able to keep in touch
at any time I want.

We had a good trip here. The flight was on time and we
got on board and found our seats. Miss Roberts had made
sure we were all sitting together. The three juniors had
one row of seats and we seniors another.

It was awful having to travel in our school uniforms,
but we had pulled them up to make the most of our
girlish legs. There was a gorgeous stewardess who looked
after us and told us some good places to go to in Paris.
I want to be a stewardess but why don’t they give them
sexier uniforms? We could scarcely see her legs and only
saw her tits when she bent low to serve our lunch.

We teased her by opening our blouses so she could see
most of our breasts. I noticed she had undone a few
buttons herself when she came back with the coffee. She
made sure we got an eyeful of her creamy white breast
flesh. We enjoyed flirting with her.

We went straight to the hostel when we arrived. We girls
are in a dorm, just the six beds. Miss Roberts is in a
single room, next door. We all changed into our own
clothes, I am wearing the micro-mini dress you bought
me. Now we have been let out. I am going to look for a
shop the stewardess told me about that sells French

I will email again later, love Wendy.


To Pam @mrdouble.com Monday 5.10pm

Chere Maman, I have had such an exciting afternoon! I
found the lingerie shop. It was a tiny place and the
owner welcomed me in French. But she talked English when
she saw I didn’t understand her properly.

I said I wanted a bra and panty set and she helped me
choose a few to try on. I was embarrassed because I
didn’t know what size I am in metric and she did not
understand my 32c! However Madeline, that was her name,
said she would measure me and she took me into a
changing room, after locking the shop door. She was so
kind; she insisted I strip completely and then helped me
take off my clothes.

I did not mind in the least, as she was just the type I
like, tall and dark and slim. A bit like you in fact.
She was about your age. Then she said she would measure
me. You’ll never guess how! Madeline turned me around so
she stood behind me, told me to hold my arms high,
reached round and cupped my breasts in her soft hands!
Ooh, it was lovely. Madeline explained that she often
sized her young girl clients this way.

Madeline weighed my titties in her hands for a few
minutes, making sure she caressed my nipples as well.
She then decided on my size. She helped me try on
several sets of underwear.

We settled on a pretty red bra and very brief thong
panties. You will adore me in them.

Madeline could not help touching my pussy as she
adjusted the thong. She showed me how it was designed to
rub my clittie just enough to keep me excited. I can
tell you I was hot by the time I left her shop. Is it
usual for French women to kiss their customers goodbye?

She did. I was a little surprised to find her tongue in
my mouth, but as she had been so kind, I returned her
kiss passionately. Did I do right?

Madeline had told me about a club she goes to. I may ask
Miss Roberts if we can go there during the trip. It is
called Le Smoking, whatever that means. I suppose it is
some sort of disco.

Bye for now, darling Mum, I must go and find the girls.
Miss Roberts told us to be back at the hotel for 5pm so
I am late already.”


To Pam@mrdouble.com Tuesday 9.30am

Dear Mum, wow, what a night we had! I asked Miss
Roberts if we could go to that club, but she did not let
us go last night. We were all tired after our
travelling, so she thought we should have an early
night. We all compared notes about what we had seen in
the afternoon.

Sara, Trish and Kirsty, the little ones had been to a
fair, and Jill and Jane had wondered down a street
called Rue St Denis. They had seen lots of women in
doorways, showing themselves off. Miss Roberts said they
were ‘Prostitutes’. Imagine going with lots of strange
men. Ugh!

Well anyway, we all dressed up in our best outfits. I
wore my new underwear, and made sure I fitted it as
Madeline had told me. It made me feel very horny. We
went to a fish restaurant on Rue Montmartre, and we all
shared a huge platter of seafood. The crab and lobster
were yummy, the snails were yucky. I must say we all
looked sensational.

Jill and Jane had both bought new tops in the afternoon.
They wore them without bras and their nipples were clear
for us all to ogle. Even Miss Roberts could not keep her
eyes off them.

When Jane went to the loo, Kirsty followed. Jane
whispered to me when they came back looking flushed,
that she had let Kirsty have a feel and the attendant
had caught them. Miss Roberts let us each have a glass
of wine, and she had a few herself.

We went back to the hostel about 10pm, and went straight
to our dorm. We got into our nighties and sat chatting
for a while. Then we got into our beds. I was too warm
so I took off my nightie and felt better lying in bed
naked as we do at home. We put out the lights when Miss
Roberts told us to, and tried to go to sleep.

Suddenly, I felt someone slip in beside me. It was Sara,
and she was naked too. “I’m lonely,” she whispered.
Well, Mum, what was I do to? I took the baby in my arms
and feeling her lips against my cheek, I turned my head
and gave her a proper kiss.

Of course by this time, both Trish and Kirsty had
noticed and wanted some of the same. I pointed at Jill
and Jane and the two giggling teenies slipped into their
beds. We must have made too much noise as the door
opened and Miss Roberts came in. She saw the three empty
beds and then the two tousled heads in each of the
seniors’ beds. We thought she was going to shout at us,
but instead, she just smiled and said “Don’t make so
much noise, dears!” and went out. Were you right about
her being straight?

Well, after that of course we resumed our lovemaking.
Each of us seniors fucked the delightful teenagers for
an hour or more. I must say they have come on a lot
since you and I taught them. Sara is the best cunt
licker I have had since I was the Supermarket Princess,
except for you ,of course. She reaches the parts the
others only dream about!”


To Pam@mrdouble.com Tuesday 4pm

Darling Mum, we have had a funny sort of day. At
breakfast, Miss Roberts was a bit quiet, maybe she was
upset with us for what she had seen last night. But she
did say that tonight, she had arranged for us all to go
to the club I had been told about. She then took us all
out to see the sights.

The Eiffel tower was fun but some of the museums were a
bit boring. I liked the walks between the sights best.
When we went along Pigalle, we saw nightclubs with
posters of naked girls outside. I wish we were going to
go to one of those instead of a boring old disco, but I
expect we will enjoy ourselves.

Jill escaped for a few minutes and bought a sex
magazine. It is full of pictures of lesbians fucking and
stories written by women about their sex lives. We had a
good giggle, but I think we were really all turned on.
Jill, Jane and I went out on our own after lunch and
bought new outfits for our babies.

Don’t worry they didn’t cost much, not that there was
much of them to cost! I also bought a new toy for you,
it is pink and long and very realistic! We all examined
it, but Miss Roberts saw us and told me to put it away.

When we went out all together, Miss Roberts tried to
stop us seniors holding hands with our sexy babes, but
gave up eventually. I think it annoys her when we kiss
them, but it is Paris! She is really nice and I wish we
could cheer her up. Well, roll on tonight.

Love Wendy


To Pam@mrdouble.com Tuesday Midnight

Dear Mummy, Sorry I am so late today but you will never
believe what happened this evening. I couldn’t resist
coming in here to tell you. We are on our way home after
a come-filled evening. You know I said we were going to
a disco. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Let me start at the beginning. We had our dinner about
8pm and all went back to the hostel to change into our
finery. I wore that top, you know the low cut one you
like. The one you always say makes me look like
jailbait. I even left off my bra so that my breasts were
able to move under the top, you say it turns you on when
they do that.

We dressed our teenies in their new outfits and they
looked just like sexy little dolls. Each had on hot
pants and a tight boob tube. High-heeled sandals
completed the effect. I know they don’t have much breast
meat yet, but we made the most of what they have. Of
course Trish is different her tits are as big as mine.

When we met up in reception, I thought Miss Roberts was
going to have a fit. If we had not been late already, I
think she would have made us change, but she relaxed and
we went to the club, Le Smoking. I had not realised it
was in Pigalle, near to those posters of the naked
showgirls. “Promising,” I thought.

Miss Roberts knocked at the door and a woman in a dinner
jacket came out. At first, I thought she was going to
refuse to let us in, but she suddenly caught site of the
teenies. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. And she
invited us in. It was quite smoky inside, but I saw
several women dancing together, to the same sort of slow
music they had that at the supermarket party.

Miss Roberts went to the bar to see about getting us
seats, because we saw that there was a stage. I suppose
there was going to be some sort of cabaret. I saw Miss
Roberts pointing us out to the manageress who came down
and welcomed us all. She took Kirsty and Trish by the
hand and led us all to the front row of seats, beside a
part of the stage which ran down into the audience.
Suddenly the room lights went down. All the dancers sat
down and the stage lights came on. A voice announced
that the cabaret was to be provided by Serena.

Onto the stage came a lovely coloured girl. I guess she
was about my age. She was wearing a white dress, which
was cut low, showing the tops of her coffee coloured
breasts. She had a sweet face with what the boys call
blowjob lips, her legs were slender and very long. She
was mouth watering, in fact. Have you ever had a black
girl, Mum? I thought she was going to sing for us, but
instead she began to dance to the music. I bet you can
imagine how her body looked.

As she moved around the stage, her skirt was thrown up,
showing us all her lovely thighs right up to her
panties. Her breasts moved under her top. You should
have seen Miss Roberts’s face.

Fascinated and concerned about us at the same time. Jill
could not believe her luck when Serena suddenly came to
a stop just in front of her. She took Jill’s hand and
made her stand up. A woman sitting behind us whispered,
“She wants you to undo her dress.” Jill blushed, but
this did not stop her from moving her hands to the zip,
which ran down the back of the girl’s dress. She pulled
it down.

The girl turned holding the front of the dress over her
breasts and then to Jill’s delight looked full into her
eyes and dropped her hands. The full creamy tits were
exposed only inches from Jill’s excited eyes. I don’t
remember if I have told you but Jill really has a thing
about breasts. Guess who is her babe! Yes, Trish of

Serena then took Jill’s hands and held them to her
breasts for a long moment. Then she skipped away to
another woman who helped her out of her dress. She was
now dressed only in tiny panties.

I could not believe my luck when, after a little more
dancing, Serena halted and pointed a long finger
directly at me. Flushing, I stood up. She beckoned me,
and with all my friends and Miss Roberts watching, I
climbed onto the stage. Serena came to me and took me in
her arms. She kissed me on the mouth and then hugged me.
“Take off my panties, ma petite,” I heard her whisper in
my ear.

I knelt down and ever so slowly lowered the tiny
knickers. You have often told me how important it is to
tease the audience by going slowly. Of course, I was the
first in that room to see the tight curls of her pube
bush. I put my head to her tummy and breathed deep.

You know how I adore the smell of lustful cunt. I
dropped the pants to the floor and Serena kicked them
away. I went back to the happy girls, as attendants
brought in a bed, which they set immediately in front of
us seven. Serena laid down on the bed and let her legs
fall open. I marvelled at the way the black lips opened
to reveal the scarlet flesh within.

We had a grandstand seat for a display of totally wanton
masturbation. Her fingers plunged into her moist gash
and emerged laden with girl juice, which she carried to
her open lips. We watched as she lustfully licked the
thick cream from her fingers and saw her throat move as
she swallowed it. I sensed someone come and stand behind
us. “I need to come,” Serena told the audience out loud,
“Is there anyone here to help me?”

We sat spellbound not daring to move, when the
manageress, who had come behind us pointed to the three
juniors and Jane and indicated they should go onto the
stage. Quickly, she stage-managed the entertainment. She
placed Jane between the spread black thighs, Trish at
Serena’s head and Kirsty and Sara on either side. “Fuck
her!” she instructed, and left the stage.

The audience started a rhythmic clapping as my friends
began their task. Serena held her arms to Trish and
pulled her mouth to hers for a passionate kiss, Kirsty
took the left stiff black nipple and Sara the right. To
Jane fell the joy of eating the musky red cuntmeat. She
fell to her work with a muffled cry of delight, plunging
deep into all that wet flesh. Jill and I, on either side
of Miss Roberts leaned close so as not to miss any of
that wild fuck. Miss Roberts was almost on the stage,
such was her lust to see her pupils at their sex work.

Inevitably, Serena reached a rolling multiple orgasm. It
was wonderful to see the way those English schoolgirls
worked in unison to procure the maximum pleasure for
that lustful black beauty. She thrashed and moaned, as
Jane feasted on her ripe flesh. Lucky Jane drank more
cuntjuice that evening than before in all her young
life. Your sex lessons proved invaluable as the teenies
put all their skills into practice. The audience roared
applause as Serena and her lovers reluctantly rose from
the juice stained bed.

We were all asked to dance by the French women, who
wanted to know where we had learned to fuck like that.
They could not keep their hands off us, especially les
petites. You won’t believe this but Miss Roberts
actually danced with Serena! They were in a clinch
chatting away and I even saw them share one or two

Soon Miss Roberts got us all to leave and go home to the
hostel. Sara and I have nipped in here as I wanted to
share the evening with you. Now Sara wants me to come to
bed. We both feel so horny I do not know what sort of
sleep we will get!

Bye, darling


To Pam@mrdouble.com Wednesday 10am

Darling Mother, Did you get last night’s Email? Well,
you will never believe what happened when we got back to
the dorm. Of course the other girls were already busy
fucking and Sara and I lost no time getting down to it
ourselves. I was on my back enjoying her sweet mouth
when I opened my eyes to find Miss Roberts in a dressing
gown beside my bed. She only wanted to borrow your new

I pointed to the drawer where I had put it and she sped
to her own room. Sara bless never even hesitated. I
thought Miss Robert wanted a wank and wondered if I
should lend her Sara, but decided to keep her for

Later, after we had all exhausted ourselves, I told the
others about Miss Roberts and the vibrator. We decided
to have a peep to see what she was doing with it. Jill
led the way to Miss Roberts’s bedroom, where we heard
muffled giggles and the buzzing of your toy. Jill opened
the door a crack and with a, “Ssssh,” to the rest of us
we crept in. On the bed in a pool of light from the
bedside lamp was Miss Roberts. And she was not alone! Oh
mum, you said she was straight!

Miss Roberts was kneeling on the bed between a pair of
legs. The legs were black! Miss Roberts was fucking
Serena, the sex star, with the dildo I had bought for
you! Kirsty couldn’t refrain herself, she let out a
whoop of delight and of course the lovers looked up in
alarm. Serena smiled as she recognised her ravagers of
the lesbian club.

Miss Roberts was shocked to see us, and she stopped
moving the vibrator in and out of the black girl’s cunt.
Serena held out her arms to us and told Miss Roberts to
continue the fuck. We all climbed onto the bed and there
was a tangle of bodies as we all tried to get involved
in our teacher’s wild sex session with the pretty black
stripper. School will never be the same again!

And so the holiday ends. In a few hours, we will be back
home after our wild adventures. It has been fun, but I
can’t wait to see you and fill you in with all the
details. I really want to see your face when I slide the
dildo up you with us both knowing where it has been. I
haven’t washed it! Oh, Sara wants me to tell you she is
coming round on Friday to stay for the weekend. You will
love her, for hours, I hope!

Bye, see you very soon. Your Wendy

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