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An Easy Victim ( Farting, Facesitting, Humiliation)
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I read a book when I was a kid, it was about a boy in ancient Rome and how he was made a slave and spent the next twenty years being dragged across Europe. I always remember that story because it so closely mirror’s my own existence. I say existence because I don’t believe what I have endured since my …

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Queening with the principal
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I had the late shift and that meant the stopovers who’d offended Principle Hawkins. I’d drawn this period as I was the newest and youngest of the college’s teachers.

It all meant that at twenty two I was barely four years older than the girls sitting sullenly in the now deserted library.

There was Camilla Cordage, ‘Double C’ to her …

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Three blonde college girls have enjoyed alpha-bitch
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“Oh BA-by baby have you SEEN a-MY to-night?
IS she in the BATHroom? Is she SMOKin’ up, outside?”

I sang as I unpacked, my two cabin-mates joining in as we worked.
I loved this song, perhaps because I shared the name of the main
character. I nodded in time to the music, replaying the music
video in my mind as …

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