Cal, My Wife and the Card Game
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I was playing poker with three of my friends and had
lost almost all of my money. My wife was really pissed
off at me for losing so much money. Two of my friends
called it a night, and that left me and Calvin. Calvin
had been the big winner that night, and my wife asked
him to give me back the money I’d lost.

He looked at her for a few moments, then looked at me
and said, “I’ll make you a deal.” He said that he’d
give me a chance to win it back, if my wife would ante
up one piece of clothing in each hand. The more I won,
the less my wife would have to take off, plus I’d also
get the cash in the pot. My wife looked over at me, I
looked at her, and she answered for both of us by
putting a shoe on the table.

My luck didn’t change, and before I knew it, my wife
was standing beside the table in nothing but her bra
and panties. With shaking hands she reached up and
unhooked her bra. My wife has beautiful 36B breasts
that are firm and round and capped with small light
pink nipples. She tossed her blond hair and let it
partially cover her tits.

I finally won a hand, so my wife was able to leave her
bra in the pot. I knew she was nervous and she excused
herself long enough to get us all a drink. On the next
hand I lost again, and my wife slowly turned around and
took off her panties. Her gorgeous ass was pointed
right at Calvin, and I noticed him rubbing his stiff
cock through his pants.

My wife looked over at me and said, “Great, now we’re
broke and I’ve even lost my favorite panties and bra.”

Calvin told her that I could try and win them back for
her, if she wanted. She looked at him and asked how. He
told her that if she’d remove one article of his
clothing each time he lost, he’d keep playing.

Amazingly, I suddenly began winning, and with each
hand, I watched my wife remove another piece of
Calvin’s clothing. Calvin is extremely black, almost
blue-black in fact and I was fascinated by how white my
wife looked as her hands touched his skin here and

When Calvin lost the next hand, my wife dropped to her
knees and slowly pulled his underwear down his legs.
Calvin’s black cock was rock hard and I don’t think
I’ve ever seen a cock so big. When it popped out into
the open, it looked to be at least 11 inches long, and
tremendously thick.

My wife stammered something as she stood up, never
taking her eyes off his pulsing black meat. My wife, in
a shaking voice said, “Now what? We’re both naked.”

I was more excited about seeing my wife’s naked body
next to my buddy’s black masculine frame that I wanted
to admit. I told them that the loser of the next hand
would have to do whatever the winner wanted.

I won the next hand and with my heart in my throat I
told my wife that she had to suck Calvin’s cock.

To my complete amazement she didn’t need any urging,
she just fell to her knees and began stroking and
sucking his huge black dick. It was the most erotic
thing I’d ever witnessed. She devoured his black cock
and massaged his huge cum filled balls with her small
white hands.

In less then a minute Calvin erupted, shooting stream
after stream of his hot sticky seed down my wife’s
throat as she continued to massage his nuts to milk him
for all he was worth.

Finally, Calvin collapsed back on his chair and my wife
fell back onto the floor. Her legs were spread wide
open and she began pinching her nipples and with her
eyes half closed she was moaning as if a bitch in heat.

Then suddenly she looked over at me and said, “Well, we
gonna play another hand or what?”

I dealt the cards and this time Calvin won this time.
He looked at me and then my wife and asked her if she
had a dildo. When she said yes, he told her to get it
and come back.

I was shocked when she came back. I knew she had a
couple of dildos, but what I didn’t know was that she
had a big black one. It looked absolutely real, with
veins, and a foreskin that actually rolled back and

She lay back down on the floor and looked at me. I told
her I didn’t know she had a dildo like that one, and
she told me that it was her favorite dildo, the one she
used when she was really hot and wanted a good fuck.

Calvin looked over at me and smiled, “Seems your pretty
little woman has a secret thing for big black cocks.”
Then he looked over at my wife and told her to fuck
herself the way she wanted to get fuck by a black man.

She sucked the black dildo until it was good and wet,
then slowly pushed it up into her cunt. I must admit,
the sight of that fake black dick moving in and out of
my wife’s wet white pussy was giving me a hard-on the
likes of which I’d never experienced before. In just a
matter of minutes my wife was thrashing around on the
floor. She was shoving the dildo deep into her cunt
then pulling it back out at blinding speed.

She began moaning, saying things like, “Fuck me baby!
Fuck my hot white pussy! Oh baby, I love your big black
cock! My wet cunt needs your black meat so bad! Yea,
that’s it baby, fuck your little slut.”

I stood up and began stripping off my cloths. Then I
knelt beside my wife and held my cock at her lips. She
reached up and grabbed it and began sucking on it like
a pacifier.

As she sucked me I looked down at her and asked her if
she wanted Calvin to fuck her. She only moaned.

I reached over and took the black dildo out of her hand
and told Calvin to put his black cock inside her pussy
and give her the fucking she so desperately wanted.
When Calvin pushed his huge cock into her cunt,
stretching her pussy lips beyond anything I’d ever done
to her. She took my cock all the way down her throat
and let out a slow deep groan as he experienced the
biggest orgasm I’d ever seen her have.

I started cumming too and she swallowed every drop of
mine eagerly while Calvin grunted and fucked her hard.

After unloading my load down my wife’s through and
watching her lick me clean, I sat back and watched as
Calvin pounded her cunt and the she began begging him
to pump her full of his seed. She cried, “Oh baby, I
want your cum inside my pussy, please fill me with all
the seed in your beautiful black balls. Fuck me baby!
Fuck your white bitch’s pussy.”

I watched open mouthed as continued her stream of
filthy suggestions, “I love black cock! I’ve always
loved black cock! Oh baby, fuck my slutty pussy with
that huge tool, I’m your bitch baby! My pussy is yours
baby! Fill it with your sweet black baby making cum!
Give it to me baby! GIVE… IT… TO… ME… FUCK

Calvin began cumming. I could see his sweating muscled
body tense as he thrust one last time into my wife’s
pussy and held himself deeply in her. His black balls
moved as he exploded and he filled my wife’s cunt with
what must have felt to her like a gallon of cum. She
shuddered and began kissing his neck hard. Then she was
pushing her tongue deep into his mouth and giving him
the hardest, hottest, wettest kisses I’d ever seen.


After Calvin left that night, my wife proceeded to tell
me that she’d always wanted to be fucked by a black
man. She said she had seen her P.E. teacher in high
school, a beautiful white woman, sucking off one of the
black maintenance men one day after school.

She had gone back to the locker room one Friday
afternoon after school had let out to get her P.E.
outfit and they must have though no one would be
around. They didn’t hear her come in, and she stood
silently and watched as her teacher sucked him off.

They were both completely naked, and my wife said she
remembers thinking how beautiful the contrast in their
skin color was. When he came, she pulled his dick out
of her mouth and made him spray her face and tits with
his cum. My wife said that from that day on, her
fantasies were filled with the desire for black cock.

Calvin would come over often and we’d have a little
three-way orgy. My wife was always ready to fuck and
suck Calvin’s black dick. I even started video taping
them together, and whenever Calvin wasn’t around, I
would fuck my wife’s pussy with her black dildo while
she watched one of the video tapes of her being taken
by Calvin. Then one night Calvin told us he was being
transferred. Two weeks later Calvin was gone, and after
a little while, my wife wasn’t satisfied anymore with
fucking her dildo and watching movies. She wanted
another black man.

Now, once a week, we go downtown and get a room at one
of the posh hotels. Then we go out and recruit a good
looking black man for her to suck and fuck. They have
to be willing to let me watch and video tape it, but
it’s seldom that they don’t agree.

My wife is a very beautiful woman, and within a minute
their cock is so hard they wouldn’t care if the whole
fucking world was watching, just so long as they can
get their black dick sucked and fucked by my beautiful
wife. In fact, only once has a black man turned us
down, and as it turned out, my wife ended up sucking
him off later that night when we bumped into him at the
ice machine on our floor.

I was on my way out for ice and saw him, so I quickly
got my wife and took her with me. She asked him if he’d
at least let her suck him off. He looked around, then
unzipped his pants. I stood look-out as my wife knelt
down in front of him and devoured his dick.

When he came, she pulled his dick just far enough out
to let him see his cum shoot into her wide open mouth.
Then she swallowed his cum, licked his dick clean, and
stood up. She lifted her skirt up and showed him her
pretty little blond haired pussy, and asked him if he
was sure he didn’t want to fuck her wet white cunt.

He said, “Lady, you are one beautiful white chick, but
I can’t be video taped.”

We said good night and went back to our room. Needless
to say, we found another black cock for her later that
night. It turned out to be an 18 year old room service
guy, and my wife was the first white pussy he’d ever
had. Ah, my wife really loves to be a black man’s first
white fuck.

I love my wife and I really enjoy watching her get what
she so very much wants. She loves getting fucked by
black cocks, and I love watching. While our weekends
are fun, we’re hoping to settle on just one or two
black guys that can come to our home often and enjoy
her hot white pussy and wonderful cocksucking mouth.

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