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Cassie moved closer to John on the couch as they
watched a movie they had rented. Unconsciously, he put
his arm around her shoulders, not taking his eyes from
the action on the screen.

Having grown bored some minutes earlier, Cassie had
decided to take control of the situation and get John’s
mind away from the movie and on to her body, where it
belonged. She shrugged off his arm, went to her purse,
and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Light 100’s and a

A smile of satisfaction crossed her face as she saw him
tense up a bit in anticipation. Already she knew how
easy it would be to seduce him. She sat back down a
little farther away from him, watching as he strained
to keep his eyes on the television.

The click of her lighter pierced the soundtrack like a
firecracker, and she almost laughed as he flinched.
From that moment on, she knew, John would be taking
peeks at her every few seconds to try and catch her as
she made a slow, full exhale from deep in her chest.
Right on schedule, as she pulled hard from the
cigarette and inhaled deeply, his face turned toward

Normally she would turn her head just the slightest bit
towards him and blow a full stream of smoke at just the
right angle for him to see perfectly, but tonight she
wanted him to work for his pleasures, and instead she
turned away so all he could see was the dissipating
cloud around her head. John groaned almost audibly and
let his attention return to the movie. Cassie was
tormenting tonight, worse than usual, and he had a
feeling it would get worse before it got better.

Already his pants were becoming too tight in the crotch
as the aroma of the smoke filled the air and sifted to
his nose. When he turned back to face her, he saw that
she had put on fresh lipstick, a dark red that looked
stunning with her red hair.

She’d already been wearing a brownish eye shadow that
made her look dark and glamorous, and this time when
she took a drag, she held it for a moment and then
treated him to a perfect profile view of the exhale.
John forgot about the movie at that moment; as her hand
came to rest lightly, then stroke his thigh through his

Cassie closed her eyes and took another drag from the
long white cigarette, her nails scraping gently across
the bulge in his jeans. He gasped in time with her
exhale and leaned in towards her. Knowing that he
wanted her to kiss him with her hot, smoky breath, she
teased him, leaning in and barely touching her lips to
his, then pulling back before his open mouth could suck
her in. Deliberately, she leaned close to him and
sucked on the cigarette just inches from his face.

As she opened her mouth to inhale, he watched the smoke
disappear into her lungs. She held it for a few
seconds; blow it out in a full stream just past his
ear, and wrapped both of her arms around his neck to
pull him in. John lunged forward, thrusting his tongue
inside Cassie’s sweet mouth, feeling the ridges of her
teeth and playing with her full lips and warm tongue.
The taste of the smoke in her mouth excited him beyond
belief and he felt her hand undoing his pants and
freeing his cock, which she then began to stroke.

Her other hand, holding the cigarette, came once again
to her mouth, and she pulled deeply. Without exhaling
first, she crushed her mouth to his and started kissing
him, slowly breathing the smoke into his mouth. The
combination of the smoky kisses and her hand pumping
his dick was becoming overwhelming to him, and he felt
his chest start to constrict in the familiar tightness
that precedes an orgasm.

Cassie sensed his nearness and took one more drag on
the Marlboro, blowing the smoke out and kissing him
hungrily on the lips as she jerked him off. Within
seconds his cock was spraying thick come all over her
hand and wrist. She stroked him until he stopped
shuddering, then licked the semen from her hand and
swallowed it down, knowing that seeing her eat his jism
would get him turned on all over again, and ready to

Of course, she had some other ways to get him hard as
well, she thought with dark amusement as she lit
another cigarette…

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