I witnessed a cuckolded husband
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Recently, my wife and I attended a company event which has got me pondering about the experiences I encountered that night. We had a fantastic time at the country club, enjoying drinks, dancing, and mingling with friends and colleagues. During the night, I needed some fresh air and decided to step outside for a cigarette. As I was smoking, I heard voices approaching, and I quickly hid behind some bushes so that my wife wouldn’t see me.

About ten feet away one of my co-workers Joni, and her
husband Phil walked by. They were obviously a little
tipsy and I figured they were looking for a place to
“have a little fun.” I watched as they went into the
shop are where the groundskeepers store all of there
golf course maintenance equipment.

I crept over to the side of the building looking for a
window in hopes I could catch a glimpse of something
interested. Joni, though a rather large woman at 5’10”
and what must be 180 pounds had always had an effect on
me sexually. She and I often flirted with one another
at the office, and despite her size she had made my
dick hard on more then a couple occasions. She’s not
what I would consider fat by any means, although she
does have allot huge tits, a big ass, and a little
extra in the tummy and hip departments. But they
certainly fit her, and she does wear it quite well in
my opinion.

As I approached the side of the building I noticed the
side door was slightly ajar, I doubt it ever gets
locked, let alone shut all the way. I eased the door
open and crept inside, trying to be as quiet as I
could. Joni and Phil were standing by the work bench
kind of giggling and making out, about fifteen or
twenty feet from where I had found a place in the
shadows hiding behind a rather large lawn mowing

After only a couple of minutes of there playing, they
both parted their embrace and smiled as Darnell, one of
the guys on our shipping crew had walked up to them.
Darnell is an opposing figure when you first meet him,
he’s a large black man that stands about 6’6″ tall and
probably weights 250 easily, and he’s not got an ounce
of fat on his body. I’m not exactly sure how old he is,
I’d guess he’s in his mid-twenties, possibly a little

As Darnell approached then, without saying a word, Phil
took a seat on one of the work benches about five feet
to the side of where Joni was standing, Joni remained
where she’s been, looking sexy as hell in her low cut
party dress, that was just begging for her big tits to
spill out. Darnell walked right up to her and Joni
immediately dropped to her knees, stockings and all
onto the cement floor.

She reached up without saying a word and starting
unbuckling Darnell’s trousers, my hard starting beating
so loudly I surely thought one of them would hear me.
Joni then pulled out what must have been eight or nine
inches of jet black dick from Darnell’s slacks, and he
wasn’t even fully erect yet. Her mouth and tongue
quickly went to work on his fat black dick, as he
grabbed the back of her head and slowly began pushing
more and more of his ever growing black snake down her

It didn’t take much work from Joni’s mouth and tongue
to have his monster black dick standing at full
erection, which must have been ten or eleven inches,
and about the thickness of a red bull can. Joni had one
hand working the entire length of Darnell’s hard black
dick with her mouth, while the other had worked her
dress up around her waste and was busy working her
fingers over her hairy and wet blonde haired pussy. She
must have been wet too, because I could hear the
gushing sounds her fingers made as they went in and out
of her.

Darnell now had both of his hands on each side of her
head and was burying more then half of his nearly foot
long cock into Joni’s throat, she was moaning as he
asked her if she liked sucking his big black dick, all
she could muster up was a low guttural moan of “MM-

As Darnell grabbed Joni by both sides of her head, he
said to her “you want me to cum all over your pretty
white face you black cock whore?” Joni looking him
right in the eye, quit sucking on his dick long enough
to proclaim, “Yes.”

She now had both of her hands milking that black
monster dick as Darnell threw his head back and began
to dump. One, two, three, four thick jets of his cum
spurted from his black monster coating Joni’s face and
hair with thick ropes of his cum. Once his ejaculations
quit, Joni hurriedly began sucking on and rubbing his
still hard black dick all over her face. She then
slowly swallowed all but the last couple inches of his
black snake, while he moaned about what a good white
whore cocksucker she was. Joni simply moaned in
approval and continued to suck on and lick clean the
last couple inches of his dick.

Darnell suddenly grabbed her by the hair and roughly
made her stand up, he pulled the front of her dress
down exposing her large and somewhat saggy milky white
tits, Joni threw her head back in approval as he
roughly squeezed and pinched her long brown nipples.
This only lasted for a few seconds before Darnell
quickly spud Joni around and bent her over the work
bench mashing her tits only the dirty greasy surface.

He then pulled her dress up exposing her big white ass
barely covered by a pair of obviously too small thong
panties. He held her head town onto the bench and
roughly stuck his a couple of fingers into her wet
pussy. Joni just moaned in approval, as a matter of
fact, I’d forgotten about her husband Phil, who was
busy jacking himself off at the site of his big bouncy
bottomed wife getting services by this well hung black
stud, I myself had already cum once in my pants without
touching myself, and was hard again just watching this
whole thing take place.

As Darnell rapidly moved two, then three fingers in and
out of Joni’s hairy wet cunt, I noticed his long black
dick was still hard, it hadn’t shrunk at all, even
after the blow job he’d just received. He then reached
for his dick, and positioned it at the opening of
Joni’s wet pussy, and asked her, “If you want this
black snake, you’re going to have to ask for it bitch.”

Joni just looked over her shoulder with a total look of
lust in her eyes asked Darnell. “I need you to fuck me
with your big black dick, I need you too fuck me now.”

It didn’t take anymore than that, he slowly started to
ease that huge black dick into her, and it didn’t take
long for her to start moaning in ecstasy. In what
seemed like only seconds, Darnell had that entire black
dick stuffed into Joni’s wet pussy, while he continued
to hold her down with a handful of the back of her
hair. Her moans became screams of desire asking,
begging him to fuck her harder. He finally released her
head and grabbed her by her big hips and
really began to lay into her.

Joni tried to rise up only to lay back down on the
bench and moan and scream for him to fuck her harder
with his big black dick. This was without a doubt the
hottest thing I’d ever witnessed in my entire life, I
came again in my pants, and I still hadn’t even touched
myself. Darnell continued to fuck her for what seemed
like fifteen or twenty minutes. I don’t know how many
times Joni proclaimed through moans and screams that
she was cumming, it must have been seven or eight
times. She had all but given up, and looked limp and
exhausted, she began begging Darnell to cum in her
pussy, fill her up with his cum.

Darnell’s pace was so unbelievable that his black hips
became a black blue in the shadows. I’ve never seen or
even thought a man could fuck a woman that hard. Joni
had gone off into oblivious somewhere when Darnell
finally started moaning and stiffened, he must have
pumped a quart of his cum into her, which in turn kinda
of woke her up as her response was to cum with a loud
scream as he pumped her full of his cum.

Darnell quickly pulled his cock out of Joni, in
literally popped as he did. He just as quickly tucked
his dick back into his slacks and tucked his shirt in.
Joni still bent over the work bench and panting finally
stood upright and turned around, Darnell again grabbed
her by the back of her head, by the hair and kissed her
on the lips.

After what was obviously a ten or fifteen second deep
french kiss, he told her what a good white slut she was
and that he’s see her in a week or so. Joni just moaned
and whispered “whatever you want, whenever you want is
okay with me.” Her husband Phil then stood up and began
to walk towards the two of them with his hand out, he
then shook Darnell’s hand and said “just give us a
call, you’ve got our number D.”

This had obviously been going on for sometime and was
going to be happening again. I couldn’t believe how
horny and sexy Joni was sucking and fucking, let alone
totally submitting to this young black stud. Joni is no
spring chicken, she’s nearly forty, she’s one white hot
little fuck toy. I always kind thought she might be,
although I had now idea to what extreme.

I was so turned on by what I witnessed, I’m currently
trying to convince my wife how much enjoyment she might
receive from a well hung black man. She proclaims that
she’s had thoughts about black men before, but that she
could never go through with something like that. I
guess time will tell, we have another company function
at the club here in a couple of months. Joni might have
to share Darnell with my wife that evening, I’d bet
that young black buck could handle both of them, and
them some.

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