I love having sex with an audience
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In a recent story WATCH AND ENJOY I described how my man and I had Janet and her man for dinner with the intention of seducing both of them – which we did.

On the way out Janet whispered to me, “Next Thursday afternoon, just you and I if you are free. We could have magic lesbian sex.”

“Why not, look forward to it, very much,” I smiled back.

I am of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. I have a very strong sex drive – and I love having sex with an audience.

On the Wednesday Janet phoned to confirm if I would be free on the Thursday afternoon.

“I loved watching two men lick and kiss your gorgeous naked arse and your reaction. I want to do the same tomorrow.”

“I am very flattered,” I teased in anticipation.

I made a point of arriving ten minutes late to build the anticipation wearing very tight black leather slacks (my arse did look good I mused for a lady in her mid-forties), heels and a white silk blouse, with lots of buttons undone to highlight my modest cleavage. Nothing else other than a good dose of expensive perfume and my designer handbag containing some sex toys.

Very smart condo with expensive furnishings I noted as Janet let me in, wearing a man’s shirt with all the buttons undone and heels.

“You look fuckable Sarah, very fuckable,” Janet smiled as she tongue kissed me with her hands on my arse.

“I have wanted you ever since Saturday. The way your man and then my man kissed and licked your arse was something magical for me and my man.

“And I want it now, right now,” she moans as she undoes my leather slacks, slides them down to my knees and kisses and licks my arse like no man ever has.

“Let me help,” I smile very aroused as I step out of my heels, slide my slacks off, then put my heels back on as I take my blouse off.

Without saying a word she takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. Determined to play the moment I stand in front of a wall length mirror, my hands above my head, then part my legs as I thrust my arse back toward her.

“I am to pleasure and be pleasured. Now show me how much you want my arse. Remember what my man did to it? And how he teased my thighs with his fingers. Then how he teased my cunt lips with his fingertip while he kissed my arse?

“Then later your man kissed and licked my arse while you were blowing my man while I watched.

There are mirrors on all the walls and I can see Janet’s lips on my arse as she kisses and licks it.

“And you are better than him, love what you are doing, love it,” I moan watching my naked body in the mirror as I enjoy her ministrations.

“Your mirrors are almost as good as an audience.”

“Sit on the stool in front of the mirror for me.”

I do and it is a tall stool with my feet barely touching floor.

Janet stands behind me kissing my neck as she teases my nipples with her fingertips.

“Your man has a magnificent cock, long and thick, you are a lucky lady. And I really enjoyed giving him a blow job while you watched. Especially when my man was kissing and licking your arse. Now I want to make it up to you.

“Has he fucked you since then?”


“Tell me about it.”

“The very next afternoon. I told him I liked watching your man blow him. Then watching you blow him a little later.

“Fuck me while you tell me about it I told him.

“He was like a raging bull.

“Then two nights ago I gave him a golden shower before he masturbated for me while I described the pleasure I had watching your man blowing him and then you blowing him.”

“I had two studs on my tongue when I blew him. Today I have three studs for your pleasure,” Janet smiles as she opens her mouth and flashes them.

I am enjoying watching another woman tease my naked body in the mirror with my legs open.

“I read some of your sexy stories on the internet. Will you post a story about us today for me?” Janet asks as kneels in front of me and licks her way up my thighs, then lightly makes contact with my cunt lips.

“Love the way you shave your cunt,” she purrs as she licks my cunt lips in a vertical motion with her hands on my arse.

“I love being licked and teased. And I am multi-orgasmic,” I tell Janet as she kisses and licks my nipples for the first time.

The sensation of her wet tongue and three studs on my nipples is a magical new sensation for me.

“Like that do you Sarah?

“I want to pleasure you like no other woman ever has,” she whispers as she kisses and licks my nipples as I feel her studs on my tongue.

“And I want you to squirt for me while I eat your cunt.

“Are you ready for me to eat your cunt,” Janet murmurs without waiting for an answer knowing I am very ready.

The feel of just the tip of her tongue sliding on my eager cunt lips is wonderful and I am very wet as I watch in the mirror.

Then when she starts licking with her full tongue using her three studs on my cunt lips in a vertical motion I tense, shudder and orgasm almost immediately.

“Glad you liked that Sarah,” Janet smiles as she place her hands under my arse cheeks and increases the tempo of her licking.

“You really are multi-orgasmic, that must be at least six,” Janet whispers with my clitorous dancing on the tip of her tongue.

Janet takes me to her bed lays on her back and tells me, “Sit on my face and watch in the mirror while I hold your glorious arse lick you some more.”

Almost immediately I am sliding my cunt lips along her extended tongue and ready to orgasm again.

“You are a pleasure machine Sarah. Does that look good in the mirrors?” Janet manages to whisper as I orgasm almost continuously.

“Kiss me and watch me squirt for you,” I moan as I stand and tease my cunt lips with a fingertip.

We are tongue kissing like two teenagers as I tease my engorged cunt lips with just a fingertip, enjoying the sensation of being so close to squirting for my lesbian lover.

Then my whole body shakes as I groan and squirt, knowing Janet is getting great pleasure from watching.

“Wow, you are a stellar performer,” Janet whispers as we continue to tongue kiss.

“Now my turn to pleasure you Janet. Sit on the stool for me in front of the mirror just like I did for you,” I tell her as I lick her long, erect nipples then lick my way down to her shaved cunt lips.

I love a challenge and the challenge of bringing another woman to orgasm is a very special one for me. And being able to do it multiple times is a special challenge and a turn on for me. The reaction and commentary from another woman as I pleasure them by bringing them to orgasm is an extra special turn on for me.

As I start to pleasure Janet I wonder what her reaction will be.

“Anything special you would like me to do for your sexual pleasure?” I tease with my thumbs on the sides of her cunt lips as I lick very lightly.

“Tease me with the tip of your tongue.

“You are very good Sarah.

“And that is especially good, especially good just like that,” she moans as I lick her engorged clitorous.

Janet is watching me very closely as I take a large vibrator out of my bag, then slide a tickler condom onto it.

“Wow, is that especially for me?” she smiles tense with anticipation as I turn it on and slide it along her cunt lips.

Without saying a word I lick her engorged clitorous with just the tip of my tongue as I slowly slide the vibrator into her.

“How and when did you learn that, it is so good.”

“One of my lovers who always took great delight in finding new ways to pleasure me. The first time he did it was really special. Best orgasm I had ever had up until then.”

“Love what you are doing. I am fantasising about sucking your man’s large, thick cock while his lady is pleasuring me.”

“And I am fantasising having your man kiss and lick my arse while I am pleasuring his lady,” I tease as I remove the vibrator and lick her cunt lips very lightly.

Janet is groaning in pleasure as I reinsert the vibrator very slowly as far as I can insert it in her on a low speed.

“That is magic Sarah, right now it is better than a cock,” she whispers as I can sense her body tensing.

I remove the vibrator and lick her very wet cunt lips very lightly, then turn it on to full speed just as I reinsert it between her cunt lips.

“I am fantasising having your man kiss and lick my arse. And he is very good, very good,” I whisper.

“And my man is watching the way you kissed my arse when I arrived today,” I whisper as remove and reinsert the vibrator, two times, then three times, knowing I have Janet very close to a huge orgasm.

I remove and reinsert the vibrator, four times, then on the fifth time Janet, shakes, shudders and orgasms very loudly.

In the afterglow I am very pleased with myself and the sexual pleasure I have received and provided as Janet and I lie in bed cuddling and comparing notes about our men.

“Really would love to watch my man kiss your arse again. Can we make it happen Sarah?”

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