Auntie’s home tuition 2.
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Because uncle Robert went out and Silvia was tucked up in hospital due to her allergic reaction to her insect bite l had a bath and went to bed, but was woken by a hand around my cock, instinctively l thought it was Silvia and pushed myself backwards to feel a hard cock pressing against my bum, a male voice said l had a lovely cock with a peach of a bum, my eyes sprang open and l half sat up bemused at what was going on. Stood beside the bed was uncle Robert with an Indian man who he introduced as Amyl then told me the man in bed with me was called Rasheed who asked me to lay down, l did as Rasheed asked, he began kissing the back of my neck while slipping a finger between my bum cheeks when l felt him slide a finger into my rear l pushed myself backwards he whispered l had a lovely boy pussy and he will enjoy fucking my tight hole. Rasheed rolled me onto my back and pressed his lips to mine then forced his tongue into my mouth then down my throat, he took hold of my hand to place around his hard cock which seemed to get harder and thicker as l wanked him. Next he straddled my chest and fed me his large thick cock l peeled his foreskin down to the base of his shaft and cupped his shaven balls in my hand, the head of his cock entered my throat causing me to choke, Rasheed positioned me so my head was hanging over the edge of the bed, he stood over me to start fucking my mouth, sliding the head of his cock into my throat, Robert and Amyl were egging him on telling Rasheed ‘fuck the bitch hard’, he took my shaft into his mouth and bit down on my cock l tried to scream, but couldn’t due to his cock in my throat, when he pulled his shaft from my throat l got a taste of his pre-cum. I was forced onto my belly, Rasheed positioned me onto all fours then got behind me and ordered l pull my bum cheeks apart the head of his thick cock slowly entered me, l thought he was going to split me in two and let out ‘it hurts’, but Rasheed’s reply was for me to stay where l was as more of his lengthy cock went deeper inside my arse hole, his grip on my hips got tighter then l felt his balls hitting the back of my balls, now he was fully inside me it wasn’t so uncomfortable. Rasheed gloated to my uncle Robert and Amyl that my arse hole was so tight on his cock, he began fucking me fast and with each thrust into me l got the full length inside me, he was calling me his white whore and was going to fill my boy pussy to the brim with his Asian spunk declaring Asian liquid cum was the best a whore like me was going to get, Rasheed pulled me onto his hard cock and held me there, l could feel his shaft pulsating in my rear then his hot sticky load shot from his urethral filling my inside the sensation was more than l could stand my own sticky load shot from the head of my cock onto the cover, l screamed like a little girl as Rasheed held me so tight onto his cock as one sticky load after the other filled me then he released me, l fell forward into my own spunk that was over the cover, Rasheed slapped my bum and got from the bed to dress, l could feel his spunk slowly dribbling out from my rear hole running between my bum cheeks then the back of my balls and onto the cover under me. Robert wanted me to show his Indian friends what l looked like dressed in my girl outfit, but only wear my knickers, bra and a T-shirt, l needed to recover from Rasheed’s fucking so lay on the bed taking in the thrill.

When l went down stairs they were drinking and watching a gay porno film, Amyl patted the space next to him, so l sat down, Rasheed remarked they should call me Peaches as l had a great bum, Amyl replied he’ll find out later and kissed me hard on the lips then whispered had l ever done WS, l hadn’t a clue what he was talking about so answered ‘no’, he told me l will enjoy it, but first he wanted to have a few more drinks and to keep myself occupied Amyl asked me to kneel between his legs and suck his cock which l did, his cock wasn’t as thick or long as Rasheed’s, but it was still quite a length. My uncle remarked on my knickers having a damp patch which was Rasheed’s spunk running from my rear, Amyl began groaning and informed me we were going upstairs, l was taken to the bathroom where he knelt me in the bath then ordered l open my mouth, Amyl got his cock out and started peeing into my mouth, l spat the first mouthful out, but he told me too drink so l began gulping it down. I swallowed quite a bit, next Amyl got me on all fours pulled down my knickers and rammed his cock into my arse, as he fucked me harder he was telling me now l’ve been fucked and abused by Indian’s l was theirs to use like a whore then slapped one of my bum cheeks and yelled ‘fucking take this whore’ and began filling me with his creamy hot load of sticky spunk after each load Amyl shot inside me he gave a little jerk of his cock into my arse hole before finely sliding himself from inside me, l got another little slap on the bum then he pulled up my knickers and we went downstairs. Uncle Robert told me to sit on the floor due to his friends creamy liquid running from my rear hole, l sat on the floor then before leaving Rasheed decided he wanted to fuck me again, but first l had to strip and stand in the middle of the room to wank myself off till l shot my load into my hands then told to lick them clean, next Rasheed took me to my bedroom and we fucked again he shot as much as the first time filling me with a lovely sticky load, l didn’t realise how horny it would make me feel being fucked, filled and abused.

I woke the next morning and Robert had already gone to work so had a bath due to how sticky l was from the night before then went to see aunt Silvia in hospital as l needed some items for university, but more importantly l wanted some new clothes. When l got to the hospital Silvia was drugged up to the eyeballs she didn’t even know l was there, l spoke to one of the nurses who informed me to come back another time as Silvia will be out for a while due to the medication which pissed me off as l was hoping she would give me the money l needed, so l helped myself to her credit card and left the hospital to do a bit of shopping for a few pairs of knickers, skirts and tops. I was getting more brazen about buying girls clothes and wasn’t bothered about people looking at me after getting my new outfits l went home.

It was late afternoon when Amyl was standing at the door holding a carrier bag l informed him that uncle Robert was at work, but he already knew that and told me it was Robert who sent him to see me plus to let me know that Robert would be doing overtime so wouldn’t be home till 9pm. I invited Amyl in and asked what was in his bag, he informed me it was his daughters school uniform then pulled out a grey pleated skirt, black knickers, grey socks, white blouse and grey cardigan then asked if l would put them on, well l don’t know how old his daughter was but she wasn’t very big, but because l’m small frame for my age l agreed and picked up the clothes from the table then said l will be back in a while. The socks fitted and the knickers were tight, l couldn’t quite button the pleated skirt, but it didn’t notice due to me putting on a belt and l couldn’t do the top 2 buttons on the blouse, Amyl’s jaw hit the floor when l walked into the kitchen he got up pulled me tight against him and kissed me full on, l could feel the large bulge in the front of his trousers, he whispered ‘daddy is going to fuck his little princess’, l replied ‘yes daddy’, Amyl ordered me not to talk just do as l was told. As we kissed his hands gripped my bum cheeks then we went upstairs to lay on the bed, he put my hand onto his hard cock and began to speak as if he was telling his young daughter how his hard cock was going to go into the hole between her legs just like it goes into her mother’s hole, Amyl peeled my knickers down my legs and l kicked them off he started gently rubbing his hand over my bum cheeks telling me l had the cutest little bum and slowly slid a finger into my arse hole then l was on all fours he got behind me, l could feel his long hard shaft sliding inside me, Amyl’s balls pressed against the underneath of my balls and before fucking me he said ‘that’s a good girl stay still for daddy’, he eased his shaft halfway out then slid inside me till he worked up a fast rhythm the hold he had on my hips got tighter and his groans got louder then Amyl let out a shriek and thrust his cock deep into me, l felt his hot sticky liquid begin to fill me, he held me so tight onto his cock he gasped and released me l fell forward his cock slid from my rear Amyl slapped my bum as he climbed off the bed. As l lay there his creamy spunk began to trickle from my hole which Amyl wiped for me, so l sucked his cock clean then changed out of his daughters school uniform. We went to the kitchen for a coffee where he told me about his wife and daughter. It was an arranged marriage she was 11yrs old and he was 29, when she was 14, they went to India to get married and returned as brother and sister to get back into the country then at 16 she had their daughter. Amyl declared how he would love to fuck his daughter, l joked he should bring her around and we can both fuck her, he took me at my word saying he will bring her the next day after school then finished his coffee and left.

That evening me and Robert went to visit my aunt Silvia and she looked a lot better than the last few times l went to see her, also l returned the credit card l borrowed saying l had brought some lovely knickers and tops which she couldn’t wait to see me in. I sat one side of the bed while Robert sat the other, l told Silvia l had missed her and slid a hand under the covers to get a finger to her warm love hole and gently teased her clitoris Silvia turned onto her side to face me letting out a low moan of pleasure, her tits looked so inviting, l said softly ‘l want my milk mummy’. Silvia told Robert to get a hospital wheelchair, when he returned l helped her into the chair and took her to find a disabled toilet and went inside while Robert waited outside, she took out one of her tits for me to suckle her breast milk which tasted so good, next Silvia wanted to feel me inside her so bent over the toilet l lifted her nightie and slid my hard shaft into her oh so hot pussy hole then took hold of her hips and started fucking her at one point we got a bit loud and Robert knocked on the toilet door, Silvia was pushing herself hard onto my cock, l couldn’t hold on any longer and declared ‘l’m cumin mummy’ and let my spunk run through my cock straight into Silvia’s womb she held herself on my shaft telling me not to slide out of her till she had every drop. She slowly slid herself from my shaft and sat in the wheelchair, we left the toilet then me and Robert took Silvia back to her hospital bed, before leaving she told us the doctors said she could go home in 3 days and informed Robert there will be some changes. On the way home Robert told me he was having a few friends around the next night and would like me to be there to entertain them which l was more than happy to do.

The next day l wondered if Amyl would really bring his daughter to be fucked then the doorbell rang at 3.45pm, l answered the door dressed in a skimpy pair of knickers and a baggy top, Amyl was stood with his daughter and wife in front of him. I invited them into the lounge where he introduced me as his whore to his wife Nardin who was very plump unlike his daughter Shia who was in her early teens, Amyl said l wasn’t going to fuck his daughter, but his wife instead, next he ordered his wife to take off her knickers and lay on the floor she began saying something in Indian, Amyl raised his voice, she lifted her skirt and slid out of her knickers and lay on the floor, Shia the daughter knelt by her mother’s side. Nardin had a very hairy bush covering her pussy, l got my cock out to give myself a few wanks then got between her legs, she was ordered to spread her pussy lips. I slid my cock into her warm hole to begin fucking her, Amyl told me not to shoot my sticky load inside his wife, but over her face because he wanted his daughter Shia to see her mother being used, l tried to kiss Nardin but she turned her head telling me to get on with it, l was allowed to lift her top and bra to suck her floppy tits she had large nipples. As l was fucking Amyl’s wife he had his cock out wanking himself telling Shia he was going to put his cock into her tight virgin hole, l was ready to shoot my creamy load and let out ‘l’m cumin’ pulled my cock from Nardin’s hairy pussy and knelt by her head to wank myself a few times then delivered a full sticky load over her face, l slid the head of my cock across her lips trying to get some spunk into her mouth, but she kept her mouth tightly closed then Amyl shot his hot sticky load going over the side of my face and dripping onto his wife’s face. After Amyl told his wife to clean herself up and dress, she had to use her knickers to wipe her spunk covered face then they all left, l never saw Amyl or his wife and daughter again.

When Robert came home, we discussed the evening ahead and who was coming over dinner, Robert told me to have a shower and he would lay out the clothes he wanted me to wear. After my shower l went to the bedroom to find a pair of Silvia’s stay-up stockings, G-string and bra which l padded out, l wore a tight top which held my padding in place then to finish off l put on lipstick with a little eyeliner and by the look Robert gave me when l went into the lounge l must have looked pretty sexy. When the doorbell chimed Robert asked me to answer the door, it was 3 men l hadn’t seen before, but l got a long snog from all of them as they passed, next 4 more men arrived. As the drink flowed my bum was being groped or l was held against the wall to have their tongue forced down my throat, l was snogging a nice guy in the hallway when there was a knock at the door, upon opening the door there was a giant of a man standing in the doorway. He was well over 6ft and with muscles stretching the T-shirt he was wearing, he politely asked if Robert lived there, l nodded and showed him to the lounge someone shouted ‘donkey is here’, l found out later why they gave him that name. I was cornered by the guy l was snogging in the hallway, we went into the conservatory where l was first put to my knees to suck and lick his cock, we were then joined by another guy so now l was sucking 2 cocks, l tasted pre-cum and was lent over a table my G-string was peeled down too my knees then l was ordered to pull my bum cheeks apart a cock head was eased into me then l could feel him sliding his shaft fully inside me till his balls slapped against me, he gripped my hips saying ‘ready bitch’ and began fucking my rear the guy next to him was asking ‘is he tight’ the guy fucking me retorted ‘fucking great’, next l was pulled onto the shaft buried in my rear hole the guy groaned out loud and shot his very hot sticky load deep inside me, he released his hold and his shaft slid from my hole, l hardly had time to take a breath before another hard shaft was slid inside my now dribbling sticky hole. I was being fucked when uncle Robert came into the conservatory to introduce Tim the donkey, Robert told him that he really should try me for size just then the guy fucking me announced he was going to shoot his load and added ‘the bitch has a tight boy pussy’, then emptied his balls inside me, Tim took my hand and we went to my room.

I was held against the wall and kissed hard; he pressed his groin against my stomach it caused the two loads of spunk shot up me earlier to run from my rear faster. I reached down to grasp Tim’s cock to release it into my hand and OMG it wasn’t long, l would say about 8 inches, but it was thicker than my wrist, l had to use both hands to wank him off l couldn’t get the whole of the head of his cock into my mouth. When they called him donkey l was thinking in length not girth, Tim held the back of my head forcing his cock into my mouth the best l could do was flick my tongue in and out his urethral, but this wasn’t good enough for him as l was laid onto the bed and my legs lifted into the air, Tim slid a few fingers inside me then forced most of his fist which caused me to let out an ‘ouch’ then he took hold of his cock and rammed the head inside me, l yelled asking him to take it easy, Tim smiled and thrust his hips forward, l screamed out loud which didn’t deter him, Tim gave another deep thrust so he was fully inside me right up to his balls, it felt like l was being split in two, l let out a painful scream as Tim began fucking me after a time it did become more bearable. The bedroom door opened and in walked a coloured guy named Neville, Tim asked him to join us and slid his thick shaft from my boy pussy and lay on the bed with his legs over the side, l impaled myself slowly onto Tim’s pole, but he grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his shaft, Neville stood in front of me so l could suck his throbbing hard cock while at the same time lift myself up and down to ride Tim’s cock which did feel more comfortable for me. Tim began to raise his hips to meet my downward squats, Neville was working his shaft down my throat l wouldn’t say he was massive, but his cock was long enough to go a good way into my throat then he pulled my head onto his shaft and boy did he unload his cream, l gulped down load after load and Neville’s sticky spunk was still running from the side of my mouth down my chin and the strangest thing happened my own spunk began to flow from my urethral like a slow stream of piss and not like l was ejaculating, my cum ran down over my balls and onto Tim’s balls, Neville noticed my spunk oozing from my cock and knelt between mine and Tim’s legs to start licking us clean which in turn set Tim off sighing, he held me on his shaft and pumped his oh so hot sticky spunk load very deep inside my rear hole yelling ‘take it bitch’, l was sent into an orgasm that was out of this world and began trembling. I could feel each load that shot from the head of Tim’s cock as my climax increased the spunk dribbling from my urethral flowed faster, Tim lifted me off of his donkey cock so Neville could clean him, l just lay on the bed panting with Tim’s creamy spunk running from my arse, Neville’s spunk down my chin and my own cum over my legs, l felt so, so good, Tim and Neville dressed and left the bedroom, later l had 3 more men visit me in my room to empty their balls inside me, that night l truly was a spunk dump.

The next morning l put my sheets into the washing machine due to all the spunk stains then bathed before going to the university where l check the forth coming year workload. I got home mid-afternoon and Robert told me l had a surprise waiting in bed, l immediately thought Tim the donkey was in my bed and ran upstairs, l did get a surprise alright my aunt Silvia had been released from hospital early and was holding her tit out ready for me to suckle, quickly stripping l got into bed and before feeding on her warm breast milk l told Silvia ‘l missed you mummy’ and sucked her tit as if l hadn’t been fed in weeks. Silvia reached between my legs and remarked, l had been a good girl and worn my cock cage then released my cock and declared ‘let’s make our baby’, she stopped me feeding lay on her back and spread her legs l got into position and eased my hard shaft into my mummy to start fucking her, Silvia’s hole gripped my cock so tightly, her inside was hot and wet the harder l fucked her the wetter she became, Silvia let out ‘now baby, now’, my floodgates opened wide to let the flow of creamy spunk run through my shaft and begin to flood Silvia’s womb, we spent the rest of that day and most of the next day in bed fucking my cock was red raw.

It was nine weeks later when Silvia announced to me and her husband uncle Robert that she was having my baby, it was decided to find a bigger house for us all to live in and found one with a basement which Robert turned into a self-contained flat while me and Silvia had the next two floors leaving the attic for Silvia and my fun room. I finished uni and worked in architecture, and l now have Robert lives happily in the basement and l don’t get invites to his men only parties.

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