I had my first experience at tasting my own cum
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My wife and I have been married some 5 years this month. We
could not have been happier all that time. Or so I thought but it got
even better recently. The highlight hit at a company dinner dance
recently when our life really changed. It remains to be seen if it was for
the better. Let me tell you our story.

Brandy in high school was a darling girl, one of those pursued by all
the guys, well put together and fun at everything, especially in bed as I
later learned. The first time I got interested in her was at the local
swimming pool. She had on a fairly conservative swim suit but you
could not hide that body. Long trim legs, full hips and a tight little ass,
small waist and those fabulous boobs. On top of that she was beautiful.
Blonde and well tanned. I still haven’t figured out why she chose to date
me of all the guys, but she did.

She was raised in a pretty liberal home by her Mom (her Dad died
in an accident when she was 12). The Mom, Carol is her name, did a
great job at teaching Brandy about lots of things including enjoying life
and especially sex. That it was recommended she enjoy it with her

But Brandy and I couldn’t wait until we were married to enjoy sex.
Once we were dating regularly, after she turned 16, she started letting
me play with her big firm boobs with their sensitive nipples and the
resistance was all over. Her nipples were so sensitive that I could make
her cum just sucking on them. It was so great, we would park and at
first she would reluctantly, then later eagerly, let me take off her blouse
and bra and get my hands and mouth on her big tits and her hard
nipples. That sensitivity made her like putty.

It was as if she became a different young lady as I licked her nipples
and sucked them hard into my mouth. She would groan and moan and
writhe hotly as she verbally encouraged me. I soon learned that she
would refuse me nothing once I started on her fabulous melon like
boobs. I had been satisfied at first just to play with her big beauties until
she came but I wasn’t getting much relief that way. So this one night I
pulled my cock out and wrapped her slim fingers around it. To my
delight she didn’t resist but went a little wild. She stroked it rapidly with
both hands until I came all over her. I shot all over her bare tits and
she seemed to love that.too.

After that first time, when ever I would get my mouth on her swollen
nipples her hands went for my cock, pulling it free and stroking it till I
came on her bare tits. Occasionally she would half heartedly say
something like “We really shouldn’t be doing this.” But no one would
have believed that feeble statement. One night after I had cum all over
her full tits she smiled at me sexily and asked me to lick it off. Hell I
was still so horny I was game for anything and so I had my first
experience at tasting my own cum. Afterwards I kissed her deeply and
she got a taste of it too. She smiled at me and said hotly that she liked
the taste of my cum, even second hand. I wondered if she was
suggesting what I hoped for.

We were dating two or three times a week, sports, movies, the
usual but we always ended up at our favorite parking place by the lake.
The next time we parked I had a hard nipple in my mouth and I noticed
Brandy had spread her legs wide in the seat. Her short skirt had ridden
up and her pale blue panties were in clear view. I dropped my hand to
her very wet crotch and her only reaction was to moan loudly, “Oh
yes sweetheart….”. Well it was only seconds until my fingers found her
erect clit and her tight virginal cunt. I slowly slipped two fingers inside
her hot pussy and she gasped and came. Brandy seemed to cum a lot
and so easily.

I was surprised later, as we sat holding each other after we both
had cum and I had done the cleanup duty, when she asked me if I had
ever gone down on a girl. She had read and heard about it she said.

Well I had enjoyed that with a couple of girls before and I told her
all about it. She wanted to know who I had done and did I like it and did
they. She was surprised and seemed pleased to learn the girls names.
Surprised that the particular girls were sexually active. Then she really
surprised me when she kissed me hotly and then whispered, “Would you
please do that to me honey?”

Well since she said please.

As she lay back and spread her trim legs I didn’t hesitate. I love
the taste of pussy and was soon enjoying one of my favorite sports. I
can’t explain what Brandy did exactly. She was loud and hunched her
pussy to my mouth rapidly and seemed to wiggle all over. I had to hold
on tight to her trim ass cheeks to keep my tongue on her clit and in her
cunt. She came stronger than I had ever seen her. As she later lay
limp after cumming several times I raised up and kissed her. She
smiled sleepily and sucked my tongue and licked my face saying,
“Hmmm My pussy tastes almost as good as your cum does. Thank you
darling. God I really loved that.”

I laughed and said, “I guess you have heard, that turn about is only

She looked at me and chuckled sexily as her hand found my hard
cock. As she stroked it she said, “I have never done it. I’ve never
sucked a cock. I have heard a lot about it. Will you tell me what to do?”

I just pulled her head toward my hard cock held tightly in her hands
and she smiled at me and dropped her lips around the head. I didn’t
have to tell her anything. She attacked my cock as she looked up at me
and sucked it and bobbed her mouth up and down my 8 inches and
licked it as she moaned loudly. As I started hunching, fucking her
mouth she raised her head and said, “God this is fun… I love the feel of
your cock in my mouth….. Are you going to cum in my mouth?”

I groaned, “Yeah..and damned soon”

She returned her mouth with even greater vigor and I lost it. My
lady took it all, swallowing rapidly and seemed to enjoy that too. Well,
after that night, every time we had the opportunity we had oral sex. A
couple of times at some strange places. Brandy seemed to like the risk
of getting caught sucking my cock. Our sex life got hotter and hotter
and she wanted sex at every chance. Hell so did I. I was starting to
think what a great wife she would make and shortly I proposed. She
smiled and just said , “Of course…”

We decided to wait until college was over to get married but that
night we fucked… I took her sweet cherry. She loved fucking as much
as the rest, As she helped me start the head of my cock in her outer
labia she mentioned that her Mom had started her on birth control pills
months before. “I guess my Mom knew we were going to do this. I
knew we were.”

I pressed my cock into my loves tight pussy and she gasped with
pleasure. Brandy wrapped her legs around my ass and sighed loudly
as I felt our pubic hair meet, “Oh yes Dan… you feel so good in me. I
love your big cock so deep in me”

After that night we tried it every way and every place we could.
Brandy enjoyed trying it in different positions and after some unusual
attempts we settled on missionary and dog style as our favorites but we
still tried anything we could think of. We enjoyed oral a great deal,
often in strange semi-public places.

You would never know it from looking at my conservatively
dressed girl friend/fiance what a real sexual tiger she was. I used to
smile to myself as I watched her with teachers and at church and with
others at how sweet and proper she seemed. The all american girl. I
laughed as I thought, “If they only knew”

College came and we studied and screwed our heads off. After a
short while in the dorm we got an apartment together. Brandy was
wearing my engagement ring and I guess her Mom had no objection to
our living together. I later learned that her Mom had suggested we do
just that to save money. I later learned a lot of interesting things about
her Mom. Carol was a very remarkable lady.

There were a couple of notable influences on Brandy during college
worth mentioning. The first during our Junior year, Brandy drove to her
Mom’s home to get some stuff. It was a couple of hours away and I had
work to do so she went alone. I didn’t notice the time and soon Brandy
was back but very upset. Soon she was telling me about hearing noises
in the house when she got there. She followed the source and found
her Mom nude on her bed with the married guy from next door between
herlegs fucking her wildly. She heard her Mom telling him to fuck her
harder. Brandy watched unnoticed for several minutes then slipped
back out and drove back to school.

When she told me I smiled and said “Good for Carol. I bet she
really needed a good fuck.”

Brandy looked at me like I was crazy. Then said, “Dan… My
Mom was getting fucked by her neighbors husband…a married man.”

I looked at her and said , “SO?”

Well it was hours later that I got her calmed down. Explaining
how Carol had the same appetite for sex that she did and how would
she like to do without. That seemed to convince her but she was still a
little hung up about her Mom fucking a married man. Finally she
accepted that with the understanding that there weren’t many available
nice men for her Mom… and she was only borrowing him. and that an
occasional side fuck even for married people didn’t hurt anything. She
looked at me sort of funny after I said that and I could almost see the
wheels turning in her beautiful head.

Still later in bed after we had had some awesome sex, Brandy
was toying with my cock and she said, “The truth is it sort of made me
hot watching Mom get fucked. She is really stacked Dan. And she
really loved getting fucked.”

I admitted I had noticed her fine body on numerous occasions.
Sort of like Mother like daughter on all of those topics. Then she was
quiet for a moment thinking before she asked if I had ever thought about
having sex with her Mom. I admitted the thought had crossed my mind
but only as a fantasy. Brandy laughed and said, “After today I will have
to watch her with you. She might just want to borrow you too. Wouldn’t
that be wild if you were fucking both of us, Mom and Daughter.”

I knew better than to admit I would love that. Instead I just said,
“I don’t think that is going to happen sweetheart.” Then she blew my
mind as she said, “Honey… if she ever needed you that way… I would
understand.” I tried to ask what she was saying but she just kissed me
and rolled over and went to sleep. I lay there pondering the fact that my
lady had just given me permission to fuck her Mom… maybe.

Life went on in our favorite way with lots of sex. The next important
influence came when Brandy was about to flunk this physics course.
She went to her prof to see if she could do some make up work. He
told her she could have an easy A in his course if she would sleep with
him regularly. The course was a killer that she was having a lot of
trouble with. She told me what he had said and I just smiled. She said,
“Don’t you have anything to say?” I replied that I didn’t… that he hadn’t
offered me an A. She surprised me saying, “Well Mr smart ass I might
just fuck him and get my A since you don’t seem to care.”

I pulled her down into my lap and kissed her. I could tell she was
sexually excited over his offer. I cupped her big breasts and squeezed
and she melted in my arms. She whispered “Oh fuck me Dan I am so
hot.” As I eased into her wet cunt I said, “Thinking about fucking your
Prof really excited you huh?”

She was moaning and out of her head a little like she gets during
sex and she moaned… “Yes… yes… damn him… it made me hot as hell
thinking about him fucking me on his big desk.”

I played into her fantasy and said, “Yeah, he could bend you over
his desk and push your short little skirt up as he played with your cute
ass. Then her could pull your panties to the side and slip his hard cock
into your hot wet pussy.”

Brandy gasped and came moaning “Oh fuck yes…yes… yes”

Later as we cuddled she smiled at me and said in a small voice.
“You know I wouldn’t let him fuck me don’t you?” I just smiled and
said… “An easy A”. I was teasing her but then I wasn’t sure how she
took it. Possibly like permission to do it. Then I said, “Darling it is your
decision. But I don’t think I want to know…..however you decide.”

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