Asian Delight: Nora’s New Position

Gifted with intelligence and beauty, Nora Hanim easily breezed through her college courses and in record time had obtained her doctorate’s degree in psychology. In the two years since obtaining her doctorate degree, her research and studies had brought about new insight into an aged old theory. Thus, Nora (a short English sounding version of […]

A Halloween Sex Story

Author Notes: “Aoife, the Queen Maker” is the story the pixies told me when I wanted to write something else. Sometimes I write a story with a theme and plot that I have created; sometimes I just tell a story as it unfolds in my mind. The story I originally intended to create was a […]

Am I Dating My Sister?

Life can take you to some strange places. What I noticed are parallels. I was 19 years old, met a girl at a party, and we hooked up. Nothing grand, or romantic. She was cute, stacked, a little buzzed, and ready for fun. So was I, and fun was had. Three weeks later I got […]

After The Party Is Over

“Damn it,” my husband Sam muttered, “he’ll do the doors a mischief if he keeps that up.” The ‘he’ my husband was referring to was our 15 year old son Tom who was suffering what the behaviourists would call teenage angst, putting it more bluntly Tom was in a right sulk and a teenager sulking […]

A Weekend with my Nieces

This is a work of fiction only. The author has a very active imagination and has used that to create this work. I work in security systems for major hotel chains. I’ve never been married, but had my share of dates over the years. I just never found one I truly wanted. I had been […]

Bitch in the Bedroom

“Asshole!” “Yep. And you love watching it get fucked – don’t you?” I grinned back at my wife. “Only fair. You can’t seem to get enough of mine.” She smiled lazily at me. “I’d kiss you for that but I seem to be tied up for the moment…” I jerked a thumb over my shoulder […]