I Got You Now, You Little Perv!
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I slept late the next morning so I missed the Tiff and Jane Shows.
Martha must have slept late also because I was able to watch her go
through her morning shower. I just wish she would lose the damn towel
so I could watch her tits jiggle while she brushed her teeth and hair.

After breakfast I put on my swimming trunks and spent the morning
swimming and sunbathing. I enjoyed replaying the memories of the
previous nights skinny dip and sex party between my mother and Aunt

Mom and Tiff said they were going in to town to do some school
shopping. I rejected the implied invitation to go with them.

A little while later Martha and Jane left. Martha said to tell Mom
that she and Jane would not be home until after supper. I was starting
to resent all of these interruptions in my sexual reveries so I just
waved my hand and mumbled yeah to both of them.

At last it got too hot to stay outside so I swam one last lap and went
back into the house. I picked up my softball on the way back to the
house. I showered and got ready to ride my bike over to my friend
Jerry’s house but I couldn’t find my keys. I couldn’t leave the house
empty and unlocked even out here in the country.

I was sure the keys had been in my pants pocket when I went to bed last
night. I had heard the thunk as my pants hit the floor. I checked the
pockets of every pair of pants in my laundry hamper. Still no keys.

I lay down on my bed and forced myself to remember the sequence of
events the previous night. I remembered then what had happened. I had
taken the keys out of my pants to turn on the yard light. I had then
dropped the keys on my dresser. One look at the dresser showed me that
the keys weren’t there.

“What happened next?” I asked myself. I had gone to the bathroom to
wash the cum off my hand after I came for the second time that night.
I had used the key to lock my bedroom door after I returned from the
bathroom. And again I had placed the keys on my dresser. I looked at
my dresser. The keys still weren’t there.

I looked behind the dresser and under the dresser. I looked in all my
drawers. Still no keys. I was so frustrated now that I was starting
to act irrationally. I gave up looking for my keys. I put an old
porno tape in my VCR and watched three women have sex with one man. I
remembered my dreams of the previous evenings and attached my sister’s
faces to the three women and put my own face on the guy. I heard a car
pull up just as the women were starting to make out with each other
while the guy watched. Mom and Tiff were home.

I turned on the PEEPERs in their bedrooms and bathrooms. Mom entered
her room first. She took off her blouse and pants to try on some of
the clothes she had just purchased. Tiff stopped in the bathroom to
piss before she went to her room to begin the same ritual.

When Mom was done looking at the clothes she had just bought mixed with
the clothes she already had, she went downstairs to start supper.

I passed a boring evening waiting for the next show to begin. Martha
and Jane got back just before bedtime. Mom scolded both girls for not
leaving a note. She wouldn’t listen to their explanation that they had
told me instead of writing a note. The shouting went on for a half-
hour. It ended with both Martha and Jane slamming their doors. I
watched TV for another hour before going to bed.

I thought I would watch the girls do their nightly routines before
going to bed myself. I wanted to lock my door but remembered that
couldn’t find my keys. I automatically looked at my dresser where I
had put my keys last night and there they were!

I had placed my keys in the corner of the dresser nearest the door. My
keys were now in the middle of my dresser. They had not been there all
day. I touched the keys as if I expected them to vanish before my
eyes. I held them in my hand then put them in my pocket. Someone had
taken them this morning and then put them back tonight. Who could have
done it and why?

I dismissed Tiff as a subject. She would have taken the keys as a joke
but she would have taunted me with them not returned them quietly.

I dismissed Mom as well. She wouldn’t have taken my keys at all. If
she had found them in any room but mine she might have picked them up
but she would have given them to me and told me to be more careful with
my things.

That left Martha and Jane. Jane was the more likely of the two. But I
couldn’t see a motive.

I shrugged it off temporarily. I wanted to see the shows.

Tiff was in her nightgown. That show was already over.

I turned to Jane’s Room. Jane was doing her evening stretching. She
was sitting on her floor wearing a pair of bicycle shorts and nothing
else. I watched as she finished her stretching and got on her
stationary bicycle. She started pedaling fast and the sweat began to
run down her chest to discolor her shorts. Bent over that way she did
have more prominent tits but they still did not sway like Moms or

I switched to Martha’s room. She wasn’t there but she was in the
bathroom. She was just wrapping up a tampon to throw it away. She
didn’t put in another one so her period must be over. Now maybe she
would be a little more sexual for me.

It wouldn’t be tonight though. All Martha did was wash her crotch with
a wet washcloth and hang it on the hamper. She put on her robe, went
to her room, hung up her robe, then went to bed. End of the Martha

The Mom show was even less exciting. Mom didn’t have to wash her
crotch after removing a tampon.

Back to channel Jane. Jane’s show was getting interesting. Jane was
completely nude now. She was doing sit-ups while she listened to the
radio. The radio was a little loud and I had to turn down sound on the
microphone so it wasn’t quite so loud. Jane went from one exercise to
another. Some of them gave me a great view of her cleanly shaven
pussy. The show could not have been better if I had choreographed it

At last the exercising was finished. Jane put on her robe to go to her
bathroom. Once there, Jane took off her robe and turned on the shower.
She turned on the radio and was about to get in the shower when I heard
her say “Shit!” She put on her robe and left the bathroom. I thought
she had forgotten something in her room. I watched Jane’s bedroom and
bathroom for a minute while I waited for her to show up in one place or
the other.

Suddenly I felt a breeze. A chill went down my spine as I realized
where Jane was.

“I got you now, you little perv!” said Jane quietly behind me.

I turned around slowly. Jane was standing in my room with her robe
open. Her small tits glistened with the sweat from her workout. Her
pussy was also wet but the smell wasn’t completely sweat. Jane made no
attempt to close her robe.

She moved up beside me and looked at all the rooms displayed on the

“I thought you were after something like this,” said Jane. “Did you
enjoy the show tonight?”

“Yes,” I said. “From the smell and the juice leaking out of your
pussy, you enjoyed putting on the show for me.” I touched her pussy
slit and Jane jumped back from the touch of my hand. I sucked the
sweet taste of her pussy from my fingers.

Jane closed her robe. “Don’t try that again, pervert, or I’ll break
your hand,” she said.

Jane had not sounded the alarm. She hadn’t screamed, woken the others,
or attacked me physically. That meant she wanted something from me. I
prodded her to get to the point.

“What do you want to keep quiet about this?” I asked. “You haven’t
yelled for help or struck me to exact your revenge so you want
something from me. Tell me what it is and we can work it out.”

“I knew you would see reason very soon,” said Jane. “Here’s my terms.
First, I want you to take the radios out of my bedroom and bathroom.
Second, I want you to put the cameras in Jacqui Schaffer’s bedroom and
bathroom. Third, I want a monitor in my bedroom just like this so that
I can watch Jacqui. Fourth, I want all the videotapes of me that you
have. I don’t want you pulling your pud over my image anymore.”

“Those are reasonable terms from your point of view,” I said. “Let me
make a counteroffer, though. First, if I take the radio out of your
bedroom then you will have a hard time convincing Jacqui to put one in
her room. How about if I just take the camera out of your radio
instead. I also want to leave the camera in the bathroom so that I can
watch Martha. I will promise to remain downstairs while you are in the
bathroom as much as possible. Second, I already have a couple extra
radios and cameras that I can put in Jacqui’s bedroom and bathroom, but
they will not do much good. I have them rigged to use a wire instead
of broadcasting so that no one else can eavesdrop. Third, I can put a
monitor in your room, but you will only be able to see one camera at a
time because you don’t have a computer. Fourth, here is the videotape
that I have used since I put the system in. You are on it and so is
everyone else. Could you settle for just erasing the parts with you on
them? I have some really good shots of Tiff massaging her tits and
masturbating herself. I also have a good sequence of Mom and Aunt Mary
eating each other. Do you want to see it?”

That took her by surprise. She told me to play it back and I rewound
the tape to the start of Mom moonlight swim. I explained how I had
turned on the light so I could see who was Moms swimming companion.
Jane watched it all calmly until Mom and Aunt Mary were in the pool
house eating each other.

Jane was getting very flushed as she watched the tape. Her Robe was
open one again and I could see and smell pussy juice flowing from her
crevice. Jane took off her robe and sat down in a chair. She spread
her legs wide as she watched the monitor. Jane’s hand was going in and
out of her hole as she worked her self up to an orgasm. She looked at
me. I was jerking my self off as I watched her. “Get you ass over her
and lick my cunt, you son of a bitch!” said Jane.

I dropped my cock and did as she commanded. In a few minutes, under
Jane’s demanding orders, I got the hang of eating pussy. Jane came
about the same time Aunt Mary did.

I sat back on my heels when the pulsations of Jane’s cunt subsided.
Jane looked at me with less antagonism than usual. “You do have your
uses,” she said. “Come here.”

I stood up beside her, not quite sure what she wanted. She put her
hand behind my neck and drew my mouth down to her mouth. She licked
the pussy juice off my lips and cheeks and then pushed me away.

“That’s enough,” she said. “I like the taste of pussy juice. But I
prefer someone else’s.”

I started masturbating again as she returned to watching the videotape
of Mom and Aunt Mary.

“Jane,” I said, “I’m about to cum. Can I cum on your tits?”

Jane looked at me. She grinned. “Sure,” she said. She spread her
legs and motioned me to stand between them.

I stood between her legs and aimed my cock at her chest. Cum started
squirting out all over her chest and belly. When I was done cumming
Jane wrapped her legs around my hips and started squeezing. I thought
my back was going to break from the pressure.

Jane scooped up a glob of cum from one tit. She looked at it for a
minute. She licked it off her finger.

Jane shrugged her shoulders. “A little slimy and salty for my taste.
I don’t know what some girls see in it,” she said.

I could feel the rubbery lips of Jane’s pussy rubbing against my thigh.
She squeezed a little harder. I yelped in pain. Suddenly she opened
her legs and let me go.

I collapsed on the floor.

“Don’t ever ask for that again. If I want you to squirt all over me
I’ll ask you,” said Jane.

Jane stopped the tape. She fast-forwarded to the part that showed her
exercising. She stopped the tape again and ejected it from the VCR.
“I’ll just keep this,” she said.

“I can help you get into Jacqui’s underpants,” I gasped. My belly and
ribs ached from the squeezing.

That stopped Jane cold. “What do you mean?” she snapped.

“I know you are in love with Jacqui and I know you want to sleep with
her. After watching you watch that tape of Mom and Aunt Mary, it is
not exactly a secret that you have some lesbian tendencies. I don’t
really care about that. But there are advantages to being a shorter
than average 12 year-old boy. People tend not to notice that I am
there when they talk. And if they do notice me that think that I don’t
understand what they’re talking about. I hear things. Some of the
things that I have heard may help you in the conquest of Mount Jacqui.”

This all had a particle of truth in every statement. I was probably
promising more than I could reasonably be expected to deliver, but Jane
had a desire to get into Jacqui’s pants and was romantic enough to take
any offer of assistance.

“Talk fast, perv,” said Jane. “If I hear something useful in the next
two minutes, we may be able to make a deal.”

“Not one guy that Jacqui has gone out with has gotten into her panties.
The most any of them has gotten is a second base feel of her breasts,”
I said. I was thinking fast about everything that I had heard about
Jacqui in the last two years. “Two years ago when the girl’s gym
teacher, Miss Smith, quit. She quit because she was suspected of
having an ‘inappropriate relationship with one of her students. Nobody
would say which student. All of the girls in school denied having any
relationship at all with her.”

“So what,” said Jane peevishly. “I denied it, too. Like you said all
the girls denied it, including Jacqui. This is just bullshit, perv.
You don’t know shit that can help me.”

Jane was getting pissed enough to blow everything. I finally
remembered what had been niggling at the back of my mind since the
subject of Jacqui had come up. I had just remembered a conversation I
had overheard between Jacqui and Miss Smith.

“I know that Jacqui was one of the girls that Miss Smith took out to
her lake cabin for a weekend. I also know that Jacqui went willingly.
I also know that Miss Smith did not succeed in getting into Jacqui’s
pants that weekend. But it was not due to lack of trying on her part
and it was in spite of desire on Jacqui’s part.”

“How do you know all that?” Jane asked severely.

I explained how I had overheard Jacqui and Miss Smith talking. They
had been in Miss Smith’s car. They were on their way back from the
lake and had stopped at an overlook near town. The overlook was used
by lovers at night and was usually deserted during the day. I was up
in a tree trying to spy on some girls sunbathing on the beach. I had
heard the car pull up so I just stayed still so I would not be seen.
They had discussed the weekend in great detail. Miss Smith was
apologizing for trying to seduce Jacqui and Jacqui was apologizing for
not giving in to Miss Smith’s advances. They had finally agreed that
they would return to the lake in a month. A week later Miss Smith
resigned when someone started spreading rumors about her being a

We spent the next half-hour negotiating the terms of my surrender. I
ended up agreeing to place a transmitter in Jacqui’s PEEPERs. I
explained the dangers inherent in broadcasting a signal but Jane was in
lust with Jacqui and wanted to see the object of her affection in the
buff. I agreed to remove the camera from Jane’s PEEPER. She agreed to
let the camera remain in the bathroom she shared with Martha. She
would just put a towel over the camera when she wanted privacy. Jane
would also reserve the right to review all my tapes anytime she wanted.
She had the right to confiscate any tape that she found interesting or
objectionable with no recourse on my part. Jane also wanted copies of
any more scenes of Mom and Aunt Mary.

I promised to have the radio done in two weeks. I told her it would
take longer because of the transmitter. She bought the argument.

Jane picked up her robe and started towards my door. She grabbed my
balls on her way past me. She squeezed them to the point that I almost
threw up. “Remember, perv,” she said, “This can hurt a lot worse if I
really want it to.”

I believed her.

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