Wife and additional men, during a trip to the city
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I was excited in sharing my wife with another man. We used to do this quite frequently until she got an infection from one of our encounters. Even though it was cleared up immediately with some penicillin, she was hesitant, and reluctant to ever do it again.

This decision took a significant amount of joy and thrill out of our sex life. I needed to think of alternatives to get this back. There’s no thrill in prostitutes or anybody else but that power and control and thrill of doing it with my wife and one or two other guys is a high that cannot be replaced.

I was at the gym recently with a fellow that I work out with quite regularly, and without so many details talked a bit about this concept, and he recommended the suggestibility when someone’s on Ativan. He compared it to when you go local anisthetic at the dentist and you don’t remember a damn thing, and he told me it only took 2 mg to achieve this and they come in dissolvable tablets, which when crushed up He said disappear and mix in without taste into drinks. There is one thing about having my wife under the influence of a Xanax or a sleeping pill we’ve done that many times where I’ve had two guys in the room And myself fucking her in every way possible but the idea of having her lucid and suggestible was really really much more intriguing to me.

I didn’t know how to test this new scenario out, so we went to the big city for a weekend stayed at a nice hotel, and did some shopping and nice dinners and one night I went on to Locanto, a local app for fringe, sex stuff, and lined up a bull to meet us at the hotel bar at 9 PM.

While my wife was getting ready for dinner, I went down to the hotel lobby and I had him meet me there so we could talk face-to-face. I told him that I would be giving my wife Ativan, and I want to get her into a heightened state and a suggested state and that he would join our table. We would play it by ear until I knew she was well on her way and see if we could take this upstairs. I told him there was no guarantee because I had not done this and we will just have to see how it goes. In any event he would have some drinks and visit, and all we could do is hope for more .

My wife got ready, she wore a nice short, red dress with beige, stay ups and high heels to match. It was a low-cut blouse, covering her 34 bs with nice exposure. My wife is 5 foot 3 and 120 pounds perfect legs and ass.

At dinner we had a nice bottle of wine and talked about going to the hotel bar which had a jazz band that evening. I had the Hotel Reserve a nice corner booth to put my plan into play.

I had already set up the idea that I invited the guy that I see at the gym quite often During this day to join us for drinks, something not uncommon and would not make her wary or suspect.

In the room earlier, I ground up three Ativan, so 3 mg and I put a dropper dot of ketamine that I got when I was in the Dominican. So I had the dropper in my pocket with this mix so that the Ativan was completely dissolved in the drops of ketamine, my wife went to the washroom and as I watched her get up, her dress lifted up so I could see her stay ups and her leg. She smelled good. She looked good and I was already hard at the idea of putting her into a two way again while she was away I put the contents of the dropper into her glass, took the spoon at the table and I mixed it in thoroughly. She only had about three sips left in the glass , so I would suspect it would kick in relatively quickly.

We had about 30 minutes more at dinner before making it to the club lounge.

After her wine was finished she had another glass, and the effects of that should be taking place any minute.

I could tell she was under the influence of it as she was heightened, not really saying things the way she would normally, and not as graceful as she usually is. I tested the waters immediately by telling her to open her legs wide under the table and the slip her panties off.

She looked at me, paused, didn’t say a word, and after about what felt like minutes, she did exactly that she crouched down, as if to fix her shoe lift it up, grab the hem of her thong wiggled and slit it down past both high heels crunched it up in a ball in her hand, and gave it to me. Then she just sipped her wine with absolutely no reaction.

I figured I’d try the verbal cue first to see a reaction, so I said to her ‘how would you feel about taking an 11 inch ball up your ass tonight?’ She just looked at me and smiled with her flirtatious devil smile, the one I would see back when we did this regularly.

I left it at that, and we went to the lounge.

Jax, the fellow I lined up on Locanto, was at the bar, having a drink, waiting for my visible cue that he could walk over, he already knew the story was we were gym buddies.

He had Italian features about 6 foot, 4″ tall and 11″ hard cock 6 inch width and a muscular build.

My wife was pretty well on her way, because she was animated, flirty, uninhibited, and kind of slutty with looking around the room, looking at other men.

I said to her again what do you think about 11 inches up your ass tonight will be double penetrate you and she just said ‘I can’t wait’.

I nodded over to the bar and in about five minutes Jax came by and did the ‘hey how’s it going?’ Etc. etc.

He slid in the booth, sat next to my wife, and we had a few drinks and talked.

When I was finally alcohol, influenced courageous, I told Jack’s in front of my wife. Why don’t you feel how great my wife’s legs are, and I looked at my wife and I said why don’t you open up a little bit for him to explore. I don’t think Jack’s had done this before, because he was taken back by my brazenness, and my wife just looked at me and looked over at him and under the table I could feel her opening her legs wider. She was pretty much as wide as she could go underneath the booth so I put a hand on her right leg and started stroking her leg and flicking her pierced clitoris.

I looked at Jax and I told him to do the same. My wife lead her head back on the booth with a smile as both of our hands were exploring underneath her dress I could feel Jack’s big hands slowly inserting a finger into my wife.

I knew at this point anything that I wanted to happen was going to. So I suggested we leave and go up to the room.

I wanted to test this a little better. I told them to go to the room first and I’ll be up in a minute or two as I had to use the bathroom. What I did was I watched my wife walk hand-in-hand with this bull to watch her drug influenced mannerisms.

He had his arm around her, by her waist, coping her ass cheek, and she had her arm around him, and one on his chest as they walk to the elevator.

I took the next elevator up, giving them about five minutes to settle into the room.

I was very curious how the scenario would play at once I walked in.

When I got in to the room, the music I had left on, was still playing, and my wife was sitting on the couch with her legs spread, and Jax was on the floor, eating her out. She had her legs over his shoulder,s and he had his hands wrapped around her upper thighs, sucking and pulling out her clitoris with his mouth.

This made me so hot to watch.

I walked close to the couch, got up on it pulled out my cock and my wife immediately started taking me in her mouth while she was being eaten out by this bull.

I pulled myself away and positioned my wife down on the couch, facedown, lifting up her dress, and telling Jax it was time to integrate his massive cock into my wife’s ass.

I told my wife, if she was looking forward to what was happening, and all she could do repeatedly was say ‘fuck me. Fuck me fuck me’. She was a total whore now and my whore.

Jax put a magnum on, I oiled up my wife’s entire ass cheeks, and asshole, and I told her to spread apart her cheeks, so that her inevitable ass fucking was made easier. My wife hand a hand on each of her ass cheeks holding them apart, fully exposing her perfection.

Jacks put the tip of this massive cock at my wife’s anus, with just the right amount of pressure and time, so that nature took its course and accepted him inside her.

My wife arched back, thrusting herself further onto his cock until he was finally completely in.

She was continually saying ‘fuck me fuck me’, Jax finally got into a nice rhythm that grew harder and faster. My wife just spoke like a complete slut as she was getting fucked in the ass by this 11 inch cock.

I went to the front of the couch so that my wife could give me a blow job while getting fucked in the ass. I wanted to double penetrate her so I told Jax to pull out, put a new condom on. I told my wife to ride his cock while he lay on the couch I went up behind her while he coerced his 11 inches into my wife’s pussy and I got up and slid myself into her already broken-in ass from the evenings fucking.

We continue this way for about 20 minutes as my wife came and came and came intensely.

I want to treat my wife like a whore. At this point it was fun, and safe. So I told her to sit on the couch because we’re gonna explode our cum down her throat.

She sat on the couch as Jax I went in front of her, her red dress dishevelled, her hair a mess with the biggest smile and slutty grin as she watch these cocks being stroked in front of her.

I told her to play with her piercing and get ready to take these loads in her mouth. I told Jax to go first inserting his massive cock into my wife’s mouth while he was also stroking it, and she was stroking it.

With her mouth and her hand and his hand, they milked what looked like a litre of cum into my wife’s mouth, dripping down her cheeks. He pulled out and I got close and shot my load all over my wifes face.

Jax put himself together, told me and her he would look forward to the next time we were in town and left.

My wife went to clean up herself, I put the TV on, and she just lay on the bed and fell asleep. The end stage of the Ativan.

I couldn’t wake her, but I looked at the bed with her on it. Red dress riding up, stay ups exposed still, and smelling great, still looking great.

It was only about 11 o’clock and I knew she would be out for the rest of the night.

I opened up her legs and staged her, exposing her piercing, fixing her hair, so it flowed nicely on the pillow, took some nice pictures. And my thoughts wanted to bringing someone over to fuck her in this stage.

I looked at some of the other Locanto responses where I found Jax. What I really wanted was to find two guys that would just come over and fuck my corpse wife. It excited me to watch her being used.

I responded to two guys, one was black who claimed 12 inches, his photo showed a massive 6’5″ titan and his cock photo made a can of Coke look like a shooter. So I told him to be in the lobby bar, and then I picked a white dude with 9 inches, very thick cock

Both of the guys were in the bar and I explained no photos, no marks, condoms a must and that my wife was upstairs.

I showed him the picture and I said we can do whatever we want to her and again, condoms a must.

We got to the room and the guys both gasped kind of that response when its like ‘yeah, this is for real’.

There was no instruction needed, and both of their pants and shirts came off in seconds, as they went over to the bed and started to explore and rub my wife, completely unresponsive.

The black guy took the initiative, first opened up my wife’s mouth and inserted, his cock face fucking her down to her throat violently with no response, I was shocked, impressed and completely turned on at this aggression.

The white guy rubbed himself hard, open up my wife’s legs further and began eating her pussy, then pulling her legs over his shoulders, slid hard inside her pussy.

This was a great scene. I sat on the chair and I watched my wife being aggressively fucked in her throat by 12 inch black cock, and the 9” pounding into my wife’s pussy.

I told the white bull to lay on the bed position my wife onto him and I told the black bull to rear up behind her. I gave him some oil and I wanted him to be fucking her ass at the same time.

My wife lay on top of this white bull.

While I watched her body moving from his pounding of his cock into her, and I opened up my wife’s ass cheeks and oiled her up again while I watch this massive black cock push against her anus, and slowly enter her.

This was an amazing scene to abuse and rape my wife like this, after the turn on already had of basically brainwashing her with the Ativan.

While these two guys were fucking my wife, I was playing with her breasts, playing with her legs and rubbing my cock in her mouth.

I was the first one to rub one out on my wife’s face, and I told both of the guys it was time to come and finish up here.

The scene of FUCKING increased its pace, and I couldn’t believe the girth and the length of these two cocks penetrate my wife at the same time, the black guy grabbed her hair, pulled her head back as he thrust his massive cock into her ass pounding her like a piston and he came, obviously very hard at the same time I did the same and so did the 9 inch.

The guys cleaned up and left, my wife’s face covered in cum, and she lay on the bed, legs apart, dress rising high, stay ups exposed.

I took the condoms and the condom wrappers that were in the washroom garbage and I put them in the garbage by the elevator, as I didn’t want my wife to see this.

When I got back to the room, my wife was sitting on the bed, still out, legs open, and I want to fuck her one last time. I got on the bed I rubbed her stay up covered legs. I put her legs over my shoulder and I put my cock at the top of her asshole, slid in and fucked her hard until I came.

I cleaned up, rolled over and went to sleep. Another exciting night.

When we woke, my wife got ready I went to the gym, and we had breakfast in the hotel lounge. I met her there.

She was dressed in nice tight jeans, a loose top, and she looked amazing. We had a day of some shopping to do.

She had bits and pieces of the memory from last night, she remembers fucking Jax and me.

I said all the protocols were observed, condoms, no photos, etc. and she said I know.

I said how would you feel about doing that again tonight? And she said I do not know what came over me as I didn’t want to do this again I said we would do whatever is her comfort level and left it at that.

While we went shopping, tonight’s plan was already in the back of my mind, and every outfit that she tried on, was in my mind about having other men all over it and all over her.

She came across a short plaid skirt, halfway from upper thigh to knee. It was definitely just a play outfit. Something for a fun short time out because it was very short and very sexy.

I told her if she got that plaid skirt we had to get mesh stay ups for it to match and while she was trying some different things, and I found a nice white dress shirt that I thought would be cute for her to tie at the bottom and wear with this outfit.

She came out of the dressing room wearing it and I was immediately hard it was so sexy. The white dress shirt opened down so you could see her cleavage tied cute off to the side, the skirt on and the stay ups.

I asked her how she felt about having that as a dinner outfit tonight and we could hit the hotel lounge again as there was a different band playing or we could go to the local blues club and go from there.

She was a bit distracted, but I snapped her photo and I was already going to lineup tonight.

I went onto Locanto put up this photo with the face blocked out and I wanted three guys all over 11 inches, to set something up. We would go to the jazz club a block from the hotel, and it was up to the guys to arrange a place. Turns out there’s condos above the club and one of the guy said he could host there, which made it really ideal an easy I told him I had two other guys lined And he agreed that would not be a problem.

Again, going over the ground rules condoms no marks no photos. All agreed so I sent a group chat together on WhatsApp for discussion and I said we would casually meet at the blues club and play it by ear.

After all the shopping was done we had kind of a early start to the drinking. Hit a couple of bottles of wine by the time 7 o’clock rolled around and we had dinner so my wife was already relaxed and buzzed.

We walked to the jazz club. The hotel concierge had arranged a nice VIP table for us. I told him I preferred a booth as I didn’t like people behind me and makes me feel uncomfortable. But in actuality, it was really to set up a nice discreet play corner where I could have people groping at my wife before we all fucked her ass.

Once we got to the table, the music was playing really good. We got a good bottle of wine, and I told the guys by text because the place was really full to come by our table pretend they all knew each other and asked to join us because we had a large booth.

My wife was already drunk, and naturally excited by the attention of good looking men, but I wanted to assure tonight was going to be about gang fucking my wife. I had my mixture ready to go, three atavan ground up in my dropper, with a bit of ketamine liquid for ease .

My wife and slipped out and gone to the bathroom, and I took this time and opportunity to put my submissive cocktail into her wine and stir it up. As the night progressed, the guys will take turns dancing with my wife. They were all built, good looking, and respectful, which made all of this so much easier. And entertaining. So in the booth I’m at the end of one of the guys beside me then my wife and the other two guys.

Here she was in her short plaid skirt, stay ups, that nice loose blouse, red thong panties, smelling amazing, drunk, and now suggestive on the hypnotic effects of the Ativan.

I had asked the fellow who lives upstairs for confirmation that it would be OK for all of us to go up and he was absolutely thrilled to do so. So he presented the idea to my wife about all of us going upstairs for a drink as he had a condo upstairs. My wife looked at me as it wasn’t too late in the evening and said OK.

She was definitely drunk and she was definitely under the influence so I’m not sure how much at this point she would remember the next day, so on the way up the stair , a couple of the guys were walking behind my wife and I just nodded an motioned towards her, and they each took the cue and put a hand up her short skirt and pinched her ass cheek. She looked back, and all she did was smirk.

We got into the condo which was really nicely appointed, and all sat in the living room , my wife on the couch, two guys beside her on the left one guy beside her on the right, and I sat in the chair.

The host provided wine for everybody. He put some classic rock on, and at this point, I looked at my wife and I said I think we need to see some cock , that was the cue, and the evening began.

The two fellows on her immediate side, rub their hand up and down her legs, opening her up everyone under their pants with them off, and my wife placed her hand on each cock to her left and right, and began stroking as they finger fucked her. The fellow on her left, grabbed her by the hair and neck pulled her into him and began French kissing her. I was never ever comfortable with the whole kissing thing, but this was a turn on because she was doing whatever the hell was expected.

The other fellow and I walked over to the scene, stood in front of my wife, and now at this point she was taking turns deep throating cocks, while hand jobbing what wouldn’t fit in.

The more aggressive fellow, who began French, kissing her, pushed her off to the side over the edge of the couch, lifted up her short skirt left her thong panties on, pushed it to the side, strapped up his cock with his magnum condom and just began fucking my wife with pure aggression, I motioned for the other fellow to go up in front get a blow job while she was being pistoned from behind.

This was such a great show. My wife’s short plaid skirt hiked up over her ass cheeks, legs spread while getting fucked hard by a titan cock pulling on her hair while she deep throated 11 inches in front of her and rubbing another 11 at her side while I was stroking and playing with her tits.

It didn’t take long at the pure aggression that Mr. piston was pounding into my wife before he pulled out, pulled off his condom shot a load across her face.

His position was immediately replaced by the 11 inch that was being stroked, he had a little vial of oil, looked at me and asked if it was OK if he fucked my wife’s ass. I said have at it, and I told my wife again open up her cheeks to receive an 11 inch gift. My wife was sucking on a cock getting groped by the guy who just blew his load, and now I had both of her hands, spreading her ass cheek’s to receive an 11 inch oiled cock up her ass.

He entered, slowly let everything take its course and then just began rigorously fucking my wife in the ass I sat to the side, watching all 11 inches exit and enter my wife’s ass while she was moaning and choking on another cock.

It excited me to see her stay up and skirt left on and I rubbed her while she did this playing with her piercing and her clit.

This went on for a while, everyone’s switching positions, taking turns at fucking my wife’s ass, fucking my wife’s pussy, and fucking my wife’s mouth. I turned her into a complete submissive whore, and I loved every minute of it, watching her, begging to be fucked over and over again as she came over and over again at the hands of these monster cocks.

We finished up, and my wife went to the washroom to clean herself up and we left and walk back to the hotel arm in arm.

It was about 1230 and we went straight up to the room. I told my wife to put on a T-shirt have a shower before that, and I wanted her to be back in stay ups and panties.

I told her I was going to the hotel lounge for a beer while she quickly showered and wore what I told her to wear.

Because it was a Saturday night, the hotel bar was hopping. I texted my wife to send me a selfie of her when she was ready on the bed, showing me her with her T-shirt riding up and her steps exposed.

There was a black guy at the bar next to me, young 22 maybe, almost a gangster rapper look to him.

He had a nice suit on, by himself. I just started chatting with him. He was visiting from Chicago leaving the next day. Said the girl he was meeting never showed up.

I asked him how he felt about coming up to the room and fucking my wife with me. I showed him the picture she just sent me he looked at me and asked if I was for real, I said absolutely, and he said hell yeah.

So we went up to the room open the door, walked into the bedroom, to my wife, laying on the bed in a nice white T-shirt, riding up, showing her legs and her beautiful stockings.

He needed no invitation, went up to the bed, started rubbing my wife’s legs and breasts, as my wife unzipped his pants and put 8 inches of unhard cock into her mouth.

This was a great scene, watching this guy with a 12+ inch thick, black cock going in and out of my wife’s mouth. He pulled out of her mouth, turned her around on the mountain of pillows at the head of the bed, with her ass raised in the air and he lifted up the T-shirt, pushed her thong panties off to the side and stuck his black tongue into my wife’s ass and suck on her pussy.

He was stroking his massive sausage, and he began rubbing the tip of his large mushroom against my wife’s piercing and soaked pussy.

He didn’t have a condom and I didn’t care. I want to see my wife get gorge by this massive pole.

He slid in all the way in, and I sat at the side of the bed, watching this monster, cock, pound in and out of my wife. I had my hand in front, tweaking her piercing playing with her Clit, while this cock smashed into her.

I grabbed her hair and I pulled her mouth to mine and I kissed her and she was aggressively fucked by this bull.

He was in great shape, so I turned my wife around, and I let him fuck her missionary style, so that she could grab onto his nipples, and she eventually reached up, grabbed onto his ass cheeks as he pounded into her.

Watching this absolute muscled massive black guy fucking my wife. This way made me so so horny.

She moaned and came endlessly.

He had a stamina of a racehorse and showed no signs of coming anytime soon.

I want to watch him fuck my wife’s ass, and I told him pull out, and enter her already soaked us from her juices.

He put the head of his massive mushroom directly into her anus and just let it sit there I slid underneath her and 69 sucking on her pussy. Oh my eyes looked up at this massive cock slowly entering my wife’s ass. She sucked on my cock slowly, and I could watch as her hands reach back, grabbing his ass, pulling him into hers.

I know he was about 8 inches into my wife’s ass, when she thrust back to get the rest in. She was well lubricated at this point, and loose, as he was able to pull out most of his cock, and slide back in with each stroke.

She was coming so much from my clitoris play from my tongue and fingers, combined with his piston pounding fucking of her ass.

He kept up with this rhythm and I knew he was getting close. I had to get my face out of there before I got drenched and this black bulls cum.

I sat on the couch, watching him fucking my wife’s ass. I played with her nipples and I reached up to her neck, and I started to choke her. This always made her cum so hard before she passed out.

I held on tight letting her squirm and the continual fucking. She had a massive orgasm before passing out.

This had a loosening effect, obviously on her ass, and she must’ve tightened up and loosened up or something because this guy blew his load deep into her ass at this point. I was amazed because he kept fucking her even to the point where he was semi hard. I thought he was gonna go again.

My wife regain consciousness still with this black bull up her ass, and she woke up to coming again.

He just sat there, letting her ride up against him for one last orgasm, then he got up, cleaned up and left.

It was time for bed now and looking very forward to the next trip in the city.

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