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Free sex story – Amelia’s husband and his big cock
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Amelia’s husband smiled, he wanted her back badly. If she could excite him
like that maybe she was worth hanging on to. After all, he could make a lot
of money out of her, he reasoned. “I’ll never treat you badly again, I
promise you that.” He took a deep breath before asking her, “Are you ready
to return home …

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Pay For Play Cheerleaders
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It was Nancy Peterson’s first appearance as a Valley High
cheerleader. The stands rumbled with a full house of cheering fans.
Nancy performed high kicks. Her dark-blue skirt featured inverted
pleats and swirled sexily on her fine, tanned legs.
She wore a tight white vest that had blue stripes down the arms, an
inch-wide white stripe across the chest, and …

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