The island of sex
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Before I get to the story itself I’d like to give a
little background. Lisa
and I live on an island off the coast. Unlike most
islands, we don’t rely on tourism
to boost our economy. In fact, the community goes to
great lengths to keep tourists
from finding out about our island.
The island has been kept hard to get to on purpose.
It can only be approached by private boat. Although
the island is big enough for an airport we’ve never
built one. You see our island community is clothing
optional. People rarely wear clothes unless the
weather gets bad. As a result our island has never
had a sex crime. The children grow up accustomed to
seeing naked bodies and they are able to learn about
sexuality without the restraints the rest of the
country has. Let me clarify two points right off: our
island isn’t one giant orgy, we just don’t have the
taboos associated with the human body. Nor are we an
island that has become neutered because of constantly
seeing people naked. Like most nudist beaches and
communities it is considered impolite and somewhat
rude to show sexual excitement at everyday
occurrences. However, like I said we understand
sexual arousal does happen and as long as the person
who becomes aroused behaves we don’t make a big deal
out of it.
Our private lives can be, and are as sexual and
unique as we want. Our neighbors don’t gossip and we
have few taboos. We do have some strict laws
regarding molestation etc.. However the children of
the island tend to be more mature then on the
continent, so it is not unheard of that a young woman
to marry right out of school.
This story happened when my neighbor, Ted’s 16-yr old
niece and her best friend moved to the island. About
2 weeks after they moved in it was obvious to me that
they were still self-conscious about their bodies.
Danielle, Ted’s niece had been to the island as a
child but it was taking her a while to fall back in
the habit of being free. Her friend, Suzy,on the
other hand had never been in this kind of community
My back deck overlooks Ted’s back yard not more then
10 feet below, and it never meant much to me because
as I said before, we were an island without secrets (
apart from what took place in the bedroom that is). I
never did find out whether Danielle forgot that from
my deck I was able to see over her uncle’s fence or if
she just took it for granted that she and her friend
would be unwatched in the back yard. Without
realizing it I found myself becoming aroused whenever
the two awkward girls started experimenting with their
new freedom.
One day I was on the porch reading the paper (naked,
as always) and Lisa was at the store when the two
girls came outside in bikinis. I could see their
curves hidden in their suits and for once clothing
actually became a turn-on for me. I guess it was the
mystery of what was hidden behind their suits that
started getting me excited. As I lowered the paper
and watched the girls, I unconsciously began stroking
my already erect penis. I could hear the girls
talking but couldn’t quite make out their words. They
giggled and Danielle glanced around, and apparently
thinking that she would be unseen she nodded to Suzy
and undid her top and placed it on the picnic table.
Her state of arousal was evident in how erect her
nipples were. Suzy had already removed her top by the
time her friend had, and it was also obvious that she
was just as aroused as her friend was. After more
glances and giggling they removed their bottoms and I
could see a damp spot in both bikini bottoms as they
were placed on the table. Seeing the girls’ arousal
made me pick up the pace on my rigid cock. I never
heard exactly when Lisa returned from the store, but
as I was stroking my hard on I heard her say in a
gentle teasing voice “looks like someone’s a bit
turned on.” So saying, she knelt beside me and
replaced my hand with hers. Lisa has shown no
bisexual tendencies, but she does get turned on when
I’m aroused by women. She also is fully aware of my
fondness for looking at teenage girls.
The girls began to loosen up slightly, and Suzy began
rubbing sun tan lotion on Danielle. Danielle has long
light brown hair that goes down halfway to her
adorable ass, she has nicely developed breasts
(probably around a 36b), but her pussy was only
covered sparsely by light brown, almost blonde hair.
Suzy was a contrast to her friend, she had dark hair,
smaller-but still nicely developed breasts and her
pussy was covered by a nice thick bush of dark hair.
As Suzy rubbed the lotion over her naked friend I
could sense a sexual tension coming from the two, and
their nipples got even harder than they had been.
Sensing something was getting me more aroused, Lisa
lowered her mouth over my cock and began to suck it
with her usual expertise. Her tongue teased the
engorged head of my cock. Using one hand to stroke my
shaft, she used her other hand to gently fondle my
balls. She slid her mouth down my cock in time with
her stroking hand. My cock was totally encased in her
mouth and hand. Lisa was obviously turned on by my
arousal and she put so much passion I almost came
after only a minute of her blowjob. Suzy and Danielle
had finished putting lotion on each other and they lay
in lounge chairs, the earlier sexual tension between
them put to rest for the time being.
Lisa could sense that my show was over so she began
to pick up the tempo of her sucking and she moved the
hand that was playing with my balls down to trace the
area between my sack and my asshole. She lightly
traced her fingertips through the hair covering my
hole. She began teasing my hole by gently running her
finger between my cheeks and bumped my puckered hole.
After five minutes of her excellent cock worshipping I
felt my balls tighten and I shot probably the biggest
load in months down her eager mouth and throat. That
night Lisa and I fucked with a renewed passion as
images of Suzy and Danielle played through my mind.
A few days passed without another show from the girls
and I suggested to Lisa that we take a walk in the
woods behind our house. She agreed and asked me if I
was going to wear my “jock”. What she referred to as
a jock is actually a harness she ordered for me a
number of years ago. The leather straps fit snugly
around the bottom of my balls and wrap around the base
of my cock. It felt comfortable, it didn’t hurt but
it left me constantly erect and was something that I
definitely wouldn’t have been able to wear clothes
over. Because unlike my normal erection which tended
to go up, the harness made my cock point straight out.
The harness turned Lisa on, she had a slight tenancy
toward domination which although wasn’t my thing the
harness reminded her of some of the equipment used in
S&M, so I was more than happy to oblige her.
We were following our normal path through the woods
when we approached a spot that could only be
negotiated single file and Lisa was in the lead so I
could watch her ass as she walked. I was watching her
ass closely when she suddenly stopped short and I ran
into her with my cock from behind. “What is it?” I
“It’s the girls from nextdoor, they’re naked and
playing with each other” she said.
“What are they doing?” I asked in a hoarse whisper.
“Well little Dani has her friend lying on her back
and she’s playing with her tits.” She said as my cock
grew even harder and dug more forcefully into her
“Like this?” I asked as I began to fondle her tits
from behind, taking one breast in each hand and
rubbing her nipples. She covered my hands with her
own and began to help me fondle her. This continued
for a couple of minutes as she squirmed against my
cock which because of the harness was aimed straight
at her.
“What is she doing now?” I asked as my dick rubbed
her dampening pussy causing my cock to twitch in the
“She has one of her friend’s nipples in her mouth and
is sucking on it really hard.”

I’m remiss in not describing Lisa, she’s about 5’4″
tall with large breasts with nipples that stick almost
an inch out when erect, she has dark hair which goes
down her back to her waist just above her luscious
ass. She has a full bush of hair covering her pussy,
and has a large clit that gets even bigger when she’s
turned on, as she obviously was now by my arousal over
her describing one of my favorite turn-ons.
I took my hand off her right breast and fed her left
nipple to her to suck on. “Like this?” I asked as
she began to suck on her nipple passionately. She
moaned in response as my cock rubbed up against her
enlarged clit.
I continued to rub her clit as long as I could stand
it, I finally bent her over at the waist so I could
see the girls for myself. I got my first glimpse of
them as Dani began kissing her way down Suzy’ large
breasts toward her friend’s hairy pussy. Dani took
her time inching her way down Suzy’s body. She left a
wet trail down her friend’s stomach. Suzy let out a
low moan as Dani began tongue-fucking her belly
button. Dani moved with deliberate slowness toward
her friend’s wet pussy. I could see Suzy’s body
tremble as Dani reached her target.
Lisa had half an eye on the girls, and when Dani’s
mouth reached her friends clit I thrust my harnessed
cock into Lisa’s soaking pussy. I began thrusting in
and out of her with increased passion as Dani sucked
her friend to an approaching orgasm. As Suzy shook
with the beginnings of her orgasm, I had to slow my
thrusting because I was on the brink of exploding.
Once I regained control over my approaching orgasm I
began to thrust faster and harder into Lisa, I could
feel Lisa begin to tremble as waves began shooting
through her body. I took one hand off her breast,
which she continued to suck on, and started rubbing
her erect clit with the palm of my hand. I could feel
her bucking underneath me as I felt my balls tighten
and I plunged my cock into Lisa’s pussy to the hilt.
I stifled a groan as I felt the cum surging from my
balls to erupt into Lisa’s sopping pussy unleashing
torrent after torrent of hot cum into her. As I
stated earlier the harness kept me erect, even after I
finished squirting my last jizz into her quaking
Dani shifted her body into a 69 position with her
friend and Suzy began reciprocating by licking her
friend’s bush. I got my thumb lubed up by rubbing it
in Lisa’s pussy juices and gently rubbed it around her
lovely ass. Sensing what I was about to do Lisa
moaned into her tit-flesh. I gently inserted my thumb
into her hole and began corkscrewing my thumb in and
out of her puckered ass hole.
As the girls pace on each other picked up I took my
well-lubed hard cock out of Lisa’s pussy and replaced
my thumb with my cock. I eased my cock into her tight
hole as the girls licked furiously at each other’s hot
pussy. Lisa was so turned on that after my head
entered her tight hole her muscles relaxed and I was
able to get the whole length of my cock into her tight
butt. I picked up the pace as I saw the two teenage
goddesses approaching orgasm again. My cock pumped in
and out of Lisa’s ass with wild abandon. Lisa began
to buck her ass back up against me as she moaned
softly into her breast, I palmed her hard clit as I
saw the girls cumming. Lisa and I came when the two
girls did.
With our juices leaking out of both her holes, Lisa
and I ran back to the house so the girls wouldn’t know
they had an audience.
That was the beginning of a great summer spying on
the two girls, Lisa didn’t always accompany me but she
received the brunt of my lust when I got back from
watching them. I found out near the end of the summer
that Suzy would be going back home after the summer
was over but Dani would be living on the island until
she went away to college the following year.
Lisa knew I had plans on trying to catch Dani alone
after her friend went away but she was willing to let
me pursue Dani because she knew that I’d return to her
hornier after my sessions with the teenage beauty.

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