An Easy Victim ( Farting, Facesitting, Humiliation)
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I read a book when I was a kid, it was about a boy in ancient Rome and how he was made a slave and spent the next twenty years being dragged across Europe. I always remember that story because it so closely mirror’s my own existence. I say existence because I don’t believe what I have endured since my seventeenth birthday, nearly twenty years ago can be called a life. I am a slave, an honest to goodness, twentieth century slave, I have been enslaved and then passed on from Mistress to Mistress a score or more times. Its important that you understand that I have always been the slave of a woman, although I must never called them that, at least not in their hearing, she is my Mistress and I must obey her every whim. You might ask how, in modern America, a woman can keep a man as a slave. There are no drugs involved and though there is pain and punishment, neither holds me in thrall to my Mistress. I suppose you’d call it brain washing, applied again and again without mercy or pity. I know that I can rebel. I know that I am physically stronger than any of my Mistress’s has been. I still can’t resist, if my Mistress say’s lick her ass, then that is what I do. They order and I obey, it is as simple as that.

Mistress Miranda has been my Mistress for the past seven months and she has given me permission to write this story although more correctly I am typing my story into a computer. As I type she stands at my shoulder, constantly checking what I am saying. I don’t know what she intends to do with the story. I can’t ask her, slaves don’t ask questions other than to clarify an order.

My story begins in all innocence. I was, am, the only boy in a family of four sons, the youngest and only male in a house full of women, my sisters, mother, various aunts who visited. I don’t ever remember seeing another male in the family, even my cousins, who were many, were girls. My father had left us just after I was born and my mother never trusted another man. It was a belief that permeated the household and one that my sisters readily accepted and I simply grew up with the opinion that women were always in charge. I wasn’t their slave or anything even approaching that, but I was used to women telling me what to do. I suppose that my upbringing meant that when Cassie, my original Mistress enslaved me, then it was so much the easier, without ever intending, for my mother and sisters had already conditioned me to a life of submission and subjugation.

I was seventeen when I first met Cassie; she was a friend of my youngest sister Nita, a blonde haired beauty almost three years my senior. At first, I had nothing to do with her. She was Nita’s friend and I had learnt that my sister’s friends could never be my own. I had my room, the smallest of course, and that was the only privacy that I was allowed. My sisters seemed to have an endless stream of friends staying. I rarely so. In a house of dominating women, most boys had the sense to stay away. I had no choice, they were my family and this was my home.

One day I was in my room when the door was pushed open. I looked up from the bed and my, well, I was having a wank. I had my jeans open and my cock, hard with a dozen dirty fantasies, throbbed in my hand. I hadn’t locked the door. I was never interrupted; no one ever came to my room. For a moment I lay there and gaped and then I flushed bright red with embarrassment, then I tried to tuck my guilt back into my pants whilst Cassie’s laughter echoed around my room.

Cassie was inside my room and shutting the door before I realised. “Don’t do that!” She ordered between fits of laughter. “Leave it out!” I was still struggling to push the dam thing back inside my pants whilst I still lay on my back on my bed. I’d almost succeeded when I heard the key click in the door. It sounded un-naturally loud, my senses were in hyper-mode and that made what was to come all the more humiliating. I looked up and stopped my struggles. It was a mistake; Cassie smiled in my direction and walked towards me.

I should say at this moment that I’m not physically a wimp. Over the years, my Mistresses have demanded I keep in condition and even then, I was a normal boy in his late teens. Cassie was tall for a girl, with a slender figure. I was still taller, heavier and stronger. I knew that, I imagine that she must also have known that I was stronger, but it didn’t matter one jot. I was to discover that Cassie could do what she wanted to me.

Cassie crossed the room and sat on my bed. “Put your hands above your head!” She ordered quietly. I hesitated, to do as she ordered would leave my cock exposed. “Do it!” She hissed.

Slowly, almost reluctantly I did as I was told. All the time I couldn’t tear my gaze away from her face. Cassie had clear blue eyes, which were sparkling with amusement and what I later discovered, was lust. “Better.” She smiled but I didn’t feel any warmth. I just knew she had something awful planned for me and yet I couldn’t do anything to resist her. “Nita has just popped to the off license, so we won’t be disturbed.”

I was still hypnotised by those cold clear eyes so only knew she was reaching for my cock when her cool fingers wrapped around its hot stalk. I jerked, jumping off the bed, my eyes swivelling between the sight of Cassie’s fingers around my cock and those commanding, demanding eyes.

“I expect that feels good.” She laughed softly.

I nodded. I was to shocked to even speak.

“Now, whom were you wanking over?” She jerked me, not to hard, but it was something I’d never experienced before. No girl had ever touched my cock, now this friend of my sister was almost, almost wanking me. I could even feel my spunk boiling away and I knew that I’d jet when I came.

I blushed. I mean I was blushing already, but the question drove my face a bright scarlet.

“Let me guess!” Taunted Cassie. “It couldn’t be your sisters, that would be really dirty, that would make you a really dirty little pervert.” She had her eyes locked on my face, looking for the telltale twitch that told her everything. “No, not this time, but I bet. Of course you have, I bet you’ve even sniffed their knickers!” The twitch betrayed me. “Dirty sod!” Cassie laughed. “You grubby little bastard.” She squeezed my cock and I flinched. “Should I tell Nita that you sniff her pants?”

“No!” I managed to gasp; my throat was dry. “Please, no!”

Cassie’s left hand had my cock; her right hand was resting, no more, upon my wrists. “What will you do, as payment for me keeping quite?” The smile was open, almost pleasant, her eyes were bright, and skin flushed and yet I knew there was absolutely no warmth in her, at least not towards me.

“Anything!” I gasped. “Anything!” I repeated.

“So tell me, who’s the lucky girl?”

I took a deep breath. “It was you.” I knew, even as I spoke, that this was the worse thing that I could have said.

Cassie’s face clouded. The bright eyes hardened, her lips thinned. “Me!” She said softly. “You were wanking over ME!” The volume rose to a screech. “YOU FUCKING LITTLE WANKER!” Cassie exploded, before I knew what she was doing, Cassie was sitting on my chest, pinning my hands, her long blonde hair reaching down to tickle my face. “HOW DARE YOU!” She almost spat the words into my face.

“I’m sorry!” I whispered. I was, I was genuinely sorry. I hadn’t ever considered that a woman might be offended by knowing some boy wanked over them. I knew that my little escapades with the laundry basket were wrong. I’d always been ever so careful about that, but my room was mine. I’d never imagined that I’d be caught and here I was double discovered and seemingly at this angry young woman’s mercy.

“SORRY!” Cassie exclaimed. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!” Abruptly she sat up and then slammed down on my stomach, driving the wind from my gut. I grunted in pain and would have doubled up hadn’t Cassie been pinning me down. “LIKE THAT, HERE TRY ANOTHER!” Cassie snarled and slammed down again and then again on my gut.

She left me breathless, heaving for simply a lungful of air.

“Worthless little shit!” Cassie continued her tirade. Nita said you were pathetic, I bet even she doesn’t know just how pathetic her little brother has become.”

“Please…don’t…say…anything!” I managed to gasp.


I did so. There was no need to annoy her more. I was suffering enough.

“Better!” Cassie was breathing heavily and now as her anger abated, so she ceased screaming at me. “Look at me!” She demanded. I did so. She was towering over me, her weight now on my chest, my head trapped between her knees. “You have to pay!” Cassie breathed. As she spoke Cassie slide forwards from my chest, holding my head between her warm, soft thighs. I could feel the heat of her body, the soft but prickly flesh, and the warm, woman smell that was beginning to assail my nostrils. I could smell her! Not the stale stinks from the crotch of a pair of discarded panties, but the real, now smell of a woman. Involuntarily I sniffed, drinking in that humid scent.

“Good boy!” Cassie laughed and even patted my head before she wrapped her fingers into my hair and pulled me into her crotch, there she rubbed and ground my helpless face against her pantied crotch. When she released me and I fell back, I was once again gasping for breath and still breathing in the hot, hot smell of her sex. “Like that, bet that smells better than Nita’s “ She laughed again, a nasty cackling laugh. I was starting to feel scared but still I didn’t fight back.

I didn’t answer. Cassie wasn’t here for conversation. I just stared up from between her thighs, staring into that pretty but merciless face.

“Shall we try that again?” She cackled. “How about like this? The best view in the house.” She laughed at her own joke. It was one that I didn’t understand until Cassie slid forwards once more, until her legs straddled my face and I stared up into the sweaty crotch of her panties. I had half formed desperate words before that crotch sank down across my face and for the first time in my life, I suffered the shock and humiliation of being smothered.

I think that all men have a fantasy about a woman sitting on their face, and I can fantasize that with someone you love and who loves you that in those circumstances being smothered are just another delicious sexual act. I say fantasize because in all the thousands of times my Mistresses have smothered me, then love or affection have never been part.

What Cassie put me through that afternoon in the summer of 1971 was simply the first of thousands upon thousands of humiliations. She smothered me until my lungs were bursting and I feared for my life, then for a brief moment she released me, only to return once I had snatched a hurried and grateful breath, then again and again she smeared herself across my face.

I flapped my arms ineffectually, trying somehow to throw Cassie off me. Cassie simply caught my flailing arms. She had all the leverage and took full advantage. One arm and then the other were caught and then pinned beneath her legs. “Keep your arms out straight!” She ordered.

I did so. I was scared and bemused, not understanding what was happening to me. All those years of my mother and sister dominating me were now paying dividends for Cassie. I was her’s without her even trying, did she ever wonder quite why I was so easy. I never found out. Cassie was to be my first Mistress, not friend or lover, and if her technique of female domination needed refining, then in me she had the perfect subject on which to practice. So I never knew if this was her first time, if it was then Cassie had a natural talent for domination, but since then, I have discovered that many women have the talent and the inclination.

Cassie sat back onto my face, she was just moving slowly up and down my face. At least it allowed me to breath more often, but the humiliation didn’t lessen. I could smell her; it was getting stronger and stronger. Cassie had ceased insulting me, she was grunting, not in pain but pleasure and then I discovered why. Abruptly Cassie ground herself hard into my face, I felt her shudder, heard her gasp, then shudder again and again. Finally she just collapsed, her head bowed as she recovered her poise and breath.

I thought I knew what I happened but I was so naïve that I wasn’t certain. I thought that Cassie had done it, had a climax, but I had never in any of my fantasies ever imagined that a woman could climax in this way. Our eyes met and then Cassie smiled, she shifted enough for me to breath, as if letting me breath was almost an after thought.

“My own little crotch sniffer!” Cassie whispered breathlessly. “I could get used to this, so could you!” Then she laughed, softly whilst staring into my panic stricken eyes. I couldn’t speak. Cassie was sitting on my mouth; my nose was pressed against the musky dampness of the crotch of her panties. All I could do was stare up from between her thighs.

“What shall we do now? I mean you WANT to please me, don’t you?” She cackled again and then lifted her ass just long enough for me to breath. “I think we can play a game, remember how Nita made you tidy her room? You were like her servant, well you can be my servant as well, and remember if you don’t please me, then I’ll tell Nita all about your knicker sniffing.” With that, Cassie dismounted, slumping back on my bed. “Get me a coke and put that thing away.”

I hesitated for a moment and Cassie aimed a halfhearted kick in my direction.

“Get a move on!” Cassie snapped.

I struggled to my feet. I feel woozy, my legs wobbled. I didn’t realise then that being smothered was not simply humiliating but also physically weakening. I dressed myself. I wasn’t hard anymore. “Coke?” I asked. It felt funny speaking, my jaw moved independently of my mouth. I could still feel Cassie’s weight on my face. I could still smell her and when I licked my lips, I realised that I could even taste her.

“Coke, and hurry up!”

I was gone less than a minute. It was just like when my sisters had made me run errands for them. I found that my hand was shaking when I handed Cassie the glass, but I didn’t spill any. Cassie accepted the glass as if I didn’t exist. It was an attitude I would come to accept. Now I stood and watched her drink, not knowing what to do now.

“Lock the door!” Cassie ordered. “Then take your shirt off.” Cassie added.

I did as I was told. I’d been wearing jeans and a t-shirt, now I was only wearing jeans.

“Skinny little runt isn’t you.” Cassie laughed. “Get those jeans off. I want to see what you have got.”

I gaped.

“Do it, or else I tell…” She left the rest of her threat unspoken.

I did as I was told. I had on a pair of y-fronts that had seen better days. Cassie laughed again. “God! But you are a weed. Finish the job.” She pointed at my pants and then down to my socks. “Lets see what a naked knicker sniffer looks like.” She was laughing quietly even before I was finished; half-heartedly I tried to cover my privates with my hands. Cassie had an answer for that. “Hands behind your back.” I did so and tried not to make eye contact. “Skinny, ugly and with a little dick. You really are a pathetic specimen! What are you?”

“A pathetic specimen.” I whispered.

Better, you will learn.” Cassie climbed off my bed. She had on a sleeveless blouse and short skirt. I knew how short, I spent how long? I didn’t know, but I’d spent what seemed like hours looking up it. I knew that Cassie was wearing a pair of white panties. I’d had a very close-up view of them. “Kneel down.” Cassie commanded, and when I did. “Kiss my feet!” she flicked off her canvas shoes. She’d painted her toenails red. “Kiss them.” She repeated.

I did so. I bent forwards and planted a kiss on each foot. They smelt, it was a hot day and inside her canvas shoes Cassie’s feet had sweated. It wasn’t as bad as smelling her crotch but it was bad enough.

“Each toe!” She demanded.

So I kissed each toe in turn, the smell didn’t lessen, but like her crotch, I became used to the smell.

“Keep like that!” Cassie ordered, stepping back and out of my vision.

I had my head touching the carpet as Cassie walked round and around my naked body.

“Get back on the bed!” She ordered and I did so. “Arms out.” I did so. I felt absurd, stark naked on my own bed and obeying the commands of my sisters best friend. Immediately Cassie came sat on my stomach, her feet in my face. She made no attempt to hide her crotch from my gaze. “Bring your knee’s up!” Cassie demanded and then lent back against them. She had turned me into a chair and I was just grateful that she wasn’t using my face as her seat. To amuse herself Cassie rubbed her sweaty feet into my face. “I can get used to this, having my own personal servant, no, let me think. I don’t think you deserve the title of servant.” She pulled her feet off my face and leant forwards. “What’s worse than being some bodies servant? Of course! You can become my personal slave, how does that sound knicker sniffer, being my slave, that’s better than a wank. Don’t you think?”

Of course, I thought nothing of the sort. It just wasn’t the time to say so. I had decided to play along with Cassie crazy little game. Pretty soon, she’d tire or my sister would come home, then Cassie would forget all about me.

Cassie hadn’t been expecting me to speak. She just continued with her monologue. “Yeah! I like that, you can be my personal slave, and that makes me your owner? No, that doesn’t sound right. What would a slave call his owner? Madame? No, that makes me sound old. Miss Cassie? Oh no, I sound like a maiden aunt. Mistress? How does Mistress Cassie sound? Gone on! Say it, say Mistress Cassie.” Cassie demanded.

“Mistress Cassie.” I repeated.

“Keep saying it.”

“Mistress Cassie, Mistress Cassie, Mistress Cassie, Mistress Cassie.” I chanted until she signalled for me to stop.

“Yes!” She was excited. “I like that, from now on you will only address me as Mistress Cassie. Understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes Mistress Cassie.” And that was how I became Mistress Cassie’s slave. Of course, I still thought that it was a joke, something that would end soon. I didn’t realise that from that moment I would never use her name without its new title. Mistress Cassie.

“Good boy. You just had to learn you place, didn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress Cassie.”

It was then that my sister came to my rescue. We both heard her calling Cassie’s name. As she, left my bedroom Cassie smiled in my direction. “This isn’t over!”

I didn’t believe her. I just considered what she’d said to be a final parting shot. As soon as I was alone I dressed, but not before I’d, scrubbed my face clean.

I tried to forget what had happened. I tried to wipe the whole sad instance from my mind. I didn’t want to believe that a woman had spent hours sitting on my face, or made herself climax or made me strip naked in front of her. I succeeded for a few days and then Nita sought me out.

“I need a favour.” She began in her usual short clipped tones. She had a package all wrapped up and ready to go. “Take this to Cassie. The address is on the package.”

I opened my mouth to protest. The last place I wanted to go was to Mistress Cassie, why had I called her that? Even in my own thoughts, the dam woman was inflicting herself on me.

“Come on. She’s expecting you.” Nita pushed the parcel into my unresisting hands.

The address was one of the hundreds of old Victorian houses, which had been converted into flats. I was shaking by the time I arrived at the door. According to the package Cassie’s flat was flat six. I counted down the bell buttons, found her’s, the faded sign proclaimed it was so. I pressed the button and prayed she was out.

“Hello!” Cassie’s familiar voice answered my prayer.

“It’s.” I began but never had the chance to finish.

“The door’s open come straight up, slave.”

I felt the floor quiver, my knee’s wobble and my head almost exploded. Cassie was using her title for me. I just had to pray she was playing a cruel joke on me. It was on very weak legs I made my way up the stairs. The door to Cassie ‘s flat was open when I reached it. I tapped on the door and hear her imperious voice. “Come in cunt features and shut the door behind you.”

I was in her lair. If I hadn’t felt intimidated before then I did now. I had nowhere to run and no one to rescue me. There was no elder sister on her way back from an off licence. Cassie had me for as long as she wanted, if she wanted me. There was just that hope, the only hope I had to cling to.

I had never been here before. All I knew was what little tit bits that Nita had let drop. I knew that Cassie’s flat was self-contained, had only one bedroom, lounge stroke kitchen and a bathroom. It was small, enough for one person. Cassie had a job in town, which was all that I knew.

The lounge was empty, at least of Cassie. It was cluttered and untidy. Cassie wasn’t a good housekeeper. I looked around and then she was there, in the doorway to the bedroom, dressed in jeans, top and I noticed she was bare footed. “Give me the parcel.” She held out her hand and silently I handed over the package. “I’ll be a few minutes, clean this room.” She swept her hand across the room and then retreated into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Being asked, no, ordered, to clean the lounge was almost a relief. I had been dreading more of the smothering suffocation I’d endured off her. I busied myself to my task. It wasn’t any big deal and I was used to cleaning up after Nita so why not after Cassie. There, I’d called her that again. It was becoming natural.

I collected her clothes into one pile, the papers and magazines into another, the few dishes I found I left in the kitchen sink. I found the sweeper and ran it over the carpet; finally, I washed up the dirty dishes. It only took me a few minutes.

“Finished?” Cassie sharp voice interrupted my thoughts. I turned towards the bedroom; she was in the doorway again.

“Yes Mistress Cassie.”

“The clothes.”

“Yes Mistress Cassie.”

“There’s a laundrette at the end of the street, you’ll find some cash on the coffee table. You do know how to use a washing machine?”

“Yes Mistress Cassie.”

“Then get going, and don’t sniff my knickers, you’ll get the chance to sniff the real thing later.” She laughed at her own joke. I just felt my stomach churn. So she was determined to abuse me, only today she’d made me wait, used me a her slave, the thing that kept her flat tidy. I collected her clothes into a carrier bag, Cassie added more from within her bedroom. I sorted them into whites and coloured, much to Cassie’s amusement. “Quite the little housewife!” She taunted me.

When I returned Cassie ordered me to iron what needed ironing and fold away the rest. “I’m just popping out. I won’t be long. If you have finished before I return, then just wait for me, its time for the best bit.” As she spoke, Cassie cornered me. She stroked my face, making me flinch. “You’ll be pleased to know that since our little introduction I have been doing some reading. I know much more now. You’ll be surprised how much I now know.”

If she was trying to scare me then she succeeded. After Cassie had left the flat and I’d finished my chores, I began to think about what lay ahead. The prospect appalled me. Even the thought of her smothering me made me tremble. All I had to do was run; even Nita wouldn’t return me to this. All I had to do was admit my sins and take my punishment, and that was the problem. I couldn’t admit to Nita that I’d sniffed her panties. Nita was my sister, would always be my sister. Cassie was somebody who’d leave my life, but Nita never would. She was family and always would be.

I was still lost in my internal debate when Cassie returned. She wasn’t even surprised that I was still there. “Finished your work?”

“Yes Mistress Cassie.”

“Good, then I think we should recommence your education, don’t you think so, cunt sniffer?”

“Yes Mistress Cassie.” I humbly agreed.

“Go to the bedroom and undress.” She commanded. I did as I was ordered. Cassie followed me and stood in the doorway to the bedroom as I undressed. As soon as I was naked, she ordered me onto the bed. “Arms wide!” She snapped, grabbing my right wrist Cassie wrapped a loose piece of string around it, and then she did the same to my left wrist. “Try and move.”

I did so and found that my hands were tied to securely for me to move. She had planned this! “Please Mistress Cassie!” I started to beg.

“There, there. You’ll be sniffing my pussy soon enough, you must learn to be patient, why don’t you practice deep breathing.”

I realised that begging Cassie for mercy was pointless. I tugged the string ties once more but they were tightly secure.

Cassie had drawn the curtains, turning the bright strong afternoon sunlight into a hazy, dusty mixture. “Ever shagged a girl?” She asked suddenly. “Answer me honestly.”

“No Mistress Cassie.” I admitted.

“I thought not, ever seen a girls snatch?”

“No Mistress Cassie.” I admitted again, this time blushing furiously.

“Ever had a girlfriend, one that let you touch them up?”

“No Mistress Cassie.” I admitted.

Cassie started to laugh. I knew she would. I just had to lie there and suffer. “You really are pathetic.” She said at last. “The only things you do are wank and sniff your sisters dirty knickers.” As she spoke, Cassie started to unzip her jeans. “We have no secrets, have we?” She stepped out of the jeans. “A slave can’t have any secrets from his Mistress, and you know everything you need to know about me, well you will, once you have learnt what pleases me.”

She climbed onto the bed and then straddled me. I was helpless to stop her and she knew it. Casually she positioned herself, she seemed in no hurry and why should she be. I wasn’t going anywhere. Slowly Cassie settled herself. She sat across my throat, resting her ass on my chest and leaving my nose pressed up against the warm, slightly damp crotch of her panties. This close the smell was overwhelming and was stronger than I remembered. She wriggled, adjusting her position until she felt comfortable, her comfort made my breathing difficult.

“Breath deep cunt sniffer.” She gloated down at me. “Nice big breaths. I want you to know my smell like you know your own.”

I was learning that Cassie liked to talk. Of course, I didn’t know then that I was her first and some of the talk was her way of giving herself courage. All the time that Cassie was abusing me she was learning, but I didn’t know that then. I just knew how much she weighed and how strong she smelt.

I stared up into her face. This was a position I was becoming very used to, beneath Cassie’s ass and staring between the canyons of her thighs up into her face. It was a position of domination and right now Cassie was dominating me. It was easy really. I had been almost breed for this service.

“You have to learn to please Me.” Cassie began again. “You must understand what pleases me, do you know what I mean by please me?”

I couldn’t answer. I had eight stone of female sitting on my mouth. I didn’t think that Cassie wanted a reply, like I said, she enjoyed talking, and if talking put of her rubbing herself against me, then I’d let her.

“Of course you don’t! How can you, if you have never even seen a girl’s pussy let alone touched it? She sat back, allowing my to breath, but that wasn’t the reason. Cassie smirked down at me. “Sniff!” She demanded.

I did so and instantly caught the stink of her fart. I stared up at her in astonishment.

“Silent but deadly!” She laughed. “Big sniff!” She cackled. I did I was told. Cassie just smiled and smiled. “This is going to be very good.” She laughed. “Very, very good.”

Cassie rotated her position so that she had her arse in my face. I was to discover that this was the position that all my mistresses preferred. I could easily please them and should they wish to fart, well my nose was perfectly placed. Cassie made sure that my nose was jammed between her buttock cheeks and then she began to move from side to side and my head followed her. She moved and so I moved. She squealed with laughter as if the fact was a great joke.

She played with me. I cannot give any other description for what happen over the next half hour. Cassie used me to experiment upon, seeking knowledge and experience and using me as her lab rat, for if Cassie was inexperienced she still had so much more than I did.

Eventually she moved, more because she was getting cramps than for my benefit. I couldn’t move anyway, so Cassie could move around the flat with utter confidence I would be where she had left me. I just lay there, grateful for the relief and yet utterly destroyed by the knowledge that Cassie would be back.

Finally, Cassie returned, she had a glass and it was obvious that she had been drinking. “Ready for the big event?” She asked. I thought that she was slurring her words, but didn’t say anything. Placing the glass carefully on a small table, Cassie pulled her top off and then unclipped her bra. She had small tits but again I said nothing. Finally, she stepped out of her panties. She paused for another large gulp before climbing back on to me. “Ready?” She was drunk. I’d never really seen anyone drunk before, but I knew that Cassie drunk or getting drunk. I didn’t realise then that she had needed the booze to do what she did next.

Cassie straddled my face and for the first time in my life a saw a real live pussy. I had imagined what they might be like and as with any seventeen year old I’d exchanged gossip and fantasies with my mates, but they were as naive as I was. I wish that I could say that I found the sight attractive, but I didn’t. Cassie was hairy and the lips of her sex were huge and hung down. I was shocked. I had never imagined that a woman’s sex could be so ugly. Of course, I discovered later that just like all women’s faces are different then so are their pussies.

I groaned and Cassie mistook the reason. “What’s wrong little boy, can’t you wait?” She lowered herself and although I pinned my head into the mattress there was no escape, soon Cassie’s sex was hovering an inch above my face. I could see every detail, the dark; tangle pubic hair, the dark pink flesh of her outer lips and the paler pink of her inner lips. I shuddered. This was a moment I’d never imagined. A moment I was to replay thousands of time, but at that moment, I could think of nothing.

Cassie settled down on my and I felt the hot, slickness of her pussy over my face. She was smothering me, with my nose pressed against the prickly mound of her sex and my mouth trapped beneath her cunt. I struggled, a hopeless gesture, but I had to try. It seemed to amuse and then excite Cassie.

“What is the matter?” She laughed. “Don’t you like the taste, or is it the smell?” She wriggled across my face, smearing herself all over me. I gagged on the taste, on the sensation of her body fluids on my tongue, on my lips.

Cassie didn’t care; she was intoxicated, both by the alcohol and the sensations. As my struggles weakened and fear of suffocation grew she eventually allowed me a gasping breath of air, and then her naked body once more enveloped my face, literally smothering my senses.

“Lick me!” Cassie slurred. “I will only free you when you have satisfied me.” She raised her ass off my face, not much but enough so that I could breath again. “Get on with it!” She snarled.

I had a choice, not much of one, but it was a choice. I could lick on her pussy or I could endure more of her smothering. It didn’t take me long to decide, even licking Cassie’s pussy had to be better than being smothered by it.

So, I paid homage to her womanhood, beginning a career that has lasted over twenty years. I was raw, utterly inexperienced, totally naïve as to a woman’s needs. I knew that women had something called a clit or clitoris but where it was to be found or what it looked like were mysteries to me.

Cassie helped, positioning her body so that I could reach her, she swore and cursed me, called me every name she could think of, told me I was the most useless creation on God’s earth. I didn’t care. The verbal abuse was almost incidental to the physical and mental abuse that she’d submitted me to.

Eventually she came, emptying herself on to my face before collapsing across me. I lay there waiting to be released as her cunt leaked its contents across my face and neck. “Again!” Cassie demanded, positioning herself again.

“You said!” I began but Cassie simply squashed the protest out of me, smothering me until I was starting to see stars and feared for my life, then and only then did she release me, and this time when she demanded my service I gave everything that I had.

Finally, even Cassie was satisfied. She rolled away, stood up on unstable legs and tottered from my sight. I was just glad to be free of her, but eventually I realised that she had left me. I tried to rise and was stunned by how weak I felt, it was as if my muscles had been systematically drained of all strength. Slowly I made my way to the door of the bedroom.

The toilet flushed and a still naked Cassie appeared from the bathroom. She looked across at me and smiled and for a terrible moment, I thought I’d be ordered back to her bed. “Still here?” She said disdainfully.

“I can go?” It felt as if my jaw had been dislocated and speech was a strange action.

“Get dressed first.” Cassie laughed mirthlessly at her joke. “First clean yourself up, then you can go.”

So ended my initiation but if I’d imagined that my punishment was at an end, then I was to be sadly disillusioned. For within days Cassie had summoned me, again and once more I fell beneath her suffocating rear.

After that I fell further and further under Cassie’s spell and she grew to understand the extent of her dominance of me, then so did the range of her punishments. I was made to lick and kiss her arse hole, eventually making her climax, she used toilet torture to further humiliate and dominate me.

I was so utterly under her spell that I came to live for her call. Of course, I couldn’t say anything within the family. It was our secret and that became a major frustration for Cassie. She didn’t have my submission twenty-four hours a day and that angered her. So eventually, she came up with an idea.

Of course, she was smothering me when she announced her plan. “Next September you’re joining a college in Newcastle, I’m getting a job near there, so you can move in with me and become my full time slave.” She paused to fart. Cassie enjoyed farting on me. “You won’t go to the college; you’ll be running my home for me. Understand?” She raised her arse. I thought she was going to fart again but all she wanted was my affirmation.

“Yes Mistress.” I mumbled.

I had hoped that my family would mind, but they didn’t. I was the lone male and an unnecessary lump about the house. So I moved out and under Cassie’s control and domination.

I suppose that’s where my story with Mistress Cassie ends. I was her slave for another two years before she found a female partner and had no need for me. I was passed on, and then on and then on. Successive mistresses, all of who owned, used and abused me.

“Finish now.” Mistress Miranda demands.

I do so and turn to await my next instruction. I know what it will be. It was in her voice and also in the womanly perfume she is giving off. She flops into her favourite seat, her right leg raised and draped over the chair arm. She is still wearing panties but they are no problem. She doesn’t say anything as I drop to my knees and begin to crawl towards her. I know my place and my role to perfection.

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