Faye and Sally get even closer and have some fun on a train
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The days following that Saturday were something of a blur; I know that’s a cliché but stick with me on this. I’m not going to describe each time we made love because it would bore you and, after the first two chapters, you should be well versed in what we look like. However, I will give you a brief rundown of events so far.

My name’s Faye, I am nineteen and I have long red hair down to my bum. I’m fairly skinny with small but pert breasts and I would say my legs are probably my best feature. I’m around five-foot-eight and most of that is my legs! I also have a cute little bottom and that’s about it. Faye in a nutshell!

Sally was my longtime crush, she’s married but her husband was a dick. So she came to my flat where, in chapter one, I seduced her and introduced her to lovemaking of a lesbian kind, and in chapter two I fucked her with a strap-on, which was exactly as much fun as it sounds.

Now, Sally… Sally is beautiful; she’s a thirty-year-old primary school teacher who teaches kids under seven. She has short blonde hair that reaches her shoulders, recently she has started letting it go naturally curly, but its loose curls rather than one of those afro/perm type monstrosities. No offence.

She’s a little shorter than me, about five-foot-six with a gorgeous figure. She is not as skinny as I am but she is slim, certainly nowhere near chubby! Imagine the quintessential first-year schoolteacher; bubbly and kind, smiley and effortlessly sweet, and you’ll be somewhere near her.

Now we’re all caught up, I’ll tell you about the specific time we started properly experimenting with our sexual fantasies. You might remember that after I had fucked her with the strap-on she promised to do the same to me. She did, but I’m not going to talk about that now.

After the last chapter, you probably wouldn’t be interested in how I climaxed with a seven-inch dildo stuffed in my pussy with my legs splayed open and her cute bum thrusting forward. It had torn into my body with enough force to make me see stars, and she had kept going like a mad woman. She groped at me, pulled my hair and kissed me with a passion I had no idea she possessed.

After getting me close to the edge, she had pulled out of me and licked at my engorged clitoris. Just the way I had done to her the previous night. The feeling of her soft lips and hot tongue on my most sensitive parts had sent me into a lustful daze; I orgasmed onto her beautiful face in what felt like an incredibly lucid dream. The realisation that it was not a dream came moments later when her body fell on top of mine and she kissed me.

But, I’m not going to tell you that story…

Instead, you might remember that both Sally and I had expressed certain interests in showing off, mainly because Sally had been so ‘under the thumb’ with her husband for most of their eight-year marriage. Even forbidding her from thinking about sex, yeah… he was, and still is, quite the bastard!

So, she had around six years’ worth of sexual angst just bursting to come out and I wanted to help her. You might remember that in chapter one I talked about thinking of myself as a ‘bad girl’ including a time I’d worn a miniskirt and fishnets? Then I’d hidden it away, so I saw this as a chance to re-invent myself. So really, what I’m saying to you is that we both were ready to try new things.

Over the next couple of weeks, Sally and I spent as much time together as possible. I was working part-time at an office three days a week and Sally worked 8 to 5 every weekday. She started coming back to my flat after work because she wanted to be with me and the idea of going to her empty house was not appealing in the slightest.

We came to the natural conclusion that I should move into that house with her, so I started going there more often to see how it went, and it went very well. We made love a lot, but also enjoyed each other’s company. So, less than a month after our first time together, we were living together!

It’s a gorgeous house and obviously much bigger than my little flat, and after a week we were both comfortable. All my stuff was there now and the only change I insisted on was the removal of their marital mattress! I didn’t want my head to touch any part of it that might’ve once had Steve’s sweaty balls dragged over it! I’m sure you can understand why I insisted on that.

Altogether, it’s about six weeks since the last chapter ended. Nothing about us had changed much, and I discovered that Sally could be quite submissive. She seemed to enjoy being told what to do, pretty ironic for a teacher, I know.

We had put all those fantasies, like dressing sexier and so on, on to back burner until we felt comfortable here. Sally still wore her dowdy long skirts and white shirts to school, nothing too flattering or alluring.

I was a little bolder when I went to work in the office. A knee-length black skirt and a silky white top were mandatory, I wore tights under the skirt though. No way am I wasting my legs on those old cunts at work, although they leered at me anyway.

The only good thing at work was the receptionist, Jenna, a cute twenty-something with brown eyes and black hair in a long ponytail with a seriously rocking body! She was only about five-foot-two and unlike me, she didn’t mind going bare legged underneath her black skirt, and given how sexy she looked I didn’t blame her!

I only have eyes for Sally, but I do appreciate a cute woman. I do prefer dresses though, and when I am at home, I like to have a nice bright knee or mid-thigh length dress on.

It was Friday night at about midnight and we were cuddled up on the sofa together, both with our short nighties on underneath a blanket. We had just finished watching a movie and were chatting about going to a large shopping centre that had just opened about twenty miles away. It would be a short journey on the train and gave us a chance to have our first proper girly outing together, as I mentioned earlier, things had been so hectic that it wasn’t until now that we’d had a chance to catch our breaths and actually be a couple.

“Apparently it’s huge,” I said excitedly. “Tons of shops and restaurants, there’s even a cinema there. Although why anyone would waste time watching a movie when there are dresses to be tried on… difficult to understand!” We both laughed and Sally kissed my hand.

“I love how much of a ‘girly girl’ you are,” she smiled at me. “So will it be straight to the fashion section for us?”

“Perhaps,” I mused. “To be honest I’m just looking forward to us actually being together out in the world.”

“Aww that’s so sweet,” Sally cooed and kissed my hand again. “I just hope…”

“Hope what?” I asked, noticing her beautiful blue eyes had lowered.

“Uh, no it’s nothing,” she was still looking down.

“Now, Miss Sally, don’t make me start poking you,” I held a finger up and playfully jabbed her shoulder. “What’s on your mind?”

“It’s silly but… I hope people don’t think I’m your mother!”

“Don’t be silly,” I shook my head. “Why would they think that?”

“Well, I’m a lot older than you for a start…” she said cautiously.

“You’re thirty; you’re only eleven years older than me…” I interrupted.

“Exactly,” she interrupted my interruption. “It’s a big gap, not everyone would approve, and… there might be some younger, fitter girls out there and…”

“Okay, stop right there Sally,” I said harshly. “I’m not going to run off with a younger woman, I told you I wanted you for so long, and I’ve moved in with you. No way would I do anything to split us up, besides… okay, it’s a bit of an age gap, but you do not look that much older than me! You’re beautiful and you’d easily pass for a much younger woman. So no more thinking I’m going to run off okay? Besides we’ve fucked each other with a dildo and licked each other’s pussy, which means we’re practically married in gay terms.”

“Okay, honey, I’m sorry.” She sighed. “I just look at you sometimes and can’t believe I managed to attract someone so beautiful …”

Sally had to stop speaking because I interrupted her again, but this time with my tongue. I slipped it into her mouth while she was talking and drew her into a long kiss. We smooched and I ran my hand through her hair, then down her exposed shoulder and bare arm to where she was holding the blanket in her hand. I took it off her and tossed it to the floor, revealing our thin nighties.

We both had our legs tucked under us so I could reach down and caress her knee and then her thigh without breaking our kiss. I reached underneath her thin nightie and ran my hand along her legs, but I couldn’t get to her pussy because of how her legs were pressed together but that was okay, I knew how much she loved it then I caressed her thighs. Eventually, I released her lips and leaned away from her.

“Why would I want anyone else when I have my cute little teacher here?” I asked with a naughty smile. “Stand up in front of the sofa so I can look at you.”

As I said earlier, she enjoys being told what to do and I had a little idea to help her feel better. She nodded and smiled, and stood up facing me. I put my feet on the floor with my knees together and rearranged my hair so it was cascading over my right shoulder. I was trying to look like an innocent schoolgirl knowing how much she liked that as well. She liked to pretend I was a sixth form student and… well… more on that another time.

For now, I needed to prove to Sally that I thought she was more beautiful and sexy than any other girl, regardless of age.

“Good, now do you remember a while ago when I first used the strap-on on you? You got so horny you tore off your skirt and I told you it turned me on?”

“Yeah, of course, I remember it, it’s not something I’ll ever forget,” she giggled.

“Well, why don’t you tear off that sexy little nightie,” I winked. I also opened my legs and put my hand between them and started rubbing my panties into my slit. “See how horny you make me just by standing there? You might not think you are as pretty as I say you are but look, I can’t keep my hands off myself!” I rubbed myself harder and let my legs swing as far apart as I could.

“Wow,” Sally looked at me with a mixture of surprise and doubt. Maybe she thought I was joking with her but my constant movement under my panties seemed to convince her so she started to walk towards me.

“No,” I held up my hand to stop her. “Go and stand back where you were.”

“You don’t want me to touch you?” She pouted a little and looked down at her feet.

“Baby, I need to show you how much you turn me on,” I lifted one of my legs up onto the sofa to give her a nice view of my panty covered teenage pussy. “I need you to see what you do to me, even without touching me. Look how wet you make me…” I showed her my hand covered in my hot juice. “See, baby, no one could do this to me but you, god you look so hot in that nightie, turn around and show me your cute ass.”

“Uh… okay,” Sally held out her arms and slowly turned around. “Is this okay?”

“Mmmm yea, it’s more than okay, baby. Bend over and touch your toes,” I was seriously enjoying this, and Sally did as she was told. Her nightie rode up over her panties and her sexy bum poked out. It took all my strength to stay where I was and not run over to her, push her to the floor and lick her until she screamed.

“Shall I stand up now?” She asked.

“Yeah stand up and turn around, baby,” I watched her stand up and turn with a slight wiggle of her bum. She was starting to enjoy this little game and enjoying this power she had to turn me on. When she saw me again her eyes lit up, I’d discarded my nightie and had one hand cupping my breast and the other in my panties with my middle finger darting in and out of me. My eyes never left her, and now I gazed into her eyes.

“Do you believe me now, Sally? Oh god, you’re so fucking hot… mmmm,” I fingered myself harder, still my eyes never left her. “I need to see more of you,” I spoke like a starving girl begging for a morsel of food. “Please, show me more, baby.”

“You want to see these,” she grasped her boobs over her nightie and massaged them together, then threw her head back and wiggled her hips. Oh god, she was really getting into this now.

“Mmmm, yea, I do…” I begged.

“On one condition,” she held a finger up to me.

“Anything,” I promised.

“Call me… Miss Webster,” Sally was touching herself under her nightie now, getting off on watching me! It was as hot as fuck!

“Okay, please Miss Webster, show me your sexy tits so I can stare at them while I finger myself,” I pleaded.

Even just referring to her like that sent me up a level in arousal. It seemed to have a similar effect on her because she wiggled her hips and turned away from me again, and then dragged her hands up her body and over her chest. God, she is almost doing a striptease for me!

Then she turned back around to face me, stared right into my eyes and tore a hole right in the middle of her nightie! Her naked breasts suddenly on show coupled with the tearing sound of the fabric as it gave way made my pussy weep and burn. My nipples were stiffer than ever and even the slight breeze coming from the window brushing over them was like agony and ecstasy rolled into one luscious bundle.

I felt my release wash over me, looking at my girlfriend dancing in her ruined nightie with her fingers massaging her pussy was just too much! I heard the sound of fabric tearing again but this time I was the one to blame, the forceful fucking I was giving myself proved too much for the tight panties and the waistband started to give way. Nothing could be allowed to slow me down and I didn’t have time to slide them off so instead I followed my girlfriend’s example and ripped them away!

“Go on, baby. Look at me while you cum,” Sally was fixated on me, wide-eyed and thrilled.

I did as she asked and locked my emerald green eyes on her baby blues. I came all over my hand, screeching as I did but never letting my gaze fall. I felt my juices flow over my hand and squeezed my thighs hard together so hard it hurt my hand but I didn’t care. My body juddered again and the last of my orgasm melted away. I looked down at my pussy then back at her.

“So…” I struggled to catch my breath. “Do you believe that I think you’re hotter than any other girl now?”

“Yeah, I have to admit, you know how to make a girl feel pretty,” she laughed. “It was really hot too; I liked it when you were watching me…”

“I noticed,” I smiled at her. “I think you’re a bit of an exhibitionist.”

“I wouldn’t go that far…” she blushed.

“I would,” I persisted. “The way you wiggled your hips, the look on your face when you saw how hot you made me…”

“Okay, okay, I admit it. I do like it when people look at me in that way,” she confessed at last. “It does make me feel more attractive.”

“Well,” I smiled at her. “I think we can explore that, imagine if we did something like this outside!”

“What? Tear our clothes off and finger ourselves?” Sally blurted out.

“No, not to that extreme, but maybe we could touch each other, play around a little, maybe we could hide somewhere and I could lick you!” I winked.

“Faye! Are you serious? We’d be arrested!”

“Not if we’re careful, and don’t you think it would be exciting? We could wear short dresses or skirts and then sneakily get each other off…” the thought was pretty exciting to me.

“I don’t know,” she obviously didn’t realise that while we’d been talking about it I’d started stroking my pussy again and she was stroking her breast and ever-so-slightly rubbing her thighs together!”

“Hmm, you know what I think?” I caught her gaze.

“What do you think?” Sally asked. She seemed to still be thinking about what I’d suggested a moment ago.

“I think we need to get changed and go to bed!” I figured that if I changed the subject and didn’t try to convince her that she’d enjoy it anymore, it would sit in the back of her mind. “Come on, Miss Webster!”

“I can’t believe I made you say that! You must think there’s something wrong with me!” She sounded genuinely concerned.

“Hey, its fine, remember what I told you?”


“If it feels good, it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong! We do whatever we want, okay?” I reminded her.

“Okay, I guess I just liked the idea of you being a sixth form student, and me being your teacher and you telling me what to do and…oh god, there really is something weird about me isn’t there?” She laughed as she said which might’ve been to hide a bit of shame in her fantasy.

“Hey, you wouldn’t be the first person to have a schoolgirl fantasy y’know,” I said as I stood up and went to her for an embrace, and while we hugged she looked up at me.

“I guess, but I am a real teacher,” she said. I looked down and kissed her on the tip of her nose.

“That just makes it hotter,” I laughed like it was a joke, but I was serious. It was hot as hell as far as I’m concerned. We kissed and smooched a little then cleaned ourselves up and headed for bed, Sally found a thin t-shirt and I found some replacement panties for the night and we climbed in together.

“Goodnight, baby,” I whispered and turned off the light.

“Nighty night,” she whispered back and after a lingering goodnight kiss, we drifted off.

The last thoughts I had before sleep were of her in front of a sixth form class in a mini dress with her hands in her panties fucking herself, then picturing both of us in a public place touching and kissing each other while passers-by clucked their tongues and tutted at us. It was enough to dampen my panties slightly just as I finally fell asleep.


So, the next day we were up and showered by 11 am and picking through our clothes, looking for something cute, sexy, distinguished, flattering, sexy and demure.

I know I said sexy twice, but that is because it had to be twice as sexy as everything else. Unfortunately, this caused a few problems, especially for Sally. She was still feeling nervous by the whole thing even though I told her on numerous occasions that we didn’t really have to be naughty if she didn’t feel like it. I think she just didn’t want to disappoint me and I didn’t want to push her, so you can see how all of the above made it difficult to pick an outfit that ticks all the boxes.

There was another problem; Sally’s clothes are… well… conservative at best, and downright boring at worst. A sea of grey, black and beige (yeah, beige shorts, what kind of sick mind would make an item of clothing that colour?) The simple option would be to lend her one of my shorter dresses, but I’m leggier than she is and even my short dresses came down to just above her knee and the sleeves were out of proportion. No, this would not do at all so I made an executive decision.

“Okay, it’s going to have to be this one,” I picked out a light grey dress that came down to her knees with a wide collar. “But, we need to make an agreement on something.” I brushed my hair back and looked at her; she was in a bathrobe sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Okay, what do you have in mind?” she asked cautiously.

“The first nice clothes shop we go to, you let me pick out a dress for you. Then you have to dump this in a bag,” I told her.

“Okay, but… I get to pick one for you too, deal?” I was thrilled that she was starting to show a little excitement! I knew there was another layer to her, a sexual monster just waiting to be unleashed.

“Deal,” I held out my hand and she shook it. We both laughed and I shuffled towards her on my knees and laid the dress I’d chosen for her on the bed beside her. I was on my knees in front of her with a very nice view. Her legs were crossed and the robe was open at the bottom, so after I let go of her hand I started stroking her leg and lightly kissed her knee. “Sally…”


“Um…” I looked up at her with my best ‘puppy dog’ wide eyes and a slight pout. “I have a naughty idea, but you might not like it. I don’t want to push you too hard.” I kept looking up with my lips on her knee and gave it a playful lick.

“Uh oh, the last time I saw that look on your face I ended up with a blindfold on and a strap-on buried inside me,” she smiled as she said it, but I could tell she was curious.

“Yeah, and you loved it, didn’t you?” I stroked up her legs and back again, moving the robe as far back as possible so I had the perfect view of her sexy thighs.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Sally conceded. She started running her hands through my hair while I licked and kissed the soft skin of her leg. “So what do you want to do?”

“Only a little thing, look at this,” I moved away and pulled out my secret box which had travelled with me from my flat.

I moved the various toys out of the way until I found what I was looking for. It was still in its sealed package. I retrieved it and replaced the other toys in the box and handed it to her, then went back to where I was a moment ago. She’d uncrossed her legs and the robe had fallen open, so when I rested my chin on her knee I had an even better view! I could see her pink pussy winking at me!

“What on earth is this?” Sally looked at the package, which contained two pink devices; they were mini dildos, about three inches long and the girth of an average penis and a small clip on the base of each one and what looks like a stubby little tail

“Phone operated sex toy,” Sally read off the package. “A wireless receiver on the devices connects to our special app allowing you or a lover to control the vibration strength. Quiet and discreet, designed to clip on to the inside of your underwear, allowing for free movement without fear of revealing what you’re secretly getting up to!”

“Wow, they make it sound so sexy,” I giggled and rolled my eyes. While she’d been reading I’d pushed my way between her legs and now sat with my elbows resting on her thighs.

Sally looked up from the package, “you want to use these?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded.

“You mean now or when we get back from shopping?”

“Neither,” I smiled devilishly. “It’ll be a long train journey and I thought these might pass the time.”

“Faye, are you serious, or are you just kidding with me?” She looked into my green eyes to find any hint of deception, she found none.

“Yeah, I’m serious,” I got further between her legs until I was almost face-to-face with her breasts. I ran my hands up her now exposed body and took hold of her breasts, cupping them, with my thumbs over her stiff nipples.

It was not cold in here so that told me she was feeling turned on by the idea, and the moisture I felt on my belly that was up against her pussy all but confirmed it. She looked at the package again, then back at me and smiled.

“I guess… I guess it could be exciting,” she murmured. “You really do bring out the bad girl in me y’know!”

“I know,” I leaned forward and kissed each nipple. “Or we could just stay inside and fuck?”

“Now that you’ve got me all excited about this?” She laughed, waving the toys in my face. “Not a chance, anyway I want to see what you pick out for me.”

This was sweet music to my ears. Up until now, I wasn’t certain she’d be into doing this stuff, so I’d given her the perfect opportunity to get out of it. Now that I knew she was totally on board, I started getting nervous!

Now it was set in stone that we were actually going to do this; choose sexy outfits for each other and use sex toys on the train, it dawned on me that I’d never done anything like this before. I’d fantasized about it, but never actually made plans to do it! However, knowing we would be doing it together chased away the nervous feelings for now and gave way to excitement! I released Sally’s body and stood up, giving her a quick kiss on the lips on my way.

While Sally got her dress on I picked out one for myself, a plain red dress that merges into a pleated skirt at the bottom with thin straps over the top and a neckline that shows an inch or two of cleavage. It’s one of my favourites because it’s really light and the bottom dances around my thighs when I walk… and because it makes my tits look bigger! When I had put it on I gave Sally a little twirl so she could glimpse my bare bum underneath it.

“Mmmm, very sexy,” she grinned lecherously at me. “You better find some underwear though! Are you wearing a bra?”

“I’ll wear that red thong you like,” I smiled. “No, I’m not wearing a bra… and neither are you.” I winked.

“But… this dress is a little tight on my boobs, my nips will poke out,” she looked at me anxiously.

“Sally, we’ve just decided to use sex toys on a train and to pick out sexy outfits for each other to wear around the mall. I think we are beyond worrying about pokies!”

“I guess that’s a good point,” she laughed and nodded.

“Actually, it’s two good points and they are both pointing at you,” I stuck my chest out towards her and she threw her head back and laughed.

Soon we were ready to leave. We’d both put a small amount of make-up on; I had a nice wet-look pink lipstick on and Sally had a light red, and both were ‘unsmearable’ which was a tactical choice for obvious reasons.

I am sure we both looked over-dressed for a shopping trip, but who cares? We were both wearing sandals too, I wanted to dress to impress but no way am I walking around for ages in high heels!

I was pleased that it was a very warm day for this time of year. Uncharacteristic of an autumn day in England, I know, but there was a lot of bare flesh around which made me feel a little less exposed. Just before we left I tipped the contents of the wireless dildo pack into my very fashionable red purse that hung over my shoulder and rested by my elbow.

We had ordered a taxi to take us to the train station and we set out when it arrived. Even the short walk from the front door to the taxi afforded us some attention from passers-by. It’s a pretty quiet neighbourhood but as it was Saturday lunchtime quite a few people were around.

We were both careful about how we got into the car; after seeing pictures of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton getting in and out of cars and flashing their cunts over the years we knew we might show off more than we intended. I know we wanted to be daring but not necessarily to our near neighbours!

When we both sat in the back our dresses had both ridden up our legs, I was half sitting on my bare bum and Sally’s thighs were on display. We gave our directions to the driver and after the car started moving, I decided to have a little fun with Sally. I casually stroked her knee at first but soon I was pushing my way between her legs.

“Faye,” she whispered. “What are you doing?”

“Who, me?” I innocently replied as my fingers brushed against her silky underwear. “Nothing at all.”

“God, you’re crazy,” she feigned being annoyed, and her legs opened up for me, inviting me in.

“Are you girls going anywhere nice,” the driver asked us. I leaned forward to reply to him while manoeuvering my hand inside Sally’s panties.

“Just to the new shopping centre that’s opened, we are going to do a little clothes shopping, right, Sally?” She was leaning back breathing heavier because I had a finger running up and down her slit.

“Uh, yea… yea we are going to find something nice to wear,” I could tell she was trying to keep a level tone of voice and I smiled.

“Ah, I see,” the driver nodded. “Well you both look pretty amazing to me; I hope you don’t mind me saying so!”

“That’s very kind of you,” I nonchalantly ran my fingers through my hair, and slipped a finger inside Sally’s pussy. “Isn’t that nice Sally?”

“Yeah, it’s very nice, thank you.”

I could feel her juices starting to seep out and coat my invading finger, which allowed me to slip in and out of her effortlessly. She blushed intensely all the time my hand was between her legs, after a while, it was hurting me to bend my arm around like that so I pulled her panties back over her pussy and massaged her inner thigh instead. As I did, she leaned towards me.

“It’s a good thing you stopped doing that,” she whispered softly. “If you make a mess on these seats you have to pay a fine.”

“Ah, that’s a good point,” I said smiling at her. “I guess I’ll have to be more careful in future.” I winked and squeezed her thigh, then gave her a little peck on the lips.

I would have liked to smooch a little more but the train station came into view and it was time to get moving. I helped her smooth out the wrinkles I had created in her dress, then paid the driver and very carefully got out of the car.

Now, prepare to be disappointed.

When we got on to the train literally all the seats were taken! We ended up standing in the aisle holding onto a pole. There were so many people about that the idea we’d had about the toys was a no go. We were both as disappointed as you are but don’t worry though; I’ll make it up to you later.

We were standing close to a door, Sally was in front of me, and my stomach pressed into her back. As the scenery flashed in front of us through the window and the noise of the people inside the carriage became a gentle murmuring I noticed something as I glanced around. No one is looking at us.

Everyone I could see had their backs to us, there were several rows of seats but most of them face away. The people on the seats that did face in our direction had their faces buried in their phones or were talking to each other.

I was holding onto the same bar as Sally, and my other hand was down by my side. At first, I just lifted it and gently placed it on her hip. I’m not sure she realized exactly what I was trying to do, to her it probably just felt like I was stroking her hip, but actually I was attempting to raise the hem of her dress by stroking up then holding it there with my stomach. It was almost up to her mid-thigh before I saw her glance down and push my hand away.

“Faye!” she admonished me under her breath.

“Yes?” I said with a little giggle.

“We can’t do that, there are too many people!” She said over her shoulder.

I pushed my body flat against hers with my breasts squishing into her back and leaned down so my lips were right by her ear.

“No one is watching us, baby, you remember what you and your body do to me…” I whispered.

Without checking again if anyone was indeed looking, I slipped my hand under my own dress and into my thong, gathering the moisture from my dampening pussy. Then I showed my wet fingers to her… “Being this close to you without being able to touch you is agony.”

“Oh… Faye…” she used her free hand to guide my fingers to her mouth and then sucked them. As she did, I lowered my head and gently kissed the exposed part of her neck. The slight touch of my lips on her skin made her shudder in a very pleasing way.

Something seemed to click into place in her mind. Her head lolled back onto my shoulder and turned towards me.

“Faye… you can do anything you want to me, I’m yours.” As she said it, her body seemed to relax, in a way she seemed relieved.

Hearing those words sent a bolt through my body. I stopped kissing her neck and turned my head to face her, she was leaning back on me and looking right at me, our lips were so close, achingly close, and I don’t think either of us was breathing at this point.

“Do you really mean that baby?” My lips were quivering with anticipation, and I don’t just mean the ones on my mouth!

“Yes, anything you want,” her eyes looked dreamy as if she thought this was all an erotic fantasy and no one around us was real. “But…”

“But…?” Our lips tickled each other when we spoke.

“But only if you kiss me,” Sally’s words were barely audible but I heard them like epic thunderclaps in my ears.

I did what she asked and pressed my lips onto hers. A gorgeous deep kiss was just as amazing as our very first kiss all that time ago. My tongue snaked between her lips and met with hers, and together they danced a slow and erotic dance in her mouth.

I lifted my hand onto her waist and turned her around to face me, she steadied herself by holding onto my waist while we kissed. I didn’t care if anyone was watching now. I broke our kiss only to plant more on her jaw and down her neck while my hand travelled all over her back and her bum.

I backed her up to the bar we had been holding and leaned her against it, pressing my boobs into hers. The feeling of our hard nipples brushing against each other even under our dresses was incredible. Sally was doing some exploring of her own too; something had definitely changed in her now. She pushed her body back against mine and kissed me back hard.

I felt her hands in my hair, which she suddenly yanked back making my neck arch away from her! I had to stifle a yelp as I felt her hot tongue licking from my cleavage to my throat and then right over my chin. She kissed and licked at my neck, nuzzling into me while I stared at the ceiling. The burning in my scalp from her rough treatment seemed to add to the sensation. It felt almost as amazing as what she did next!

“Wow, Sally,” I looked down into her eyes and she looked so hungry for me. It even scared me a little!

I had been so excited about what I wanted to do to her, I hadn’t even thought about what she’d want to do to me! Up to this point, I had always been the dominant one. The one pushing her out of her comfort zone and being in control of the situation but, as I looked into her manic blue eyes, I saw the woman I’d been trying to bring out of her shell, and in all honesty… it was a little frightening!

Her hands travelled up the front of my dress, briefly pushing the hem above my bum. She grasped my boobs, and then hooked her fingers into the top of my dress. That’s when I panicked.

“No, baby, don’t tear my dress please,” I pleaded with her. She smiled up at me and winked but thankfully, she did not tear my dress off. However, she did pull the front down until my breasts spilled out!

“Oh god,” I said under my breath.

I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop myself shouting. Sally held one breast in her hand and sucked the other one into her mouth; I didn’t know what to do! I was terrified and horny in equal measures. She looked up at me and smiled broadly, then switched over and suckled my right breast.

I felt more exposed than I have ever felt in my life, I wanted to look around to make sure no one could see but the sight of Sally doing this was too good to miss.

After twirling my nipple between her fingers, she removed her hand from my left breast and tucked it back inside my dress.

“You like it, baby?” She purred. “It’s okay, no one can see.” Sally kissed my nipple once more, then tucked it away with its twin. Smiling sweetly up at me, she seemed to be getting further away… no, she was bending her legs and… oh god, she is not going to…

“Sally… Sally, stand up,” I said urgently, but I was so afraid of drawing attention I did little more than mouth to words to her.

She was squatting down and her hands were holding on to my thighs, it wasn’t until I felt the cool air hitting the bare skin on my bum that I accepted this was, in fact, going to happen!

I felt her fingers hook in the waistband of my thong and gently tug at them. I instinctively tried to pull them up but she batted my hands away, smiling up at me the whole time. She pulled the thong over my hips and down to my knees, the air hitting my moist pussy made me shiver.

Sally didn’t pull them all the way off, instead, she pushed my legs a little further apart so the thong remained at my knees. I felt even more exposed because having them there made it so obvious to anyone who cared to look that I now had nothing covering my pussy!

I was trembling all over now. I looked down and saw her beautiful face was millimetres from my exposed cunt; she had raised my dress right up so even my navel was exposed and I could feel her warm breath on my wet lips.

The anticipation was electric, I had to stifle another excited squeal when her head did move forward and she planted a sweet kiss right on my lips! For a moment she didn’t move, she just let her soft lips press into mine. I could tell from the increase in heat when she had opened her mouth and oh so slowly her tongue… oh god, her hot wet tongue slid in-between my aching lips and licked my pussy from bottom to top.

I had to clasp my hand back over my mouth as she tortured me with slow movements, I looked at her at saw her mouth was covering my hairless mound. Her blonde hair tickled the insides of my thighs as she pressed into me. My heart was racing but suddenly I froze because I could feel the tip of her tongue tracing around my fuck hole!

“Oh shit… Sally,” I whimpered.

Then she did it, her tongue thrust inside me and I wanted to laugh, cry, scream and shout all at the same time! She pushed it in as far as she could and I could feel her thrashing around inside my body, licking me from the inside out. I could not take much more of this!

I squeezed my eyes shut and tossed my head back as my orgasm began to take hold, I ground my pussy against my lovers face and released my juice onto her waiting tongue, I could barely breathe, I’d just cum on a train and it was incredible! There was something else… I could feel something was wrong… my sixth sense made me open my eyes and look around. Oh, fuck someone was looking right at us!

A man and woman sitting next to each other in one of those seats facing us had their eyes fixed on me! As I looked in their direction and caught their eye, I was sure they would raise the alarm, point, and shout or do something to try to stop us.

They didn’t. They looked at each other, then back at me, and smiled!

It was a smile that said they were enjoying watching, an encouraging smile.

When I realized that they were not going to do anything bad and that they were enjoying watching, a strange wave of calm descended on me. Despite my situation right now, I smiled right back at them.

I cannot explain the confidence that surged through me, so much so that I started actually showing off for them a little! I licked my lips and ran my hands over my breasts, I looked down and Sally could see what I was doing. I quickly ducked down so she could hear me talking.

“Sally… someone’s watching us,” I said breathlessly, I was smiling a little. Sally pulled her tongue away from my pussy and looked up at me.


“I don’t know a young couple. They look like they’re in their mid-twenties.” I guessed. The woman looked younger than the man did and she was slim and pretty. He was fairly good looking I guess. (I didn’t take much notice of him, to be honest.)

“Oh, do you want to stop?” She looked a little disappointed already.

“No,” I whispered. “Do you?”

“Hell, no,” she grinned. “Give them a show, baby, but if you wanna stop, tell me and we’ll go.”

I stood up again and looked back at the couple, and they smiled broadly when I reappeared. I looked down and Sally smiled and lifted my dress again and licked me hard! The wind was in her sails as she ate me out with more urgency this time.

She was licking me inside and out and I spotted that she had a hand inside her own panties! God, she looked so sexy! When I looked back at the couple, they seemed to be trying to say something to me.

They were mouthing something and pointing towards the woman’s breasts, it took me a moment to understand but then I realized they wanted me to show them my breasts. Should I? I felt the extra heat in my pussy and my skin seemed to be on fire, knowing they wanted to see my boobs seemed to make them tingle like my body was telling me to keep going.

Sally had somehow taken off my thong and she was now lifting my leg up! I looked down and saw what she wanted me to do, she pointed at the horizontal bar near her head… she wanted me to put my foot up there!

Oh god, I glanced back at the couple and then looked all around again, and when I was sure no one else was looking, I did as she indicated. My knee was as high as my breasts now and my pussy was wide open for her. She winked at me and rubbed her fingers over my pussy, then started finger fucking me, hard. My other knee became weak and it took all my strength to hold on to the ceiling handles to stay upright.

Again, I looked back at the watching couple and I nearly came again! The woman had opened her shirt and the man was holding one of her cute breasts with the other hanging freely for me to see! I stared right at her and she stared at me, again with that seductive smile.

That made my mind up for me. I pulled down one of the straps off my shoulder and pulled my arm through, when I returned my hand to the handle above me the front of my dress fell down on the right side, exposing my bare breast. I cupped it with my other hand, squeezed and massaged it, and tipped my head back.

When I looked back at them their eyes were so wide, I was getting close to another intense orgasm, being so exposed for these strangers while my beautiful girlfriend fucked me was… too much.

I made a muffled noise behind my hand and switched between watching Sally and watching the couple; the woman met my gaze and pointed to her left breast. At first, I thought she just wanted me to watch her toy with it; but she seemed to me mouthing the words ‘show me’ and then pointing at her breast again. That’s when I understood, she wanted to see the rest of me.

‘Oh, fuck am I really doing this?’ I screamed internally.

Sally had two or three fingers inside me, I was being flashed by a stranger, and I was almost naked in the middle of a busy afternoon train, but I was so turned on. So erotically charged that from the moment I understood what the strangers were asking of me. I knew I would do it.

I pulled the other strap off my shoulder and my dress fell to my waist, and I was topless for them! It was such a thrill I cannot describe it properly for you, they stared at my half-naked teenage body and seemed to mouth ‘oh my god’ to each other. I figured that from there they could see down to my navel, but I wanted them to see more! I wanted to show off more, and I was so close to cumming on Sally’s fingers it was unbearable.

To this day, I do not know how I dared do this, but I actually beckoned them to come to me! I used my finger in a ‘come hither’ motion and stared right at the woman. They looked at each other and had a very fast conversation, which was followed by them quickly buttoned up her shirt, and then standing up and making their way towards us. Oh my god, what are you doing Faye!

For the few seconds it took for them to get to us, my anxiety shot through the roof! I’ve just invited two strangers to come and… what? Touch me? Touch Sally? What if… too late…

The couple finally appeared and stood right in front of us! The woman was just as good looking as I thought with long dark hair and wearing a denim shirt and jeans. She was stroking the man inside his trousers as they watched us. I panted hard and looked down, Sally had seen our visitors arrive but she had not stopped fingering and licking me. She was still stroking herself as well, and looking up at us, waiting for what might come next.

I was in another dimension of horniness now, my pussy grabbed Sally’s fingers and she locked her lips around my clit. My mouth hung open and I thought I was going to scream but then the woman leapt into action. She suddenly stepped forward, grabbed both of my breasts, and kissed me full on the mouth! I moaned into her mouth as the stranger’s tongue collided with my own and my orgasm rolled over me like a tsunami over a fishing boat, Sally’s mouth on my clit and her fingers in my cunt, and this total stranger with her hands on my tits and tongue in my mouth!

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her away, suddenly scared to death of what Sally would think if she saw us, the woman stepped back and I looked down at the floor, Sally was staring up at us with her fingers in her own pussy!

“Kiss her again,” Sally told me, not bothering to keep her voice down; thanks to this couple we were well shielded. Her face was contorted with desire; her orgasm was already upon her. “Please, kiss her again.”

I did as I was told and kissed her again, deeply and roughly. Then I found the waistband of her baggy jeans and thrust my hand inside, rubbing this new slick pussy while I heard the familiar noises of my girlfriend cumming.

After a moment she fell silent and I felt a hand running up my bare back, followed by a kiss on my cheek. I stopped kissing the woman and turned to see Sally smiling at me, her lips parted and came on to mine, her tongue tasted of my pussy as well as her. Seeing us two kiss so deeply seemed to be too much for this woman, my fingers were suddenly wet with her juice and her breaths came hard and fast.

Sally turned to face this woman and kissed her on the mouth as she came on her girlfriend’s hand. That’s when I heard a deeper groan and felt something hot and wet hit the back of my thigh, I turned around and saw the guy had shot his load on my leg! He tried to kiss me but I stopped him, thankfully, he seemed to understand what I was telling him!

By the time their kiss ended, the woman’s orgasm had subsided. I pulled my hand out of her jeans and showed Sally.

“Look what we did to this poor lady,” I said giggling. “And look what her boyfriend did to me!”

“I’m so sorry,” the boyfriend looked for something to wipe his cum off me, but then his girlfriend dropped down and licked it off! There wasn’t much, but I thoroughly enjoyed being cleaned up.

“Thank you,” I winked at her. “Oh dear, I’d better put my dress on!” I quickly pulled my dress back on and smoothed it down again. “Hey, where is my thong?”

“It’s here,” Sally produced the damp garment from behind her back. “I think maybe our friend here would like to keep it, as a memento.”

She turned to the woman and stuffed it into her jeans pocket. She just smiled dreamily at us.

“Thank you for helping my girlfriend and I cum,” Sally leant forward and gave her and the boyfriend a girly peck on the cheek. “Come on,” Sally grabbed my hand. “We’re here.”

“Where?” I asked, still in shock.

“The shopping centre silly, come on, you have to pick up a dress for me, let’s go,” she pulled me away and as we left I turned to the couple.

They both smiled at us, then at each other, and then turned around and went back to their seats, we never found out their names or saw them again. They could have been anyone!

In truth, I do not know how many people saw what happened. We did hear a lot of mumbling as we went through the doors onto the platform that might have been about us, but we didn’t care.

I do remember this moment vividly.

Sally turned around and looked at me, walked up to me and hugged me.

To anyone else, it might’ve looked innocent, even sisterly, but there was far more than that going on here. It felt like a thank you, and when she did let go and stood on her tiptoes to give me a little kiss, I wondered. ‘Who the hell are you Sally, and what have I done to you?’

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