House Guest : The Beginning
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I moved into my friend’s apartment only two weeks into my senior year of high
school. Problems at home with my mother, father and younger brother were
simply too much for me to handle. I was struggling to redeem myself and get
into something other than the local city college. I knew I wasn’t headed to
Harvard or anything, but some four-year institute of higher learning had to see
what a turn-around I made and let me in. And if that didn’t work, well,
Martinez isn’t such a bad last name!

I had met Marissa when I was about twelve. She was like a big sister to me; a
big sister that I had an enormous crush on. How could I not? She was like a
walking goddess. Her ample C-cups jetted out of tight fitting sweaters that
she seemed to always wear. And those incredibly muscular and toned legs she
beautifully covered with tight cotton/Lycra stretch pants did a number on my
eyes trying to see what if anything she had underneath.

Marissa did little to help quash my crush. No matter how old I was she always
flirted with me, sometimes to the point I wasn’t sure it was just flirting.
Needless to say, I spent many lonely nights remembering her flirting and those
incredible tits as I pleasured my adolescent self to gushing orgasms. So when
she and her boyfriend offered to let me use their extra room until I finished
school, I jumped at the chance. Not only was I glad to get out of my bad
household situation, but also I was sure at some point I’d be able to sneak a
peak at Marissa with nothing on. Maybe even turn some of that flirting into
action. I was almost 18 – stranger things had happened.

The first week in my new digs was a little bit of an adjustment for me. It was
very strange not to have someone telling me how to do things all the time. As
much as I liked the new living arrangements I really didn’t spend that much
time at home that first week. As with anything new, I basically abused the
fact I didn’t have to be home at any certain time. Besides I was studying most
of the time with a small study group. Not to mention I desperately wanted to
get in the pants of one of my classmates.

One night when I came home late after studying I noticed all the lights off in
the house and assumed Marissa and her boyfriend had already gone to bed. I
quietly let myself in and let my eyes adjust to the darkness before I moved
through the living room to my room. I was feeling pretty horny (the girl I
wanted to fuck in my study group had been teasing me all night) and I was
looking forward to stroking my cock for some relief. As I moved toward my room
I noticed Marissa’s door slightly ajar with a dull blue light flickering off
the white walls. Not wanting to be too much of a voyeur I only stole a quick
glance through the open door not really expecting to see anything. I expected
that the two of them must’ve fallen asleep and left the television on.

My eye caught a sudden movement from about the middle of the bed. I froze in
my tracks. Could this be what I thought it was? A low throaty moan filled the
silent house and instantly I knew I was right. I instinctively moved forward
toward the door hoping I could get an unobstructed view of Marissa.

The light from the television was enough for me to see that she was on top of
her boyfriend riding him with slow rhythmic hip motions. Her tan back arched
as her hands reached back behind her supporting herself on his muscular thighs.
His cock jetted up into her as he tried to match her hip motions. I had never
actually seen someone have sex live before. I’d seen lots of porno, but this
was absolutely amazing. I could hear her wetness as her boyfriend’s cock moved
in and out of her. I could smell the thick pungent aroma of her musk. The
scent was so alluring I actually felt my rock-hard cock twitch every time I
inhaled. It was going to be great living here.

Marissa increased her hip motion and I could see her boyfriends hard cock
penetrate her deeper and deeper as he raised his hips off the bed and started
humping forward with all his might. I could see Marissa’s tight ass bounce
back against his hard thighs as his assault continued. Her moans became louder
and louder and her breathing had suddenly become deeper and much faster.

My cock strained painfully against the fabric of my jeans begging for freedom.
I didn’t want to move from my prime spot, but I had to get out of my clothes.
I was ten times hornier now than I was just five minutes before. Stroking my
cock was now no longer a simple pleasure; it was a necessity.

Marrissa’s moans grew louder and louder and I could hear the two of them
slapping their tight bodies together as she sped up and he obviously matched
her speed. I could hear his breathing getting louder and louder and I knew he
wasn’t going to be able to handle it much longer. I was surprised he had
lasted as long as he had. I know I would’ve shot off as soon as Marissa’s top
came off.

I quickly, but as quietly as I could, raced into my room and stripped off my
jeans and boxers. I could feel the pre-cum wetting the side of my leg as my
cock rested against my thigh. I don’t think I had ever had so much pre-cum
before. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. The swollen purple head was
glistening with pre-cum and I was afraid if I touched it right now I was going
to explode. I could feel my balls tighten up, cum boiling up ready to
blast-off when I stroked myself.

Marissa had moved forward now and was resting her tits on her boyfriend’s chest
as her hips and ass bucked wildly on his erection. I took up my position just
outside the door again and slowly pinched my pierced nipple. I had found out
by accident that I got really turned on when I played with my nipple-ring while
jerking off. My gaze was glued on Marissa’s soaked pussy stuffed with hard
cock. Her boyfriend had bent his knees and was thrusting upward with his hips
as Marissa was bucking down. Even with the bad light from the TV I could see
droplets of moisture on Marissa’s swollen pussy lips as she enveloped her
boyfriend. As she moved upward I could see her pink lips stretched to their
limits and wrapped so tightly around his cock that part of her seemed to be
stuck to him. I couldn’t imagine how wonderful a feeling that must be. I had
had sex twice, but it was nothing like what I was watching now.

My hand slowly wrapped around my swollen dick, I couldn’t take it any more. I
was starting to feel pain deep down in my balls that told me I needed to cum.
I started at the tip taking some of the pre-cum and massaging it over the very
swollen rim feeling a sudden rush shoot through my entire body. I was standing
up and I swore my knees almost buckled. I worked the head of my cock and the
rim with pre-cum for a few seconds as I watch Marissa begin to buck harder and
harder. I knew she was going to explode at any minute. The underside of my
cock was really sensitive; I only touched it once and knew if I did it again I
was finished. Consciously I avoided direct contact with the most sensitive
part of my erection and began stroking my smooth shaft. God it felt good!
Almost as good as the first time I discovered what stroking my cock could do.

I slowly rubbed up and down the length of my pre-cum lubricated rod stopping at
the rim and returning down to the base. I had to do it slowly as any speed
would’ve sent me over the edge. I wasn’t ready to shoot off just yet.

Marissa’s head was now buried against her boyfriend’s shoulder. Her blond hair
was hanging down over her face and her hips moved at a top speed. Her powerful
ass was smacking so hard against her boyfriend that it sounded like someone was
getting slapped. The sound was so erotic that I started stroking my cock
faster and faster. I had never heard anything like it before.

Suddenly I heard a loud crack and I saw her boyfriend reach out and smack
Marissa’s hard ass with his hand. He did it again and again while Marissa
started bucking wildly spasmodically on top of him. He sat bolt up right and
her low moans became so loud I was sure people down the block could hear her.

“I’m cuming!” she shouted and arched her back pointing her huge tits toward the
ceiling. I was mesmerized as her body convulsed on top of her boyfriend’s cock
and without even knowing it I began stroking the underside of my cock at warp
speed. My knees buckled and I had to hold my breath or I would’ve surely
shouted out in ecstasy as I exploded all over the rug. I shot out like a
cannon, hitting the floor about ten feet away. My cock twitched and twitched
as it pumped out more cum then I thought I could hold. The feeling that
overcame me was so overwhelming I thought I might pass out. I could feel my
thighs screaming; my whole body was one tense mass of muscles.

I steady myself against the wall peering back into the room. I wasn’t sure if
they had heard me and frankly at that point I didn’t care. I had just
experienced the best orgasm of my young life. When I looked back into the room
I noticed that Marissa had slid off her boyfriend’s chest and was now bobbing
her head up and down on her boyfriend’s huge erection. I had not realized how
big he actually was until I saw his full length not buried inside Marissa. Her
hand worked up and down his shaft as her full lips concentrated on just the
tip. I knew he must like that; his head was thrown back against the pillow and
it was obvious he was about to explode. Marissa kept up her pace and I could
hear her powerful mouth sucking hard on his wet cock. He was groaning and
moaning loudly; his body suddenly went as stiff as his cock and he exploded
with a loud grunt.

I expected Marissa to move off his erupting erection, (the three girls who had
blown me moved so fast I was sure they had developed whiplash) but to my
surprise her head never moved and she never missed a beat. She kept stroking
his cock, milking all his cum from deep inside his shaft as she expertly sucked
it all up. She didn’t let a drop go to waste.

I was fully aroused again, but didn’t want to take a chance on getting caught
so I quickly crawled back to my room to blow off another load. I was about to
close when I heard Marissa calling my name. Not sure if she knew that I had
just watch her in the most amazing fuck fest I had ever seen I decided to just
stick my head out from around the corner of the door. I tentatively touched my
cock as I looked at her.

“Next time why don’t you come in and give us a hand. I’d like to see your hard
cock explode all over these.” She smiled an evil seductive smile and squeezed
her enormous jugs together, then disappeared back inside her room. I came
against the door jam without even realizing I had started stroking my cock
again. Was she serious? I knew living here was going to be great.

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