A young man is tied-up and used by his girlfriend, only to discover, too late, her secret
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He laid there in bed, the covers tossed aside, and that
sheet the only thing protecting him from view. As he
drew that thin white sheet up over him, he turned over,
yet again, trying to get comfortable and return to
slumber. His arm pulled up under a splay of raven
strands long enough to reach mid back. Many people
might have said he looked a bit too much like a girl in
some aspects, his long hair, dragon stud earring in one
ear, and a dragon choker about his neck. As he shifted,
again, he finally settled back in a light doze his
chest lifting and falling with each breath taken.

She opened the door quietly to peek in at him. She can
see him laying there with just a thin sheet covering
him and smiles. She walks in the room and sets her bag
down on the floor next to his bed. Quickly she gets on
the bed, straddling him and gives him a kiss, hoping
this wakes him up. Today will be a special day for them
both, which would be better if he was awake to enjoy it

He had just gotten to doze off when she came in the
room. His eyes remained closed and he laid there, one
hand under his head the other resting over his belly as
he had finally settled upon his back. The sheet
outlined his muscular form as he shifted slightly. He
felt her straddle him, causing a small stir and he
groaned lightly. The kiss caused his eyes to flutter
open and a hand moving to rub his eyes as blurry vision
peered towards her.

She looks down on him as his eyes open up. She gives
him another kiss. “Well, hello there sleepy head. About
time you woke up.” She kisses him again and shifts her
body a bit, placing her ass on his groin. “I was
beginning to wonder if I was going to have to do some
more dramatic things to wake you up. I’m glad that I
did not have to, I can save those for later.” She bends
her head down and kisses him on the neck, working her
way back up to his lips.

He blinked a few time and squirmed under her feeling
the kisses moving along his neck and to his lips. It
was having a small stir within him but he felt slightly
odd at this biting his lip before she kissed him his
body shaking lightly before hands moved up to push her
back slightly, “W-what are you doing.”

She sits up a bit, her ass pushing on his groin now,
where she can feel a small stirring. “I would think
that it is pretty obvious what I am doing.” She grins
and moves her hands to his chest. “I have seen how you
look at me and I finally decided to do something about
it. If you want me to stop I could.” She squirms a
little on you. “Though, I think you might like it if I

He gasped as her ass pressed upon his hardening cock.
It was already hard from waking but with her teasing,
it only grew. He shifted slightly, unsure of what to do
as his heart pounded in his chest. He did not want to
her hurt her feelings, but at the same time he was
unsure, his eyes peering confused up to her.

She looks in to his eyes, seeing confusion there, which
is what she was wanting. She can also feel his cock
growing under her, which she also wants. “I thought we
might have a bit of fun. I brought some things that
will help that along.” She grins mischievously. “Do you
want to have a bit of fun?”

Gulping lightly, he shifted and tried to think though.
It would seem that the cat had taken his tongue and ran
off for the moment. He was confused at what she could
have brought to help them have fun. He was just
thankful the sheet was between them. As his cock rubbed
against that fabric, a small wet spot formed from the
little bit of pre-cum that leaked.

She smiles, as he is unable to talk. “I can tell from
your cock that you would like to have fun.” She quickly
leans down, grabs the bag, lifts it up, and places it
on the bed beside them. “I’m sure you are wondering
what is in the bag. If I told you that nothing in here
would hurt you, but instead heighten your pleasure,
would that make you feel better?” She leans down and
kisses him again, grinding her ass against his cock,
trying to keep him a bit confused, and thinking with
the wrong head.

He shakes his head, trying to clear away the cobwebs
when she kissed him and ground into him again. His
heart was pounding now as he had just woken up to his
friend pressing and touching him in ways that had not
happened between them before. His body was frozen,
though as he kissed her it seemed his hips were
slightly alive. They pressed up with the grinding and a
small moan slipped into her lips-

She grins as his body responds to her actions. Now was
the time to take it up a notch. She opens up her bag,
continuing to grins her ass softly against your cock.
“I want you to raise your arms above your head,
grabbing the bars on the head board.” She she says this
she pulls out a couple pairs of fur covered handcuffs.
“Trust me, you will like this part.” She leans back
down and kisses you again.

He gulps for a moment as he felt the grinding. His body
was telling him yes, his mind telling him no. But, of
course, when in situations where the body needs and
craves it shuts out the mind. His hands grip the bar
above his head leaving his chest unprotected. He did
not see the cuffs come out before she kissed him. His
body shivered as his hips continued to grind against
her ass as his heart raced faster.

She grins as she reached up and moved his arms apart,
and then attached one end of the handcuffs to the bars
and the other to his arms. Now he was secured this way.
Time to make him a bit more pliable, so that she could
do what she wanted with him. “Mmmm, I think it is time
to see what is under the sheet.” She moves off you and
starts to slowly peel the sheet down, trailing kisses
upon your chest and stomach as she lowers the sheet.

His body squirmed and his nipples where hard as she
pulled the sheet away. His body shivered and he yelped
slightly, panting as desire was upon him but still his
mind put up a small fight. “Nn-no. Stop!” He said
slightly but the confusion, and desire, was still
there. As he squirmed and his cock pulsed, there was a
small damp spot upon that sheet right at the tip of his
hardened cock.

When the sheet finally reaches his cock, she stands up
and gets off the bed long enough to pull the sheet from
his body completely. “No? Do you really want me to
stop?” As she says this, she gets back on the bed and
begins to kiss your inner thighs and all around your
cock, but never once touching them. “Are you sure that
you want me to stop? Or do you want me to continue with
what I am doing?” And with that, she places a small
kiss on the head of your cock.

He moaned out at the kisses. His cock throbbing, veins
rippled the side, as he squirmed. His balls filling as
he felt that rush of blood and his heart pounded. The
heat following her kisses as he closed his eyes and
pulled upon his hands. He did not know, so he did not
answer. His eyes closed firmly as he moaned out again,
ringing through the room.

She knew that he was still unsure, so she worked to
help him make up his mind. She began to kiss his cock,
licking it up and down, teasing him. She stopped what
she was doing to look up at him. “I can do so much more
to you, if you want.” Her hand begins to play with his
cock. “But, I need you to tell me that you want me to
continue. Just say yes and it will get better and

He began to pant more and moaned out with each touch.
His body shaking and hips raising and falling as his
thighs parted more to give her room. He found himself
wanting more as he laid there, his body shaking lightly
with that building desire. Pre-cum formed at the tip,
dripping off as she stroked him. His eyes closed.
Before he could stop himself, his lips parted to say
one word. “Yesssss.”

She grins as he gave in to her, just as she knew he
would. She bent down and took his cock on her mouth,
savoring the taste of his pre-cum. She slowly began to
bob up and down on it, teasing mostly. She wanted to
get him worked up, but not enough to make him cum, not
yet anyways.

His hips raised and fell to her lips as he moaned out.
His heart was pounding, sweat dripped from his brow, as
he lifted his hips to her lips. That cock swelled in
her mouth, hardened as hard as it could and his hands
griped into fist as he pulled upon the bindings. Though
all he could do was moan and squirm now.

She could feel that he was getting closer to cumming
and so she stopped. “I can make it much more
pleasurable for you, but this will need your help. I
want you to lift your legs up, bending yourself so that
your feet are above your head. I have seen you stretch
and I know you can do it.” She gives his cock another

He gulped, but as he was in the thralls of that need,
he tried to do as she wished. His body moving to
position his feet on the headboard close to his hands.
He blinked as he saw that his cock was aimed right at
his face at the moment. He realized that positioned
himself this way, his ass in the air. He wondered what
she was going to do. His heart started racing as he
realized that at this point if he was to spray his loud
it would hit his face. The prospect turned him on
somewhat more, though he would not admit to it.

She grinned as he raised his legs. She moved to the
bag, grabbed a couple more pairs of cuffs, and cuffed
his legs to the headboard. Then she moved down the bed
so that she was sitting where his legs had been. “How
do you like that? Feeling good?” She began to lightly
trace a finger around his cock and down his ass, and
then back up again. “Do you want me to do more? Are you
wanting to cum?” She reached her hands back and grabbed
her breasts. “Do you want to see more of me? Go ahead;
tell me what you are wanting at this moment.”

As she locked those cuffs about the headboard and his
ankle, his eyes went wide and he became slightly
scared. This was all so weird. As he struggled
slightly, his arms and legs bound and ass wiggling
softly, he gulped. His body was at her mercy now. He
felt that hand moving over his cock with just a finger,
then down his ass, and slowly back up again. This made
his body tingle and quiver slightly.

His cock was pulsing as he bit his lower lip. He did
not know what he wanted, but his body shook with
anticipation, hips moving away from her finger when she
came to his ass. He was worried about what she was
doing but yet unable to do anything about it. His heart
was pounding in his chest, while soft beads of sweat
traced along the curves of his tanned flesh.

She shakes her head at him “I asked you a question and
I expect an answer from you.” She moves around a little
then smacks your ass cheeks with her band hands, hard.
She smacks each cheek five times. When she is done, she
caresses each cheek with her hands. “Now, try again.”
She smiles, knowing how much this has turned you on.

He yelped out at the smacking of his ass and squirmed
more, his hips trying to wiggle away from that hand as
his ass cheeks grew red. His eyes closing as he bites
his lip harder, trying to keep from calling out in the
pain and the humiliation of it. His breathing quickened
more while he tried to think of an answer but nothing
came. He did not know what to say. “I…I don’t know.”
He said as he felt her caresses, his body confused yet
still very aroused.

She shakes her head at him “Nope, that is not what I
was wanting to hear.” She reaches in to her bag and
pulls out a paddle. “I guess I will have to punish you
again.” She uses the paddle to smack one cheek, then
the other. She continues to alternate between ass
cheeks. She is pleased to see that your cock is still
fully hard. She looks at you and grins. “Give it
another try.”

His eyes opened in shock as he heard her words and he
gasped out in dismay as she produced the paddle.
Wiggling and struggling again, he would speak swiftly.
“No please.” Hs body was bright red from the
humiliation of this. The only thing worse would be if
she were secretly videotaping it or something. He tried
not to think of such things at the moment. As he bites
his lower lip, he thought to himself. “Is this why she
bought the choker for him when they went to the mall?”
He did not suspect or question it when it happened, but
now he wondered. But, even that got pushed out of his
mind when he felt that paddle strike flesh. His eyes
squeezed shut; he was crying out and shaking. His cock
did not soften, but was pulsing as if he might cum from
her spanking alone.

She sighs and looks at you. “Now, I have tried to be
nice. Three times I have asked you what you wanted and
three times you have not given me an answer. I am
beginning to think that you are enjoying being spanked
and that is why you do not answer.” She raises her
voice slightly. “I must say that it is pissing me off.”
She strikes your ass with the paddle for each word she
has just said. “Now, give me an answer.”

He cried out and shook his head his eyes closing as his
ass was beet red now. His body shaking, his breathing
faster while he felt his hips jump at each strike. He
could hear her getting pissed and he was near crying
out as he griped the bed pulling himself slightly away.
“I-I don’t know please.”

She shakes her head. “Well, since you can’t decide then
we will just do what I want to do.” She cannot help but
notice that your cock looks ready to explode all over
you. “It looks like you are about to cum. Well, since
you seem to be getting off on the spanking, why don’t
we let you do it.” She uses her hand to spank your ass.
When her hand hits your ass she slides in along your
ass when pulling her hand back, caressing your ass a
bit. After a few times of her doing this she can see
that you cannot fight it anymore. “Good, cum for me. I
know that you want to cum, cum all over yourself.” She
keeps up her spanking/caressing until you explode.

He cried out and shook his head trying to hold off what
he felt. He did not know neither what she wanted nor
what he himself wanted but as her hand hit his ass
while he heard her words, his eyes widened. He tried to
fight it back, feeling that cock harden more and about
to explode. His breathing came even faster his heart
raced. “N-noo, please not on me.” He had not been done
like this before and was feeling ashamed but still
aroused. He was moaning louder as she ordered him to
cum. Fight as he may, it acted like a switch. Hearing
her demand it made his cock open and that jet of cum
sprayed in his face as he moaned out and his back
arched his hips rising into the air as he groaned. “Oh
god.” More jets up cum blasted out, landing on his
face, neck, and chest.

She watches as your cum blasts and lands all over your
body. “Now, was that so bad?” She grins and looks you
in your cum covered face. “Hmm, what should I do now?”
She pretends to think for a moment. “I know what we
will do. Since I just abused your ass I will pleasure
it some now.” She moves her bag towards her and while
you can hear her moving things around inside the bag,
you are unable to see what she is getting out. “Ahh,
this will work.” You can feel her finger start to play
with your ass, lightly tracing your hole. Suddenly you
feel a cold liquid on your ass, which she begins to rub
around, first on the rim, then slowly she starts to
move her finger inside your asshole. “I have a feeling
that you like this as well.” She grins at you and
continues to work her finger in your hole.

He calmed for a moment while listening his eyes closed,
breathing slowly, trying to calm his emotions and his
feelings that echoed through him. Then his eyes shot
open feeling that finger upon his ass and her words.
“What…you can’t.” He groans and whimpers a soft nooo
as he felt that finger penetrate his cheeks, pressing
against his hole and then inside. “S-stop t-that’s exit
only.” He panted as his body squirmed trying to pull
back, but was too tired from his orgasm so he laid
there feeling his ass invaded by her finger.

She looks him in the face and shakes her head. “I gave
you a chance, more than one in fact, to tell me what
you wanted. You refused. Now we are doing what I want.”
She continues to sink her finger in to your ass, slowly
stretching it. Soon you feel her stick in a second
finger, working it around some more. When she sticks in
a third and fourth finger, you are surprised. She keeps
this up for a bit, widening your hole even more. “I
will ask you one more time if you want something. I
expect an answer from you. If you fail to give me an
answer though, I will have to punish you again.” She
uses her other hand to reach in to her bag and pulls
out a huge dildo. “This will be your punishment. Nod if
you understand.” She continues to work on your asshole.

He breathed in deeply and shuttered at the feel of the
second finger. Then came the third, then the fourth.
His eyes widen as he felt that push in and out feeling
the strange sensation as it turned from pain into
something else, just odd. Slowly getting used to it, he
bit his lower lip until blood dripped from it. His body
was pressing up now trying to take her into him. He did
not know what was going on just yet. “W-why!” He asked.
He blinked as he heard her then saw the dildo. He shook
his head lightly. His ass clenching around her fingers
as he groaned and licked his lips. Part of him wondered
what it would feel like now, but the other half just
wanted to push her away. He was angry and yet aroused,
humiliated yet wanting more. His emotions was in an

“I didn’t say that you could question me.” She stops
what she is doing, removes her fingers from your ass,
stands up, and moves off the bed. “I think it is time
for me to have some pleasure as well.” She moves over
to your radio and turns it on, and after finding a good
dancing song, begins to dance. As she moves, she begins
to slowly take off her clothing. By the time the song
has ended, she has removed everything but her skirt,
though she did remove her panties. She moves back up on
the bed and grabs hold of your cock, slowly stroking
it. “Here is your last chance, remember what I said
will happen if you don’t answer me.” She looks you in
the eyes and continues to stroke your cock. “Would you
like me to fuck you?”

This gave his body time to relax as she pulled away and
began to dance to that song. It was still erotic
though, and his eyes lingered upon her for the time,
his heart still pounding. His cock would slowly harden
again as he watched you strip. Seeing everything gone
but that skirt, he licked his lips. He had seen her
without a top before but never up close. He licked his
lips, thinking how ripe and delicious her breast
looked. God he had to stop thinking of such things. He
was shaking his head as he felt her come to grip his
cock. This got a moan from him, and feeling the
stroking made him moan more. As she worded her
question, he began to think how good her pussy would
feel around his cock and how he wanted that feeling. As
his lips parted, and a drawn out “yessss” could be
heard, his hips moved up into her hand. He was moaning
like the slut he was beginning to feel like.

She smiles at you. “I thought you would answer me, and
I just knew you would say yes.” She grins at you, still
stroking your cock. “Maybe you are not sure what you
want. I know that you have had that problem today. Do
you want me to fuck you?” She looks you in the eyes and
grins. “If you really do, then I want you to ask me,
no, beg me to fuck you.” She continues to stroke your
cock, getting it fully hard.

He squirmed and moaned louder as his body arched and
hips swung slightly. His heart was pounding more as he
heard her teasing voice. “Yes please.” He was moaning
and closing his eyes as he felt you pumping his cock
and feeling the sweet stroking of your soft hands. “Oh
god yes. Please fuck me”

She smiles at you and stops stroking your cock. “Then I
shall give you what you want and fuck you. But I don’t
want your eyes closed; I want you to watch me.” She
waits until your eyes are open. Then she moves forward,
but stops before she straddles you. She sits back a
bit, her skirt dropping from your viewpoint as she
unzips it. You can see it as she lifts it away from her
body and tosses it to the side. “Are you ready for
this?” She moves forward, grabbing your cock with one
hand, the other down her front. You feel a finger in
your asshole again momentarily before it is withdrawn.
You then feel something larger at the edge of your

“Mmm, I am going to enjoy fucking you.”

She starts moving her hips forward again and this time
you feel something larger start to enter your asshole.
At first, you think she is putting in more fingers,
then you can see her other hand playing with your
balls. Whatever it is she is using is slowly, steadily
moving in to your ass. She looks you in the eyes and
grins. “Ohh, your ass is so tight.” And with that, she
pushes forward hard until her hips are touching yours.
“Oh, so very good. It feels so tight, so good. I just
knew that your ass would take all of my cock in it.”
With those words, she pulls out a little and pushes
forward, starting to fuck your ass while her hands play
with your cock.

Feeling you as you stop stroking and move away, his
eyes open to watch you as tilts his head. He is feeling
nervous as you say your words. He watches as your skirt
vanishes from view and bites his lip, speaking. “Why
didn’t you taken me down from here so I could help?
What are you doing out of my sight?” These were not
answered before you grabbed his cock and began to pump
it again. He moaned as his body shook, trying to keep
his eyes upon you. He feels your finger pressing into
his ass. He gasp for a moment and cry out a small no.
But then there was a heavy forbidden tone of you
enjoying fucking him. This caused his face to redden
and he shifted slightly, biting his lower lip in a
mixture of emotion. He keeps his eyes to yours as you
press something to his hips.

“Y-you said you wouldn’t use the dildo.” Though as you
press something inside of his ass and his eyes widen,
he feels as if it was fingers for a moment or the
dildo, but then your hand was upon his cock and balls
and his eyes went wider with you stating about your
cock. He cried out. “W-what?!” He feels you fucking his
ass while his ass squeezed your cock while he cried

She smiles widely as you realize that not only does she
have a cock, but also that she is using it to fuck your
ass. She starts to pull her cock almost all the way out
before slamming it back in. “Oh, you feel so good. I
just knew that you would feel great.” She continues to
fuck you, slowly building up speed. He hands move away
from your cock and balls to rest upon your legs, giving
her more support as she continues to fuck you. “I am
going to enjoy the memory of this for a long time.” She
looks at your still hard cock as it is moving as your
body moves as she slams in to you. “Oh, it looks like
the ass fucking I am giving you excites you.”

Panting and moaning, his small pleads that go unheard.
His body is taking that cock over and over again, as
hips move, wiggling, taking everything you dish out. As
you pull out and press in, his lips part and his head
falls back in a loud cry. He is taking the fucking like
a bitch and moaning out. His cries of pleasure and pain
make his face look just like a females now, almost too

She really starts slamming in to your ass now, giving
you all that she has. “If I keep this up much longer I
am going to cum in your ass.” She grins as she says
this. “But, since that is what I want to do, it is
fine.” She looks at your cock and can see that it is
looking bigger as well. “Oh, it looks like you are
going to cum again as well. What a nice little slut you
are. You are enjoying being fucked up the ass.” She
keeps up her thrusts. “I want you to cum, but not until
I cum. When I shoot my cum up your ass I want you to
cum again. I also do not want you to move your head. I
want you to shoot as much on your face as you can.” She
starts to thrust harder. “Soon. Soon I will cum, and
you will cum, and I will have this all on video tape
for us to relive again and again.”

He moaned slightly, his eyes open watching her as he
heard her and whimpered at the way she talked about
fucking him and how his cock looked. His heart pounding
with each thrust, his fingers clenching harder into his
flesh as he feels blood trickle from his hands and his
knuckles go white. His hips grinding against her again
as he moans out, his cock about to burst, balls full
and ready to explode a load of his seed over him. His
lips part and he moans louder. His eyes opened wider
hearing her last words. Did she say video tape?
“N…noooo.” He protested. He moans again, his ass
taking and squeezing, milking, that cock.

She smiles at you. “Of course I am videotaping this. I
just know that you would like to be able to sit down
and watch all of this.” She keeps fucking your ass
hard. “Oh, I’m about to cum in your ass slut. You will
come with me.” She starts to bear down on you even
more. “Here is comes slut. Here comes my cum in your
ass.” She thrusts in one last time as deep as she can.
You can feel her cock thicken as the first pulse of her
cum jets in to your ass. She moans loudly as jet after
jet enters your ass.

His eyes widened and he struggled, trying to get her
out of him. He tried to settle his body down as he felt
her penetrating deeper. He whimpered, hearing her words
again, his breathing faster. “N…NOO!” He shouted that
as he felt her cum into his tight ass and, without a
second thought, his body betrayed him. His cum squirted
even as his mouth was still open from shouting out, his
cum squirting into his mouth. It landed upon his face
as he whimpered and shut his lips, trying to keep that
cum from going all over. But it coated his face and
dripped against his neck and chest-

She watches your face as she cums in your ass. “Oh,
that was so good. You were such a good slut, doing like
you were supposed to do.” She moves her arms and lays
down upon you, her cock still in your ass, her breasts
on your chest. She takes a hand and uses the fingers to
collect your cum from your neck and chest. When she has
gotten all that she could on her fingers, she raises
them to your mouth. “Clean my fingers. Suck your cum
from my fingers slut.”

He rested there and squirmed a bit, feeling that cum
stopped up in his ass. He whimpered, feeling her laying
against him now, hearing that he was a good slut for
her. Her fingers caressing his neck and chest caused a
small shiver. Listening to her, sill bound, his lips
obediently parted and took her finger sucking it
softly, his body shaking as he shared in the taste of

She watched as he did as she asked. “I bet you like
being a slut.” She sits up, pulling her now softening
cock out of your ass. She moves forward and squats
down, her cock above your face, the head just brushing
your lips. “Open your mouth wide so that you can clean
off my dick.”

His body shook and he whimpered trying to pull his head
away for a moment, unsure about this. As his body
quivered, he did not want that think about her taking
another hole of his.

She grabs a hold of your head and forces your mouth
open. “If you bite me at all, or don’t do what I have
asked of you, I will make sure that copies of the video
go to your family and friends.” She smiles as she feeds
her cock in to your mouth, stuffing as much in as she
can. “Use your tongue and make sure it is all cleaned
off slut.”

He whimpered and he felt her pressing her cock into his
lips. Now he could not really argue. It was humiliating
and would be worse if his family found out. He sighed
and resigned himself to this. As he cleaned her cock
with his tongue slowly licking over it, he thought the
taste was odd. Still, he slowly lapped it up, closing
his eyes, as he could smell her and her juices.

She looks down at him sucking on her cock. When it was
cleaned off, she stood up. “Thank you, slut. This has
been fun so far.” She grabbed something from her bag.
Seeing that your mouth was still open she quickly
popped something inside your mouth. She then wrapped it
around your head, gagging you, keeping you from
shouting out. She got off the bed and started putting
her clothes back on. “I need to get something to drink
and maybe a bite to eat.” She walks towards the door.
“Don’t worry, I will be back shortly and we can
continue this then.” She takes one last look at him
then walks out the door, shutting it behind her,
leaving him cuffed to the headboard, gagged, and
thrashing around.

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