Lacey, Ricky and his mother on the nudist cruise and nudist beach resort
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wake with the sun filtering through the window. I was sleeping nude, which is unusual for me. I can hear deep breathing, coming from a body in the bed next to me. Definitely unusual. As I surface from sleep, things begin to come back into focus. I am on a nudist cruise with Ricky and his mother. Hey, this is nice. I could get used to this. I stretch and yawn, and consider reaching over to stir Ricky. Then I remember that he had a big day yesterday, making love to two women in one day. Instead, I take stock of the situation. Looking over to the other bed in our room, I realize that it is empty. Ricky’s mom is an early riser, I remember. She is probably down in the ship’s gym, putting her body through its paces. The boat feels different, too. It is very still.

Slipping out of the bed, I walk over to the window and peer out. We had talked about it last night and decided to leave the curtains open. If someone looked in, they might see us nude. So what. It doesn’t really make much difference since we are on a nude cruise. It is nice to have the morning sun shining in the window. Looking out I can see that we are docked. That explains the lack of motion. Now where are we? Oh yeah, Mexico! Cozumel, I believe. It’s coming back to me now. At nine o’clock, we have reservations to do an e-bike tour of the town. Unfortunately, we will have to be dressed here, as it is not one of our nude destinations. I consider what it might be like to ride a bike nude. Does that even work? I imagine a skinny bike seat wedged up In my butt crack. Eww! I will have to do an internet search sometime and find out if people even do that. Anyway, I conclude that it will probably be better with clothes on. I am surprised at how much I enjoy showing off my body, though. Stretching and yawning, I look out the window and wonder what new experiences await us today in a country that I have never visited before. A nice looking fellow waves as he walks by the window, appreciating what he sees. I return the wave and smile, happy that I could brighten his day. He is fully dressed. That’s when it hit me that we have to wear clothes on the ship until it leaves port again.

Going into the bathroom, I make water and give some thought about what to wear. We will be on e-bikes. My denim shorts and the white top that shows some midriff might be about right. My stomach growls as I take a cool, refreshing shower, and think about the amazing breakfast buffet that awaits us.

Ricky comes into the bathroom as I towel off, bending to plant a kiss on my lips. “Shucks”, he says. “I was looking forward to waking up next to you this morning. Instead I awake to a cold, empty bed. What a downer. At first, I wondered if you ran off without me, until I heard the shower running.” Walking up to the toilet, he starts to urinate. Male urination never ceases to fascinate me. He can just stand there at the toilet with one hand guiding his dick and pee standing up. Then at the end comes the little ritual of shaking it to expel the last drops. I have actually tried to pee standing up myself when out in the barn alone a few times. If I spread my lips with my fingers, it sort of works, but I usually have to wipe some pee off my legs.

As soon as he is done peeing, I try to snap his ass with my wet towel. Feeling sassy I say, “well, I didn’t wake up alone. The early bird gets the worm. If we didn’t have an outing planned for today, I would be in the sack right now, jumping your bones. Of course I am not sure if you are up to it with the kind of day you had yesterday.”

Ricky dodges the towel and it cracks harmlessly, “I feel pretty tired this morning, but someone was sure standing at attention when I woke up. He was so hard it almost hurt. He is a greedy bastard.” and we both laughed.

I say, “Let’s get dressed and go get some breakfast. Soon we need to get off the ship and get to our e-bike excursion.” Ricky’s mom enters the room as we dress, eating some yogurt with granola and fruit on top.

“Rise and shine. Viva la Mexico! Es un hermoso día en Cozumel.” and she ruffles Ricky’s hair.

Ricky says, “Oh no. I forgot that you speak some spanish. Do you want to join us for breakfast, mom?”

“No, you guys go ahead. I have this yogurt and need to get a shower. Better make it quick, though. We need to get off the boat in about thirty minutes. I will meet you here so we can all get off together.” My dirty mind is hard at work, picking up on the unintended double entendre. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I am so close to Ricky, all the time, making me horny. When Ricky’s mom said, “We can all get off together”, my mind went to the three of us cumming together. It never occurred to me to have a threesome with them, but that thought does have its appeal.

We ate a quick breakfast of fruit, eggs, and toast. There are more kinds of fruit than I have ever seen before. We sample some tropical fruits that are completely new to us. They are delicious. Meeting back in our room, Ricky grabs a small backpack to carry the items that we might need for the day.

Walking ashore, it is soon obvious that we have been transported to an exotic, foreign country. All the signs are in Spanish and I note things that are different from what I am used to. We walk along a wide sidewalk next to the ocean. The air is balmy and my shorts and thin blouse are just right. It is hard to believe that just a few days ago I was enduring freezing temperatures at home. We meet strangers on the sidewalk who look a little different than us, but they all smile and greet us, “Buenos dias”. Very friendly people. We have nearly a mile long walk to the bike shop, but with all the new sights and sounds, it does not seem long. Maria greets us at the bike shop with warm, expansive smiles. She speaks good english. Adjusting the seat and the handle bars, she gets the bikes fitted to us. There are two other couples, both from the USA, that are going with us on the tour. After instructions on how to operate the e-bikes, we set off with our guide, Pedro. He also speaks good English and has a pleasant smile and a great love and enthusiasm for his city. We set off briskly, going twenty miles per hour down the Mexican streets, with only moderate effort. The wind rushing over our skin feels great as the day is beginning to heat up. People sharing the road with us in their cars are courteous and give us room. People here do not seem to be in a mad hurry, as they are in US cities.

Pedro is a great tour guide and proudly shows us many of the features of Cozumel which many tourists miss. We fly past beautiful beaches and resorts. He takes us to the city centro, and we enjoy a Mexican popsicle made with real fresh fruit which is delicious. Nothing at all like the cool aide Popsicles we ate as kids back home. Pedro watches our parked bikes as we explore the many shops in the city centro market area. This is where the locals shop and the prices are much better than the touristy areas near the cruise port. We leave the city centro and ride by parks with shady paths, beautiful green grass and palm trees, gently swaying in the breeze. We pass modern buildings and beautiful homes. We stop at a secluded beach and spend some time walking along the beach, admiring the clear, blue water, and sand as fine as sugar. I would love to live in this tropical paradise.

Our tour includes lunch, and soon enough we pull up to a little taqueria and go inside. The wooden door creaks as we enter a homey little establishment. Pedro asks each of us about our food preferences, then he speaks in rapid Spanish to the woman behind the counter. She apparently runs the whole taqueria by herself: hostess, waitress, cook and dishwasher. Pedro speaks to her like an old friend. She turns from the counter to a griddle where we watch her work her magic. She takes a hand full of corn Mesa and puts it into a hand operated press to make large, oblong tortillas. Taking them from the press, she spreads them out on the hot griddle, expertly turning them with her bare hands. At the same time, there are small piles of meat and vegetables, sizzling on the side. When the tortillas are done, she spreads meat on them and adds vegetables while the tortillas are still on the grill. The aroma is amazing and our mouths water. She folds them and transfers them to a plate and brings them to our table, still sizzling. The meat and vegetables almost melt in our mouths, it is so tender and tasty. When we could eat no more we thank the lady who served us and mount our E-bikes.

We pass by a modern, military Air strip, and stop to visit an outdoor museum in tribute to the ancient Mayan people who inhabited this region, long ago. We arrive back at the bike shop and thank Pedro and Maria for an unforgettable day. We arrive back at our cruise ship about three hours ahead of departure time.

The ship seems nearly deserted, since many of the passengers have not yet returned from their explorations of the port area. The thought of a refreshing swim sounds wonderful. The three of us go to our stateroom and donned swim suits and head for the pool. It is deserted, and since the pool area cannot be seen from outside the ship, we decide to take our clothes off and swim nude. Ricky says that he does not think they will arrest us if we are caught. They might ask us to put some clothes on, since we are not in a nude approved part of Mexico. As we are undressing, we hear a sound and pause to listen. Again, we hear a sound as if a female is in distress. We follow the sound to a door which stands ajar, leading off of the swimming area. Opening the door quietly, the three of us enter a storage room, cautiously following the sounds, not sure what we will find. Ricky is in the lead, and he stops short after coming around a corner. Coming around the corner after him, Ricky’s mom and I also halt. In front of us are the two Filipino lifeguards, busily consummating their love on an old chaise lounge chair which is stowed in the back of the storage room. The young fellow is plunging in and out enthusiastically, while she whimpers and digs her nails into his back. Our presence has gone unnoticed, so we cautiously back out of sight. We quietly make our way back to the pool. Carefully closing the door behind us, we giggle as we make our way into the pool. I say, “That’s hot. They are really going at it! I noticed those two making eyes at each other yesterday. It sure looks like they are enjoying themselves.” I look at Ricky, and see he has a boner. “Woah. Looks like Ricky is excited by what he saw!”

Ricky covered his erection with his hand, turned and jumped into the pool. After 15 minutes in the pool, the two horny lifeguards come out of the supply room and take their places across the pool from each other on their chairs. I look at Ricky’s mom and wink. Speaking of Ricky’s mom, she is a feast for the eyes in the water. Her movements are graceful and she can swim fast. She swims underwater along the bottom for a great distance. At first I worry about her, because she stays underwater for so long. Did I catch her, taking a long look at Ricky under the water? After a while, she comes up to Ricky, “I wonder what it would be like to kiss underwater?”

Ricky is always up for a challenge. “Let’s try it.” They both go down under water, facing each other, and I can see them locked in a kiss. When they come up, Ricky gasps, “You about strangled me, kissing so long.” When he caught his breath, he put his head down under the water and I could see him suckle his mother’s nipple. She jumped a little, surprised at the contact. Not one to be left out, I went under the water, swam between the two, and took Ricky’s stiff cock in my mouth. I sucked while tickling his scrotum with my fingers. Then I felt someone sucking one of my nipples, and I looked to see Ricky’s mom, on her back under the water, at my breast.

We all three came up laughing and gasping. I look up to see the lifeguards watching us intently. The female lifeguard frowns and seems about to say something. We aren’t supposed to be naked, and we are getting sexual. We are breaking the rules. I cut her off, “Just let this be our little secret, and we will respect your storage room secret.” At that she put her hand to her mouth and blushed. She looked across the pool to her boyfriend, her eyes wide, and they shared a bewildered look.

We continued our antics, chasing one another, laughing and having a great time in the water. After a while, I get out of the water and sit on a chair near the pool, drying myself. Watching Ricky ascend up the ladder, out of the pool, I note his lean muscular body, and the water running off his cock. Did I ever mention what a beautiful penis he has? He is circumcised. I have never given it much thought until now. I will have to ask him about it sometime. Then Ricky’s mom gets out of the pool. She is also muscular, but has soft, luscious curves. Water runs down her body, dripping from her boobs, and flows down along her prominent inner labia. Her hooded clit protrudes from her inner labia, and I again wondered what it would be like to suckle it. Who knows what the future holds. So much to explore!

The ship pulls away from the dock at Cozumel as we dress for dinner. We enjoy a nice relaxing dinner in the main dining room. During this trip I am gaining a new respect for Ricky’s mom. Not only is her physique as perfect as a statue, but she is as smart as anyone I have ever met. She has a great deal of empathy towards others. On top of that, she has a sense of humor and loves to have fun. We are sitting at the table, visiting, when we hear three blasts from the ship’s fog horn, indicating that we are free from the constraints of wearing clothes and once again, we are on a nude cruise.

After dinner, we go to the fitness center for a workout. Ricky’s mom set us up on the machines and gives us goals to achieve. By the time we are finished, Ricky and I are exhausted. It is an interesting experience, working out in our underwear. It makes me feel incredibly sexy. I need to pay more attention to the lingerie I purchase, though. I need to get something more sexy. We aren’t allowed to use the machines nude, for obvious reasons.

After a quick shower, we make our way to the auditorium to watch a late comedy show. There are two comedians, a woman and a man. They are, of course, nude, and play off of that for their very adult dialog. Their sexual innuendos remind me of things that Ricky and I have done together. I begin to get aroused. We exchange glances and I notice that he and his mom share a few private laughs, too. I place my hand on his thigh, discreetly giving his cock a nudge, from time to time.

We are exhausted by the time we get to bed. Ricky goes over to his mother’s bed, and gives her a lingering kiss goodnight. Then he jumps into the sack with me and covers my lips with his. There is some heat in his kiss. I spoon him as we wait for sleep to overtake us. Drifting off to sleep, I can’t help thinking how delicious it feels to have my boobs pressed into his back.

I awake with my back to Ricky, our naked butts pressed together. Thinking about our body contact makes me hot. In just a few minutes I am wide awake and ready for action. Rolling over onto my back, I stare at the ceiling, wondering if I should wake Ricky. Absently I rake my nails over my mound and through my pubic hair. I can’t stand this. Flipping over and spooning him, my hardening nipples press into his back. This is great, waking up next to Ricky. I think of all the mornings that I woke up turned on, with no satisfactory resolution available. Sure I could rub one out, but that is second rate, compared with this!

Looking over at Ricky’s mom’s bed, I am happy to see it is empty. She must be working out again. So we are alone. Of course Ricky is still sleeping soundly. Reaching over his hip, I feel around trying to determine the state of his member. Bingo! Morning wood! I begin to fondle him, lightly. Moving very slowly, not wanting to wake him abruptly. I fondle him with just my finger tips, then pause for a moment, then repeat the treatment and pause again. His dick twitches a little from time to time, startling me. Sitting up on one elbow, I soundlessly kiss Ricky’s earlobe, his jawline and down his neck. Looking down at his face, I note the outline of his jaw, his square chin, with just a trace of stubble sprouting from it. Lowering my nose, I inhale the scent of his hair. It is a uniquely masculine smell, and I nuzzle my nose in it.

I continue lightly working on his dick, running my fingertips along the underside. A small dew drop of pre-cum appears on the tip of his mushroom head. I touch it with my fingertip, and a long strand forms as I move my hand away. Rubbing my thumb and forefingers together I feel how slippery it is. I long to rub it on the lips of my pussy. Reaching my hand down between my legs I do just that. My pussy is already wet from my own juices. Inserting first one, then two fingers into my vagina, they come out very wet. I bring my hand back over Ricky’s hip to his cock, applying my own lubricating juice. There is enough to make his cock nice and slick. I resume working on his dick, becoming more aggressive. I can’t help it. I am getting so aroused that my speed and pressure increase automatically, and my breath is ragged. At this point, Ricky is beginning to rouse. His body shifts in bed and he gives a contented moan.

“Mornin’, sunshine,” he says, his voice raspy with sleep. “What are you trying to do to me?” Ricky rolls over to face me. I throw my leg over his hip and pull him towards me, opening up my legs and feeling his dick against me, probing.

He reaches over and takes my face in his big hands, kissing me full on the lips. I put my arms about his neck and pull him even closer to me, shoving my tits into his chest. I work one hand down between us, and find his stiff member. I rub the soft mushroom head, slowly up and down my pussy lips, into the squishy wetness. Settling his tip at my sweet spot, I push him inside me. Laying side by side, we do not move. We just lay still, holding each other and enjoying the physical connection and the closeness. I love the feeling of fullness with Ricky inside me. He plants kisses on my face and neck. His hand roams freely, up and down my back, then squeezes my ass cheek in his large hand. Pulling my hip into his, he pushes in as deeply as he can. I feel him swell within me. Our pelvic bones come together.

As we lay, joined, my mind begins to wander. I think about what sex between Ricky and his mother must be like. Her body is very different from mine. She would be a little wider, a little heavier. Her pussy might not be as tight as mine, since she has passed a four inch baby through it. Her body is much more muscular than mine, not as soft. I did find out from Ricky that she is more verbal than I am during sex and laughs and talks more while making love. I wonder what kind of things they have to talk about while fucking? Then, too, their relationship is different than between me and him. I can imagine that she does a lot of teaching while they fuck. I would love to be a fly on the wall.

As these thoughts go through my mind, an itch continues to grow within me. I want to watch Ricky and his mom make love. Or maybe it would be interesting to join in and have a threesome. Ricky has made it clear that we need to have boundaries and privacy between us. If I could make love together with them, I could probably learn a few things about how to make Ricky happier. He could not object to that, could he? So what would be the best way to make it happen? If I bring it up with him, he would probably refuse, based on what he has said about boundaries. What if I arrange to walk in on Ricky and his mother while they are having sex? I could watch for a while, and gradually join in. But if either of them stopped and made an objection, then I would be shot down and it would not be right to try again.

Or, what if Rick’s mom and I started making out with each other, and then Ricky would walk in on us. Hmm. I could see how that might work. Would she make out with me? If Ricky walked in with two women passionately making out and getting sexual, I cannot imagine him not getting involved. Then it would be his idea. It might just work. It would probably work best while here on this cruise, since we are all three boarding together and often are without clothes. I try to work out the details in my mind, I will have to seduce Rick’s mom. I am becoming more and more aroused, thinking about it. Finally, I can take no more.

I nibble on Ricky’s ear lobe then whisper into his ear, “OK, enough of this now. I need you to get busy and fuck me properly.” Ricky didn’t need any more encouragement. He rolled over on top of me and began to thrust in earnest, slowly at first, gradually building speed. I hold onto him and open my legs wide to receive everything that he has to give me. I feel enormous pressure from within my core and know I will cum soon. Ricky is pumping with fury and making wet, slapping sounds.

I begin to feel Ricky spurt within me and know that he is cumming. I am very close and thought that I would make it with him, but alas, it is not to be. I am so close, but I feel frustrated and ground my mound into him, trying to make it happen. Ricky slows and then stops thrusting, but he reaches his hand down between us and very lightly works around my clit. There is plenty of lubrication and with his dick still embedded within me, it is driving me wild again. Then he begins to whisper into my ear in a gravelly voice. He tells me how good that I look this morning, how much pleasure that I am giving him, and how tight and wet my pussy is. He says that he loves the little freckles on my nose, that he can only see from close up. He explains how he enjoyed waking up with me in bed next to him. In return, I moan uncontrollably into his ear, until my body begins to shudder and spasm. I can feel my insides clinch uncontrollably on his penis. When it is passed, we lay still for a while, not wanting this to end. After we catch our breath, he rolls off me and we just lay together, hip to hip and staring at the ceiling, lost in our thoughts.

At that moment, Ricky’s mom walks into our room. My first inclination is to cover up, but then I remember that covering up would only serve to make our situation more conspicuous. I glance over at Ricky and he looks guilty and embarrassed. His dick is still half erect and glistening with my juices. We are both still a little out of breath. It is so obvious what just went down here. Ricky’s mom smiles knowingly and says, “Good morning, love birds. No need to feel embarrassed. What you have been doing is natural and I find it to be really sweet. Guess I should have knocked first. But I am very glad you two were able to share a special time, this morning. Shall we go up to the breakfast buffet?”

Ricky’s mom’s comments takes the edge off our embarrassment and her demeanor helps even more. She goes about her business getting dressed for breakfast as though nothing happened. I get up and take a quick shower. In thirty minutes we three are making our way up to breakfast. We are beginning to recognize a few people on the ship that we have seen or spoken with earlier. Everyone is friendly and greets us with the time of the day. No one acts awkward whether we have clothes on or not.

Over breakfast we recount some of the funny and interesting things that had happened on the cruise so far. We laugh about catching the lifeguards banging in the storage room, our embarrassment and discomfort removing our clothes the first time in public. I told them about my massage and the happy ending. Ricky’s mom looks wistful and I think she might be considering a massage, herself. We laugh thinking back to Ricky’s comment before coming about the sagging old people. It seems so quaint and uninformed, now after being here.

Our ship is pulling into our next port of call, Roatán, Honduras. We have to be dressed as we arrive at the port. But we will board buses here that will take us a short distance to the beautiful Payat Bay, nude beach resort. Today looks to be a beautiful day, high temperature around eighty degrees, plenty of sun with a light breeze. Ricky’s mom reminds us to bring plenty of sunscreen because there will be a lot of skin to cover. She says, “I hear that you need to be sure to get it down in your butt crack. There are horror stories of people who thought they were protected, only to wake the next day with a sore, peeling ass crack.” We all chuckled and Ricky’s mom’s cute dimples make their appearance. It would not be too hard to flirt with her. Perhaps I could arrange to butter her up with sunscreen at the beach. I bet Ricky would enjoy watching me do that to his mom.

We are one of the first to board a bus for Payat Bay. Many people are busy enjoying the shops and the tropical forest at the cruise port to hurry to the resort. Arriving at the nude beach resort, we are welcomed by the beautiful nude staff and given a brief tour of the facilities. They conclude by showing us to the change rooms and give us a key to our locker. They show us the showers, the sauna and got our orders for the lunch that will be served at the beach at noon.

As soon as we are left alone, I come over to Ricky to undress him. Coming up behind him I wrapped my arms around him, pressing myself into him. He let out a satisfied sigh. I note that Ricky’s mom is watching, mesmerized. We have not shown much physical affection in front of her before, and she seems very interested. I manage to wriggle out of my shorts with my arms still wrapped around him. Of course I am commando, not bothering with panties. Taking hold of the hem of his t-shirt, I pull it up over his head. Then I quickly remove my top. Turning him around to face me, I squat down to undo his shorts and remove them and his boxers. As I pulled them down, his dick springs free and nearly hits me in the face, since his dick is right at eye level to me. I hear Ricky’s mom suppress a giggle. This left her facing his back, and I see that she is walking around to the side, where she has a better view of the action.

I take Ricky’s penis into my mouth, sucking and then pulling him out. Sucking, then pulling him out. I look up at Ricky to see his reaction, and his eyes are closed and his mouth is open and slack. I know how much Ricky loves blow jobs. Ricky’s mom actually has her hand down in her pants, massaging her own pussy. She is getting a thrill watching Ricky and I make out. I suck his dick back into my mouth and work it down my throat all the way. Then I suck hard just on the tip like a lollipop, while stroking the saliva soaked shaft with my hand, and Ricky moans. I stand slowly, allowing my boobs to slide up his belly with my legs on either side of his. Kissing him hard on the mouth, my tongue probing inside, finding his.

An idea hit me. I slowly back away from Ricky and I see a look of disbelief come over his face. I move over and come up behind Ricky’s mom, who froze with her hand down the front of her shorts. She is obviously very aroused, watching her son and I make out. I come up behind her, just as I had with Ricky, and hug her from behind with my naked body. She begins to grind her hips into mine, encouraging me, but otherwise doesn’t move. Ricky watches us, consternation written all over his face. This is totally unexpected, and I can’t tell if he approves or not. I Pull her t-shirt over her head, just as I had done with Ricky. Then I unfasten her bra and she shrugs her shoulders, letting it fall away.

Pressing my tits into her back, I reach around and take her breasts into my hands and massage them, pushing them together, with my palms against her nipples. I can feel them harden beneath my hands. Then I grab her nipples and tug at them gently. I run my hands up and down her taut belly. When she had shrugged off her bra, she had been forced to remove her hand from her shorts. Now I unfasten the button and slid down her zipper. Sliding her shorts down her hips, she steps out of them. She is wearing plain black panties, and I work my hands down into the elastic waistband and slowly slide my hand down over her mound to her slit, waiting to see if she will protest. I found her to be already slick and wet. My middle finger slides over that curious large clit of hers, and she shudders. Her little strip of pubic hair is stiffer, more wiry than mine. Looking over at Ricky, he is practically drooling, and I notice his dick is bouncing slightly in time with his heartbeat.

I bring my hands back up and slowly push her panties down. It is then that we hear voices outside, coming near the changing room we are in. The spell is broken, but we all stand looking at each other as if coming out of a trance and aren’t sure what to do next. I react first, gathering my discarded clothes to put into our locker, and the other two soon follow my lead. We walk out the door toward the beach, just as two ladies and a resort employee come into the other door. They are getting the same kind of tour that we had been given. I cover my mouth and snicker as I see Ricky quickly walking out the door first, trying to cover his erection.

My plan to seduce Ricky’s mom and Ricky into doing a threesome with me is beginning nicely. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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