A Place To Call Home
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“Well I’m sure Billy has your supplies
loaded by now.” Gloria said as she took a step
back, reluctant to press her interest in the younger
woman too far and too quickly.
“I would think so.” Alex said as she
turned to leave, the taste of Gloria’s lips pressed
against hers still fresh in her mind.
Alex stepped back out of the office, the
promised booklets in her hand. She had started to
close the door behind her when Gloria said.
“Call me.”
Alex paused for a second, then gave her a
noncommittal smile in response.

Turning as she stepped forward, Alex
almost bumped into Wendy who had been
standing almost behind her. Alex was stunned by
the look now on the girl’s face. If looks could kill,
the twenty-four year old would now be planning
her funeral.
“Your trucks all loaded.” the blond said in
a voice laced with hostility.
“What the hell is her problem?” Alex
thought as she gave another one of her ‘killing
with kindness’ thank you’s.
“She knows I didn’t try and cut into her
little arrangement with Mr. Zalman,” Alex said to
herself, remembering the reason for Wendy’s
original animosity. “And she can’t be still angry
with my picking up Billy at the dance, not the way
she just shifted her gears and picked up that guy
she was blowing in lover’s lane.”
Alex had just made it to the door when
Gloria came back out of the office. She saw
Wendy turn in the older woman’s direction, a
softer, but still irritated look on her face.
“Now that’s strange,” Alex said to herself
as she walked out into the street. “What has she
got to be mad at Gloria for?”
A minute later, after she had checked the
load in the back and then climbed behind the
wheel, the answer to her question hit her like a ton
of bricks.
“Holy shit!” she called out in her mind as
the pieces came together all at once. “That little
tramp is sleeping with both the husband and the
wife. She’s the one Marilyn had alluded to this
morning. It’s no wonder Gloria put up with her
husband’s dalliances. She was eating out of the
same pie.”
Alex laughed at her own joke as she pulled
into traffic. Small towns might lack a lot of the
things you find in the big city, but this one at least
had more than it’s share of sexual hijinks.

Later that night, Alex walked into the
living room where Marilyn was curled up on one
end of the sofa watching television. The hour
was late and the dark haired woman was already
in her pajamas. One advantage to the twin
satellite dishes she had on the room was that she
had access to almost every channel in the country.
The younger brunette dropped down into the
cushion next to her and let out a sigh of relief.
“The molding in the kitchen is finally
done.” she said as her head pressed back against
the soft pillow. “I don’t want to see another
hammer until next week.”
“Well I guess we won’t be watching Home
Improvement reruns then.” Marilyn laughed as
she tossed Alex the multi-function control. “Since
you worked so hard today, you get to pick what
we watch.”
Alex grinned as she began surfing through
the channels.
“I thought you had plans to go out on a
date tonight?” Marilyn said as she watched the
images change.
“Changed my mind. I really wasn’t in the
mood,” she replied as she stopped at one of the
movie channels. “In fact, I don’t think I’ll be
seeing Billy again.”
“Well, there are plenty of other nice people
in this town.” Marilyn said.
Alex didn’t miss the fact that Marilyn had
said ‘nice people’ and not ‘nice guys’.
“Actually …” she began to say, then
paused for a moment to consider if she really
wanted to voice what she was thinking. Seeing
that Marilyn was waiting for her to finish, she
went on. “Actually, I was asked out today.”
“Really? By who?”
“Your friend, Gloria.” she replied.
Alex looked into Marilyn’s face to see if
the news upset her. Her expression, however,
remained neutral.
“Are you going to take her up on it?” she
finally asked after a moments pause.
“To be honest, I was really tempted,”
Alex admitted. “But decided in the end not to go
“I hope you didn’t turn her down because
of me,” Marilyn said. “Like I told you, both of us
are free to see other people.”
“That did enter my mind,” Alex admitted.
“But that wasn’t the reason I decided not to.”
“I hope you weren’t upset that she asked
you.” said the older woman.
“Not at all,” Alex smiled. “Like I said, I
was really tempted.”
“I can’t blame her though,” Marilyn said.
“I have to admit that I came close to asking you
“Really?” Alex said in surprise. “How
come you didn’t?”
“I could say that I was worried that if you
took offense, I’d never get the rest of my house
fixed.” she laughed. “But I guess the real reason
is that I was afraid that you’d up and leave. If all I
can have is your friendship, then I’ll settle for that.
I’ve come to enjoy having you around these past
weeks. A lot more than I’ve enjoyed anyone else’s
company for a long time.”

Alex looked into Marilyn’s eyes and saw
the honesty of what she had said. It was a feeling
she had felt within herself this past month. That
was the real reason she had tossed aside the idea
of spending the night with either Billy or Gloria.
Alex leaned over and kissed Marilyn softly
on her lips. A kiss much more enjoyable that the
one she’d received from Gloria hours before. A
kiss fueled by the first fires of love.
“I’ve been thinking about what that might
feel like since the day you showed up on my
doorstep.” Marilyn said as they broke the brief
“I think I have too, even if I didn’t really
know it.” Alex added as she rested her head
against Marilyn’s breast.
“So what now my little love?” Marilyn
asked as she kissed the top of Alex’s head.
That simple term of endearment brought a
rush to Alex’s heart. For the first time in her years
of wandering, she felt like she belonged.

Reality finally hit her with the realization
that she was still covered with the debris of the
day’s work. Marilyn didn’t seem to mind in the
least, but Alex wanted this moment to be perfect.
“I’m a mess.” she said out loud.
“You’re beautiful.” Marilyn responded.
“Would you be really offended if I ran up
and took a quick shower? Alex asked hesitantly.
“I’d really rather be at my best for you.”
Marilyn smiled at the younger woman as
she brushed away some of the construction dust
off Alex’s face. “I have a better idea.” she said.

“Oh you were right,” Alex said as she
practically melted in the warm, sudsy bath water.
“This is much, much better.”
“I thought you’d like it,” Marilyn said as
she tilted back Alex’s head just enough to kiss her
lips softly. “I could loose myself in here for hours,
or until at least the water turns cold.”
The large antique tub they floated in,
Marilyn on the bottom with Alex in her arms, had
belonged to the original owner of the old house.
He had been a wealthy merchant in the town and
also weighed in at over three hundred pounds.
He’d had the old fashion four leg bathtub
especially made to fit his bulk, so there was more
than enough room in there for the two women.
Marilyn continued to stroke Alex’s arms,
washing them with the soap filled water. She
cupped the younger girl’s breasts, playing with the
small brown nipples with her fingers. She smiled
as she felt them grow hard in her hands.
“Oh that feels nice,” Alex said as she
rested her head against the full softness of
Marilyn’s own mounds.
Turning her head, Alex was able to just
about plant a kiss atop Marilyn’s own larger
nipple, playing with it for just a brief moment.
“Mmm,” Marilyn responded. “Kisses like
that will get you everywhere.” she laughed. “But
why don’t you just relax and let me take care of
you for now. There will be plenty of time for you
to reciprocate later on.”
“Sounds good to me.” Alex replied.

The younger brunette leaned back and
closed her eyes. She could feel Marilyn’s hands
moving across her body. Skillful fingers bringing
with them a most delightful assortment of erotic
sensations. From the way they were now laying
atop of each other, the taller woman could just
about reach down between Alex’s legs. A goal
her long slender fingers soon reached.
A quit sigh came from Alex’s lips as she
felt the older woman’s first touch there. With
expert skill, her fingers seemed to quickly seek out
her most secret and sensitive spots.
A moan followed her soft sighs as she felt
the first of Marilyn’s fingers slide deep inside of
her. A second finger soon followed, and in time a
third. Faster and faster they moved in and out,
producing even louder moans from Alex as her
skin grew even warmer than the water around it.
“Oh yes!” Alex panted as she gave in to
the rising delights within her. “Oh yes!”
Marilyn could feel Alex’s body begin to
tremble against her own as the younger woman’s
orgasm overtook her. The passion racing through
the woman in her arms was reflected in her own
racing heart. The dark haired woman held her
tight, added her warmth to Alex’s.
As Alex’s body came to a gentle rest, the
two women laid silent, listening to the sound of
their twin heartbeats. Marilyn couldn’t help but
wonder about the strange far away look on Alex’s
face. The quiet was finally shattered when
Marilyn gently stroked Alex’s cheek and asked.
“What are you thinking?”
“I was just thinking,” she began as she
looked up and smiled at Marilyn. “I was just
thinking that its been such a very long time since
I’ve felt this close to someone.”
Marilyn laughed softly. “My little love, I
think you’re going to feel a lot closer before the
night is over. Why don’t we get out of here now
that you’re clean and see if we can find someplace
a little more comfortable?”
“I don’t know,” Alex grinned back over
her shoulder. “This cushion I’m sitting on seems
kind of nice.”
“Out!” Marilyn thundered.

The two women climbed out of the
antique bathtub and stood naked on the wide
throw rub beside it. Marilyn picked up a towel
from the rack on the door and began drying off
her new lover. Once done, Alex did the same for
Hand in hand, they walked naked through
the house. Putting any clothing back on seemed
superfluous as it would be coming right off. They
moved down the long hallway on the second
floor, not speaking a word to each other but
communicating just by the warmth of each other’s
“Give me a few moments before you come
in,” Marilyn said as she came to a stop at the
door of the master bedroom and stepped in front
of Alex. She placed the palm of her hand between
the younger woman’s breasts. “I just to fix a few
Alex gave her a smile that seemed to say,
now who’s worried about a mess, then nodded her
agreement. She stood there in the hallway, feeling
a comforting warmth across her body despite her
still damp skin. In what seemed like no time at all,
Marilyn called for her to come in.

‘Oh my!’ Alex beamed as she stepped
into a world of flickering luminosity.
The old fashion bedroom was filled with
the light of a dozen scented candles scattered
around the large room. The air was rich with the
fragrance of honey.
Marilyn stood naked in the center of the
room, her body reflecting the luminescent glow.
Her upraised arm resting on one of the four tall
bedposts on a bed as old as the bathtub they had
just emerged from. The short haired brunette
remembered Marilyn telling her that the old bed
was the first piece of furniture that she’d had
restored when she bought the house.
That was how she’d originally met Mike
Zalman. He’d been ever so helpful in arranging
for the bed to be picked up and the craftsmen who
made it like new. Unfortunately he also seemed to
expect to help break the bed in once it was
refurbished. Marilyn was quick to dissuade him of
any such notion.
The plus side of the whole encounter,
however, was that Marilyn got to meet Gloria.
The two had hit it off immediately, and the buxom
redhead did get to help break the bed in.
All of this appeared and disappeared in
Alex’s mind in a brief second. In a very impressive
room, Marilyn was easily the most impressive
sight in it. The older woman just radiated
“I hope you like it.” Marilyn grinned as
she reached out her hand in invitation.
‘I don’t have the words to say how
beautiful it all is,’ Alex replied as she quickly
crossed the room and placed her arms around
Marilyn. “Or how beautiful you are.” she added
as she kissed her.
“I think you are doing just fine in finding
the words,” Marilyn said as she closed her arms
around Alex, pulling her close against her.
Their lips met again as their bodies pressed
tight against each other, sharing a warmth that
was quickly transforming into a raging fire.
“Mmm.” Alex purred as their breasts
rubbed against each other, causing their nipples
to become harder and erect.
Marilyn leaned over and kissed her way
across the fold of Alex’s neck to the softness of
her shoulders. Her hands explored the rest of the
younger woman’s form.
‘You are so beautiful,’ Marilyn said.
“Like the dreams of a thousand empty nights
come to life.”
“I didn’t realize that you were a poet as
well.” Alex said.
“I think you’ll find that I still have many
surprises.” Marilyn answered.
“I can’t wait to see what they are.” Alex
Before she could say anything more, she
found herself literally swept off of her feet as
Marilyn lifted her into her arms and carried her to
the waiting bed.
Gently laying Alex across the soft satin
sheets, Marilyn climbed onto the large mattress
next to her.
‘If there’s a word beyond beautiful, then
you are certainly it.’ Alex said as she ran a hand
across the dark haired woman’s side.
“I see that you have a bit of the poet in
you as well.” Marilyn commented.
“It’s easy when you have such beautiful
inspiration.” Alex smiled.
Marilyn’s reply was only a broader smile
as she placed her hand on Alex. Gingerly she ran
her fingers up and down the body next to her,
producing a series of soft sighs.
‘That feels nice.’ Alex murmured
“It gets even better.” Marilyn replied as
she stroked the sides of Alex’s breasts.
The soft sighs began to grow in intensity
until they became moans. Marilyn’s fingers glided
down the sides of the younger woman until they
came to her buttocks. There, she took a firm grip
and pulled them up and apart, exposing the wet
mound beneath it.
Marilyn bent down and kissed Alex’s left
buttock, then her right. Each succeeding kiss
brought her closer to the moist center. Finally,
her kisses hit home and a slight shiver shook
Alex’s body. Pulling harder, Marilyn gave herself
greater access and kissed her again, this time
pushing her searching tongue up into the exposed
“Mmmmm” she said as the tangy taste of
her new love filled her mouth.
Unable to restrain herself any longer, she
began to work her tongue in and out of the
opening. Faster and faster it moved, sending tiny
sparks of delight up into Alex receptive form.
“Oh yes,” she said as she enjoyed the
sensation. “More, more.”
Marilyn was more than willing to reply to
the request. Even as her quick moving tongue
wove a wet path up and down Alex’s slit,
Marilyn’s hands began to again roam across her
body. Again sliding up and under, she cupped
Alex’s firm breasts and played with her nipples,
bringing even louder moans.
“Turn over.” She said, guiding Alex with
a gentle touch.
Alex was quick to respond, quickly
flipping over onto her back and giving Marilyn full
and unrestricted access.

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