Mom goes Skinny Dipping
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My whole bed was soaked. I thought I had wet the bed but it was only
sweat. I looked at the clock. It was midnight. I went to the
bathroom to clean up a little and cool off.

I washed the cum and sweat off my body using a damp wash cloth.

The sponge bath woke me up enough so that I decided to play with my
PEEPERs for a few minutes. Tiff, Jane, and Martha were all asleep but
Mom’s bedroom was still empty. I checked the bathrooms and finally the
pool house and the pool. Mom was taking a midnight swim!

She was swimming laps in our small pool with no lights on. I adjusted
the gain and zoomed in to look at her more closely. She wasn’t wearing
a suit either. My own mother was skinny-dipping. I tried to keep mom
in close-up by moving the camera in rhythm with her steady stroke. I
almost had it down pat when all of a sudden she stopped and I over ran
her body by a few feet before I managed to stop. I zoomed back out to
find her.

She wasn’t alone any more. There was another figure standing beside
the pool talking to mom. I couldn’t see her clearly in the low light
but it was a woman. She was wearing a beach robe and was taking off
her sandals as she talked to mom. She didn’t seem bothered by Mom’s
nudity and Mom did not seem bothered by her presence.

The woman stood up and removed the robe. After throwing the robe on
one of the beach chairs she reached behind her back and unhooked a
bikini top and threw that on the chair also. Her bikini bottom
followed this. She then jumped in the pool and she and mom started
swimming laps together.

My curiosity was pushing me to identify Moms skinny dipping partner. I
tried zooming in on the other woman but her face was half hidden in the
water at one end of the pool and it was too dark at the other. I
needed more light. Eddy the boy genius solved another problem.

I fished my house key out of my pants. When mom had installed a garage
door opener she had given all of us a remote control for the garage
door. The opener also turned on the light in front of the garage. One
quick push turned on the light. If the button were held for two
seconds the garage door would start to open. A motion sensor could
also trigger the light. My bedroom window looked over the drive way to
the garage. I went to the window and looked down on the garage door.
I opened my window quietly. There was a line of low shrubs on the far
side of the driveway. My devious little mind worked furiously to
perfect my plan. At last I was ready.

The light would spill over into the pool area at the far end of the
pool. If I triggered the opener when Mom and her friend were at that
end of the pool they might be startled enough to look at the light and
I would be able to see the friend clearly. The light would remain on
for thirty seconds so I would have to work fast.

I stood by the window as I watched the monitored. I waited for the two
women to get to the right spot. Now!

I pushed the button. The light came on. I looked at the monitor. The
women’s faces were lit up like they were in a spotlight. They were
frozen for a second in the light. I had my answer. Aunt Mary!

My Aunt Mary was my mother’s sister. She lived about 500 miles away
but would often drop by unannounced if she was passing through town on
her way to the coast. Sometimes she would call ahead and sometimes she
just showed up.

Mom and Aunt Mary swam to the side of the pool and pressed their naked
bodies against the cement as they tried to think what to do if someone
actually walked into the backyard. I threw softball into the shrubs
along the driveway.

The nose startled them and the both giggled with relief. They spoke
quietly together and eventually decided that a rabbit or some other
animal had triggered the light. They remained at the side of the pool
until the light went out. They started swimming laps again. I watched
for a few minutes but couldn’t really see very much. I was getting
bored and was about to switch it off and go back to bed when they got
out of the pool.

They started to dry each other off. Mom spent a lot more time than
necessary on Aunt Mary’s tits. She spent even more time on Mary’s
crotch. This was starting to get interesting.

When they were done drying each other, Mom started kissing Aunt Mary.
Their hands were all over each other’s body. I thought they were going
to start having sex right there on the poolside, but Mom broke the kiss
and led Aunt Mary to the pool house. I quickly switched cameras.

Mom and Aunt Mary entered the pool house hand in hand. They went over
to one of the old camp cots that were stored in there. Aunt Mary sat
down on the cot while mom got a book of matches from the shelf and lit
several candles.

Mom returned to the cot and she and Aunt Mary resumed their kissing and
caressing. Mom started sucking on Aunt Mary’s tits while she had her
hand buried in Aunt Mary’s cunt. In a few minutes Moms hand was
replaced by Mom’s mouth. From the look on Aunt Mary’s face, she was
having a very pleasurable experience.

I started stroking myself off in time to Mom’s tongue on Aunt Mary’s
pussy. It was so exciting my own mother eat out her sister that I came
quickly, even after having a wet dream only an hour before. My balls

I was relaxing and enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm when I noticed
that there was a breeze blowing by me. I looked behind me and saw that
my door was open. I thought I had closed it when I came in from the
bedroom but I couldn’t be sure. I walked quietly to the door and
peeked down the hallway. It was empty. I went back to my monitor and
checked the other bedrooms. My sisters were all in bed and looked
sound asleep. A blanket no longer covered Jane. But it was a warm
night and she could have thrown them off. I went to the bathroom to
clean myself off.

When I got back to my bedroom, I made sure I closed the door. I also
locked it and then turned the knob to check that the door was locked.
I threw my keys on top of my dresser and went back to the Mom and Mary

Aunt Mary was eating Mom’s cunt now. I started masturbating again but
had to stop when my balls hurt so much I really couldn’t get hard. I
checked the other PEEPERs again. Things looked the same.

I watched Mom and Aunt Mary for another half-hour before I got too
sleepy. When I turned off the monitor they were lying side by side on
the cot with a hand in each other’s cunt.

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