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Voluptuous aunt and the college student having a great sex
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A horny male college student goes to live with his lonely, widowed
and voluptuous aunt. The sexual tension builds slowly.

In the year 196x I was a shy but oversexed 18 year-old college freshman,

and I had just moved into my Aunt Betty’s compact single family house in

Southern California. Actually, she isn’t my aunt exactly, but my fatherÕs

younger …

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Auntie in the middle
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It was nearly three in the morning when Linda Hawkins woke up, her fingers urgently brushing her hot cunt. Her lush tits rose and fell rapidly with excitement. She pricked up her ears. No sound from the living room, where her nephew slept on the sofa. And complete silence from the bedroom next door, where Linda’s fifteen-year-old niece slept.
The …

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Eating Aunt Betsy
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I was mowing my Aunt Betsy’s lawn when I got the hard-
on. Aunt Betsy is my Mom’s youngest sister by 10
years, a stone fox if ever there was one. She’s 27,
has had three husbands (all rich) and is pretty well-
off herself, thanks to some fine settlements. She pays
me a good wage to mow her grass …

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Auntie Is Our Slave
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“Oh yes! Mike, fuck me good!”

Jane Seabring was a beautiful woman. She was at her most beautiful when she was gasping with passion, the way she was now. “You’re fucking me so hard!”

Mike Seabring was Jane’s sister’s son. He was a dark, handsome teenager, and Jane had seduced him several months before. Since then they had been fucking …

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