My Jugs Flow Huge
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Most people have never heard of me. I like it that way. Fighting
crime is tough enough without having to maintain a rep. My unique
talents don’t lend themselves to being displayed on the big screen.
Well maybe in a porno movie. Yeah, like I’m going to sell my life
story to some porn producer. Get real.

I always knew I was special. Mainly it was because my Grandmom always
told me so as she held me in her lap. “Marcie, she would say, God
gives everyone something special, it’s up to each of us to develop
that special talent to its fullest.” Grandmom was big on God.
Whenever I visited she would make me go to church with her. She was
always quoting scripture and stuff. Sorry. I got off the topic

I found out what special thing God had given me in the fourth grade.
I got breasts. At first they started out as small bumps but they
grew. It was cool. I was the envy of all the other girls. They kept
getting bigger. That wasn’t so cool. By the time I was a sophomore
in high school I had 40D breasts. Talk about your pain in the ass;
actually it was more in the back than the ass but you know what I
mean. God wasn’t done with me yet, oh no. They started producing
milk! There I was in geometry minding my own business, doodling in my
notebook. Next thing I know the entire front of my shirt is soaked.
Talk about your embarrassment! I ran from the room, not even asking
the teachers permission, to the school nurse. She took one look and
called my Mama. Mama came and got me and took me to a doctor.

The doctor said I was healthy and just had overdeveloped mammary
glands. Duh! He suggested that I express the milk right before I
left for school and again when I came home. Now I was a fucking cow!
I was pumping out a half gallon of milk at a sitting and soon even
expressing before school wasn’t enough to get me through classes. I
stated sneaking away at lunchtime to a little used bathroom and milked
my breasts into the toilet just to get through the day. It was
driving me crazy. My nipples were always leaking. I had to change
pads after every class. They were sore all the time. I considered

Mama saw how depressed I was and took me to a psychiatrist. The
psycho mumbo jumbo didn’t help much but he put me in touch with a man
that taught people how to use their minds to control their involuntary
muscles and stuff. You know like if you thought really hard you could
slow your heart beat down, that sort of thing. Anyway he taught me
how to turn off the faucet so to speak. That was good, I wasn’t
leaking any more, but that damn milk had to go somewhere. My breasts
ballooned even more! So while I could keep them from leaking I still
needed to get the milk out or they got really swollen and painful. So
we worked on a trigger to allow me to rapidly express my milk. My
trigger was I had to be stroking my breasts and when I thought the
words “My jugs flow huge” the milk would come spurting out.

This was pretty cool, cause I could go to the bathroom like I needed
to pee, do my trigger and the milk flowed so rapidly it sounded just
like I was peeing. I only had one other problem in high school. I
didn’t like boys. Think about it. No boy, or man for that matter,
that talked to me in high school talked to my face. The boys were
always trying to rub up against me. Some didn’t even try to make it
look like an accident. When you have tits my size and they’re full of
milk, practically any contact hurts. No I didn’t like boys. The
girls didn’t like me. They called me nasty names like slut or cow. I
was pretty lonely in high school.

By the time I graduated from high school my tits had grown to 48DD.
Yeah, you laugh but you walk around with these puppies and see how you
like it. I could shoot a gallon of milk out of each one. For jokes I
once measured how far I could shoot. I hit fifty feet once when I had
held the milk for as long as I could stand the pain.

I really didn’t decide to be a crime fighter. It just sort of
happened. I had gotten a job at Wal-Mart and had just received my
first paycheck. I went to the bank after I got off work to cash my
check. My breasts were full and I would need to get rid of the milk
soon but I figured it wouldn’t take long to get the check cashed. So
there I was standing in line, when these two bank robbers run into the
bank. One shoots a shot into the ceiling and starts yelling to us to
stay back and shut up since people were screaming and stuff. The
other goes to the teller and starts stuffing money in a sack. God my
breasts hurt. I started rubbing them to try to make the pain go away.

The one holding the gun on us said, “Jesus Christ Butch would you look
at the tits on this bitch.” Well the guy stuffing the money in the
sack stopped and came over to look.

“Fucking unbelievable,” he said. “Look at her she’s playing with them
while we watch.” Tears were streaming down my face now, both from the
pain and embarrassment. The one that was called Butch pointed his gun
at my head. “Take off your shirt bitch.” I shook my head no. “Take
it off or I’ll blow your head off.” I pulled my shirt over my head.

“Look at them bad boys Mitch,” Butch said.

“You think their real?” Mitch asked.

“Who cares,” said Butch as he waved the gun at me. “Take off the bra
too,” Butch commanded. I unhooked my bra and my pendulous breasts
sprang free. God they hurt.

“Holy goddamned fucking Christ!” Mitch exclaimed.

“Play with them,” Butch ordered. I hefted my mammoth mammaries and
moaned at the pain. They felt like they were going to explode. I
couldn’t take it anymore I had to relieve the pressure. “My jugs flow
huge,” I thought and milk shot straight out of my breasts into the
faces of Mitch and Butch. Those two were so shocked they dropped
their guns. I was so damned pissed off that when I saw they had
dropped their guns I kicked each one of them as hard as I could in the
balls. They dropped to the floor, holding their crotches and moaning.
It felt good, kicking them in the balls I mean, although getting rid
of the milk felt pretty good too.

Well the cops came running in then. They just stood there, their
mouths hanging open. I guess it was a pretty unbelievable sight. Two
bank robbers lying on the floor, holding their crotches and moaning.
Milk everywhere and some women with the biggest tits anyone had ever
seen just standing there displaying them to the world. When I
realized what most of them were staring at, I blushed and turned my
back to them. I retrieved my bra from the floor and managed to get my
tits back in it. Then I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head.

Well when the press got wind of the story they dubbed me Marcie the
Milkmaid. I kind of liked making those bank robbers pay for their
crimes. My psychiatrist tells me that it isn’t healthy to go around
showing my tits to men and kicking them in the nuts. But I figure as
long as I’m doing it to criminals it can’t be all wrong, can it?

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