Four to one
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I thought I’d do something deferent. Yes I still think I’m a bad author,
and I’m working on my writing skills. If you don’t like the story that’s
fine, I wrote it and it’s my own work. I’m willing to hear inputs from
others, good bad or otherwise.

1. I know I’m having problems getting away from first person.

2. Second person looks like it’s going to be a true bitch for me.

3. Third person, well maybe I should have a few drinks for that mind bender.

I have no idea how long I’m going to make it but this is what it took to get
it started.

But I will be working on chapter 2 after I post this one.


Chapter 2

Sandy I noticed still had her fingers in her pussy and was bringing herself
off again. I turned the stereo back on but kept the base down for the rest
of the ride home.

Brenda was watching Sandy bring herself to orgasm from the back seat, as I
drove home. I on the other hand was in need of release I had to readjust my
shorts many time to try to keep my dick from being pinched. I needed to get
back to Jenny, and I needed to do it soon. I walked around the mall half the
day with a hard on. Now I was going to get home and fuck Jenny cross-eyed.

I parked the truck and rolled the windows down, damn truck smelled like wet
pussy. Know Sandy left a wet spot on the back seat, and I was sure there was
going to be one now on the front seat as well. I opened the door for Brenda
and as she got out of the truck she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I walked to
the other side of the truck and opened the door for Sandy and Karen. Karen
got out first she kissed me also and then I helped Sandy out of the truck.
When Sandy kissed me she didn’t kiss my cheek like her older sisters no she
had to give me one on the mouth. Her arms around my neck and her legs around
my waist, I had one hand on the seat back balancing and the other was on
Sandy’s tight little ass. My fingers were across Sandy’s hot pussy, and if I
just bent my fingers I would have had them in a very hot and wet pussy.

I backed up one step and let Sandy down, I didn’t want to turn around and
have someone see my hand on her bare ass or under her dress. I reached back
into the truck and got Sandy and Jenny’s packages. I handed Sandy hers and
carried Jenny’s inside the house. Jenny met us at the front door wanting to
see what the girl’s had bought. Brenda and Karen showed Jenny their new
cloths they met her approval. Then she turned to Sandy and saw the Macys
bag, opening the bag Sandy pulled out the two dresses and the shoes. Jenny
seemed a little miffed about the dresses, but I handed her the box I had
hers present in.

“The girls said you had liked this style so we though you should have
something from are trip today”

Jenny opened the box and then sucked in her breath as she removed the dress.
She had tears in her eyes and asked, “How did you know?”

“You can thank Brenda for picking it out, she knew where and what you

All the girls got hugs from Jenny, and then I got mine. The girl took their
new clothing to their rooms and I was still in desperate need of some
raunchy sex. I walked Jenny to the bedroom and begin to kiss her mouth. I
had one hand under her dress cupping her firm buns the other was working on
a few buttons. I backed Jenny to the bed while I opened her blouse, and then
I unsnapped her bra freeing her breasts so I could kiss and suck them.

I worked my way down Jenny’s body kissing and licking this gave me time to
get her skirt off. When I pulled it off I hooked her panties and they came
off with the skirt. I put my mouth on Jenny’s hot snatch and began to lick
and suck on her. I worked her into a frenzy as I was eating her pussy. I
kicked off my shoes and worked my pants down to my knees and I had my shirt
unbuttoned. With Jenny’s first orgasm I stopped and stripped the rest of the
way. I pulled Jenny’s legs apart and pushed my overly hard cock into her.
Jenny’s pussy clamped down on my cock as she had her second orgasm, she was
moaning loudly as we fucked. I rolled her over on her side and fucked her
sideways she had her third orgasm, and was even louder. I rolled her over
again this time I picked her up off the bed using my arms to raise and lower
her on my cock while standing next to the bed. Jenny had her fourth orgasm,
and then I set her down on the bed on her hands and knees and I fucked her
form behind. I slammed my hard cock as deeply as I could into her honey
pot. As Jenny built up to another orgasm I pushed a finger into her rectum,
Jenny bucked back against me and let out a scream as her pussy muscles
clamped down hard on my cock and she milked my balls dry then.

My cock softened and popped out of her cum filled pussy, I fell over on the
bed lying on my back gasping for air. Jenny through an arm over my chest,
she was still panting herself. I turned my head and then gave Jenny a kiss
on the cheek. “Damn that was good.” I said out loud. It was then I heard a

I looked over to the door and we had an audience of three young girls.
Brenda and Karen each had a hand stuffed down their pants while Sandy had
the front of her dress pulled up so I could see her fingers plunging into
her little pussy. My cock began to get hard again. I was not out of breath
now, and Jenny still had her ass up in the air. I watched Sandy’s fingers
move in and out of her pussy I got behind Jenny again and then I began to
slow fuck her. I would pull all the way out of Jenny’s sloppy wet pussy
then slowly give her my full length.

Sandy had moved into the bedroom and she was leaning her back against the
wall as she worked her pussy with her fingers. This gave me a better view of
Karen who now had her pants down around her knees. It was at that point I
noticed that Jenny was watching the girls, and that she hadn’t said anything
to them. I watched Karen take her free hand and she pulled Brenda’s pants
over her hips. Brenda now had free access to her own pussy and her fingers
were now diving into her without abandon now.

I rubbed my thumb across Jenny’s brown puckering little asshole and I was
rewarded by her clamp her muscles around my cock. I inserted my thumb into
Jenny’s tight ass I could feel it going though the tight ring of muscles as
they clamped down on my thumb. I used my thumb as I did my cock, slowly in
and out.

I fucked Jenny for about fifteen minutes that way, and when I took my thumb
away from her ass she kept pushing herself back on me. I pulled my cock out
of her pussy then began to rub it around her tight little puckering hole, my
cock found the spot it wanted and I pushed into her a little. I was
expecting Jenny to stop me or move away, but I was very pleased when she
pushed herself back to meet my invading cock. I felt the tight ring of
muscle close around the head of my cock, and then it moved about half way
down the length of my shaft. I pulled my cock back out of her a little and
pushed forward again. Jenny’s whole body was going through spasms as I was
slowly fucking myself deeper into her. By the time I had my full length in
Jenny’s ass she was moaning loudly and I was feeling my ball tighten,
looking over to the door Brenda and Karen had left.

Sandy was now sitting on the floor watching me fuck her mother. She had her
arms around her knees resting her head on them her feet were apart so I had
an unobstructed view of her young muff. I began to fuck Jenny’s ass harder.
Jenny’s muscles tightened and she let out a scream as she had a massive
orgasm her ass was milking my cock when I released my load of sperm deep in
her ass.

Jenny and I lay on the bed me out of breath panting gasping for air again.
Jenny had one arm over my chest as if to hold me down. I could still see
the top of Sandy’s head by the door. What struck me then was that Jenny had
known the girl’s had watched us, but she hadn’t said anything about it. She
had to know Sandy was still in the room with us. My stomach growled then
and I decided I was hungry, all other thoughts where wiped away by my
appetite for food.

I leaned over to Jenny’s ear and said, “Applebee’s for dinner”

Jenny said, “Ok, but first I need a shower”

I worked my way up to a sitting position I looked at Sandy then said the
first words to her since she had been in the room. “Sandy, tell your sisters
were going out to dinner tonight and they should dress nice. We’re going to
take a shower first so they have a little time”

Sandy asked, “Where are we going”

Jenny rolled over and said, “Applebee’s, and I’m going to wear my new dress.
So tell them, they better dress nice”

Jenny said to me, “We better get to the bathroom before they do, or we’re
going to have to wait!”

I agreed and we walked down the hall naked, there was no point in dressing
now. Jenny and I spent about fifteen minutes in the shower, washing all the
good parts. The bathroom door opened a few times and when we turned off the
shower and opened the shower curtain, Karen was standing there naked. “About
time you got out, hope you left some hot water for the rest of us!” Jenny
and I dried off as Karen got in the shower. I opened the bathroom door to
find Brenda and Sandy standing in line waiting. For there turn, Jenny had a
hair drier in hand as I walked down the hall.

I went to the bedroom I sat down on the bed thinking about the day’s events.
I examined my feelings about Jenny and the kid’s. I knew I loved Jenny, and
I loved the girl’s. But the girl’s where the problem, and Sandy was the
prime one. Because now I wanted to fuck her, and if I did it could destroy
what Jenny and I had. Just thinking about fucking Sandy made my cock get
hard. Now I thought about Brenda and Karen, and I looked down at my cock
standing straight up looking back at me.

Jenny walked back into the bedroom then. I looked at her and said, “Jenny, I
have a problem and we need to talk about it.”

Jenny looked at my cock and said, “Well you do had problem there and I’m not
sure that talking will do anything for it”

I pulled Jenny to me and embraced her. “Look, I love you and I have decided
I want to marry you. But that’s not the problem the girls are the problem.
I love you and I also love the girl’s. I think now I’m just now discovering
how much I love them. If I stay around too much longer I may not be able to
control myself around Sandy. I know she is willing to give herself to me and
I just keep fighting off the inevitable. I don’t want to mess this up but I
have to tell you if we keep seeing each other or get married I’m going to
end up fucking one or all of the girl’s.”

Jenny looked me in the eyes, “Oh, we’ll be getting married soon, as for the
girl’s. I know what’s been going on and I think they will be happy to have
you as their new Daddy.”

Karen finished with her shower walked into the bedroom “Mom, can I barrow a
dress”. Karen had nice little breasts for a 12-year-old she didn’t need a
bra yet. Just little buds that pointed ahead of her. She had a small tuft of
hair above her young pussy Jenny looked at her daughter and sighed. “I’m
sorry honey, I don’t have anything that would fit you, but ask Sandy I know
she has a couple of dresses that are to big for her”

Jenny and I were getting dressed when Brenda walked in, asking the same. But
this time Jenny gave Brenda a nice dress to wear. Brenda was only a couple
of inches shorter then Jenny.

With Jenny wearing her new dress and I had my charcoal suit on we looked
good. Walking out to the living room we were met by three beautiful you
ladies. Brenda was wearing Jenny’s black little dress and looked very good
on her. It came down a little over her knees. Karen was wearing a light
blue skirt that Sandy had given her and had a blue top on that was a match
for the skirt. Sandy had her new white dress on and looked just hot as hell
in it. I noticed she had her new shoes on and little white ankle socks with
frills around the tops.

We walked to the door and I asked, “Van or Truck” the girl’s answered
together “Truck” then started to giggle as we walked to the truck. Jenny
had never ridden in the back seat so she didn’t know what the girl thought
was so funny.

I helped Sandy and Karen into the back seat of the truck Sandy gave me a
nice view of her bare pussy. When I helped Karen she turned and opened her
legs so I was given a view of her bare little cream pie. I helped Jenny into
the truck and I knew already what she was not wearing under that dress. On
the other side Brenda was waiting for me to help her in, I picked her up and
set her down on the seat. I had four bare pussies in my truck Sandy had
arranged her dress so she would not be sitting on it. I knew her bare pussy
was in contact with the seat. I looked at the other two girls and had them
adjust their dresses like Sandy’s. “You don’t want to be embarrassed at the

I kept the volume down but turned the base up, I was playing Tuatara again
and the truck was beginning to smell like a pussy factory again. I changed
lanes and looked into the back seat. I could only see Sandy and Karen, but
they both had fingers in there pussies. Jenny looked into the back seat,
and her daughters where masturbating as we drove to Applebee’s. Jenny
looked at me and said, “I may have to take a ride back there one of these
days to see what’s so good about it”

We walked into the restaurant and most of the guy stopped talking and stared
at the girls. Brenda and Karen, where not as practiced as Sandy at flashing
but, they had been around her enough to pick up the subtle little peeks that
Sandy always gave. It was a game the girl’s where playing in the restaurant,
with a table of four men setting across from the table we had. Sandy needed
to go to the ladies room and asked if Brenda or Karen needed to go. Sandy
whispered in Karen’s ear and she nodded. Brenda and Karen got out of the
booth to let Sandy out. Sandy turned and slid out she exposed herself to
one of the men at the table next to us. He was taking a drink at the time
and chocked on it, looking at Sandy and the grin she had I knew what she had

The guys where talking quietly when Sandy came back to the table but they
stopped as Brenda and Karen moved to let there little sister in. What I had
not expected was for Karen to flash the men as she moved to let Sandy in.
One of them gasped as Karen moved, the other three turned and caught Karen’s
little show. With Brenda and Karen standing to either side Sandy sat down
on the cushion and scooted her way to the back of the booth. She had one
foot on the cushion the other on the floor and all four of the men were
getting a good long view of her preteen pussy.

Karen used the same method as Sandy had, to take her seat. Allowing the men
to get a view of her young pussy, Karen’s face was bright red when she final
turned to look at her mother and I. What I could not see was that Brenda
had one hand under the table and was playing with her pussy. The men at the
other table though had a good view and it was unmistakable where she had her

Well we ate are dinner and I decided to wait until we got home to tell the
girl’s I asked their mother to marry me. Besides I was having too much fun
watching the guy’s at the other table, adjusting their pants. I knew just
what the sight of young pussy could do to you. Jenny had caught on to the
little game the girls were playing and she would glance over at the other
table and shake her head a little.

I paid the bill and we left the restaurant. In the parking space I’d parked
in no other cars were next to the truck so I took my time getting the girls
in the truck and was rewarded by nice views of there young pussies. I even
made sure they had bare pussy to the seat as I put their seat belts on.
Jenny watched me put each girl in the truck. I picked her up and put her in
the truck as I had with the Karen and Sandy. Brenda was waiting for me on
the other side of the truck I picked her up like everyone else and arraigned
her dress. I got in myself and closed the door in my mirror I could see
the four men walking out of the restaurant, and then I started the truck. I
drove by my house, to see if they where following us. I kept an eye on the
mirrors for them.

Jenny asked me “Why are we going this way?”

Smiling I said, “I wanted to make sure the four men didn’t follow us home.”

I turned the stereo up and let the girls enjoy the back seat, for the rest
of the ride home. Jenny had her fingers playing in her pussy just like the
girls were fingering themselves in the back seat. When we got to the house I
had to get each one out of the truck. When I opened the back door Brenda
still had her fingers in her pussy, eyes closed I undid her seat belt then
pulled her fingers out of her pussy, I kissed and sucked her fingers clean
for her. Getting my first taste of her hot muff. Brenda’s legs had the
wobbles as she stood in front of me. I closed the doors and we walked around
to the other side of the truck. Opening the passenger doors, I helped Karen
out by licking her juices off her fingers. I picked her and her arms went
around my neck pulling her out of the truck my hand on her bare ass. Jenny
sat waiting for me as I did the same for Sandy I licked her fingers clean
then she plunged them back into her pussy and let me lick them again.

I did the same for Jenny, but I spread her legs so the girls could see she
had no panties on. Then I brought my mouth down on her pussy and licked it
a few times before I got her out of the truck. Jenny and I walked hand and
hand to the front door of the house. When we got inside I said, “I need to
talk to everyone in the living room now” we all went into the living room
and sat down.

“Ok, here is the deal. Girl’s I’m going to ask your Mother to marry me. I
want to know if any of you have a problem with that?”

I got no answers, so I asked each one, “Sandy, any problem with that?”

Sandy “No”

“Karen, do you have any problems with me marring your mom?

Karen “No”

“Brenda, do you have any problems with me marring your mom?”

Brenda “no”

“Well I guess that leaves just one more thing to do” I turned to Jenny and
dropped to my knees in front of her. “Jenny, will you marry me?”

Jenny sat there just looking at me, “Well, I don’t know. After what you
told me earlier today about wanting to fuck my daughters. I don’t know if I
should marry you”

I heard all three girls’ suck in their breath when Jenny said I wanted to
fuck them. I looked at Jenny and said, “I will not force myself on them. I
will do my best not to hurt them in any way. I love you and them with all my

Jenny smiled, “Well ok then if you promise not to force them and not to hurt
my girl’s”

Did I get an answer? Did she say yes?

I asked again, “Will you marry me”

Jenny smiled again, “Yes”

The girl’s started screaming then, I leaned over and kissed Jenny then got
bum rushed by the three of them. I ended up lying on the floor Jenny being
hugged by the girl’s. Lay there thinking about today and what the future had
in store for the five of us. I had my hands behind my head relaxing, my eyes
closed. When I had a hot wet preteen pussy mashed down on my face. My eyes
popped open and I knew whose pussy I was running my tongue through. That
little minx Sandy wanted me to fuck her badly. My cock was making my pants
tent up and it was beginning to hurt me a little. I couldn’t move my arms
because Sandy had them pined down. Well it was then we faced the biggest
test of are relationship.

“Mama, I want Daddy to fuck me NOW!”

I just about shot my load into my pants with those eight little words.

Jenny’s reply really made my cock quiver, “That ok Sandy, but you need to
ask Daddy about it”

I couldn’t answer with my mouth full of Sandy’s young and very tasty pussy.

Sandy moved off my face and asked me, “Daddy, will you fuck me NOW!” now I
couldn’t say no to what Sandy asked me to do. But I could play with her a
little bit, “No, not until I can get my cloths off”. I stood up and removed
my jacket and shirt. I watched Sandy unzip her dress at its side then it
fell to the floor her shoes came off next. I still had my pants on so I
kicked off my shoes and unbuckled my belt. Sandy came over to me and
unzipped my pants, she pulled them down and I stepped out of them. She then
pulled my underwear down and licked the per cum off the head of my cock. As
I kicked my underwear off I asked Brenda to hand me a pillow off the couch.

I laid down no the floor, and then put the pillow under my head. I held my
hand out to Sandy she came over to me and I kissed her on the mouth. Letting
my tongue part her lips, her young mouth opened and I touched my tongue to
hers. Breaking are kiss I said, “Straddle my hips” Sandy did as I told her.
“Now, you want Daddy to fuck you?”

“Yes please” Sandy said.

I reached between us grabbing my hard cock and pointing it up at her waiting
pussy. “Why don’t you sit down on this cock and I see about fucking you”

Sandy sat her young pussy down on my cock it spread her young lips apart as
she forced my cock into herself. One inch, then two at about three inches I
felt my cock hit her maidenhead. She rose up and slid herself down my shaft
again. The next time she rose up I readied myself, she began to lower
herself down on my rod when I pushed up breaking through her virginity.
Sandy let out a scream as I impaled her with my cock. I stopped moving,
letting her get used the pain. She had tears running down her cheeks as I
waited. After a few moments I told her, “Sandy, try moving your butt around
a little it should make the pain go away” Sandy moved a little then moved
again she then started to grind her hips and her pelvic into mine. Within
minutes Sandy was bouncing her ass up and down. Looking at Jenny I smiled,
Karen and Brenda where staring at my cock moving in and out of there little
sister. Sandy didn’t have any muscle control, but the spasms she kept having
where very nice around my cock. Once in a while Sandy would take my cock to
deep and it would pound into her cervix. She grunted each time that
happened, I reached up and pinched her nipples that sent her over the edge
and she screamed out. “Oh, oh, oh DADDY”

Sandy collapsed on my chest my hard cock still in her preteen pussy. I
pulled her to me so I could kiss her. Looking at Jenny she had her fingers
in her hot muff. Brenda and Karen were masturbating. I pulled my cock out of
Sandy then rolled her off my chest looking down at my still hard and bloody

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